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In Defence of Canadians Rights & Democracy

* Hazel McCallion - Mayor of Mississauga *
- 2009 -
* Conflict of Interest & Judicial Inquiry *

* Public Question Period Index *
!! A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost !!

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• Hazel McCallion - Mayor of Mississauga - her Misdeeds • The Culham Brief •

• Order of Canada & its Corruption •

• End of Suburbia & Continuous Communities as the Solution - JOBS FOR LIFE •

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• City Mississauga Committees • City Mississauga By-Laws & Policies •
• Security Insanity • Police Issues, Complaints & News Articles •
• FOI - Freedom of Information Results & Issues •
• Legal Issues • Unions Issues •

• Political Players & Persons of Interest • Ratepayers Groups & their Issues in Mississauga •

Main Table of Contents

Check here first, as this page has the up to date happenings, meetings etc.,

Candidates for the Municipal Election
City of Mississauga

YouTube  site
where my videos are posted

for t
Persecution of Donald Barber
or the
by Mississauga City hall & its politicians, Web-pages

In Defence of Canadians Rights & Democracy

A more complete list of items.

The Donald Barber Defense fund

Main sections


Legal - Environmental

Links & Archive of related web-site;

Archives - Table of Contents;
A treasure trove of web-sites related to the content of this web-site.

City of Mississauga Committees;

City of Mississauga Committees - Table of Contents; 

UFMAC - Table of Contents;
The Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee, is it a residents committee that will look out for interests? Or is this City created committee, only generating piles and piles of paper to hide the fact it is only a rubber stamp for the City's political agenda?

You be the judge!

City of Mississauga By-Laws & Policies;

City of Mississauga By-Laws - Table of Contents;
Important City policies like the VANDALISM AND VIOLENCE IN CITY FACILITIES.  A new legal system created in Mississauga and the rules to impose a dictatorship on, in our life time!!!!

Elections & Results;

Candidates for the Municipal Election 2006 City of Mississauga;
More information you get from City of Mississauga Web-site.

Elections - Vote 2000 - & Past ones - Table of Contents;
Election time and time to decide who gets to belly up to the government pig trough.

Lists of Elected Officials - over the years for;

Streetsville   Township  of  Toronto   Town of Mississauga   City of Mississauga


Events - Table of Contents;
protest rally was held at the entrance to the Cawthra Community Centre, during its grand opening.
Bob Hunter from CITY - TV has come out more then once to cover it matter and City staff come to spy.

FOI - Freedom  Of  Information;

Freedom of Information - Table of Contents;
Freedom of Information (FOI), issues and how you can use this Act to know what government is really doing. It is here that Mississauga politicians are at their worst, in fact setting precedent to limit all Canadians human rights, just to keep their secrets and hide their political agendas.

The 2003 FOI Campaign;
The 2003 FOI Campaign to regain our democratic right to access government records using the Freedom Of Information Act (FOI), all Ontarians can be meaningfully involved in their government!

FOI - Credit Valley Conservation;

FOI - City of Mississauga;

FOI - The Green Party of Ontario;
The FOI request made by the Leader of the Green Party of Ontario, Frank de Jong, that the City of Mississauga denied because the claimed GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION with the President of the Friends of the Cawthra Bush!  Does this not sound like a crime against democracy?

Ministry of Natural Resources;

FOI - Peel police;

FOI - Region of Peel;

General News;

General News - Table of Contents;
News items that do not fit into other headings.

Lakeview Power Generation Station - Blows up Real Good!

Legal Issues;

Legal issues - Table of Contents;
The Canadian Charter Rights and Freedoms & the public's right to access public lands.

Court Cases & Investigations of Note;
A web-page to list Court Cases that have involved well-known Mississaugans or have affected Mississaugans/Mississauga in some way.
There are many, that most people do not know of and in time they will all be presented. Also, related items will be posted here.
So keep watching - you never know who will show up here next!


Literature - Table of Contents;
This section is for all past flyers, notices, newsletters etc., put out by the FCB or CRRA, etc.
Ontario Municipal Board - OMB - Code of Conduct, Public Complaints Policy And Member Position Description.
Past printed issues of


Media - Table of Contents;
Is it accurate reporting or is it a through the looking glass interpretation that makes it seem like we live in a magical kingdom. Where we are so well looked after by government, real involvement appears not to be required. A newspaper story can read like it makes sense and nothing is really out of the ordinary but those who are close to the events, often comment many key facts are left out, if the events are even covered. Have a read about what the news makes say about the news.

Newspaper Article Index;

Letters to the Media;

Newest Postings;

News Flashes - Table of Contents;
Posting of newest items.

The Players & Persons of Interest;

The Players in this drama - Table of Contents;
Often people read about the odd or unfortunate things our elected officials do, write it off to human error and forget it. Now you will have the chance to all these errors in one place and maybe you mite start to see a pattern to how the City does "business-as-usually." 
ALSO City staff who are they and do they do to the public.

Hazel McCallion Car Crash;

The Donald Barber Defense fund;

police Issues;

police issues - Table of Contents;
Be aware of how they operate to avoid entrapment. In this section matters relating to how the Peel Police work with politicians to defame, slander and generally eliminate persons who are exercising their human and democratic rights. Details of how the police handle their complaint process to make sure Peel police officer are not held accountable by the public. How the police turn the Freedom of Information Act in the opposite (some good stuff here!). Finally OCCOPS the non-appeal-able joke that lets the police break the Police Services Act and etc. etc.

Peel police & Their Hall of Shame;

Peel police Discipline Reports;

For the first time ever the actual Peel police discipline reports that they submit to the Peel police Service Board (PpSB), are being posted on the Internet. 

police news articles index;

Complaints Against police;

The Ontario Civilian Commission on police Services - OCCOPS;

Political, Democratic & Legal Issues in General;

Political, Democratic & Legal Issues in General - Table of Contents;
Here is the closet filled with skeletons, hidden from the light of day for far too long. 
Political methods used to keep the public out of the loop.

Other political or social groups in Mississauga.    The Mississauga Coalition for Peace and Justice (MCPJ).
Letters to government.        Green Party visit.

The - Political History & Almanac of Mississauga - project;

The Persecution of Donald Barber or the Legalized TERRORIST ATTACKS by Mississauga City hall & its politicians, Web-pages.

My Visits to Mississauga City Council & Others of Note.

CANCER on Democracy Developing in City halls - BANNING those who are the Whistle Blowers, Ask the hard & Intelligent questions and are more successful than politicians at serving the greater good of taxpayers.  The police, lawyers, and legal orders are now the WEAPONS of choice as Security Insanity Plague us all!

Strategy & Tactics;
The most powerful weapons that politicians and bureaucrats use against you are FEAR, INTIMIDATION and of course, your own MISPLACED TRUST and IGNORANCE. But if you are willing to learn how to live and be effective in the real world, it is possible to learn how to disarm them, gain their respect and finally accomplish the goal.   Do not be a willing victim!

The Clarkson - BIA - Controversy
- Table of Contents;

The Meaning of Words & Phrases;

Question and Answers;

Question and Answers - Table of Contents;
E-mail me with your questions and if it is a good question, it and the answer will be posted.

Ratepayers & Resident Groups;

Ratepayers & Resident Groups - Table of Contents;
What they are, who they are and what happens when they go bad.

Index of the Northmount Community Elimination Index;

Rockwood Home Owners;
Their web-site   Residents who are losing millions because of the ILLEGAL operation of the Pearson airport's north/south runways - fight back!!  Do you want to report /complain about a too loud airplane flying over head???  For within 10 miles of the airport call (905) 676-453, the machine will tell you what to do.  Option 3 is for making a complain with no call back and option 4 is for call back.  It then goes on to ask questions.      For outside the 10 miles call Transport Canadian, at (416) 952-0335.

Security Insanity - Human rights  -  Policing  -  Security -  Democracy Issues;

Security Insanity - Table of Contents;
        Human rights  -  Policing  -  Security -  Democracy Issues
                                            You can not have a
Democracy based on the law of a Dictatorship !

Security Creates Criminal Cops;

The Law of Diminishing Returns or How Increased Security Harms Society;

City Security - City of Mississauga - all you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask.

Video Chip Gallery;

Video Chip Gallery - Table of Contents;
Now all the VIDEO chips are one page and links to documents but not all that explains them.  You still have surf around a bit.

YouTube  site
Where my videos are posted.

Sound Chip Gallery;

Sound Chip Gallery - Table of Contents;
Now all the sound chips are one page and links to documents but not all that explains them.  You still have surf around a bit.

Unions in Mississauga of Interest;

Unions in Mississauga of interest - Table of Contents;
Canada Day at City Hall & a newly formed Union that the City is hostile towards.  The information hand out that was distributed, is it more factual then City Hall cares for?
Also read about the City harasses them and their members!

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Legal - Environmental



Crime Busters Now
Their web-site     -   International Foundation is a registered non profit organization created to assist victims of frauds of all kinds, mainly pyramid type that permeate communities and the workplace causing devastating harm.  CBN offers assistance to individuals and families through prevention, information, and training.  CBN will engage in specific actions against promoters of such schemes and systems, sue on behalf of victims, and expose these frauds to public scrutiny.


Cawthra Bush
The Cawthra Bush web-site has been DIVORCED
from this - my more personal/political Content, Activities & Opinions.
The New Improved
Cawthra Bush web-site is at WWW.CAWTHRA-BUSH.ORG

Established in 1994 when the City of Mississauga was moving ahead with its plans to selectively log and tree farm all its parks & forests, starting with the Cawthra Bush. Our main goal has been to ensure that the community is meaningfully involved in any government decision making process by supplying the facts to the community, reviewing them and finding alternatives to proposed plans. We have a small library and many years of experience dealing with government at all levels. Our efforts have addressed green space, parks and urban sprawl, City wide, over the years.

Currently an effort is being made to address the issue of the end of cheap oil which means the end of our current economy and the lifestyle it supports - by showing the documentary End of Suburbia and presenting the model for a New Urban Development Economy.

The Wildlands League
Their web-site  The Wildlands League is currently locked in a battle with the Harris-ment government over Ontario's forests, "Lands for Life".  An issue everyone should be concerned about!  40 million hectares of public lands. To turn it over to business interests is to say good-bye to the greatest single treasure that should be protected for our children. (That is if we even care about their future.) Visit their site and get involved, it is now or never.

Two other web site dealing with the Lands for life issues and need the publics support to win a reasonable amount land set aside for future generations are;

Their web-site  This group has help out in Mississaugans effort to save Mississauga's old tree and forests.

Environment Voters Project
Their web-site  Has links to other environmental groups or rights group which are trying to make a difference in the upcoming Ontario election.
A good general reference.

The Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology & Human Rights
Their web-site
Tel.# (905) 849-5501

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