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Hazel McCallion
Reasons for
Some Serious Sober Second Thoughts
about Supporting her.

Hazel McCallion
Yesterday's Mayor

When you talk to people about Hazel McCallion, they will tell you (almost as if they are reading from a script)
- Oh, look at the beautiful City she made and are not really able to explain much beyond that.  The Mayor's (second greatest), talent was to turn farmers' fields into subdivisions, for which she was called the Queen of Sprawl, by knowledgeable persons and it is not a compliment.  By opening the floor gates of development in Mississauga
(and you do know the Mayor is a developer, right?),
she developed a system of government (and a way to get re-elected over & over), by which tax increases were kept to 0% for 12 years by the over development of Mississauga's lands and by excess cost cutting.
On such things like the rebuilding of the City's infrastructure.  A bill in the BILLIONS, passed on to the next generation.

Hazel McCallion showed she could run a City when the money flowed like a river into City hall from a wild boom of building.  However, most people do not see the details of this and that Mississauga's future is now completely different from the BOOM days of the past.  Voters do not see or understand that it was very hard to screw up such an opportunity as was Hazel's or that just about anyone could have done the same job and many far better.

Most people just follow the Hazel McCallion - CULT of PERSONALLY - and are afraid to publicly disagree with "Hazel is the best, look at what she has done for Mississauga" or as I would say TO Mississauga.
Most wise politicians leave office before what they built, starts to fall apart.

The Mayor's track record is clear, give her vast fields to develop and she can run a City,
can this 85 year old learn a completely new set of management skills to run a real City where growth is very slow as land has been developed / used in one way or the other?


Mississauga's future is nothing the Mayor has had to deal with before and all the more harder to handle in a world of new & changing technologies.
It is time for Mississauga Voters to make a business decision about Hazel McCallion similar to the kind that a professional sports team owner would.  You may have the greatest pitcher or hockey centre but as they are getting up in years, you know the need to get young blood on the team to keep it a winning team.
No one lasts forever - at the top of their game.
Self promotion can only cover-up so many errors.

No matter how much of a sympathetic favour the team captain is, there comes a time to retire gracefully rather than suffer the public embarrassment, for themselves & the team, of lose of skill and talent, dragging everyone down with them.  Especially true when the rules of the game have to be changed just to ensure certain people can win.
 There are even serious concerns that the icon can last another whole game!
Failing Star players are well known for their egos and the damage they do as they try to cling to fame,
in hopes of reliving the glory days, long since past.

As the City is fundamentally different now, so is the game.
It is the same as a great farm team player suddenly being drafted into the big leagues, in the twilight of their career
- totally out of their league when the stakes were at their highest.  After all, to fail now would permanently stain their reputation & legacy - for daring too much, when so many were desperate for a win.

As the game has changed and so must the players if the City of Mississauga is to stay a winner in the future.
The Mayor was good in her time - but - the times, they are a changing!

So WAKE UP Mississaugans' and smell the coffee.
The dreams of living in a magical Queendom where the problems of a real City do not happen,
was just a dream.

Hazel McCallion
Wore Her
Clown Costume
in Public Again

??? WHAT  THE  HELL  IS  IT ???

!!!! DYING !!!!

From the Mississauga News election page.
This is the only version of what the Mayor has put out, loosely called (by her), a platform, in the last couple weeks of the campaign.  In fact, due to the vague wording and lack of real commitments to certain goals, this short statement piece could have been made by anyone and is designed to deceive voters into thinking it means something.  Likely it came out late in the campaign so she could lift parts of the two other candidates for Mayor platform as they address what people are concerned about.

Hazel McCallion

Running for: Mayor

Age: 85

Occupation: Mayor

Mississauga is a great city, but there's always room for improvement.  Here are some things I believe would make Mississauga a better place:

1.     A reliable, convenient and more extensive transit system to transport residents and business people quickly,
        safely and effectively.

2.     Continue the development of our waterfront and Riverwood Park, and reconstruct some of our older parks
        as we have done at Port Credit Memorial Park.

3.     Develop our City Centre as an exciting place for people to meet and enjoy the area.

4.     Continue to attract more office and industrial development to give people the opportunity to work and
        live in the same community.

5.     Develop a youth strategy to encourage more young people to get involved in sports and the arts, and
        open more of our community centres so youths can be more active after school.

6.     Continue to give residents and businesses value for their taxes paid by annually reviewing all of our operations to
        search for more efficiency and cost-cutting options.

7.     Expand our efforts to keep Mississauga the safest city in Canada and strive vigourously to make it the healthiest
        and cleanest city in Canada.

8.     Search for more ways to communicate with our taxpayers and receive input from them.

Here is a section of a book about how insiders talk about her and some quotes about what she is really like.

"the Mississauga Rattler."

"She thrives on confrontation"  &  "Confrontation may have put McCallion in the mayor's chair,"

"intellectually dishonest"

"A real pistol, they say, making her sound like the Ma Barker of municipal politics."

"Then there's this Hazel: a nasty, brutish autocrat who rules supremely over a supine council."

"Sometimes caustic, always outspoken, rough-edged"

"She was seen as: the feisty fighter, ...she's an attacker, very aggressive, not afraid to take on anyone, quite often unjustly,"

 "when she's in front of people, she's very nice and smiling and, when she's behind them, it's another matter." 

"McCallion occasionally has had to face the results of her shoot-'em-up politics.   "She has enemies which she's developed over the years," Mahoney say, "because, to put it bluntly, she has annihilated a few people in her rise to the centre chair."  McCallion's path is littered with bitter ex-associates and adversaries who toss off accusations of unbridled ambition, an ability to play the press and public and a voracious capacity for revenge."

And the list goes on & on & ....

Hazel McCallion's
Ultimate Act of Greed
Betrayal of Mississauga's Taxpayers

!!!! it will cost us at least $5.8 billion !!!!

The Mayor's bad judgment puts taxpayers on the hook in a $ 20 million lawsuit!

The truth of her soul reveled !

Painting by Byron Osmond

!! NO Platform !!
- NO vision for the future -
Her only promise is to
try and stay alive for her full 4 year term.

No platform by a politician, is in its self a grave insult to the taxpaying voter but it also notes
she will just keeping the same mistakes over and over till .....
By the way - the take home pay for Mississauga's politicians is about
1/2 a million dollars for their term!
Should we not get a full doctors report about this 85 year old candidate's physical and mental state
before we invest a vote in her?


Going by this life expectancy table - The Mayor, Hazel McCallion (born Feb. 14th 1921), should be long dead by now or she would not likely live to see the end of her 4 year term and the would cost us $1,000,000.00
- that is if she makes it to election day, Nov. 13!

Life expectancy at birth, by sex, by province                 Males             Females

                                                                                              years old
Canada - Born in the year...

1920-22                                                                         59                     61

1930-32                                                                         60                     62

1940-42                                                                         63                     66

1950-52                                                                         66                     71

1960-62                                                                         68                     74

1970-72                                                                         69                     76

1980-82                                                                         72                     79

1990-92                                                                         75                     81


Newfoundland and Labrador                                        74                    80

Prince Edward Island                                                    73                    81

Nova Scotia                                                                   74                    80

New Brunswick                                                             74                     81

Quebec                                                                         74                     81

Ontario                                                                         75                    81

Manitoba                                                                     75                     81

Saskatchewan                                                               75                     82

Alberta                                                                         75                     81

British Columbia                                                         75                      81

Source: Statistics Canada. Last modified: 2005-02-17. <>

 The question is why would Hazel McCallion not support using hydro corridors for Mississauga's transit?
Maybe the reason can be seen on this for sale sign seen along side a hydro corridor
(parts of which are being sold off by Hydro), on the Queensway at Dixie Rd.

  Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga, is often called the Queen of Sprawl and it come to Sprawling developer, she and her Councillors can really Sprawl!  This article by the local business does make it very clear that Hazel McCallion is  "running the City like a business", her "staff is urged to eliminate red tape" so Mississauga will serve the needs of business by being "open for business" and if that is not enough for business to be incited into Mississauga - Hazel says "I'll do cartwheels to bring new business to the City,".  After all "selling your City to potential suitors" is the most important thing and if you can't do it upfront then Hazel will be sure to be "in the background, shaking hands, asking how the EDO can help them achieve success."  

    Its an open joke as to how business regards Madam Mayor and what kind of tricks she is good for.

Click here for a detailed article.

How the Hazel McCallion myth was made.

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