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!!!! DYING !!!!

This is not a joke or hoax

Much more will be added to this subject in the coming days  - so do come back.

Hazel McCallion's age is an election issue, there is more here.

    This one picture is not all there is to offer in this case and it is about what I saw
- but is this picture not worth a thousand questions?

    To say a 85 year old person is dying is no stretch of the truth or the imagination but to clearly see the signs of their decline and loss of mental powers right in front of you is quite different.  Hazel McCallion made the biggest mistake of her political career last night (Oct. 25-06), at the All-Candidates meeting put on by the Meadow Wood Rattray Ratepayers Association, she stood almost in front of me to speak to the audience.  This allowed me to closely observe her as she spoke.  As a person who has seen up close and personal the decline & decay of elderly members of their family I knew the signs and they were all over Hazel McCallion.  Hazel appeared to be up to the task at hand from a distance but not up close, she was struggling to stay alert - aware.  If you put aside the perception that it is the great & powerful Hazel McCallion, you can see the human being behind the facade, the person fighting to keep up the appearance of a person just as alert and mentally active as those haft her age.  But how can we be really sure of it by the limited contact and public appearance the Mayor makes, these days?  How long can she do any one task without a rest these days?

Picture taken by Mississauga News and posted on
John Stewart's BLOG
McCallion creeping ever closer to me
- when she knows could be harmful to me but what does she care about how she harms other?

NOTE - in John Steward's BLOG - Hazel’s no angel - made the following statement
he is technically not supposed to be within a couple of hundred metres of the mayor as a condition of his bail",
this is a completely false statement by Mr. Steward and designed to defame a candidate by inferring an unlawful act.
In reality this is what passing for News coverage by the Missing News.

    Many times, her eyes would close and her head would shake or tremble as she struggled to keep going on and focused on the task at hand.  Seen this many times and it only gets worse and worse till very shortly, she will be losing track of the conversation or what she wanted to say, regularly.   To suggest she is good for the next 4 years without even a doctors examination is sheer madness.  There is a very real chance she will not even live that long, let alone be mentally up to the task of running the 6th largest City in Canada.  If the mind is going, the body is surely following but what good is a Mayor who is physically alive but mentally not all there?

    Some people are suggesting that the Mayor was just tired.  Well it was before 9 p.m. and if the McCallion needed a NAP, she should have had one before she came.  Lets not gloss it over - she is getting tire more often, earlier at night and why should that surprise us, about a person that age?  Fact is she is not acting her age and that will easily be here undoing and we will pay of it.

Would YOU really elect a person who would not be able to serve their whole term?

Of what value is it to Mississauga's taxpayers for the Mayor to die in office?

85 is not the new 45

More examples of the Mayor's poor to BAD judgment - likely age related;

1).    The $20 Million dollar law suit that taxpayers are on the hook for!  Developer alleges Mayor McCallion affected
        land deal.  This was never reported in the "Missing News" so no wonder voters still think McCallion a Saint.
        While we are on it - what will happen when Hazel McCallion's mental decay goes past a certain point and she is
        unable to take the witness stand in the City's defence?

2).    Driving without a chauffeur getting into an
accident.  The elderly Mayor is showing questionable control of her
        car and still wants to driver her self to and from her functions, even if she has had too much to drink!
        It was noted that the Mayor has been a heavy drinker for years - over the long term would that not in itself
        accelerate her mental decline?  These make Hazel McCallion a liability to the City of Mississauga & taxpayers!
        What happens if she runs down some children, will we still be so proud that she does her own driving?

 "There is a coup going on, there is no question about it, Mr. Barber is a member of it and
           I hope no member of Council are involved.
          So spoken by Hazel McCallion, right in City Council.
   Most people would say that sounds
OLD AGE PARANOIA!  If the Mayor of a real City, like Mel Lastmen, had said that, it would be all over the
          front pages of all the newspapers but if Hazel says it, hushed up by the media that created the Hazel McCallion

4).        Oct. 4-06, Hazel McCallion wishes she was in Russia!!
            At the Founding meeting for the Lakeview Ratepayers Association, the Mayor is quoted.
            "I wish we were in Russia or some where, where the Mayor or Council could make decisions and just say no to
            something and it is NO." 
Hazel shows her true colours Nyet, Nyet Soviet!

5).        How many millions of Mississauga taxpayers dollars were wasted on legal fees by the City of Mississauga
            trying to get the legal right to issue the building permits for the airport - which got us nothing but poorer?

6).        At the City hall protest regarding the Mayor's
Racist comments, she walked into a angry crowd of well over a
            hundred and told them
 "Your are not getting an apology!".  This was in 2001 so the Mayor was about 80 years
            old and for a elderly person to put themselves in harms way like that clearly show bad judgment.

7).        The Secret  Security Program that the Mayor - at the least - has allowed to operate in Mississauga's City hall.
            All on one sheet of paper, the kind of sick political methods we have been told were common place in the
             Soviet Union,
clearly being practiced in Hazel McCallion's Mississauga.  Again is this not an example of

8).        McCallion accused of bullying & called Schoolyard Bully and Intimidator! By Caledon Mayor Marolyn
            Morrison.  Bad judgment by the feisty hurricane Hazel Mayor of Mississauga to attack those who disagree with
            her, at a drop of a hat.  A character trait that only worsens with age.

9).        Hazel McCallion's ultimate act of Greed & Betrayal of Mississauga's Taxpayers -  it will cost us
            at least $5.8 billion !!!!


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