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* Hazel McCallion - Mayor of Mississauga *
- 2009 -
* Conflict of Interest & Judicial Inquiry *

* Public Question Period Index *
!! A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost !!

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Hazel McCallion, Mayor of Mississauga

- - - -  The Queen  of  Urban  Sprawl  - - - -
Hazel McCallion
? Angel or Devil ?

! VOTE on this issue !
& an interesting picture illustrating your choice.

How many see the Mayor of Mississauga.
Others just she her and dressed as a clown.

All about her
udicial inquiry
Conflict of Interest
{ have to note what year so we don't get it confused with her past events }

Of all the pictures taken of the Inquiry and of the Mayor,
this one shows the human drama of her being a mortal big city mayor the most.
Click here to see close up and what her eyes say.

The Hazel McCallion Rally
- Pictures - Dec. 2, 2009 -

Yes - you have come to the right place for the like you were there experience.
Pictures from here & there, close-up and whole room.
The media has not covered this in a way that most people would want and to be informed by.
So, citizen reporter Donald Barber to the rescue!


Hazel McCallion
Conflict of Interest
case dismissed
a media love-in to


June 14, 2013


Hazel McCallion
Association of Municipalities of Ontario

The following is a history provided by the AMO
as to years of service to the AMO
positions Hazel McCallion has held.


The name of the
Hazel McCallion
family insider revealed
** Mr. Doug Draper **

More of the interview with Mr. Doug Draper.

Details like;
Some barn burning    -    Bankruptcy    -    Other details of Linda moving in & out of homes    -    Hazel owned a strip joint

Hazel’s sleeping arrangements    -    Christmas presents    -    The Ghermazian brothers

In the past he has shed great insight on Hazel McCallion's drinking & driving habits.

Index of Hazel's
Deeds and Misdeeds

What the Mayor
Media does not want you to know.

Hazel McCallion
the Mayor of Mississauga

is a Drunk Driver

According to Family Insider!

Hazel McCallion's
of it !!!

Hazel McCallion's Letters
About - To  &  From

(the Liar)

Hazel McCallion
Political Cartoons
Other interesting Images

Mississaugans love
Hazel McCallion so much they
burned a swastika
into her front lawn !!!

Interesting sound bites from the Mayor and other elected officials.

Don't forget to check out
letters to Editor page.

Insight into the mind of
Hazel McCallion

Check this out.

Mayor - Hazel McCallion
 is  watching  me

"A copy of each request shall be forwarded to the Mayor's office for
logging and follow-up

Grid-Lock on our
streets & the roads

that Hazel McCallion
and company are responsible for!

What ???
A picture
of the
Mayor of Mississauga,
Hazel McCallion
!!!! coming out of a
bottle of Alcohol

Mayor Hazel McCallion is in court AGAIN
 as Developer alleges she affected land deal in

 $20 Million law suit

Says Used -
"her power"

Secret  Security Program
in Mississauga

All on one sheet of paper, the kind of sick political methods we have been told were common place in the Soviet Union,
clearly being practiced in Hazel McCallion's Mississauga.



  - and


{Hazel McCallion}

County Court,
Judicial District of Peel

Graham  v. McCallion

Finding of
conflict of interest
at relevant time

Dominion Law Reports
July 22, 1982


Graham  v.  McCallion

Ontario Reports
Sept. 30, 1982

Hazel McCallion
should not be made
a member of the
Order of Canada

They may say Hazel is as honest as the next person -
well literally the next person to sit beside by her on City Council was
Councillor Gyles

how he turned out is a cautionary note.

Hazel McCallion’s

Unlawful Subdivision Application

should be Investigated
by the Governor General

to discover
if this Mayor is of suitable character

to be a member of the Order of Canada.

Jan. 3  -  2006

This is the follow-up to the Governor General calling for a

"A formal request for delay in Hazel McCallion’s investiture


review of the decision to name her a member of the Order of Canada."


    This  web-site is unique in that the actual documents



are posted for people to view and be the judges of.


Hazel McCallion’s
Near death experience

Yes - I was the one who discovered the details that she was trying to cover-up and that the crash was far worse then what she was trying to make it out as.


When it comes to Sprawling for developers
Mississauga politicians do it best!
!! NEW!!
The shutting down of the Lakeview generation station,
what happens to the land it stands on
& the hydro line corridor from the lake-shore to the QEW?

(Click Here for More)

Likely, the Mayor of Mississauga or the Queen of Sprawl wants the land to do her evil sprawl routine, again.

It is clearly established that
urban sprawl kills people
- it rips the lungs from our children -
it creates life long health problems.

In Mississauga there are growing concerns that the arts and culture are dying a slow death.

"Mayor McCallion has proudly stated that she runs Mississauga's finances like her own household.  I say she is a wealthy and miserly matriarch."
"The city's cultural development has been paralyzed by her limited cultural vision and
she governs by fear, intimidation and threat."

???? Can this be so ????

See the kind of tree that the Mayor likes
- modular -
so they can easily be moved out of the way of something important
- out of the way -

"She Who Must Be Obeyed Because She Never Will Retire?"
Has a certain reporter become too bold?
Muzzle mania
looks at the huge
"cost of disagreeing with Mississauga City Hall"

Main Table of  Contents


Check above first,
for the pages that have the UP-TO-DATE happenings, meetings ETC.,

Has the Hazel McCallion just created her own
Ministry   of
"propaganda" ?
The Local News papers says so!

In a rare case of the Mississauga News standing up to City Hall about the City's new news project
- Beyond  the  Headlines -
has seen the strongest Language critical of City Hall used in years.
 "a waste of time, energy and money"
The move reveals how desperate Mississauga City Council has become in its quest to control the information flow
and to put the proper spin on its activities.
It's no secret that City Hall does not like to be scrutinized.  It does not like the media -- or anyone -- to disagree with any of its decisions. 
City Hall only likes it when the media, especially at the local level, takes a rah-rah approach
to its decisions or promotes its various activities or programs.

 Some thing is changing in the relationship between the Mississauga news and Hazel McCallion and it is looking good for us.

Hazel McCallion,
Mayor of  Mississauga,
Car Crash
Table of Contains web-page

Hazel McCallion
 - Mayor of Mississauga -

her car after Awards Ceremony!

This happened on the same day that I appeared before City of Mississauga Council
and presented to the Mayor
a belated birthday gift,
a bottle of what I have been informed was her favourite alcoholic beverage
Harvey's Bristol - Cream Sherry.

Do not blame me for this!
I warned YOU!


!! NEW!!
Questions of
Conflict of Interest & Bias
in an

  Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) precedent - setting Hearing
by an Ex-City of Mississauga Councillor!

The Culham Brief

   Part of The Culham Brief is about the role of the Mayor in creating the political environment and culture that Mr. Culham serve his political career in.
Could it be the cause of his behaviour?


The Hazel McCallion
Portrait Challenge.

A web-search has turned up a new indulgence by the Mayor.
Clearly she wants the image that her adoring fans to remember her by,
to be more of a self image,
than a Dorian Grey representation.
Personal I think the Malina portrait has a
2-dimension cartoon quality to it
(maybe from too much wrinkle be-gone being used), that leaves it less than memorable.

But seriously folks, an official life sized sculpture, a state portrait,
what next?

The Mississauga equivalent of
Lenin's tomb for the Mayor?

Maybe McCallion's developer friends are going to build a pyramid for her?
We can only hope that the rest of City Council & senior staff,
are in way of
ancient tradition walled up with her,
to serve her in the after life -

On Public Display - Hazel McCallion's portrait
! A Horses Head in a Bed !

!! A Bloody Sword !!

!!! A Column of Media Money !!!

!!!! A Devils Mask !!!!

!!!!! An Apology
because the Mayor of Mississauga has
no Sense of Humor

??? What does it all mean ???

It was only a matter of time before this came to light!

Hazel McCallion's

Ultimate Act of Greed
Betrayal of Mississaugan Taxpayers
The bills are now coming due as the Mayor of Mississauga has been running
the City of Mississauga into the ground and they are in the

No  TAX  increases!

No  new  TAXES!

TAX  breaks (for the rich)!

All  are  just  leading
like  cattle  to  the  slaughter.
Sadly  they  are  dragging  us  along  with  them.
Short  term  gains
Long  term  loses

Hurricane Hazel -McCallion upends City Councillors

She [Hazel McCallion] put her agenda on the table and wiped the floor with us,”
adds Councillor Irene Jones (Ward 1), who left the meeting early out of frustration.

This maybe an oldie but it reminds people of a very important event in Mississauga's history
 - that

Did Hazel McCallion Kill the SUBWAY into Mississauga?
Many informed think she did
- maybe to keep Mississaugans in Mississauga and spending their money close to home.

The efforts to build a transit link with Toronto and which failed or was it scuttled by Hazel for some reason?
Then there is the issue of how Toronto moved the bus stop for Mississauga buses from inside Islington station to
outside in the cold, snow and rain. 
When politicians have a feud we pay the price.

Dr. Hazel
stands ready to examine your
vital signs

Funny pictures of Hazel McCallion & I.
If she is going to put out life size cut-outs of herself, then she can expect people to have some fun with them.

Is Hazel McCallion
"Greatest Living Torontonian?"

For those of us who know the facts about
who & what Hazel is,
to even ask that question is mind blowingly stupid!

Even the media coverage questions
how she got on the list. 
The most
contentious candidate has been Mayor McCallion,
who some voters note is from outside of Toronto.
well-known as a long-time Toronto basher"
That is right a politician who hates Toronto and blames it for everything under the sun, even tax increases, has got onto the list for being the
Greatest Living Torontonian.

This contest has all the marks of a rigged contest or one controlled by Hazel McCallion supporters
Just another way to promote her name and inflate her ego.

Despite the obvious answer to any haft way intelligent person,
the media that is holding this contest
should know how wrong it is,
to allow Hazel to be considered.
Do you hear that sucking sound?  That is the media sucking up to Hazel.
National Post   -   Mississauga News

This is another case in which Hazel McCallion should have removed her name as it was inappropriate to consider her.

Is Hazel the "Greatest  Living  Torontonian?"
NO - I know what & who she is.

Voting is at;


Hazel McCallion's eyes are watching me

Why can't she keep her eyes off me?
Hope she doesn't have the hots' for me.
Well one thing is for sure,
the Mayor of Mississauga turns her head away but her eyes are kept fixed on me
and if she could, she would be staring at me out of her ear!

Hazel McCallion's
Clown Costume

For the current up-dated web-page

Having a Mayor who can't dress herself is a special shame for Mississauga and this problem has not shown up lately, it goes back decades.

Hazel goes on the election trail in a CLOWN Costume and it was pointed out to her, she stopped wearing it but she was not wise enough to thrown it away to remove temptation.  Now she is wearing it as gym wear - which is it lady - formal dress or sweaty gym wear or don't you care?

More concerns about
Hazel's age here.

The end of cheap oil means the
"The End  of  Suburbia"
and the economy
that supports it.

There is a Solution to it

A  New  Urban  Development Economy called.



Hazel McCallion
Fan Club Web-Page

This web-page has been created to detail the awards, appointments, accomplishments, achievements, accolades
{and other words that begin with A}
that Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga presents to the world,
as well as other factual
note worthily items.
Any comments on this web-page are those agreeable to her Worship.


The Mayor of Mississauga

?? Racist ??
The OCASI - Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants
has a few things to say about Hazel McCallion Attacks on
Immigrants and Refugees
with her
Xenophobic, Ignorant, Racist and Bigoted views that foster hatred.

Hazel McCallion
used the
Chinese for the
"Lowest Prices in Town"

There has been lots of talk about the Mayor of Mississauga and Racism,
would this be part of it?
It is how she ran her personal business and got very well off by it.
It would not have been unusual for business people back in 1965 to say laundry done by Chinese as a sign of quality but looking back doesn't it make you wonder?

The add is from the McCallion news paper - The Streetsville Booster Dec. 3, 1965 V.# 1 #.4. Very shortly after it started up.

Hazel McCallion

Mayor of Mississauga
her Political Cronies

Media Coverage List
as well as other interesting documents.

You may not like what I say, but many more have said the same

or worse about HURRICANE HAZEL.

How about Hazel's
"convicted of conflict of interest"!!!

the trials of others in the political spot-light,
in Mississauga.

Quotes about Hazel McCallion by those who would know her best are truly telling.

Hazel is noted as
"She thrives on confrontation" "intellectually dishonest"

and has
"a voracious capacity for revenge."

That is just a small sample!

accused of bullying

By Caledon Mayor Marolyn Morrison.

Mayor  Hazel McCallion  VS
Mayor  Susan Fennell
battle with McCallion has been portrayed at Queen's Park as a cat fight"

Is a City's notice of a public meeting
sounding a bit like a
thinly veiled THREAT?

Also, at the Jan. 12-04, Planning & Development meeting Hazel told the audience that I made everyone on the City's environment committee resign!
Oh Hazel you are just so special!
How can one man make a whole committee resign, you would not answer that, in fact when I got up to address your obvious effort at defaming me,
you had not the honour or the professional integrity
to repeat what you had just said.
Like when you said there is a "coup", out to get you,
sometimes the brain just doesn't work as it should, these days, eh?

Hazel McCallion's
business and land dealings:

Want to know more about the McCallion's land dealings ???
Click here

Hazel's, her family's and business partners companies {that we know of so far}.
Hope to put this section in better shape in the future.
Past media coverage here & here.

Macran - The Booster - 675352 Ontario Limited - Tradmor Inves. Ltd.
Speaking of her businesses here is a little something about one of her business partners - Allan Randles - who found his way on to the committee of adjustment for both Town of Streetsville and
City of Mississauga
for many years.
- Interesting -


In the NEW Political
Satire & Parody Section

Oh the HORROR!

TRUTH is reveled about Hazel McCallion's long life - her many
treatments in China,
Hazel McCallion is photographed SUCKING the life
from Chinese political dissents and prisoners!

Questions put to the Mayor during public question period:

A letter Mar. 29, 2000, with the questions read aloud to the Mayor at the Mar. 29/2000 City Council meeting regarding her land dealings and other activities, during public question period.

Letters sent to the Mayor:

A letter, Apr. 3, 2000, to the editor sent out to the media dealing with the "COUP" that Hazel claims is going on in City Hall.

Hazel McCallion
just grubbing for another award?

She failed last year.
Interesting that at the same time the contest was running,
this web-page got a
sudden increase in visitors.
Maybe there were enough intelligent persons, who did their homework before voting, to ensure
he was not elected World Mayor.
We can only hope for the same in 2005.

!!!! DYING !!!!

This is not a joke or hoax

Has she reason to think
her days are fast running out?

The reason this question is being asked is that there is a sudden increase in the number of awards and accolades
being offered up to Hazel McCallion.
Is the end of her dark rule at hand?

 Hazel McCallion
Fan Club Web-Page

This web-page has been created to detail the awards, appointments, accomplishments, achievements, accolades
{and other words that begin with A}
that Hazel McCallion, the Mayor of Mississauga presents to the world,
as well as other factual and note worthily items.
Any comments on this web-page are those agreeable to  her Worship.

Lists of
City of Mississauga Elected Officials

Hazel McCallion painting

!! VOTE !!

Is this portrait of Mayor Hazel McCallion  - "offensive to the entire community."?
Should the Port Credit BIA also be the local CENSORSHIP BOARD?

You be the judge!
Tell City hall what you think!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
General note about this page and others that comment on persons, events and politicians.
Due to the media's bias, to report only good news or positive things about certain people and not to report negative,
this creates an unbalanced image of them in the eyes of the public. 
Such reporting is poison to Democracy.

My efforts are aimed at restoring the balance.
Yes, they are the posting of the more negative facts and their dark deeds
but if the main stream media will not do their job in a Democracy, then some one else has to.
If we don't have a healthy Democracy - then what do we have?
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    There is so much to put here, that there was hardly time to start and recently research into her Worship's past business dealings, the ones she has already got in trouble over, has turned up new facts!   One of the new facts is that the media is not doing it's job, giving Hazel a free ride on the unaccountable express for over 25 years!  In this section Hazel talks about a "COUP"
(the letter about it), against her and City hall
uses children and the United Way for their political ends.

    Well the ride is over.  There is so much you will have to come back from time to time, so e-mail me and I will let you know when this section is updated.  If you know anything our Mayor's history or family that would interesting to take a closer look at, please let me know and if you can explain the business deals that are listed below, by all means let me know!!

   Especially if you know about the McCallion's numbered or named companies.
Just how many are there?
We know of a few but is it not interesting how a sitting Mayor
is allowed by the media to be a hidden developer, meaning it is not referred to often enough that people actually recall it,
when they think of her.

Muzzling - stifling or just plain censorship
By Hazel McCallion

The media has many times in the past call Hazel McCallion, the Mom who runs Mississauga and some mothers are know to smother.  It is not uncommon for the Mayor to apply a form of censorship by muzzling or "stifling", those who would speak or address an issue.  In fact, she even does this to other elected officials, so great is her love of her own voice.  One trick is uses often is say a person can speak "at the appropriate time."  Sounds reasonable but then that time may not come or put so late in a meeting that people have to leave as they work the next day.  It appears the "rules" are made up to serve a certain goal.

    It does not get covered in the press as it runs contrary to the myth the media has gone to great effort to create over the years, of HURRICANE HAZEL being the greatest thing going for Mississauga.
But at what cost to our Democracy
Here are just a few examples;

*    Here she is accused of “editorializing” from the Mayor's chair
       - complete with a political cartoon.

 *    Trying to gag or muzzle Peel Region Chair & a rare editorial that, that is a No-No.

*    Even more shocking is when the Mayor is so blatantly obvious that she is telling a person, in this case the Councillor for Ward 1, to SHUT UP!
     The sound clip is here, recorded live in City Council chamber while it  was being broadcast.  It must have been so embarrassing for  Councillor Corbasson but as she does not support the community she deserves to be seen as a lap dog Hazel abuses at will.

Is Hazel McCallion the kind of politician to try and KILL the messenger to get rid of a embarrassing political problem?  You bet she is!  And developers are so willing to help these days.  Here is a case worth taking a peek at, it is best framed by a lady writing in fear of those the Mayor has set upon her.

Therese writes; I believe this may be the last email I am permitted to write to you on this matter.  The landowner's lawyer, Leo Longo, told me Friday morning July 2nd that he was sending me a "stern letter" in the mail from his client.

    Longo told me that they (I assumed he meant the landowner, Fitzwood) had received a call from the Mayor's office to say that the emails had to stop.  I know that several of you have responded to my request for support and this is what he was referring to.  (Thank you for your efforts.)  And because of these emails,  he said I am to receive a "stern letter" from his client, though we didn't discuss the contents further.

(Click here for more)

While we are on the subject of Hazel being the only person to speak for Mississauga - she is currently waging a campaign to separate from the Region of Peel so she will remove one level of government that has been limiting her power!   More on the One City - One Voice.

Hazel's ultimate power play at our expense.

Calls for Hazel McCallion to  END  her
Political Career keep coming, now from prominent politicians such as
John Snobelen

Singing the same old song
- the Toronto Star makes it clear that the old fashion politicians who get elected too often should call it a day and Hazel McCallion is noted as best example.

John Snobelen, a former Mississauga-area MPP is right to say it "is not good for democracy".

My letter to the media about this issue.

Still more on this from the Toronto Star

Three terms enough on city council

One. Two. Three. Thanks, you're out !


"Business Improvement Areas are nothing but forced associations in which their
"members" have no choice whether or not to belong."

This was a battle ROYAL in which Hazel personally came in took over a meeting that ensured a secret ballot (a keystone of Democracy), would not be allowed regardless of the expressed concern that
"some people are worried about the consequences of a public vote because it could affect contracts or business,".

If you want to study how government stomps on those who seek justice, this is a text book example and
there is far more to this story then has been reported!

In this "Controversy" we can see the abusive side of the Mayor of Mississauga,
before the Missing News stop reporting it.
At a meeting, that McCallion took over, read of her insults
toward taxpayers, "Go home and yell at your wife".

Has Hazel McCallion
even been democratically elected
as the
Mayor of Mississauga?

In a Democracy a person has to get the majority of the voters, votes but that should mean that the majority of the eligible voters, right?  Well in Mississauga that need not be.  Hazel McCallion likes to say she wins by a landslide and does not even have to campaign.  If we look at the numbers it would appear she is elected by a number so small it could only be those employed in the development industry and municipal government.  She does not need to campaign as the media does not report her wrong doings as they would other politicians and keep telling people that no one cares about the elections and Hazel will be elected any ways.  When they are not calling her a Saint.

In 1994;
Hazel McCallion got  67, 524  votes or  90.81%  of the votes cast in the Mayors race (74,360 total), is what City hall reports.
There are  321,324  eligible voters - total who actually voted  78,500  or  24.43%  of registered voters.
The total population of Mississauga is much higher.

So Hazel McCallion's  67, 524  votes becomes  in reality  21.01%  of all eligible voters.
She was elected by less then  1/4  or  25% of Mississaugans!
How democratic is that?  And the number keep going down!
It is more to the point to say  242,824  voters did not vote or  75.57% did not vote for her.

In 2003;
Hazel McCallion got  74,719  votes or  91.64%  of the votes cast in the Mayors race (81,533 total), is what City hall reports.
There are  416,456  eligible voters - total, who actually voted  83,241  or  19.99%  of registered voters.  The total population of Mississauga is much higher.
So Hazel McCallion's  74,719  votes becomes  in reality 17.94%  of all eligible voters.
She was elected by less then  20%  of Mississaugans!  - in spite of getting more votes over-all, the Mayor's % of votes is slightly down.

It is more to the point to say  333,215  voters did not vote or  80.01% did not vote for her.

So who does she represent?  Her support is clearly going down as the population of Mississauga goes up.  Or dying off, seniors love her. 

Hazel keeps getting elected over and over and we are lead to believe this is a right thing to do in a Democracy.  In fact, in a mature and responsible Democracy there are TERM LIMITS.

In other words, a person can not be elected to the same office more then, say, twice.  This is to keep an elected office from creating a power base so strong that it defeats the Democracy itself.  One example is in staffing government positions.  What happens is that a high ranking elected official, like the Mayor will see to it that only people who agree with her will get hired, so they can be counted upon to "tow the line".  Staff should be independent enough to freely express their disagreement with elected officials but that is something Hazel hates.  The results of this can be clearly seen when she was "convicted of conflict of interest". Here & here. One of the few times that staff openly disagreed with the Mayor on an important issue.

Hazel want everyone to agree and compliment each other, so the public will see one big happy family all working together, all on the same page and nothing but the best work being done - even if it is a BIG LIE!

Another variation of this is to keep on staff that will be in some way feel indebted, personally to an elected official.  This, I am told, is the very first act of Hazel McCallion, as an elected official, in Streetsville.  A person who everyone agreed should be let go, was suddenly kept on because of Hazel's efforts.   Hazel is well noted for doing a complete about face or "changing her broom sticks in mid-air" without people catching on or getting up-set as she is doing it.


Like most politicians Hazel McCallion is in love with the sound of her own voice.
So it is no surprise to see her carrying a microphone as she struts around City of Mississauga Council chambers.
But in this scene, (a side that most people don't often see), her worship the
Mayor appears ready to share with us any utterance she may deliver - how kind of her.


A couple of new sound clips to shed more light on the very special Mayor of Mississauga.

Hazel was really acting like a politician who had just been elected and had no fear of voters at the polls, more then her usually out-spoken self. She lets the cat out of the bag as to how the City is going to get rid of established communities' that are not earning the City enough money and have no one important, to the City in them. It called - RUNNING THE CITY LIKE A BUSINESS
- and what the Mayor of Mississauga is all about.

"She advised them that although they did not want change in their community, change was inevitable and the large lots some day would also be developed as intensification and redevelopment was occurring across the City. ... should be looked at in a positive way "
She pointed out that as the City moves into another phase of growth, redevelopment of existing older uses will occur and the residents must be prepared to accept more such changes in the mature areas of the City.

Makes me sick to read about things so harmful to the foundation elements of a community that are so important to people's home life, being eliminated and the City saying be happy about it, be positive! How happy will a person be if one of their children is run down on the over crowded streets the City creates? Change is happening as that is the will of City Council, lead by Hazel McCallion!

So speaks
the Queen of Urban Sprawl
Hazel McCallion at the Jan. 12-04 meeting.

Has Hazel McCallion's corruption or methods spread to the Ontario Municipal Broad (OMB)?

Is the Mayor acting like she knows the Fix is in at the Ontario Municipal Broad (OMB). It sure sounded like that at the Jan. 12th., meeting and then who should appear but an ex-City of Mississauga Councillor to be the judge at this OMB hearing.
How is it that the one person that would stand out in most peoples mind as being the person who could have a bias or conflict be allowed to deal with this case? Who's efforts to aid the City in destroying the Cawthra Bush, by way of the City's Forest Management Plan, is well known to us. the Mayor was acting like the fix was already in and when it come to her getting her way, the law is not a barrier.

Lets not forget that Hazel McCallion is also a developer & other members of her family are in that industry.
For more on the McCallion methods, here & here.

Speaking of
Hazel's corrupting influence, do not forget about the last Councillor for Ward 5, Clifford Gyles, who has been setting records for being charge and convicted for -


If Hazel is as honest as the next person then Mr. Gyles literally sat next to her at City Council. And who should replace him but a lady who had 2 members of her family charged during the election for have her political opponents elections signs during the election. This is an improvement in the quality of elected officials at Mississauga City hall? There is also this.

!!!! -  INFO  NEEDED  - !!!!

What do you know about the Mayor of Mississauga - Hazel McCallion?

There are hundreds of stories about Hazel McCallion that have yet to be told and the public should know about who she really is & has done to people.
Yes, how is business really done in Mississauga?
This includes old news articles about how she carries on,
those from outside of Mississauga are usually more honest and graphic.

Example - hear over and over about her legendary drinking and that
she does not have a chauffeur.
just because people keep telling me these stories does not make them true and
so far there is no proof to support this URBAN LEGEND.

However, if you (including Peel police), have proof of this or any other interesting items
you can E-mail about where & how things can be found
Mail to -
Station 'B' - Box 1504 - Mississauga - Ont. - L4Y 4G2

Brown envelops are welcome

(as they have been in the past - keep them coming!)

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