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John Stewart's BLOG

Opening comments:  More at the end.

Some very good comments here.

People keep labeling and profiling me as if political participation is some kind of game or fun - it is not.

The Mayor tried her double talk, you must believe her as she is the great & powerful Hazel McCallion (do not look behind the curtains at the developers pulling her strings)! 

I also post as Watcher.

The political torture of Donald Barber     - posted June 19/06

Talk about your strict bail conditions.

The Justice of the Peace who set the terms of bail in the assault case against Donald Barber sure knows how to hurt a guy.

Barber, who lives and breathes Mississauga politics, is banned from going within 200 metres of City Hall and the courthouse at 950 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W., where the councillors will be temporarily housed while renovations are made to their offices and the chambers at City Hall.

Not only that but Barber - who faces two charges of assault after an altercation with a security guard following his removal from a City council meeting June 7 -- must stay the same distance away from any councillor.

While most voters in this country would treasure a 200-metre politician-free zone, it is an anathema to Barber, who has appointed himself the disloyal opposition to the Queen of Mississauga.

For some reason my head is filled with the vision of Barber and Ward 7 Councillor Nando Iannicca accidentally bumping into each other at the grocery store -- and both running away from each other as fast as they can. A match race of reversing rhetorical roadrunners, if you will.

Barber says the bail conditions seriously hamper his efforts to write the political history of Mississauga and end his democratic right to attend public meetings. (See his remarks in the comments section on Don Barber Fatigue Syndrome).

Having Barber write Mississauga's history is a bit like asking Hazel to profile regional government in Peel.

The odd thing, though, is that Barber has a point about banning him, even temporarily, from council meetings. Former Ward 5 Councillor Cliff Gyles not only sat on council while accused of much more serious crimes, but actually was allowed to run again after being convicted.

Besides, if there is a man brave enough to voluntarily take in every minute of every reading of every bylaw at every nerve-numbing council session, I say that man has earned the right to his pain.


These are the ones from the BLOG site;

The Mississauga Muse says - "a transcript (straight off my tape recorder)" please contact me as for some reason my last E-mail to you did not work & would like copy of tape.


The Mayor is recorded as saying - "in accordance with the procedural by-law --and always HAS BEEN in accordance. We have not changed the procedural by-law at all." On the City's web-site a copy of the procedural by-law can be found and it is dated Oct 2003. At the June 7th meeting the Mayor was talking about the last 30 years or so and Ron Searle agrees.

Is this a case of rewriting history and redefining "TRUTH" to what is political self-serving for the Mayor? Should the Missing News not step up the plate and say what their years of experience have to say? Or are we to suffer the rambling's of a twilight matriarch without challenge?

Posted by: Watcher | June 21, 2006 at 09:24 PM

People are starting to comparing me to former Ward 5 Councillor Cliff Gyles and keeping score of charges. Well that is to be expected that they show a lack of understanding history and who did what of the who's who. Remember Hazel McCallion is no Lilly white saint and her score needs to stated. Her time before the Courts was a losing experience - Mississauga News Oct. 21/88 "found guilty just before the election of violating four sections of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act,". Judge said Hazel McCallion broke the law in EVERY WAY it could be broken "she breached the Act in all four of the 4? ways in which the Act could be breached".

However, such thinking that this just a game of numbers is the worse thing to do and what most will do. There is no more important matter in a Democracy, than holding those in government - power - accountable. Who I am matters little, in Democracy even the worse of the worse must be heard to prove our commitment to our principles. That the facts must be reviewed apart from the bias or prejudice that can be applied to any given person and there is one for everyone. Coming from a blue-collar background with poor writing skills using documents to tell the story was the only way to go. But, anyone who knows their human history will know that in politics claiming a political opponent or rival has committed crime (and the worse the better), is the most common method used. And in Mississauga, sadly history repeats itself and most are none the wiser. Next, they will try to claim that because of bias or prejudice they are trying to applied to me that the documents must also be wrong. Think about it, if the Devil held up the Bible and said it was truth would it mean that because the Devil said so, the Bible must be a lie?

More of interest to those who are keeping score of wrong doing;

What about the fact, the Mayor is a developer who went to lengths to hid that fact?    [ Missing web-link - the Missing News would post web-links for others but not me. ]

Here is something that The "Missing" News has not reported - Mayor Hazel McCallion is in court AGAIN as developer alleges she affected land deal in $20 Million law suit - Says Used "her power"! The term "conspiracy" is being used and to me that is a blast from the past as it was used in the Mississauga Inquiry - hands up for any one who remembered that one?

More about that & Hazel here [ Missing web-link - the Missing News would post web-links for others but not me. ]

For those who wonder what a book written by me would look like they can check out my first book -[ Missing web-link - the Missing News would post web-links for others but not me. ]. It is written as a political intelligence test. Just how smart are you?

If the Mayor thinks she has put me behind her - that I will not have nothing more to present, she is wrong more is coming to light especially about her business dealings, as more and more people see me as the only way to deal with her.

Will the police come after me again?

Likely as she is an old dog who knows only one trick and the lives of Mississaugans who do not worship her, mean nothing to her. The Peel police are her blunt political tool, used often and I am keeping score of more than just my case. How many to know of?

Posted by: Don B. | June 21, 2006 at 08:45 PM

I went to the Council meeting today to satisfy a curiosity.

I wanted to see how they'd handle the Public Question Period issue from the June 7th meeting.

What follows is a transcript (straight off my tape recorder). Sorry about the run-on sentences but I write's 'em as I hears 'em.

Mayor McCallion made this announcement at the beginning of Council meeting. Notice it only took Her Excellency two sentences to dump on The Mississauga News.

MAYOR HAZEL MCCALLION (June 21, 2006 Council Meeting)

"Before we start the public part of the meeting, I'd like to explain a few things about the change in procedure at Council. Unfortunately, The Mississauga News didn't check to get the details which I think is unfortunate and again has misled the people in regard to what was accomplished at Council in regard to the change in our procedure.

We have not eliminated Question Period. It has not been eliminated --I want to assure the people. Just that we're going to manage it much better and that is that anybody wishes to raise a question on an item on the agenda we welcome them to come forward and council will hear the question and will answer the debate or debate it and we'll take whatever action the council sees fit to do.

The person comes forward with an item NOT on the agenda they have the right to come forward and say they have a question and I will check as mayor --or whoever's chair will check as to whether or not that question is in connection with an item on the agenda. And if it is not on the agenda then it requires a motion of this council to hear the question and the details of the question.

That's in accordance with the procedural by-law --and always HAS BEEN in accordance. We have not changed the procedural by-law at all. I just want to make that clear --Question Period has not been cut out and the criticism that councillors have received is most unfair.

And I think the public should be aware of the TRUTH of what they did and not somebody's opinion of what they did. And I think this is very important because the public [unintelligible ] about closed council meetings etc and about councillors operating behind closed doors. And I think this editorial led people to believe that that's really -- that we had cut out the Public Question Period.

It has not been cut out in any way."


I'm getting used to Mississauga-Speak -- "we're going to manage it much better".

I took this to mean, if it's on the agenda, the public is welcome to make a noise. We'll deal with your question as we see "fit".

If your question is NOT on the agenda we MIGHT condescend to let you raise the question by us passing a Motion-of-Magnanimity (I like to refer to this as MOM). However, if we don't like the looks of you or we anticipate your question is potentially a skunk cabbage in an elevator, you'll be asked to sit down and wait until your question fits into some future agenda (heh heh).

Another interesting part was Mayor McCallion's comment regarding the silly public perception about "councillors operating behind closed doors".

I stayed right to the end and suddenly there's this comment about "in camera" and councillors/staff up and leave. There wasn't a good-bye we're adjourning now. They just quietly up and leave.

I hadn't a clue. So I went over to the Roger's camera-person and asked "What's 'in camera' mean?" And she responded with "Oh to be in the picture inside the camera angle I guess."

I knew for certain that wasn't right so I went up to a Corporate Security officer and asked, "What's 'in camera'?" Some of the staff and the mayor were by now on the second floor walking through a door and out the council chamber.

The officer said, "Oh, that's the closed part of the meeting."

Now I'm not stupid enough to have responded with "AH! You mean that special quality time set aside for when councillors operate behind closed doors?"

Man, I don't know how Don Barber did it all those years attending these meetings. It's not like they welcome you to attend. It's like the tedium DEFIES you to.

One other observation. There were few public-people there. Most were presenters, staff etc. By the end there was only one other person who looked like "public" besides me there. I tell you, someone should issue me a hero biscuit for having endured the entire thing.

But it's like they make the public part of the meeting so agonizingly boring. And talk about stuff that wasn't on the agenda! It's like they make it that boring to keep the public away.

And the real stuff? The meaty issues that affect Mississauga today and into the future? Bet your boots that stuff's reserved for behind closed doors. In camera.

Having said all that I still think Hazel McCallion is --we're very lucky --blessed-- to have her as Mayor.

Anyway, I hope this message is of interest.

Posted by: The Mississauga Muse | June 21, 2006 at 05:22 PM

Really have to take exception to the labeling and profiling being applied to me, it smells like it came from the pen of the Mayor. Being involved in politics for the good of the community is not fun or game for me - it is very hard work and someone has to do it. I can guarantee you if there was no support in the community for my efforts over the years I would not have waste my time on those who didn't care what happened.

Fact is, they did care, I was the one who volunteered to lead the effort and we are on the issue of leadership lets talk about what really was the reason for events of June 7. The media showing a bias for Mississauga's politicians by not reporting their miss-deeds and not reporting the accomplishments of Mississauga's many small community groups and their leaders. In a way that would truly inform, enlighten and strength our community.

You want to talk about "torture" well lets talk about having totally unjust rulings being made against you only because our group was too small to buy justice in Canada courts. How about how the Mayor shut down FOI request, promised we would not get records and to keep that promise City staff invented a case against me, that came to a head in a secret hearing with a secret report. This after I was told in writing that I would a copy of all submissions by the City! That this ruling said no one could make FOI requests that the City judged could be for the Friends of the Cawthra Bush, like Frank De Jong the leader of the Green Party of Ontario, who tried to make an FOI request and the City said no and it was up-held. Legalizing guilty by association against a legitimate political party. How about the City refused to recognize the Cawthra Ratepayers - not reported. What about I was banned from City property because I discovered the City destroying salamander habitat, called the Ministry of Nature Resources and they stop the City - no good deed goes unpunished in Mississauga. Then there is how those who tried to create a union in City hall getting attacked. How about a Mayor who sits in City Council and says there is a "coup" out to get her, that I am a part of it and she hopes no one else on Council is a part of it - why is that not reported? This is just a short list and if the media had reported what was happening than our elected officials would never have tried the underhanded tricks they have. It is only in an environment where no meaningful reporting goes on, that has lead to this point. If the facts were coming to light, as they happened, I would have done what was needed to save the Cawthra Bush years ago and been done. So don't blame me for trying to finish the job I promised to do. Blame City politicians for breaking their promise to service the coomunity!

Using me to set legal precedence only because I am and group is too poor is the lowest of the low, it destroys all of our Democracy - bad cases make for bad law. So stop the Don B. is a loner who likes poking Council line and take a closer look yourself and consider running the stories the Mississauga (Missing) News should have years ago. The media's job is to be the watch dog over our politicians NOT their lap dog.

Oh, by the way, can't image Councillor Nando Iannicca or any other Councillor running from me, they have not in the past. They would more likely declare their new acquired power and try to order me around - just the way they are. Think they should wear a flashing light on their heads with an industrial beeper that can be heard 200 meters away. Sure many others would enjoy the warning as well.

Posted by: Don B. | June 20, 2006 at 09:00 PM

Donald Barber writing a history of Mississauga? That would be an interesting (if not weird) read.

Somehow after writing it i don't think he's going to be getting a lecturing appointment at U of T as one of the last scribe's to write a definitive chronicle on the history of the city Roger Riendeau did.

Of course Riendeau loves conspiracy theories to (he taught an entire course on the who killed JFK mystery).


Posted by: OJ | June 20, 2006 at 03:12 PM

Don Barber would need a least "4 Assaults and Batteries" just to stay in competition with Cliff Gyle's 4 swindling charges. "Trumping up charges" in assault by comparison are no match should competition run up against Pat Mullen's gorgeous assets.

Posted by: Guitar Man | June 20, 2006 at 06:04 AM

This message is for Don Barber.

Mr. Barber, after all your years of experience with Les Hypocrits, surely you would've concluded by now that:

1. Your rights as a Canadian citizen stop at the very first stairstep of City Hall.

2. The Corporation can do whatever it pleases. Frankly, Mr. Barber, I'm surprised that they even bothered serving up something resembling an excuse for you.

3. The sheeple of Mississauga don't care (as some astute commentator has already pointed out).

4. The sheeple of Mississauga pay far more attention to more exciting stuff --like suspected terrorists plotting to BLOW UP democracy rather than some municipal "Best-and-Brightest" working their dirt to SUFFOCATE it.

Great to know, Mr. Barber, that you're writing about the History of Mississauga. I'll look forward to reading it.

I hope you realize that you are a unique part of that history.

I mean, think about it. You were there The Day They Killed Public Question Period.

To demonstrate the obscene hypocrisy of it all, John Stewart wrote:

"Former Ward 5 Councillor Cliff Gyles not only sat on council while accused of much more serious crimes, but actually was allowed to run again after being convicted."

Mr. Barber? John? Ever since I came to Cooksville with my parents in 1953, this place has been my home.

Mississauga --I was proud. I was an immediate defender of City Hall when others would complain about "politrix".

"was proud" --past tense.

It's like --like living in the sunshine of a favourite uncle for decades. How lucky you see yourself to have such a remarkable and exemplary uncle! The gratitude you feel.

Then one day you find out his computer's been confiscated and "Uncle" is charged with Pedophilia.

You still can't help love "Uncle" but the very sight of him makes you sicksickSICK to your stomach.

Related topic:

Quote from Hubert H. Humphrey (surprised, huh?):

"It was once said that the moral test of Government is how that Government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped."

Not to mention how it deals with dissenters.

Even THESE DUDES'd be better!

Give it time.... :-)

Signed, The Mississauga Muse

Posted by: The Mississauga Muse | June 19, 2006 at 06:29 PM

The problem with guys like Barber is, you need them. You need them to keep the wolves at bay. The other problem is, they cry Wolf, it seems, and every once in a while they actually find a wolf .. and then get eaten for dinner because nobody cares! Personally, I prefer Tiki Barber.

Posted by: GDT | June 19, 2006 at 09:54 AM

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