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The guest column submitted to Mississauga (Missing) News.
June 16, 2006

Opening comments:  More at the end.

    To the Public Question Period Index page.

    Spoke to Steve Pecar about the Mississauga (Missing) News, printing a guest column to note my side of the story and note facts that the media has long overlooked (which are responsible for the events).  Because the media has had a bias for Hazel McCallion and not printed all the evil she does to people, she gets away with it, it keeps on getting worse because she is confident she can get away with anything - even being crazy in Council

    If the media had in the past noted how Hazel has done the community and I wrong, it would never have gotten as bad as it has - open season on me by any female who wants to try and gain the Mayor's favor. 

    If the media had been honest and respectful in reporting my successes in protecting the Cawthra Bush, Mississauga's environment and local Democracy, than the terrorist attacks against me would likely have never happened.

    Instead, they miss-inform the public by not presenting all the facts and hope the general public does not find out that they have been knowingly miss-lead in a way that suggests a political bias for certain politicians.  Once they have gone down that road they can't go back and start to report the News as people will ask why did they not report the facts in the past?

    Will they print my letter?
Not likely, they have painted themselves into a corner with the evil-doers, one big happy family.  It is too easy to destroy the lives of those who question or try to do good for the community then to admit wrong doing and more money in it too!


The CANCER on Democracy Developing in City halls - BANNING those who are
the Whistle Blowers, Ask the hard & Intelligent questions and are more successful than politicians at serving the greater good of taxpayers.  The police, lawyers and legal orders are now the WEAPONS of choice as
Security Insanity Plague us all!

Council Conflict

    On June 7/06, a surprising and defining political event took place in City Council Chambers that is now a watershed in Mississauga's history.  Roy Willis and myself, Donald Barber, had come prepared to exercise our Democratic rights and address City Council by way of a special Democratic tradition started by Mayor Ron Searle (77 to 78) - Pubic Question Period.  However, our Councillors changed the rules without notice or debate but had not changed the wording on the Agendas - does this spell entrapment?

    Mr. Willis is a well-known fixture of Mississauga/Milton politics and a community supporter for decades.  He has run in most elections, an acquaintance of political players at all levels of Canadian government and played a key role in bring Councillor Cliff Gyles to justice.  Donald Barber on the other hand was a working man who before 1994 was not involved in politics.  When the City stated its plans to log and tree farm Mississauga's public lands.   So I set out to provide taxpayers and residents with the facts so they could meaningfully participate in government decision making.   Created the Friends of the Cawthra Bush that stopped City plans.  Over the years my list of accomplishments and contributions to the community speak for themselves, a short list includes, teaching classes at most of the local schools, discovering the true environmental significance of the Cawthra Bush and its threatened species.  My observations have also been noted in a science study.  Over the years I have earned the respect and thanks of the community as well as their financial support but also the loathing of City politicians as I beat them at their own game.  I have ran for the Office of Mayor three times to oppose the Mayor who in an effort to keep Mississaugans in the dark, shut down Freedom of Information requests, a key element in our Democracy.  For years I have made many huge sacrifices, been savagely bullied and lived in poverty in order to service the Mississauga community.

    Over $100 to prepare briefs regarding a development that is proposing housing significantly close to the end of an Airport runway and apparently contrary to Federal and Provincial policy & guidelines - "will not be permitted".  The planning process requires public involvement to work and we were there to ensure that City hall was well aware of the facts, that good planning was done, to perform the job of the opposition and that important questions were asked/answered, but this was not to be - they saw us coming and circled the wagons.  When I show up in a suite and tie, it means I will be formally addressing Council.

    The Agenda item - Public Question Period - was not even called out by the Mayor.  She does ask for questions regarding anything that is ON the Agenda, so on a point of order I addressed Council.  At which point the Mayor informs me that Public Question Period has been "eliminated" then corrects herself saying that for the last 30 years they have not been following the correct procedure at Council meetings and should not have been asking if anyone has questions that are NOT ON the Agenda.  Think about it, if it is on the Agenda, than why not wait for it to come up on the Agenda?  It is ineffective to have an Agenda that bounces back and fore between items.  She says procedures have changed, then right away they have not, very confusing double think.  The Mayor is claiming that staff is telling her what to do (how odd) and that she does not have the authority to allow persons to address Council, it requires a motion before Council.  In John Stewart's BLOG, it is noted that the Mayor is not one to follow the rules if they get in her feisty way - "McCallion doesn't chair meetings, she compels them along the lines of her own thinking and nobody ever bats an eyelash".  Now suddenly Council is throwing the book at us - why?  I think they know we caught them on this issue and also they saw a way to end the involvement of those who knew how to take them to task on issues, in this election year.  Either way the Mayor is getting the worst possible guidance.

    I note that if it has been the standard procedure for the last 30 years, than that is the correct procedure.  Many will know it as common practices, convention or a Grandfather clause and actually would require a Council vote to change.  When asked, the Mayor could not recall that it was Mayor Searle who began the Public Question Period that she has so often bragged about as proof we did not live in a dictatorship like the Soviet Union.  The rules are read but nothing specifically defines Public Question Period.  The Mayor required a motion to be presented, so I presented one, in keeping with their rules.  However, no Councillors would second it, not Eve Adams the Councillor where this matter is taking place or the Ward 1 Councillor (ex-secretary for the City who would not even consider moving into Ward 1 unless she was elected there), Carmen Corbasson.  To be respectful of taxpayers, Council should have said this is the last time, go ahead. Councillor Nando Iannicca interjected some odd comments.

    By this time Mr. Willis has arrived at the speakers podium "bearing peace". Mr. Willis is a man of his word, he had promised to come forward if Councillors went on the attack and he did.  He notes we waited patiently for three hours to address Council.  That if there is to be no more Public Question Periods, it should be removed from the Council Agenda.  The Mayor had called Mr. Willis forward to address Council, after which City security demanded he leave Council Chambers, for no apparent reason - what was the City's Agenda that day?

    For the record Mr. Willis and I rarely address City Council meetings and many times are in support of some item or just making an announcement.

    A Mississauga political power play, cerca the 1930's, the evil deed is done and I have been banned from City hall for years.  As Council has noted that this is an election year in our recent visits to Council, clearly this is about political damage control and job security on their part.  Due to the write up in the Mississauga News, my bank manager will not allow me to open a business account.  The added bonus for Mississauga politicians is to seriously hamper my efforts to write the political history of Mississauga, which was announced to them, ends my Democratic rights to attend any public meetings or represent the community and otherwise report news on my web-site,  Will City Council restore Public Question Period?  Now that I am banned for years from City hall - a good chance - because in Canada, politicians want taxpayers to have Democratic rights they can't use.


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