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!! A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost !!

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Join us at

1405 Alexandra Avenue,
(north off the Lakeshore across from Tim's or south from the QEW South Service Road, east of Cawthra Road and west of Dixie Rd.)
at 11 am on Sunday, NOVEMBER 24th.
You will be blessed.
WE are an 'ABILITIES" Church and ALL are welcome.
A time of Fellowship will follow the service.

Patti Foster as noted below will be attending along with Scott Faraway of the FABIS brain injury organization of Peel County.  MANY OF YOU HAVE ATTENDED THIS CHURCH, FORMERLY CALLED THE LAKEVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH, SOMETIME IN YOUR PAST AND YOU WILL SURELY BE BLESSED AND
If you need a ride please call 705-464-2034 on Saturday.

Patti Foster, a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Survivor, is an inspiring and entertaining inspirational speaker and
voice-over talent.  Patti would love to be with you.  A former radio personality, Patti offers challenging, refreshing messages through word and song and is a Traumatic Brain Injury Speaker. Your group will love her in two minutes.
Patti Foster in one word?  Passionate.  Whether on the tennis court or on the fairway, in a crowd or at home with family,
on stage or on the air—she gives all that she has to whatever she pursues

Please try and join us.
If you do wish to hear about happenings, such as special speakers, Jamborees, Dinners, Karaoke Nights, etc.,
at the Church please send an E-mail to & note this.
Thank You.

Nov. 21, 2013

a comic that slips in a truth about modern living,
especially when dealing with government!

"expecting to be framed for a crime I didn't commit"
Welcome to the Colony of Canada.

Aug. 3, 2013

The  GREAT  Mississauga  Flash Flood
of  2013

Flash Flood Videos

The July 25, Public City Meeting
where the City tried to sell Mississaugans on it just being a bad storm!
Blame those rivers in the sky!

Again I asked the most revealing question at the public meeting.


July 27, 2013

Barber’s Butterfly Banquet.
Officially, the first Internationally Certified & Registered
Monarch Butterfly Migration Waystation in Mississauga
- in fact - for all of PEEL!

(Made possible by Mississauga Community Support.)

The general Monarch Butterfly section.
Flowers with Wings


June 24, 2013

!!! City of Mississauga Staff ATTACKED me again !!!

Not recently - the Trial for what happened in 2011 just got started
& yes I was charged for being the victim of an Assault!

This is a classical case where the video shows (again) that City staff,
By-law time are making false statements to get me arrested.
That Peel police aided the effort not just by doing as Mississauga By-law inspector
told them to do but key evidence went missing and not investigated!


Mar. 8, 2013

Frank de Jong, Leader, Green Party of Ontario
came by to help in releasing some Monarch Butterflies.

More here.


Here is a picture that is so cute - have to post.
It was taken in happier times, the man is my Father and ferret is my nephew's
The Monarch Butterfly is one that I raised & releasing.
Oh yes, that is a pumpkin growing along the top of the fence too.


Do you know more about this pony?
Odd question - yes?  Well, way back when, 60's I think a fellow was roaming around
the Lakeview & Port Credit area, before there was a Mississauga taking
pictures of kids on his ponies.
Looking for more pictures like this one and better idea who was doing it.



What the Hell is this?
More pictures here

The Peel Black Shirts have a new Urban Assault toy!

Mar. 29, 2013

What the is this?
It was parked along side the road, like it was recording traffic somehow.
f you know - Please send me an e-mail


Feb, 2013

Facebook Video Case - Mississauga

A very Interesting Case as it probes the power of the Schools, School Board and police
over not just our children but all our lives.

Jan. 31, 2013

Hazel McCallion's - Mayors Levee
Jan. 1,  2013

Pictures - but what is of greatest interest is who are Peter McCallion's friends?

Jan. 1, 2013

Formal letter of Complaint
Conflict of Interest & Bias
by the
Peel District School Board (PDSB) Chair - Janet McDougald
all other members of the PDSB.

Feb. 3, 2012

Lyndwood School & Hartsdale Public School
Eco Crime & Cover-up in Mississauga

The details paint a picture that suggest much & the pictures leave little to the imagination!

Jan. 12, 2012

The Nov. 9, 2011, Mississauga City Council meeting
has some very serious occurrences !!!

Nov. 23, 2011

Some recordings put out by the political parties for the election.
Oct. 4, 2011

Sherway Gas Power Plant  -  Greenfield South

2010 - 2011 - update - Mississauga

The Tory -
big red Liberal elephant has been seen!


Sept. 16, 2011

My picture to mark the passing of
Jack Layton
- NDP -

Aug. 25, 2011

June 2011

My letter about the
signs and legal practices of the Brampton Court (and other Courts),
that are
false, unlawful, (if not illegal) and
knowingly misleading taxpayers
to deny them their lawful rights.

The letter is part of an effort to restore justice to Ontario Courts for
the poor, self represented and politically incorrect (non-Tory),
by requesting the knowingly misleading, unlawful, if not illegal practice of posting signs
and informing those having Hearings, they can’t record them, to be stopped.

For the letter and other details - like the follow-up - click here.

The UTM - NDP planting a Butterfly Garden
at the
University of  Toronto - Mississauga.

The hard working crew - or those left by end of planting.
Sure a butterfly will give you a kiss someday - when you least expect it!

May 27, 2010

Olympic Torch Relay
Mississauga - Dec 19, 2009

- Pictures -
Yes - you have come to the right place for the like you were there experience.   Pictures from here & there, close-up and whole room.  The media has not covered this in a way that most people would want and to be informed by.  So, citizen reporter Donald Barber to the rescue! 

The Abuse of the Olympic Torch

This web-page was put up originally to just record the passing of the Olympic Torch through our community - until I heard a politician had carried the torch and brought shame to all Mississaugans.  What I have done, is in the hopes it will protect the Olympics from more political abuses. 

An official complaint has been filed.

A submission to the Mississauga Judicial Inquiry as this stinks in more than one way.

A letter to media & a version was printed in the Mississauga News.

A list from the media people and lists both sponsors (Coca-Cola & RBC), torchbearers and those chosen by the VANOC.

Dec. 20-09

Mississauga Hydro
- Buy - Sell - Whatever -

This issue has become so big and complicated and calls for investigation that it requires its own home page now.
A home page to link to News articles - sound bits - listing of events etc. etc.........

For the first time in years interesting things are taking place Mississauga's Council Chambers, open conflict as the Mayor tired old hands lose their grip on power and the blame game gets played out in public & broadcasted!
Most importantly, the media is misleading the public by failing to report KEY FACTS.
So, as a citizen reporter who has not sold out, I am one of only couple informed reporters of events you can trust.

Feb. 1-09

want to see the Mayor of Mississauga -
Hazel McCallion behind bars?
Click here
- not a doctored picture, it real!

And if that is not strange enough, how about how she dresses?
Is the Mayor thinking she is wearing a

Clown Costume

The Mississauga Rattler
or, well who really knows.

Jan. 31-09

Well it is not every day you see a
snowplow stuck in a ditch,
on your street,
even more unlikely is to see what comes to pull it out - not a tow truck - much bigger!
Jan. 18-09

BIG game hunting for a dreaded political predator
at the
Jan. 1, 2009 - the Mayor's levee,
includes picture of the Mayor & I.

That's right Hazel McCallion & I, standing side but side and City Corp., security not wetting their pants in fear
and Peel police come running in full battle gear to arrest everyone, just to be sure.

Jan. 12-09

Historical pictures of old Cooksville (about 1957), on display in the Mississauga Library Canadian room

and Applewood plaza (1962).

By H. R. Oakman of Peterborough, (hear he had an office right in Applewood Plaza).
His pictures graced beer stores every where.

If you know where I can take pictures of others showing scenes in Mississauga - let me know.


Jan. 12-09

Dr. Hazel
stands ready to examine your vital signs

Funny pictures of Hazel McCallion & I.
If she is going to put out life size cut-outs of herself, then she can expect people to have some
fun with them.
Jan. 12-09

Roy Ivor - the Birdman of Erindale - dream and life's work
Bird Sanctuary of Mississauga
is dying.

Future of bird sanctuary in question - Nov. 11, 2008

National Geographic Magazine - Apr. 1954
- Seeing Birds as Real Personalities & Bluebirds on the Wing in Color.

National Geographic Magazine - July 1956
- The Enigma of Bird Anting.

On my Environmental Web-site:

A more complete history and photographs.
Environmental Significance or Environmental Protection
the Roy Ivor Woods has

New evidence of how important Roy Ivor's gift to Mississauga - future generations really is.
Because he bought some 40 acres in 1928 and
that helped keep the area wild.

described as the most beautiful valley and largest tract of continuous woods in Mississauga, Roy Ivor Woodlot,
while drastically altered, still remains one of the city's largest forests."

We should rename the Sawmill Valley Creek & Trail area
after the man who's efforts over the years save this forested area from developers.
The actually Bird Sanctuary area should be named after Bernice Inman for her many years of efforts.
(This is my Christmas eve posting - he gave us a present - can we return the favour?)

Roy Ivor in his later days.
Photo - Newsletter of the Mississauga Heritage Foundation - Spring 2001 Vol. 14/Issue 2

Bernice Inman-Emery took over running the Roy Ivor (the Birdman of Erindale, Bird Sanctuary of Mississauga.
She operated the rescue centre for sick and injured birds for more than 25 years after his death.
Photo - Mississauga News's.

At the Dec. 10, 2008, City Council meeting the South Peel Naturists and I addressed Council about buying the property we both agreed that indeed, the property should be purchased.  BUT, I was the only one to suggest that Roy Ivor - AKA the Birdman of Erindale - dream and life's work should be kept alive - the Bird Sanctuary.  That the City should yes buy the land, keep it in its nature state  but also contact wildlife rescue groups or Guelph University or even Mrs. Barns.  The South Peel Naturists were clear, they knew better then to ask City Councillors & Mayor to care about the lives of wild animals - that best to only suggest expanding the City park that is beside the Roy Ivor woods.     

    At least someone spoke the words that needed to be spoken to remind those making decisions of how we got where we are and to keep the dream alive, not turn it onto just another politicians photo-op of a plaque being unveiled where the dream died and so many of our wood-land bothers & sisters lost their chance to live.
No where in this article do I read the City's willingness to restart the Bird Sanctuary and keep it active.



Send an E-mail to Mississauga City Council telling them to not only buy the land but to make every effort to see if they can find those who will give Mississauga what it is lacking. Proof we care by running a sanctuary for those we have injured.
Remind them that the land it is right beside a City park, environmentally significant and should not even be offered up for development of any kind. 
The Bird Sanctuary is in Ward 8 or Councillor Katie Mahoney's Ward.
To keep the dream alive, of a bird sanctuary.

<>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>,
<>, <>, <>, <>


Dec. 13-08

Halloween 2008
lets get political with pumpkins!

Sound strange?  Well this is Mississauga and just look at our Mayor and wonder how the HELL
she is where she is, in this day and age.  Well this is my pumpkin protest.

For the last few years I have grown or tried to grow monster pumpkins, have done 100 pounds in the past which was carved with two faces but this year got only 40 pounds.  How ever the shape was just right to call it the Hazel jack-o-lantern.

It had the rectangular shape face, perfect for craving the noted subject.
Note how the eyes are only slits.
The age lines were a must and after drilling out the nasal holes found it very invigorating to crave the rest of age lines
with an electric drill.  As I was growing giant pumpkins they take shape strange forms.
The one on top you can see the size of the flower base is simply huge!
I called it the Hazel MIND control ray or Hazel curser - few suspected but many said great jack-o-lantern.

Looked good in the dark - better in real life.

Move the camera a bit & even better!
Don't get too close or else!

As art inmates life, so did this effort - let the candles burn and in time, self-destruction,
where who is to blame - me?
Of course, blame the creator not the creation's actions or it's lack of self control.


Here is a short slide show about the

Death of the Electric Car

- that's right -
In North American the most important change we need - from gas to electric for our cars and transportation needs has been undermined by both business and mostly government by way of the oil industry having its "good old boys" in key positions of power.  This slide show does not go into all the details, however there is a video call "who kill the electric car?".
You should watch and get very mad about the facts in this case
or visit the the Wikipedia site for these details.

The slide show

And in Canada there is the shameful story of the ZENN car.
The Canadian-made ZENN - Zero Emissions, No Noise car, for less than $17,000.
So clearly a Canadian success story the reasons why it is illegal in most provinces are obviously,
it is a Canadian success story that the U.S. of A. can't allow!

Toronto-based ZENN ( has sold about 350 ZENNs,
mainly in the U.S., where 40 states allow "neighbourhood electric vehicles".
In Canada, ZENNs are street legal only in Quebec and British Columbia.
Not coincidentally, vehicles are built in St.-Jerome.
So when smug Canadian's say they are smarter then Americans - not so.

of car speed surveillance has hit the streets of Mississauga - literally!
NAILED right into them!

We are hearing a lot about photo-radar and how the City of Mississauga is pushing it,
well here is a new version for measuring the speed of a car that many people will drive right over and if they see it, will not know its purpose - sneaky!

Currently it is not set up to record who's car is going how far, only that a certain number of cars went by, how fast they were traveling and date/time - I would say.  They are part of a traffic study on the South Service Rd. at the end of Blanefield, as a development has been suggested in that area.

So, with out further ado, here are the "little" beasts.

From a distance can you see them?
One per-lane.

How about now?

They come in sets so they can measure speed - see these?

OK - here is a close up - note the arrow for lining up with traffic flow.


Sign of the times,
profiting from paranoia - should this not be illegal?

On the other hand - how about this one by a youth.

June 5, 2008

I am hung again,
this time in the old Peel jail,
now the Peel Heritage Complex - Art Gallery.

? Monster Crane with Wings ?
Port Credit - Mississauga

Friend or Foe?

Real life
Bambi & Thumper
by Tanja Askani

So cute - had to share it - enjoy!


How to Participate in & Win Court cases.

That right, how lawyers say they win Court cases and we should take note.
Lawyers discuss and lecture to other lawyers,
how to win Court cases and we all can learn from their wisdom & anecdotal recollections.

These writings are a bit dated (1981), but as we all know the law don't change much or move fast, that is unless it is making a mistake. So the noted items are very much timeless as they deal mostly with how people interact and present cases, something everyone who goes before the Courts - for whatever reason - should know, before hand.
To also appreciate more the work that lawyers must do and help the clients be more informed consumers of legal services.

From Edward Greenspan - Barrister & Fine Clothier
"Look, I'm charged with break and enter and I wear a size 40 suit"

Mississauga City hall doesn't need no stinken
! Sculpture Court !
more votes for a
Skateboard Plaza

No to Arts & Culture in Mississauga.
And while you are at it, to please the Mayor, decorate it with fallen dead logs!


There are many words to describe
City of Mississauga Security
But now it appears that childish is now one of them.

Check this out

A visit to Toronto's Kensington Market reveals a new use for old cars.


The tide is turning against Hazel McCallion in a very public way.
This Toronto Star writer has in the past been very supportive of the Mayor and the way she runs the City and now this on a billboard on Wintson Churchill at Dundas.

Here is another snub to Mississauga found on the TTC - can spot the it?



by the National Council of Welfare.

The rich get richer . . . and the poor get prison.
J. Reiman

Who Commits Crime?
Who do the police charge for crimes?
Who Do the Police Arrest and Charge for Crimes?
Crown Decisions About Criminal Charges.

Important questions that are in part answered by this study.
There are many legal precedence being set against those who can least afford to fight for their rights as it affects all our rights.
Time to sit up and take notice.
Have not loaded this on to my web-site - it can be found here.

The detailed News release for JUSTICE AND THE POOR.

"For the same criminal behaviour, the poor are more likely to be arrested; if arrested, they are more likely to be charged; if charged, more likely to be convicted; if convicted more likely to be sentenced to prison; and if sentenced, more likely to be given longer prison terms than members of the middle and upperclasses. In other words, the image of the criminal population one sees in our nation's jails and prisons is an image distorted by the shape of the criminal justice system itself. It is the face of evil reflected in a carnival mirror, but it is no laughing matter."

"The conclusion of those who have studied our criminal justice system is that it discriminates against the poor and harms as many people as it helps. Instead of developing effective ways of dealing with conflicts within our families, our schools and our communities, we dump all our disadvantaged social misfits into the criminal justice system, where they are repeatedly warehoused and then thrown back into the street. Instead of dealing wisely with the near-universal tendency of adolescents (especially boys) to commit minor criminal offences, we arrest thousands of low-income young men and lock them up with experienced criminals who give them advanced lessons in crime."

"The Canadian criminal justice system is not only unjust but also an abysmal failure that pushes young people into crime
instead of helping them to stay out of it."

Well, of course - make work project, that empowers the police and Courts and lines their pockets at our expense
- this is new to informed Canadians?


Let judges run courts, lawyers say

Resolution urges governments to turn over control of court operation
to judiciary to ensure autonomy

"having prosecutors running the court system is the precarious legal equivalent of leaving a fox in charge of a chicken coop. Yet in many provinces, including Ontario, that's reality, with attorneys general not just prosecuting people for crimes,
but operating the court themselves."

That is right folks our Courts are being run by those who are trying to get you convicted and there is a growing trend to see Canadian tax payers as make work projects & milk us of all the money they can!


Scoop --New Release-- Scoop

The judge's Reasons for Judgment {or injustice},
regarding the soulless Persecution of Antonio Batista.

More details, comments and supporting documents will be added in coming days to show that growing trend towards U.S.A. style justice, where injustice is being done by the government & Courts.  Actions that they know are wrong in their fight against so-called terrorists, knowing that it will be fought to the Supreme Court, that will take years and that most people they persecute can't not afford to buy justice in the Courts.  Legally getting away with destroying the rights that are there to protect people from dictatorial & abusive governments through abuse of legal processes.  This also undermine the very foundations our Democracy - which hands victory to those who are attacking it!

They could not fight us in war and defeat our Democracy - so they got us to destroy it ourselves - in the name of security.


City of Mississauga staff
hot to trot
to use the Batista arrest as their weapon
to serve their political masters!

During the 2006 election City staff tried to eliminate a candidate for the office of Mayor to aid the election of Hazel McCallion!
This shocking development only can to light after the election BUT what is of most concern is that it was undertaken by those who are charged with running the Cities election in a fair to all and just fashion.

Wrongly trying to use the Peel police to arrest a candidate for pointing out the mayor appears unfit to be running a campaign, much less to run a major City in Canada.

The abuse of power that the Queen of Sprawl if known for is getting worse and spreading.

Justin Timberlake
Bottled at Concert

A number of concert goers were so up-set that Justin Timberlake got up to sing
that they threw a large number of water bottles at him


All hail the flying Monarch

Media coverage of my efforts to Rescue Monarch Butterflies
there are pictures from 2006 and 2007 for each day,
so you can see how they develop, as well as the details of their life.
Hope to add video soon.

Click above for the media story & here for my Monarch Butterfly Rescue web-site.

Flowers with Wings


Scoop --New Release-- Scoop

****  SURPRISE  ****
Video Surveillance

comes to Mississauga core living spaces!

Can you spot BIG Bother's (or should I say BIG Sister's),
latest unblinking video eye, right at the corner of Dundas & Hurontario?

Can you spot it now?

If it is the same type as I have seen in other cases it can move the lens around in any direction and have a telephoto lens to zone in on people so close it could read a book you are holding or what you are writing.  And if women are standing under it (and it is right on the street corner), it can look right down their shirts!  Thousands of Mississaugans take buses each day at these four corners.
Who approved this
Video Surveillance and what safe guards are there for people's privacy?
Or don't they care as most people in that area are newcomers?

Oh, and look it has a antenna as well - wonder why?

Correct me if I am wrong, but the public got no notice
of this or were asked to comment on if they wanted it in
THEIR community.

Asked here - local community Peel police - about who is responsible for the video camera high above every ones head,
looking down on us.
They said it was not theirs - the Ministry of Transport's doing.
Well I am sure it is watching more then just the roads and if the police want tape they will get it, if it is not just forwarded to them as a look at this.  Question is who else will get tapes of people's comings and goings without them ever knowing.
I see no signs to warn people they are in a zone where they could be video taped.  Doesn't the government want them to know?

In Toronto this kind of video invasion by government is a BIG issue and met with strong opposition - is that why they are slipping it by us in Mississauga?

How many more are planned for Mississauga?


Ice cream vendors demanding
the City cool down on enforcement.

Now includes the story in the words of the owner
how the City of Mississauga has centered him out and harassed him!


Because there is on going problems with illegal developer's signs
and the same developer it is time to start complaining to the City again.


The below were first posted on my election page.

Signs, Signs, Developers Signs,
Blocking the sidewalk & Pedestrian Right of Way.

Signs, Signs, Developers Signs,
Blocking the Driver's Sight Triangle.

Signs, Signs, Developers Signs,
Breaking By-Laws - at the Mayor's directions!

Right in the middle of the road!

Signs, Signs, Illegal Developers Signs


 City staff say use the Peel police to ensure a developer can break the law?
Peel police to ensure the City's By-law can be continued to be broken?


Blowing-up Lakeview Power Station


Military Jets Fighters

Flying very close to Mississauga Roof Tops in a usually quiet & peaceful resident neighbourhood!

Picture & details here.

Ice cream vendors demanding
the City cool down on enforcement

June  26 - 2007

The City is trying to drive an Ice Cream truck out of business by way of its money collection through fines
BUT will not go after the illegal developer's signs on our street corners to make even more money.
Really just all a matter of who you know and who's wheels you greases with money
government always goes after the poor people first!

Wrote a letter about this.

Comic Den owner closes up the little shop of comics,
after 28 years in Mississauga.

Another piece of Mississauga Culture dies.

Hazel McCallion in China
She goes there so often it makes you wonder why and about those who go with her.


Another sighting in Port Credit you can Vote on.

Dundas Fire
It Burned Real Good!

How can City staff be this DUMB
and worse yet, leave it that way?


How to BLOW UP Lakeview Power Generation Station
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada,
Real Good!

Who say Terrorists have all the fun blowing up buildings?

Lakeview Power Generation Station
Picture gallery  & News article listing web-page.


Car Crash that beats the odds!

May 24 - 2006

 Notice of Contravention
from the City of Mississauga

Oct. 24 - 2006

Against a Mayoralty Candidate in the current Mississauga Elections
Claims it is a real complaint - part of yard not "neat & tidy"

I  am  HUNG  in  City  hall

not framed by local
Environmental Artist Activist - Laurie Kallis.

Apr. 6 - 2006

Peel police
Their Hall of Shame


Hazel McCallion: International Tribute to Lifetime Achievement
by the Mississauga Board of Trade

Apr. 12 - 2006

This most likely the occasion that the Mayor will receive her life size bronze (haft normal size) statue.
This event is set-up in such a way as to make sure that the common or little people of Mississauga who Hazel has long claimed she is one of, are shut out!

Persecution  of  Donald  Barber -
or the
-  by Mississauga City hall & its politicians
his Defense Fund.

“Byron Osmond speaks out”

In his own words Byron Osmond tells the tale of how his business was ruined
and almost (all of) his life.

Dave Cook

{Ex-Mississauga News reporter}
{Ex-City of Mississauga Councillor}
{Ex-Region of Peel Councillor}
{Ex-President of the Applewood Acres Homeowers' Association}
{Author of two books about Mississauga;
Apple Blossoms and satellite dishes,
Celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Applewood Acres.
From Frozen Ponds to Beehive Glory,
the story of Dixie Arena Gardens.}

For no apparent reason and left me scared for LIFE!

CANCER on Democracy
Developing in City halls across Ontario!

BANNING those who are
the Whistle Blowers, Ask the hard & Intelligent questions
and are more successful than politicians at serving the greater good of taxpayers.

The police, lawyers and legal orders are now the WEAPONS of choice as
Security Insanity Plague us all!

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Your Financial Donations are Greatly Appreciated
and Very Much Needed to Ensure the Survival of

Donald Barber Defense Fund
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