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* Hazel McCallion - Mayor of Mississauga *
- 2009 -
* Conflict of Interest & Judicial Inquiry *

* Public Question Period Index *
!! A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost !!

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Hazel McCallion

The Mayor of Mississauga

Index of her Deeds and Misdeeds.
What the Mayor & Media does not want you to know.  

Hazel McCallion - Mayor of Mississauga
- 2009 -
Conflict of Interest & Judicial Inquiry


The name of the
Hazel McCallion
family insider revealed
** Mr. Doug Draper **

More of the interview with Mr. Doug Draper.

Details like;
Some barn burning    -    Bankruptcy    -    Other details of Linda moving in & out of homes    -    Hazel owned a strip joint

Hazelís sleeping arrangements    -    Christmas presents    -    The Ghermazian brothers

In the past he has shed great insight on Hazel McCallion's drinking & driving habits.

Hazel McCallion  the  Mayor of Mississauga & her Political Cronies Media Coverage List as well as other interesting documents.

Hazel McCallion Political Cartoons & Other interesting Images.

The Hazel McCallion Fan Club Web-Page.

Hazel McCallion Conflict of Interest case dismissed, June 14, 2013, & a media love-in to ! CELEBRATE !

Hazel McCallion - Mayor of Mississauga Crashes her car after Awards Ceremony!

Hazel McCallion is a Drunk Driver according to family insider!

Think Hazel McCallion good at balancing the books of Mississauga - try reading this!!

Lists of times Hazel McCallion has been elected over the years for the;
Town of Streetsville - City of Mississauga.

Mayor Hazel McCallion is in court AGAIN as Developer alleges she affected land deal in $ 20 Million law suit  - Says Used "her power".

Finding of Conflict of Interest at relevant time by the High Court of justice - Divisional Court in the case "Graham v. McCallion", Appeal, from Ontario Reports - 30th Sept. 1982.

Insight into the mind of Hazel McCallion is she MEAN-SPIRITED, VIOLENT AND  LIKES TO HURT PEOPLE ????

The Mayor of Mississauga
a  ?? Racist ??

The Order of Canada & Hazel McCallion's

The BIG Sister of Mississauga, Mayor - Hazel McCallion is  watching  me
"A copy of each request shall be forwarded to the Mayor's office for logging and follow-up."

The Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion "sicked the police on me,".
How many times has the Mayor & City politicains used the
Peel police as her own BULLY BOYS and political tools?

Hazel (the Liar) McCallion.

Hazel McCallion's is a developer & has done an Unlawful Subdivision Application.

Is this portrait of Mayor Hazel McCallion  - "offensive to the entire community."?  Should the Port Credit BIA also be the local CENSORSHIP BOARD?

Hazel McCallion ? Angel or Devil ?

The Hazel McCallion Portrait Challenge.

Hazel McCallion behind Jail Bars
{not the drinking kind}.

Mississaugans love Hazel McCallion so much they burned a swastika into her front lawn !!!!

Quotes about Hazel McCallion by those who would know her best are truly telling.
Hazel is noted as - "She thrives on confrontation" - "intellectually dishonest"
and has "a voracious capacity for revenge." That is just a small sample!

A Secret  Security Program in Mississauga.  The kind of sick political methods we have been told were common place in the Soviet Union, clearly being practiced in Hazel McCallion's Mississauga.

Muzzling - stifling or just plain censorship
by Hazel McCallion.

Hazel McCallion accused of bullying & called Schoolyard Bully and Intimidator!

The Clarkson BIA Controversy - In this "Controversy" we can see the abusive side of the Mayor of Mississauga, before the Missing News stop reporting it.  At a meeting, that McCallion took over, read of her insults toward taxpayers, "Go home and yell at your wife".

Sound clips to shed more light on the very special Mayor of Mississauga.
"There is a coup going on, there is no question about it".

More SOVIET Style political correct rewriting of history by the one person who would have the power to do so Hazel McCallion.

Don't forget to check out the letters to Editor page, for more about Mississauga's Mayor.

Has Hazel McCallion ever been democratically elected as the Mayor of Mississauga?

World  Mayor Contest is Hazel McCallion just grubbing for another award?

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