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In Defence of Canadians Rights & Democracy

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- 2009 -
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!! A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost !!

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The Regional Municipality of Peel police Services Board
Guards, Security staff
and other so-called guardians of the public,
public or private, have betrayed the public trust and gone criminal.


Peel police
Their Hall of Shame;

General police Matters   
Complaints Peel police   Index police Articles
Security Insanity    Guards - Security Matters
Legal  Issues

The latest events to show the Peel police or Black shirts
are out to rewrite Canadian law to give them more power
to do as they please & help politicians like Hazel McCallion.

Aug. 24, 2012 - Peel police say it is legal for disgruntle neighbours to do the following.

Special report & call for witnesses
A call for witnesses
Oct. 16, 2001
Attacked by Toronto police

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An Index of News Articles about how Guards, Security staff
and other so-called guardians of the public,
public or private, have betrayed the public trust and gone criminal.
Blind trust & power is always abused in time.
Because it is a most human thing to do.

City Security
City of Mississauga

Another BLACK EYE  for both the Peel police & City of Mississauga.

!!! City of Mississauga Staff ATTACKED me again !!!

Not recently - the Trial for what happened in 2011 just got started
& yes I was charged for being the victim of an Assault!

Classical case where the video shows (again) that City staff,
By-law time are making false statements to get me arrested.
Peel police aided the effort not just by doing as Mississauga By-law inspector
told them to do but
key evidence went missing and not investigated!

Peel police & its Haters !

{Its no wonder they call them the Black Shirts}

Index of some of the News Articles that are used to illustrate my points
and my letters or submissions.
And where many of my more pointed comments are.

Peel police a BIG barrel of BAD APPLES?
Peel police go on a drunken rampage because they were caught with pants down?

Why is it that police get enraged to the point of violence, when they are photographed?
A person would think they knew they were breaking the law and
trying to destroy the evidence,
like any common criminal would.
And to think, society holds these HOOLIGANS up as role models.

there are a growing number of cases & complaints about this very kind of serious misconduct in the ranks of the Peel police and I can guarantee you there will be more.

Peel police Discipline Reports

For the first time ever the actual Peel police discipline reports that they submit to the Peel police Service Board (PpSB),
are being posted on the Internet.

3 more NEW complaints against the Peel police!
Regarding the arrest of Mississauga's first political prisoner - Donald Barber.
(guess I should be happy they were at least sober at the time)

The Threatening Threat Assessment
Donald Barber
Community leader & Educator. 

Persecution of Donald Barber -
or the
-  by Mississauga City hall & its politicians

What the Hell is this?
More pictures here

The Peel Black Shirts have a new Urban Assault toy!

CANCER on Democracy
Developing in City halls across Ontario!

BANNING those who are
the Whistle Blowers, Ask the hard & Intelligent questions
and are more successful than politicians at serving the greater good of taxpayers.

The police, lawyers and legal orders are now the WEAPONS of choice as
Security Insanity Plague us all!

Complaints against Peel police Services Board members;

Oct. 10 - 2000
This Complaint is about a letter wrote by E. Kolb, Chair of the Peel police Services Board and which contains falsehoods.


Complaints against Peel police;

Oct. 25 - 2000
01-049  The officer's notes filed regarding the United Way fund raising
event, Oct. 25/00, the Cawthra House Haunting.  These notes are a malicious work of fiction designed to cause harm to Mr. Barber and put the supporters of the Cawthra Bush effort, at risk.  There is strong evidence of a political influence at work!

Regional Municipality of Peel Police Services Board


Bill 105, which amended the police Services Act, was proclaimed on November 27, 1997. As part of Bill 105, a Code of Conduct governing the conduct of all members of police Services Boards was passed.

Members of police Services Boards Code of Conduct

1.   Board members shall attend and actively participate in all board meetings.

2.   Board members shall not interfere with the police force's operational decisions and responsibilities or with the day-to-day operation of the police force, including the recruitment and promotion of police officers.

3.    Board members shall undergo any training that may be provided or required for them by the Solicitor General.

4.    Board members shall keep confidential any information disclosed or discussed at a meeting of the board, or part of a meeting of the board, that was closed to the public.

5.   No board member shall purport to speak on behalf of the board unless he or she is authorized by the board to do so.

6.   A board member who expresses disagreement with a decision of the board shall make it clear that he or she is expressing a personal opinion.

7.  Board members shall discharge their duties loyally, faithfully, impartially and according to the Act, any other Act and any regulation, rule or by-law, as provided in their oath of affirmation or office.

8.  Board members shall uphold the letter and spirit of the Code of Conduct set out in this Regulation and shall discharge their duties in a manner that will inspire public confidence in the abilities and integrity of the board.

9.   Board members shall discharge their duties in a manner that respects the dignity of individuals and in accordance with the Human Rights Code and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Canada).

10.   Board members shall not use their office to advance their interests or the interests of any person or organization with whom or with which they are associated.

11.    Board members shall not use their office to obtain employment with the board or police force for themselves or their family member. "Family member" means the parent, spouse or child of the person, as those terms are defined in section I of the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.

12.   A board member who applies for employment with the police force, including employment on contract or on fee for service, shall immediately resign from the board.

13.   Board members shall refrain from engaging in conduct that would discredit or compromise the integrity of the board or police force.

14.    A board member whose conduct or performance is being investigated or inquired into by the Commission under section 25 of the Act shall decline to exercise his or her duties as a member of the board for the duration of the investigation or inquiry.

15. If the board determines that a board member has breached the Code of Conduct set out in this Regulation, the board shall record that determination in its minutes and may:

(a) require the member to appear before the board and be reprimanded;

(b)  request that the Ministry of the Solicitor General conduct an investigation into the member's conduct; or

(c)   request that the Commission conduct an investigation into the member's conduct under section 25 of the Act.


The Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services, one of the new Harris-ment government commissions to strip the public their rights and make the police almost untouchable by the law.
Investigation of the SIU
Provincial Ombudsman André Marin announces a probe of the SIU Special Investigations Unit yesterday, citing eight cases he said are “compelling enough to warrant a field investigation.”  Just another case of taxpayers being shafted by the police and law enforcement in general.  Those who would claim they are there to protect Canadians are really just laughing all the way to the bank while actually endangering our lives by way of their lack of action.
Accountability for police in the post 9/11 age of fear mongering - NEVER.

Do you want to do something about this?

Before the election and get this issue talked about?
Then go to the Media page, let the media and Ontario's political party's know how you feel.

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