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Byron Osmond
Photographic Portrait Artist
in Mississauga
(or till he was driven out)

    Became aware of Mr. Osmond's plight only in the finial months of his struggle, after years of fighting a losing battle to keep his photographic portrait studio afloat.  There is so much to this story and yet it is like so many others in Mississauga - cross swords with those in power - no matter how small the reason, they do all they can to crush you and as an example to others who would consider being so foolish as to ask the wrong questions or not work within their system.

Foto Galleries 4

Please send him a E-mail of support or comments he would APPRECIATE it.

Most recent web-pages first;

Byron Osmond speaks out

In his own words Byron Osmond tells the tale of how his business was ruined
and almost (all of) his life.
Now with 2 new pictures - the ones that got him in real (physical) trouble!

The threatening letter from Marilyn L. Sparrow - Barrister & Solicitor
Solicitor for the Port Credit BIA.

- {now where did page 2 get to?} -

Public Notice regarding the Legal & Rightful Ownership
of 1984, the best picture of the INFAMOUS Hazel McCallion.
Will this important piece of art work be destroyed?

This web-page will be up-dated with events regarding trying to get my picture

Peel police Evict Byron Osmond by way of a FALSE ALARM call.

The Hazel McCallion
Portrait Challenge.

The window is bare at
Byron's Photography,
the most watched store window in Mississauga
is shut down - as his store is locked up by the landlord.
June 16 - 2006

Byron's Month End Windows

The text from the window/strong letter and a foreboding omen for me.

More Rants
BUM Contest
Mississauga Artist Byron Osmond

Bloody hand prints
on Byrons window
bloody foot prints seen too.

Byron Pleas for Mercy

Changes to Byron's window give more details about what has been happening to him,
to drive him out of business & town.

"Economic interference - no problem"
"Dirty Cops - No problem"
"Telephone - no problem"
Break-ins - no problems"
"Computers - no problems"
"Change room incident - no problem"
"Highway tactics - no problem"
"Attacking my 4 year old as a warning - problem"

Artist  DOWN  in Mississauga !

! Chalk Marks the Spot !

A BLOODY Sword close by!

On Public Display - Hazel McCallion's portrait

! A Horses Head in a Bed !

!! A Bloody Sword !!

!!! A Column of Media Money !!!

!!!! A Devils Mask !!!!

!!!!! An Apology because the Mayor of Mississauga had no Sense of Humor !!!!!

??? What does it all mean ???

Hazel McCallion
? Angel or Devil ?

An interesting question we must all address in this election year.
This picture could help you decide.

! VOTE on this issue !

Is this portrait of Mayor Hazel McCallion an "offensive to the entire community."?
Should the Port Credit BIA also be the local CENSORSHIP BOARD?

You be the judge! & Tell City hall what you think!

!! VOTE !!

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