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In Defence of Canadians Rights & Democracy

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- 2009 -
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!! A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost !!

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In Defence
Canadians Rights & Democracy

They say:
Tell the truth and they will drive you from ten villages.
Well, I am going to tell the truth.
(with the aid of documents, video, audio and whatever else I can lay my hands on.)

The following is a collection of links to different parts of my two web-sites that bring together the City of Mississauga's or its Mayor's - Hazel McCallion - efforts to remove me from the political landscape by getting me arrested.  For years I have been a community champion and lead efforts to save the Cawthra Bush, the Jefferson salamander, Monarch Butterflies and protecting taxpayers Democratic Rights.  Media articles here.  You see, in Mississauga the Peel police are more than will to help bulling politicians in such a way, then tell them that their job is to work with community representatives for the greater good of the City, not to try and jail them for disagreeing with City/politicians plans.

The Threat Assessment.  The Secret Security Program Memo.  OK, not so secret now.
The real problem is that this method of arresting on minor charges and hit the person with MAJOR bail terms is spreading.
My bail hearing & terms that by their design are to eliminate my political rights more than anything else.
A simple request for a media ban was not even considered - can't have a political show trial without media coverage.
Complaints were filed against Peel police officers involved in this matter but of course their bothers in arms see nothing wrong with what they did - we see nothinggg, nnootthhiinngg!

Over the course of years the City has tried many times - a bit of a Chronology.  How do I know?  By way of their own documents of course.  So how did they get me arrested for Cause Disturbance and two counts of Assault?  By changing the rules without notice to the public - in other words they cheated!  But not only was I punished, everyone was and as they seek to get the Courts to give its blessing to the method used, its use will become legal.  Third world political methods will become the normal way to eliminate those who disagree.  All because an 86 year old woman can't fight fair and I would say, freaked out after I gave her a bottle of booze and she had a major car CRASH.  The idea I could reveal on live TV in City Council chambers what I found out about her drinking & partying habits, when everyone knew she was driving herself around, must have been too much.  That and it was announced I was writing their political history at the same Council meeting, Apr. 26, 2006, as I gifted the bottle of booze for the whole world to see.  The last time I said I would do write their history, they sent the Peel police to my door.  The research for the political history lead me to a McCallion family insider with shocking details of Hazel's very dysfunctional family. Oh, speaking about how old the Mayor is how about this - Hazel McCallion telling the world there is a "COUP" out to get her - isn't that special?
Have the video on my YouTube site.

June 7, 2006 - City of Mississauga security mislead Peel police - who apparently can't be bothered to investigate events themselves and I am arrested Cause Disturbance & 2X Assault - against a female.
Read the guards accounts here & view my pictures of them here.
Every on agrees I should have lost or at least the effort for a Peace Bond but I fought the law & I WON!!!!

In Mar. 2007, fired Legal Aid lawyer - a main reason being he would not get the video tapes that were being offered to his and which I made very clear were needed to make sure we won this case.
On Apr. 2, 2006, the Crown dropped the Cause Disturbance charge - proof it was a false charge to begin with.
There is no doubt in my mind that concerns about politicians who controlled or had connects regarding Legal Aid Ontario's funding of local offices, came first and fore most in the minds of those at Legal Aid Ontario.
Not concerns about the client's welfare or if it put our judicial system into ill repute!

Apr. 13, 2007, (Friday the thirteenth), was not only to be my trial date in the morning but guess who had an evening event scheduled?
Hazel McCallion: International Tribute to Lifetime Achievement by the Mississauga Board of Trade.
What better time for my head to be severed up to Hazel McCallion on a Sliver platter, than at her love-fest.

Further more, the video tapes that the Peel police had - one being part of the Rogers Cable 10 live broadcast of the Council that day and part of City Security's surveillance video were requested for from as far back as July 2006, but were not made available till well after the above trial date.  Now why was that?

On Nov. 5, 2007, the Crown dropped the 2 Assault charges on the same day there should have been a trial.  Saying "there was no reasonable prospect of conviction", it took them about 14 months to clue into the facts!  That after the charges were all dropped the Crown is trying to get a Peace Bond on me as the female City Security guard (a supervisor of 9 years), is now, suddenly afraid of me - further more her in part stems from my political News web-site, The Democratic Reporter.  In other words the Crown is going to use a women's fear to justify controlling or shutting down my political News web-site, again this is really a political action and a very dangerous one to Democracy at that!  As well as, a direct attack on free speech and will give the City Security guard employer, Mississauga's politicians, political gains.
Oh - lets not forget about the Vandalism and Violence in Mississauga's City Facilities, Policy that sets a standard of behaviour so strict & severe that it can easily be called dictatorial, it could be called fascist.  It even has it own legal system!
What next - McCallion's face on Mississauga's own coins - what would we call them?

After dropping the 2 Assault charges the Crown tried to go after me with a Peace Bond process
A Peace Bond process has a much lower legal standard, not beyond a reasonable doubt but could be believed, so almost a sure thing but still the City of Mississauga security was so unbelievable - no Peace Bond.

A Formal Complaint against City of Mississauga Security, regarding events of June 7, 2006, made - Oct. 4, 2007.  No reply, fuiled it again but this time to more politicians.  No reply - what is the matter doesn't the City want deal with the reality it has created?  Can you smell a cover-up to?
So I went before Council Dec. 12 to address it.
Got a kiss off letter from City lawyer.

And what does this all say about the actions of City of Mississauga Security when Mississauga Council does not support their actions?
By this I mean in Council's official records and Council members support of the ban imposed by City Security.
If you read the City's official minutes for the June 7th., meeting there is no mention of any problem between me and the Council.
I asked for the ban to be lifted and the Mayor lifted it in just hours!
And I did not have to pay $250.
But the City is threatening to do the same to me!!!!!!!
Why because the Court, Crown and police have now said the
City's politicians can get away with murdering Democracy any time they care to.
The complaint against the guards was filed again and I will be allowed to address City Council on this matter
- see where that goes, hope not to jail again but then it is not my choice.

Police State Style Data Base Records from City of Mississauga - security - just in!
That's right - right off their computer screens, the actual data base file they are keeping on me (well some of it),
and HUNDREDS of other Mississaugans, for many different reasons.
Have a look at how local government is keeping track of us.
The questions these records raise are many for those who know how these things work.

YouTube  site has a number of very interesting political videos and more will added soon, so come back often.

Another case where I stood up for all our Rights when - a Toronto police attacked me.

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