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!! A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost !!

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Donald Barber
Defense Fund

Donald Barber Defense Fund
Needs help right now
Now Accepting Pay Pal.

This is the first version of this request.

for t
Persecution of Donald Barber
or the
by Mississauga City hall & its politicians,

for the
Donald Barber Defense Fund.

    Before getting into the details of why this has come to pass and dismissing my lawyer, it is important to place events in the Canadian context where they will make the most sense.  The world is “suddenly waking up” to the facts, whatever the cause - there is an environment event happening that will change every aspect of our and especially our childrens’ lives - forever and not to the better.  It is in all the media these days.  So where are the leaders the community can trust with a history of acting without personal profit?  What becomes those who would champion environmental causes in Canada?  Who are the names we know and trust?  Bob Hunter has recently died and David Suzuki is very old, so who will carry the torch in these days of increasing environmental concerns?  One reason there are so few is that they have their spirits and finances crushed by the government in Canada, leaving the community without a voice and in many cases only the choices they give us.  The degree they are willing to go to eliminate me shows how much they fear a person who has taken the time, paid the cost of discovering the truth and tell the community.  It also shows how badly they want to make sure there is not an informed, motivated and organized opposition to making the same mistakes over & over - creating the crisis they will suddenly claim to know how to fix.  If we are so foolish to believe them.

Traditional Methods of Character Assassination
are being used to remove a community leader, who has lead opposition to City plans.
The assaults claimed by the female security guard have no physical proof
& is scandalmongering in its nature to defame me.
This comes as no surprise as City staff have been using
FASCIST   Methods.

Its true those at Mississauga City hall have sunk that low and you are being supplied with some of
the evidence to be the judge - more than my accusers are suppling me.
Why is this URGENT appeal being made?

    It has just become necessary to fire the Legal Aid lawyer as I have “lost all faith in (his), ability to defend me and can not honestly say that he could represent me in Court or win my case, as it needs to be won”.  Without going into all the examples this stands out as reason enough, the video that is key to proving my innocence, that I have directed him to get, he will not get it from the police - who are in fact offering it to him.

    The defense fund is to do the largest out-reach campaign yet to supporters & public, to fund the effort of mailing to all the lawyers that I can afford the information package and ask for their help.  It is hoped there will be enough funds left or whatever legal services required.

    In regards to the events of June 7th, there is evidence that the attacks on me and I mean that literally, was pre-meditated with political roots.  On that day Roy Willis and I attended City Council as we have many times in the past, peacefully, this time to present a brief that City politicians should not approve family homes at the end of the airport runway where the sound levels are so great that every level of government says there should be no housing there.  We were not there to address an issue for our own benefit but rather a community one.  What we did not know was that City Council changed without notice, its unique and long standing Democratic practice of Public Question Period that allows Mississaugans to address items not on the agenda. None-the-less, Council recognized me for the purpose of asking for a motion to address them but did not get it.  Roy came up to try and clarify what happened.  We were not asked or told to leave by Council who are in total control of the meeting.  As we were leaving City security told us to get out for no apparent reason.  As you can see on the DVD we did nothing before that point to merit such an over reaction on their part or the charge of Causing a Disturbance I was charged with and as such, Security had no legitimate reason to do what they did or later harassing us by following us around.  The female guard seen behind me is the one who made claims of two assaults on her with no other evidence than the word of two guards who were bullying me, when I did nothing wrong.  But in fact she assaulted me! I can’t go into all the details as it is before the court and as many are just lies to slander me it would be unwise to do the work of those who call the gutter home by spreading their falsehoods.  However, the DVD tells the tale - they are lying.  If there is no justification for the first charge, there is no justification for the guards actions towards us and their creating the situation in which one makes her claims of assault.  As it can be seen the first event did not take place, how creditable could her claim be the second and third did?

    Further more, mine is not the only case in Ontario, where very minor charges result in harsh bail terms that serve politicians well, 2 are in Mississauga alone.  It is a growing trend!  City security are exploiting the letter of the law, prejudices in the courts in favour of the government & police and against the poor & politically unconnected.  They can only get away with this by hiding behind the skirt of the Mayor & I denied a proper lawyer.  Then politicians can sit back and say it was not them who are responsible for events, when facts they are completely for creating the conflict!  Their job is to be the community’s embassador to government for all, not just those who praise them, offer them awards and gifts.  Do you know that developers wheel gifts in for the Mayor by the trolley load and the Mayor keeps no record of all these gifts?  Sweet!  Sorry your worship that we could not afford the price of admission to your favour.

    `I was thrown in prison for a day because they arranged that I would be unable to call family members for bail. The bail hearing had very clear political elements, like when false or unrelated statements were allowed by the Crown and I was not allowed to address them.  The politicization of law enforcement and our courts is clearly seen in my case, with the likelihood it will get worse as the City gets the police & Crown to use the court as their political pulpit, serving up to the pro-government media, who will attend this show trial and broadcasting all the City’s slander to defame and eliminate a community representative, how convenient.  The hardship & stress on both my family and I is very great and growing since the bail terms are so severe they read like a harsh sentence.  I am forced to have restrictions on my living conditions.  Also the bail terms are clearly written for politicians gain state, can’t go to City hall (they knew I was researching their political history for my next book), or contact Mayor or Councillors without their permission (the politicization of the access to government), then they sent City staff after my family!

    That is right, the City has even taken to sending a City By-law officer after my senior father for unjust reasons.  This is likely to get much worse as the Apr. 13th, trial date approaches, as those in Legal Aid have warned me that in Peel, judges so strongly dis-like those who try to defend themselves they could end up in jail for seeking justice in their court.  Once in jail a person may not come out.  After all given what they have been willing to do so far, how much further will they go?  Knowing they can get away with attacking a poor man and it aids a prominent Mayor.

    What are the Fascist’ methods being used to create the culture of hate towards me and the others who support responsible environmental management in Mississauga?  The fictitious notes made by City staff about me, using children as political weapons - yes, when City staff serve the Mayor they are that SICK!

    The City has gone to great lengths to keep these notes from being seen before being used to ensure their greatest shock value in the media, to mold public opinion, but I have ways to discover the secrets of government.  How do I know this?  By way of a copy of the Peel police threat assessment about me that is loaded with utterly false statements of the most heinous kind.  This assessment was started because in the 2000 election senior City staff did not like the way my election posters referred to the Mayor.  And while we are on the subject of government employees showing BIAS towards elected politicians - when I tried to change lawyers within the Legal Aid office so I would not be in this situation, the superior gave a long speech to make sure I understood and agreed to, that they would not even consider my request till I guaranteed her never to try calling the Mayor as a witness.  So much for putting justice or the client first.

I will be posting more details of how an innocent man gets shafted in Peel court,
on my media site

    Since 1994 when I was voted in at a public meeting to represent Mississaugans concern about the Cawthra Bush I have spent thousands of my own dollars and devoted thousands of hours to carry out the will of the community.  What money was collected was to deal with large projects and most other costs were paid out of my own pocket.  Slowly over time, I lost whatever chance there was for a reasonable future and retirement.  As my money was spent on fighting for the community, I couldn’t defend myself and seeing this, they came on to me like bullies do on to someone who can’t fight back.  Please help show that those who can be counted on to represent your concerns are not fools wasting their time, money and lives.

    Why I am a worthy of your support (besides being innocent).  From 1994, I have spent years leading the community effort to save the Cawthra Bush and protect Mississauga’s environment in general.  I organized, ran and became the President of Friends of the Cawthra Bush & Greater Mississauga Area (FCB) to stop both the City's selective logging and tree farming of all City lands, amongst other many other successes.  Working as a Democratic activist, long and hard to provide the facts that the public needs to be fully informed, so we could be meaningfully involved in government decision making.  I have lived in poverty to do that and trying to stop the striping away of our basic human rights and residents rights.  I have been beaten up legally and literally but still keep fighting the good fight because of community support.

    The Cawthra Bush, is a remarkable forest and a cherished community treasure.  I have lead the very successful effort to raise the environmental significance of the Cawthra Bush, from just a large stand of trees in a city, to being recognized by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), as a Provincially Significant Wetlands Complex.  I have discovered other rare and threatened species in the Cawthra Bush, such as the Jefferson Salamanders classified as THREATENED by the Federal government.  The Cawthra Bush is also an Old-Growth ecosystem in the City.  It is a swamp forest with Vernal pools & Fairy Shrimp and Chimney building Crayfish. I have discovered or documented other amphibian and reptilian species there.

The Toronto Zoo puts out a newsletter called the Amphibian Voice, as a part of its Adopt-A-Pond programme & wetlands conservation - "Discovery at the Cawthra Bush" got the two page centre spread complete with 5 pictures.  My findings and photographs have advanced scientific understanding of the living arrangements of Jefferson Salamanders.  I have received a letter from a university of Guelph professor noting I had found a way to raise Jefferson Salamanders better then he did.

Been involved in other animal issues, such as helping to rescue Canada geese and stop the City’s plans to kill off masses of them.  Have received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Canadian Wildlife Service.  Cable 10 News did a piece about my raising Monarch butterflies.

Wrote a book about Ex-Councillor D. Culham sitting as an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), member on a matter dealing with the Cawthra Bush, regarding his Conflict of Interest and Bias (funded by donations from the public), - in months he left the OMB.

I only seek justice and the goal of Democracy is justice.
Causes are only lost when we give up!
We must stand for something or fall for whatever lies they throw at us.
And you must decide if I am a Community Hero or a Terrorist.

The Threatening Threat Assessment
Donald Barber
Community leader & Educator. 

Time is very short - Call me for pick-up, if you can.
The enclosed DVD is also available on VHS, ask for it.
!!!! Most important tell others !!!!

$50, $100 or more is very appreciated & needed, please remember that legal services are very costly.

Also, those who have made the world the mess it is today,
paid large amounts to get their way and if we are to make the world better, we must do the same.
We can’t afford to legalize these methods by inaction.
If you know a lawyer who could help, please them know about this matter.

Make cheques out to the - Donald Barber.
{Note - Write for Defense Fund anywhere you like but not on the " PAY TO THE ORDER OF " line as the bank will not cash them.}

Mail to - Station B, Box 1504, Mississauga Ont. L4Y 4G2

_______________________________ ____________________________________________
Name: (Please print)                             Phone # Fax # and/or E-mail Address

Address & Postal Code

Sincerely yours - Donald Barber, President, FCB & Chair, CRRA

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