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Meaning of Words

Many words are used today in the media, by world leaders and on this web-site, but what do they mean?  Such as, what does EVIL mean?  What does - playing silly bugger mean?  Words have the power to turn your mind on or off to ideas but without knowing proper meanings, it is likely the true message will escape you.

Hollywood evil or dictionary evil?  Most will say Hollywood but in fact evil has more common usages.  The Merriarn-Webster dictionary defines evil as "causing or threatening distress or harm" & "a source of sorrow or distress".  No raising out of coffins to drink your blood here. 

From the an unabridged Webster dictionary - "having qualities which tend to injury or to produce Mischief" & "Having bad moral qualities : corrupt : perverse : wrong" & "Of ill repute".  Also, "Anything that causes displeasure, injury, pain, or suffering: misfortune".

As you can see the term EVIL is very broad in its meaning and usages but due to Hollywood we tend to think of acts by the devil, whose name literally contains evil and unnatural events.  When in fact the acts of men and women are evil enough.  The main context that I use is corruption, perversion of natural order or in the normal state of affairs, it is common for people to work together and help each other.  That it is a corruption, perversion of natural order for people to act in their self interest and gain beyond a certain point.  Such using government offices for personal and political gains.  This is supported by laws such as municipal corruption which a certain Mississauga politician broke many of.  The idea of politician being evil or corruption is the one being communicated.

Or to knowingly set-out to harm a person while claiming to be helping them.  The element of the BIG LIE is key to true evil.

So you can see that to talk of the Mayor's evil deeds is not such a stretch of the English langue and as World leaders are given to use evil to justify their acts, why can we not use it to describe them?

According to the Merriam-Webater Dictionary, a Tory is a "robber"!  How is that for insight in the true face of our politicians who are called members of the Conservatives, Progressive Conservatives & Neo-Cons but they all the same under the skin.  "pursued man" & "Highway man", are also meanings found.  In short they are out to take your money and valuables from your pocket & put it into theirs!  The trick is to change the law to make it legal, even if it is not moral by a non-troy standards.  In other words, respectable criminals.  Once in government they find ways to turn public owned property and assets over to their friends and businesses partners, who will, in time reward them with jobs, gifts, trips, etc., after they leave office.  If they are not too smart or patient they are often caught because they acted like common thieves, thinking they are above the law.

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