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Opening comments: 

Flow chart of Hazel's land dealings - Draft 8 x 14 by Don B.

11 Sept. 1951
Hazel Mary Muriel Journeaux & Samuel R. McCallion
buy 1560 Britannia Rd. W. as joint tenants from Emil Christl.
The Mortgage is from William Thomas Corney.
1974____________________________________________________________________ *

The City of Mississauga was created in 1974.

Allan Randles was appointed in 1974 by Mississauga council to its committee of adjustment and the Peel land division committee.
He was reappointed for two terms.

Macran Associates Limited
The husband & wife team of the McCallions' and the Randles' (the 4 of them), made up the Broad of Directors for Macran Associates Limited, incorporated Mar. 14 1974.
In Macran's Articles of Incorporation,
its "objects" notes many things but most notable are - "subdivide real estate properties.". etc.

Also interesting Mr. Randles had a "real estate broker's licence".
From Mar. 14 1974 to Feb. 18 1985,Macran existed.

For over 10 years and the majority of Mr. Randles stay on Mississauga's committee of adjustment,
he was a business partner with the McCallions'.

30 Jan. 1974
Markborough Properties Ltd., sold 2.6 acres of vacant industrial land in Mississauga on to
Peter McCallion-in-trust, the mayor’s son. The price was $79,740.

9 April 1974
According to the same records, the land was conveyed to Macran for $2.

13 Sept. 1974
Macran sold the parcel for $212,640 to Tleg Investments Ltd., Elto Investments Ltd.,
and Strongway Construction Ltd.
The price had increased $132,900 in seven months in Mississauga’s giddy gold rush for real estate.
 [Apr. 23, 1982 - Toronto Sun - By John Downing]

1981_______________________________________________________________________ *

2 Nov. 1981
Special Council meeting at which Hazel commits Conflict of Interest regarding 1560 Britannia Rd. W.

23 Dec. 1981
Allan Randles was reappointed to the committee of adjustment, a body that deals with minor zoning changes,
with McCallion declaring a conflict of interest.

1982 ______________________________________________________________________*

July 1982
Hazel found to have violated the Conflict of Interest Act
in all four ways it can be violated.
At some point the land was put into "Willson MacTavish "In Trust"" and at some point taken out so it could go into the number company
or maybe there never was a trust.
The nature of this trust is a real mystery to us, anyone who know how this
“In Trust” is working please e-mail me.
Hazel's property is presented to both the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel, Planning Dept.'s as " MacTavish "In Trust""
during the subdivision approval process.
At the City of Mississauga, when this came before General Committee and Council she did declare a conflict of interest.
Our Mayor did the same when she sat on Peel Council regarding this item.
Still she went to some effort to hide the true ownership from government and the public, is it because she didn't want to called a developer
(As she went to the trouble of getting a subdivision approved on her property while she still owned it )?
When I start to present the facts concerning another company she has been involved with, Macran, the connection between the Mayor and development becomes very clear.
1984 ____________________________________________________________________*

11 Dec. 1984
Planning Committee, City of Mississauga,
subdivision draft approval for her land.

1985 ____________________________________________________________________*

2 Jan. 1985
General Committee, City of Mississauga,
approved a recommendation regarding the subdivision draft approval.

14 Jan. 1985
Council, City of Mississauga,
adopted General Committee's recommendation,
regarding the subdivision draft approval.
Region of Peel Council passes By-law 85-106-15,
subdivision draft approval for her land.

16 Apr. 1985
Discharge of mortgage for 1560 Britannia Rd. W.

1986 ___________________________________________________________________*

675352 Ontario Limited is created by Barry D. Lipson.
Files a From 1, Corporations information Act,
listing himself as sole director and officer for this Corp.

15 Aug. 1986
Hazel Mary Muriel Journeaux & Samuel R. McCallion,
transfer 1560 Britannia Rd. W., to 675352 Ont. Ltd.

1987 ______________________________________________________________ *

20 Nov. 1987
675352 Ont. Ltd. - Notice of Application for First Registration,
for 1560 Britannia Rd. W.
The plan shows 1 house and 1 frame garage
but aerial photo shows what looks like 2 houses and a barn.

1988 _______________________________________________________________ *

18 Jan. 1988
 675352 Ont. Ltd. - Certificate of First Registration as Owner.

28 Jan. 1988
675352 Ont. Ltd. - Barry Lipson is removed from Corp,
Hazel is now the President, Sam McCallion is Treasurer & Secretary.
Date form filled out, 14 Jan. 1988
675352 Ont. Ltd. - Transfer of 1560 Britannia Rd. W., to Tradmor Inves. Ltd.
Date of form, 24 Feb. 1988

1990  ____________________________________________________________________*

22 Oct. 1990
675352 Ont. Ltd. - Order & Notice of Dissolution - Canceled by Tax Dept.
24 Jan. 1989
Subdivision finial approval
 Sale of finished homes, late 91 to 92.

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