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A few more notes about the outcome of the
2006 Mississauga Mayoralty election.

Sadly - the voters of Mississauga LOST another election
failed another political intelligence test.

If you add up the votes cast against the Mayor, you get this;
2006 - 2 candidates = 9,238 votes or 8.6 %
Almost 10,000 votes against the Mayor.

2003 - 4 candidates = 6,814 votes or 8.36 %
2000 - 3 candidates = 7,703 votes or 7.94 %
1997 - 3 candidates = 3,939 votes or 5.66 %
1994 - 5 candidates = 6,836 votes or 9.2 %  
1991 - 3 candidates = 8,698 votes                 
      1988 - 0 - Mayor acclaimed as only candidate
pulled out at the last minute because of being talked to.
1985 - 2 candidates = 14,365 votes.               

You also have to go back to the results of the 1985 election (more than
20 years ago),
to find anyone else who pulled in as many votes, 5,571,
in a race against McCallion, as I did.

The total number of voters who actually voted  110,248  in all races.

Total number of eligible of voters in 2006 - 445,964
Total number of eligible of voters in 2003 - 416,456
An increase of  29,508  eligible voters in Mississauga or a  7.1 % increase.

Total number of actual voters in 2006  - 110,246   or    24.7 %
Total number of actual voters in 2003  -   83,241   or    20 %
An increase of  27,005 actual voters in Mississauga or a  4.7 % increase.

-  total voters for all Mayor candidates.
445,964 - total eligible of voters,
107,531 = 338,433 did NOT vote for any Mayoralty candidate or 76 %

Breakdown by Wards - count of polls (in brackets), includes the two advance polls, which are Ward wide and on two separate dates.  Total for City wide polls 199.

                                                Hazel McCallion        Donald Barber        Roy Willis

Ward (16) - 1        =             7,201                   450                 292
Ward (16) - 2        =             7,737                   355                 208
Ward (21) - 3        =             9,291                   550                 307
Ward (20) - 4        =             9,499                   505                 259
Ward (22) - 5        =           10,162                   943              1,040
Ward (17) - 6        =           11,982                   638                 371 
Ward (20) - 7        =             8,164                   545                 300
Ward (27) - 8        =           10,851                   454                 254
Ward (15) - 9        =             8,244                   299                 196
Ward (12) - 10      =             8,538                   478                 236
Ward (13) - 11      =             6,654                   354                 206

The Mayor received 98,293 votes of 107,531 = 91.4 %
 The total of voters who did not vote for the Mayor - 347,671 or 78 % of eligible voters.
Only 22 % of eligible voters, voted for the Mayor.
The Mayor had 0 polls with 0 votes cast.
The Mayor's lowest votes in a poll - 6.
The Mayor's highest votes in a poll - 1331.

Donald Barber received 5,571 votes of 107,531 = 5.2 %
The total of voters who did not vote for the Mr. Barber - 440,393 or  98.8 % of eligible voters.
Only 1.3 % of eligible voters, voted for the Mr. Barber.
Mr. Barber had 12 polls with 0 votes cast.
Highest total vote in a poll - 90 (in separate two polls).
Mr. Willis only beat me in one Ward - Ward 5, his old stomping ground.
Mr. Barber & Mr. Willis tied in 17 polls, all in lower numbers.
Mr. Willis beat Mr. Barber in 34 polls.

Roy Willis received 3,667 votes of 107,531 = 3.4 %
The total of voters who did not vote for the Mr. Willis - 442,297 or  99.2 % of eligible voters.
Only .8 % of eligible voters, voted for the Mr. Willis.
Mr. Willis had 14 polls with 0 votes cast.
Highest total vote in a poll - 147.
Mr. Barber & Mr. Willis tied in 17 polls, all in lower numbers.
Mr. Willis beat Mr. Barber in 34 polls.

Again, the Mayor of Mississauga was not elected by a Democratic majority but in fact less than 25 % of all voters.  The increase of voters this election voting for Hazel McCallion were no doubt due to my efforts to present to voters her age as an issue,
so the Mayor can thank me for that.

As Hazel McCallion can not gain the majority of voter support of even a quarter or 25 % of taxpayers or voters (for years now),
Hazel McCallion should rightfully only be considered to be a

It is interesting that Canadian voters would come out in larger numbers to show their support for an admitted failure (in dealing with big issues - transit, keeping the City out of debt, etc.), of a politician who has been known to have serious problems with her driving & drinking to the point of being a liability to the City, has been seen losing her focus as she stood speaking to a crowd, would not make any apology for her racist remarks, known as the Queen of Sprawl that harms children by way of air pollution and who's hate for Democracy is clear from her actions and inactions
- just to try and prove the point that an 85 year old women
(who would not even present a doctors exam as to her health),
could, maybe, run the City of Mississauga for the next 4 years as well as a 50 year old.
And to think, Canadians like to believe they are smarter than the Americans - why?

Another two reasons why the Ms. McCallion won, she campaigned harder then in the past and the media would not tell the truth to the public as to the issues.  Yes Hazel McCallion does campaign - by way of her media friends, putting out kiss up stories about how the dear OLD lady is still doing a better job then people haft her age but they have only her word to go on.  Not only was the local media showing favouritism for the Mayor but also the other incumbents regarding NOT presenting the issues.  If you look at what has been reported over the past years about what elected officials have been and not doing in City hall, why did the voters not get reminded?
Why were web-sites addresses and E-mails not being printed - even after being specifically being requested?

In Mississauga we live the BIG lie, self-serving political myths replace the truth and those who speak out often regret it.
In this kind of environment, things can only go from bad to worse - for us all.

Comments for candidate - Donald Barber
The 2006 election results are in and I came in second.

It has been a hard campaign because of what little money there was
but the numbers speak for themselves.
As I campaigned harder and broader across the City than in the past, the results are clear.
Despite bring up issues that many did not want to deal with,
I received 5.2 % (of votes cast), or 5,571 votes.
Twice as many votes as the last time I ran in 2000,
when received 2.81 % (of votes cast), or 2,726 votes.

You have to go back to the results of the 1985 election (more than 20 years ago),
to find anyone else who pulled in as many votes in a race against McCallion, as I did.

if you have not already - please send more money - in debt over this, you know.

The weather was poor, cold, damp, foggy which did not encourage Canadians to come out to vote - as they should.

One very important point - after being arrested and being thrown in prison, becoming Hazel McCallion's first political prisoner.  This election was also marred by the Peel police withholding the Byron Osmond painting 1984, that was to sold for my funding, yet another example of the police being a willing political weapon for Mississauga's politicians.  That this was being made very public as to the evil being done to me by City hall and therefore by Hazel McCallion - the fact so many people showed their support for me, by voting for me, proves Mississaugans knew an injustice had occurred.  It may not have been on the ballot as such but it was being voted on
- tonight was my greatest political victory (so far!)
and McCallion's greatest defeat!

It is also worth noting that media, especially the Missing News and the Toronto Star
(both part of the TorStar group of companies),
panned me and the issues I raised almost daily
& still the public voted for me, in ever more increasing numbers.
clearly, I have significant public support & on track with my issues!

Again Hazel McCallion did not gain the support of the majority of eligible voters and therefore can not be considered to have the authority of majority rule.
If the Mayor could showed the kind of increase in support as I have in this election
- then she could claim a true Democratic victory and broad base support.

The Mayor's supporters viewed this election as a popularity contest and not what it was - time for the taxpayers/voters to make a business decision regarding the City's future.

The issues that needed to be addressed were by me but the voters of Mississauga were a sleep at the switch, not understand political cause & affect.

As a result the issues were not properly addressed.
The unfairness of the Mayor getting far more media than the candidates,
 amounts to her running a campaign.  At campaign centered around
That and Ratepayers groups holding meetings where only she was invited,
means a monopoly of that group or meeting - Hazel's way.
If she was a fair sport she would not spoken at these meetings unless the other candidates could but that is not the kind of role model she is.

Those that do the Mayor's evil deeds will see her election as approval of her unlawful and immoral methods - how long can I go before more false charges?

More to come.....


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