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Judging the Tory's by their actions, they also tough on Democracy!
Can you say Hate Voter?

Eves is trying to relive the days the big Harris(-ment) victory when Harris(-ment) got the hate voters of Ontario to vote for the Tory's.  The idea being that people on welfare were some how responsible for all Ontario's woes.  No intelligent or reasonable person would fall for that but that really sums up how I feel about many voters in Ontario.  I did not ever vote Tory, so there is no blood on my hands.

There is not much here beyond trying to get votes by ranting on about crime, CRIME and more CRIME.  Levels of many crimes have gone down but Eves/the government does not note that. Why would they not note that success?  Do they wish to make people fearful so it will influence how people vote?  Is this not called ruling by fear?  Can you say BIG LIE?

He does not talk about how innocence Ontario's have suffered from so-called Law and Order but without justice.  He does not speak about more accountability to the public.

What does it really say about a man and his party when he waves  "a coil of barbed wire", around and talks about punishing, hurting people more & more, all in the name of Law & Order but does not speak of ensure that there will be JUSTICE for all?

Toronto Star, Sept. 20, 2003.
-  RICHARD BRENNAN  QUEEN'S PARK BUREAU  With files from Robert Benzie

Tories only party tough on crime,
Eves says Premier says Liberals ignore issue McGuinty dismisses criticism

BRACEBRIDGE—Brandishing barbed wire, Premier Ernie Eves declared that lawbreakers should do hard time in no-frill prisons, not be treated with kid gloves.

It was the second time this week Eves appeared in rural Ontario to focus on crime and punishment, insisting that the Tories are the only party tough on crime.

"I think the choice is quite clear. You can have a little more of this where criminals should be," he said holding up a coil of barbed wire, "or the Liberal approach: Get out of jail free," holding up a Monopoly card.

It was the first time Eves has used props. NDP Leader Howard Hampton has often done so. Eves said Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty has not even talked about crime and victims during the election campaign, other than promise, as the Tories have, to put 1,000 new police officers on the street.

Rates for most crimes have dropped across Canada over the last decade, according to the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, and last year the decline was the sharpest in Ontario and Quebec. The Tory government cut $181 million from its ministry of public safety and security in this year's budget.

"Today we are in Muskoka close to the Fenbrook Penitentiary. Unlike our no-frills strict discipline correctional system in the province of Ontario, serving time in the federal facility can almost be like taking a vacation. In my view, jails and these institutions should not become country-club atmospheres ... I don't believe a cop killer deserves to serve time at Club Fed," he said.

Eves was asked why he chose small towns to deliver his law-and-order platform, instead of larger cities where crime is a problem. "I thought what was important about this morning was the message and not the location of the message," he said. He reminded about a dozen Tory supporters about the case of Walter Jacobson, a convicted sex offender and long-time criminal, who was released from federal prison and sent in July to a halfway house in the Toronto neighbourhood that was still grieving over the abduction and slaying of 10-year-old Holly Jones.

Holly disappeared on May 12 and her remains were discovered the next day on Ward's Island.

After public pressure, Corrections Canada reversed its decision and arranged for Jacobson to live elsewhere.

Eves criticized the federal Liberals for not acting more quickly to remove Jacobson from the neighbourhood. Eves slammed the federal discount law, which allows inmates to be eligible for parole after serving only one-third of their sentences. "Unlike the federal Liberals we believe that parole is a privilege and not a right," he said.

In Toronto, McGuinty dismissed Eves' claim that the Liberals are soft on crime.   "First of all, this criticism comes from a government that was criticized by the provincial auditor  for allowing 10,000 arrest warrants to remain outstanding. We're committed to putting 1,000  police officers on the street, to hiring 50 prosecutors," McGuinty said. "We've got a firm, unwavering commitment to ensuring that we have safer streets in the province of Ontario," he said.

Meanwhile, reacting to Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion's rejection of the Tory tax cut plan, Eves said McCallion "has lots of opinions on lots of things."  McCallion told the Star on Thursday that people want better services, not more tax cuts, but Eves, in Sudbury, said without a healthy
economy, for which he credits tax cuts, Mississauga won't get the money it needs for new services.

Eves said he's got Paul Martin, expected to be the next prime minister, in his corner on tax cuts.  "Paul Martin actually gets it. If you don't have tax reductions and you are not competitive internationally, you are not going to have the industries and the jobs that you need ... to revive the very services Hazel wants."

Do you want to do something about this?

Before the election and get this issue talked about?
Then go to the Media page, let the media and Ontario's political party's know how you feel.

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