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V.2 N.2 - June 2000    Special  -  Cawthra Bush  -  issue

Highlights this issue;
- Should we fear for the Cawthra Bush's future?
- what has happened so far?
- Where do we go from here?   - appealing and the reasons why
- Rezoning the Cawthra Bush - happening July 4, 2000
- Membership renewal and questionnaire
Special Politicial insert follow the money!
Who buys elections in Mississauga and our elected officials?


 Special  -  Cawthra Bush  -  issue

V.2 N.2 - June 2000
Be a Canadian patriot and circulate this newspaper           Price: Free and still worth a read
Researched and written by, Donald Barber, who is solely responsible for its content.
Warning this newspaper deals with a mature subject, politics and
all its dirt details.

"We don't have citizens vote on an issue,  I just want to emphasize
that ... especially when it comes to development",
Mayor, Hazel McCallion, proudly states,
during the Cawthra Bush Management Plan discussion.
 Mississaugans' vote to appeal City's forest management

plans for the Cawthra Bush and their
harsh treatment by the City.

Highlights this issue;
- Should we fear for the Cawthra Bush's future?
- what has happened so far?
- Where do we go from here? - appealing and the reasons why
- Rezoning the Cawthra Bush - happening July 4, 2000
- Membership renewal and questionnaire
* Special insert * follow the money!  Who buys elections in Mississauga and
    our elected officials?    Do they represent us or developers?

Should we fear for the Cawthra Bush's and Lakeview's future?    YES!

     Overall, the City is still keeping to its plan to eliminate the Cawthra Bush's only protection - its environmental significance (e.g. salamanders), and then develop our old-growth forest a piece at time.  Death by a thousand cuts!  Since 1994 the City has made it clear they would not listen to us as we were not agreeing with the City.  The City is famous for giving its attention to those who support them and putting their people into groups to make sure there is no organized resistance to their plans.  We were the exception to the rule but we were not big enough.  We can be though.  It would be a crime to our community to let the politicians get away with ramming this plan past us using political methods (eliminate the opposition or ignore them), as they would only do worse to us in the future.  This is not about being reasonable, it's about being effective in a political forum and we have learned from the past.  We have won some battles with the City, stopped their logging and deforesting.  We can still win in the future.
Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice shame on us.

     Speaking of deforestation, is the real reason that the City didn't want to plant trees down the easement, along the whole east side of the Cawthra Bush, because they knew it is likely that the backs of the deep lots on Northmount Ave., would be been opened up for development by a road down the easement and seeing the City cut down the trees it planted, after only a few years would really upset people?  Think about it.

Contact information;  Don Barber (905) ***-****
-  E-mail  -  web-site donbar
Mail to;  Station B, Box 1504, Mississauga, Ontario. L4Y 4G2
-  Financial donations are greatly appreciated.

- 2 -

     Developing the lands at the Cawthra Bush is something the City just can't seen to resist.  There once was an amphibian breeding ground just behind the new Cawthra Community Centre. It was wiped out by the City.  The City would be the biggest developer of the Cawthra Bush, turning this rare ecosystem and highly sensitive environment into a recreation area and in the words of City staff "pounded it into the ground".  By using people to remove both Cawthra's environmental value and protection, the City can even consider sell off parts to developers.  This is a standard method used by uncaring governments, like ours, when the politicians get their election money mostly from developers.

     Another aspect of this is, that developers are coming into the Lakeview area and buying up the large lots, to start a development boom right after next election, infill and block busting.  They will infill so much that the City will be required to build more recreational facilities or parks and Cawthra would be only place available for that (or so they will say).

In brief - what has happened so far;

The City of Mississauga without consulting with Mississaugans', decides to log and tree farm the forested areas that it owns, starting with the Cawthra Bush.  The public is enraged; and the Friends of the Cawthra Bush & Greater Mississauga Area (FCB),  is created, later the Cawthra Ratepayers and Residents Association (CRRA), is formed.  The City shuts out these groups when they disagree with the City's plans.  To date the CRRA is the only ratepayers group in the history of the City of Mississauga that will not be officially recognized by the City.  In 1994 the logging is stopped due to public protest and the City soon creates the Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee (UFMAC), a group of so-called professionals from the community to oversee City plans.  The City selects individuals who are of the same mind as the City.  Those who do not want their reputations used by the City for anti-environmental actions, leave the Committee.

The City presents its "new" forest management plans for the Cawthra Bush at a public meeting, knowing they are just the same old plans repackaged.  The public rejects them.   Rare amphibians found.

For the first time the City tries to work with the FCB but it is soon discovered that the City is writing the minutes of our meetings to claim agreement where there is none.  An effort is made to correct the minutes but the City refuses to meet with the FCB again.  From 1994 on the City harasses me, Don Barber, in my efforts to represent both Mississaugans, and the academic community.

    This includes threatening letters from City lawyers and the police sent to my home as Ward 1 Councillor, Carmen Corbasson, resents my attitude and used this to shut out the whole group.  Because she and the City make no effort to deal with other members of our groups, of whom they are aware, it is clear they are inventing excuses of a defamatory nature to avoid dealing with taxpayers who know a bad plan and have every reason not to agree with the City, as there is a better way.

 Aug. 1999:
General meeting of the FCB & CRRA.  A well-attended meeting of about 80 persons.  Monies collected allow us to put out our largest, mailing to date and to get people out for important meetings.

 Sept. 13 1999:
UFMAC meeting.  The City was overwhelmed by the near 80 persons who attended.  Since the City didn't believe Mississaugans' would stand up for this issue, they were caught off guard.  The meeting room was too small and there were not enough chairs, City staff were falling over themselves trying to not look bad but to no avail.  The City's consultant, Brent Tegler, was discredited by the City!

- 3 -

    He stood up and said "The management plan doesn't recommend any tree cutting in to regards to managed forest succession at this point in time, it does not recommend any tree cutting in regards to forest succession at this time." and I get up and note the sections it does.  The City then removed these sections from the Plan and publicly stated that NOW the Plan has no cutting in it.  How can you remove something that an expert just said was not there?  The City Councillors panicked and stopped UFMAC from rubber-stamping the Plan.  The Councillors suddenly felt the need to send the Plan back to staff for rewording and in the confused debate that followed, it took two votes do this.

 Nov. 29 1999:
UFMAC meeting.  The big one.  The media and the Mayor were there.  It was not my best day.  The strain the effort of standing up to City Hall had taken its toll and I was not as prepared as I should have been to speak.  The main theme was that this was a deeply flawed plan that needed to be rejected and the City had not been truthful with us.  Arrangements had been made so that other persons would grant me their time to speak, to make a case for rejecting City plans.  What followed is a rare display of community solidarity in opposition to the City's confrontational tactics.  Some 30 Mississaugans' stood up beside me demanding that I be allowed to speak.  Again the politicians overrode the UFMAC Chair.  In spite of all the letters, petitions and those at the meetings saying they reject the City's plans, UFMAC just ignored us, as we were too few and most were silent.

     It should be noted that, when one person writes a letter of protest, there are likely to be 100 in the community who share the same view; and for a person to have the courage to stand and challenge the government for the right to be heard, means there would have to be a 1000 or more for each person who stood.  Also, I have been to other City meetings where a vote was take and in fact, Feb. 7/00, the three Councillors and Mayor who were at the Nov. 29/99 meeting were faced with the same case where a community representative wanted more time to speak and after a show of hands, was granted it.  The effort of trying speak left me too drained to press for a public vote and  no one else stood up for the right.

 Nov. 30 1999:
Cable 10 debate between Councillor D. Culham and I.  The vast majority of people who watched say I won the debate.  It showed I could present the issues in an intelligent and reasonable fashion, when I was given the chance.  I would personally like to thank everyone who called in to make that show one of the more interesting ones seen on Cable 10.

 Dec. 15 1999:
City Council approves its Forest Management Plan for the Cawthra Bush.  I make a presentation but don't move our Councillors with reason.  I am lectured by the Mayor that the cutting of trees for money is somehow not logging.  If the City had worked with us on this Plan, it would have been done in 1995.  The City, again fails to note how many letters and petitions have been submitted, rejecting this plan.

 Jan. 23 2000:
Protest rally at the entrance to the Cawthra Community Centre during its grand opening.  More then 20 supporters (the number asked for), came out in the middle of the winter to send the message of how dissatisfied they are with how the City has treated taxpayers and the Cawthra Bush.  Carrying signs and handing out small flyers, we were warmly welcomed both in the Community Centre and outside as most who drove by honked their horns in support.  Some even stopped to find out more and offer to help.

 May 4 2000:
A general meeting of the FCB & CRRA is held and the question is put to the members, "Where do we go from here?"  I give a long report about what has gone on and how low the City has gone to stick it to me, giving some details of how my personal life has been negatively impacted by more then 5 years of fighting the City on behalf of the community.

- 4 -

    It is voted on and all members agree that we should appeal to the City to reconsider its plans for the Cawthra Bush and that the best way to do this is through a membership drive; that by sheer numbers we can get the City politicians to reconsider their position.  It was pointed out that lacking the knowledge of how to use a data base, has held us back in the past.

Where do we go from here? - Appealing and the reasons why

     What is missing is almost everything that is reasonable to expect from your tax dollars.  The City has not committed to ensuring the survival of the Cawthra Bush's most important and significant natural features by guaranteeing it merits the highest level of protection in the future.

    Future cutting of trees is still as stated City's goal!  The City has removed it from the current Plan but clearly states it will be carried it out, in a nearly identical fashion to what the City has said from the start.  The City is playing word games and the executive summary is very misleading.  Remember, the City may use the words we want to hear but the meanings are not the same as you think them to be.

     The FCB and CRRA have asked for a wetlands evaluation and UFMAC said no.  We pressed the issue and the City overrode UFMAC, again.  At the time of the Nov. 29/99, meeting, an interim report should have been presented but it was not, as it would have called for significant changes to the proposed Management Plans and empowered our position.  Wetlands have one of the highest levels of legal protection and the City doesn't want that at the Cawthra Bush.  There should be a report before the rezoning takes place.  Zoning can be changed to lower levels of protection and often is.

     Here is a list of some of what the City has done or not done and what we have petitioned the City to do:

* Do the Master plan before the Forest Management Plan as professionals would.   The City did not.

* The current plan is not an ecosystem plan, which was promised and is what professionals would require for a forest like the Cawthra
    Bush.  In fact they don't
even have a proper species list, that lists habitat requirements, necessary so they can be protected!

* There is no recognition of Cawthra's old-growth features.  In fact, City staff ignore the letters from an internationally known expert
    (as was the case for most letters from the
academic community) because they didn't support the City's Plans.

* To date the City has not presented to a real salamander or wetlands expert, its Plans for review!

* The City's Management Plan resembles a list of promises and promises of studies rather then a list of real action, that is needed now!

* The City says the walled garden (likely the only one in Canada), will be made safe. Translated, that means it will likely be knocked

     City plans are still too deeply flawed and should be considered somewhat of a long-term death warrant.  Residents and the academic community have, in the past, shown that they have better ideas to protect the Cawthra Bush, better then City's selected experts.  It is interesting that the City tells us that mistakes were made in the past but will not be specific as to what they are; so how can we know the mistakes are not being repeated?  You also have to wonder how much it has cost the City to fight us on this issue.

     What is needed?  We need to be treated like equals by the City, as though we mattered, like the developers or the financially well-off.  There needs to be full disclosure, meaningful negotiations, an agreement like a contract between the City and Mississaugans' (that we can enforce) and a public vote.  After all it has been the residents who have loved the forest and kept it so special and it will be Mississaugans' who in the future, keep it exceptional, they determine future success.  We are all involved. FCB & CRRA

Rezoning the Cawthra Bush - happening July 4, 7:00 pm, City Hall.

     It is highly recommended that you and your friends attend this meeting as there is reason for great concern about the City's intentions by the way it is trying again to force the rezoning by us.  The City says this about the notice it has mailed out (that does not state the date or time of the public meeting), it "fulfills the requirements of the public meeting under the Planning Act.", this is called going through the motions and is not very above board is it?

     The idea of a Green Belt zoning is good, as it is one of the highest levels of environmental protection but it allows for the City to turn Cawthra Bush into a park and excessive human use will, as City staff have said "pounded it into the ground", later on rezoned for more heavier use and development. Our petitions have called for clauses in the zoning to add greater protection and they are still needed.  Speaking of our petitions, we have asked for this zoning for years but suddenly, right before the election the City listens to UFMAC and not the taxpaying community.  Why?

     There are a number of other issues that need to be addressed.  When I was addressing the Official Plan that listed the Academy for the Performing Arts, at Cawthra, it was noted that although this plan has been abandoned by the City and it is still listed as a "blank cheque" to build more recreational structures.  By the way, the City filed a false affidavit to try and prevent me from stopping the City's efforts to approve an environmentally destructive, Official Plan for the Cawthra Bush.

     With regard to some of the questions/concerns I have presented to the City, more weight is carried when others raise the same issues with the City or send letters of support.

     Question regarding the Cawthra estate uses: Regarding the Academy for the Performing Arts - where would it be?  Is there a staff report detailing this Academy?  Does it include a new building?  What other details can be supplied?

     Has there been any report from North-South Environmental Inc., (the City's consultant that Brent Tegler works for), as to the results of their study of the wetlands at the Cawthra Bush?  And will any of their study be made available to the public before or at the July 4 meeting?  Will a Green Belt zoning prevent wetlands/pond restoration, creation or enhancement?  NEWS FLASH - I have just heard they have submitted their report to the Ministry of Natural Resources for approval but will not be available for July 4.

     Has City staff prepared a study or report to note the effect of City uses of the Cawthra Estate house and/or the recreational facilities at the south end of the forest?  Has staff prepared a study or report to note what it thinks the carrying capacity of the Cawthra Bush should be?  Will the Green Belt zoning affect rebuilding of the walled garden?  Will the Green Belt zoning prevent the walled garden from being used as an educational centre?  Will the Green Belt zoning mean that, if the City wishes to do any future works in the Green Belt zoned area the Credit Valley Conservation will need to be consulted?  If not then how can this be done?  Could the City sell a small part of Green Belt to a conservation group like the Credit Valley Conservation? (over) What you can do to help.

     Visit the Cawthra Bush, soon (just past the estate house is a good place; or walk up and down the east side to be more impressed {be ready for mosquitoes}), and witness the ponds and general wetlands conditions and write about it to the City.  Wetlands are very sensitive and conference/institutional uses (undefined uses at that), are a very serious consideration, that need to be fully reviewed prior to any agreement being made.  In a letter, please include the other concerns list here, as well as your own and note clear support for the FCB and CRRA.  Please make a point of attending the July 4, meeting.  Your letter should be addressed to the Planning Dept. (City of Mississauga, 300 City Centre Dr. L5B 3C1), so it goes on the record and matters.  Letters to Councillors or the Mayor can be copied to them but if letters are just sent to those offices, it is a wasted effort and they will be used against us.  Please make us a copy of any letter sent and any reply received.  Letters to the media are very good, send them a copy to.  If you speak to anyone at the City about this, please take notes as you do so and let me know what was said.

     One important point, don't write or speak, saying the City has plans to build or develop in the Cawthra Bush in the near future.  That is how the City hopes to trap people addressing this issue.  If they say the City plans to build soon, the City will simply say you are wrong and write off all your concerns by saying they are the opinions of the uninformed.  In general, be ready to receive a phone call from the City, to explain why you are wrong.  Make notes but be sure to say clearly that you disagree, at the end of the call and they should work with the FCB & CRRA.  If you don't say you disagree, it will be recorded that, once it was explained to you that, you agreed with the City.

Can we input the rezoning process after July 4??     YES!
     City staff will draft a report based on the July 4th meeting and come back in the fall to finish the process.  Even if the City approves it there are other levels of government we can present reason to but remember, numbers, matter!

    The City has presented the following as staff that we should contact for answers to our questions.  The first person is one I have found very hard to deal with at a professional level.

Catherine Ferguson, Planner

Ruth Marland Bryan, Community Services


 Please ask your friends and neighbours to join.

 The membership fee is $10.  Seniors in the CRRA area it is $5.
 Any donation over and above that fee is very much needed and appreciated.
 Send to; FCB & CRRA, Station B, Box 1504, Mississauga, Ontario. L4Y 4G2
Cheques, if in doubt which group make it out to, make it to the Friends of the Cawthra Bush (FCB)

     General comments to the membership and those who have been active in the past:
 Writing to City staff or politicians is the most business way to do things, but it is not as simple as just writing a letter.  Often letters are written only to the Mayor or Ward Councillor.  If it is about an issue these politicians wish to ram past us and the letter doesn't agree with City actions, the effort will likely be a waste.  Here are some guidelines; If you write to our politicians, make sure to note that you want them, to write back but also ask that your letter be passed on to a staff dealing with the issue for their response, as well.  Always ask for a written reply.  If they only phone you still ask for a written reply, (for later reference).  If you have ever sent a letter to the City and/or got a reply that you have not already sent to us, I need a copy of both the letters sent and received, its very important!  Please write and request duplicates, if have you lost them.

Sounds like extra work - yes, but remember, to be effective we have to play the game by their rules.

     The membership are the eyes and ears of the group, Cawthra Bush's greatest protection.  If you know someone is collecting salamanders/tadpoles from Cawthra, let me know.  If you see other damaging activities or have questions, call me.

 Please make sure the name on the envelope is spelled correctly and please note who in your the family is the most active member or who should mail from us be addressed to.

NAME: (Please print)

ADDRESS                                                                                                  POSTAL CODE

PHONE # FAX #                        and/or                          E-MAIL ADDRESS

Age  -  [ ] under 16,   [ ] 16 to 20,   [ ] 20 to 65,   [ ] over 65            Sex - [ ] Male, [ ] Female

Check as many as you feel apply.

Would you like to be;    [ ] Member only
                                        [ ] General volunteer
                                        [ ] Street representatives/phone tree
                                        [ ] On the Executive

Can you;     [ ] do letter writing
                    [ ] do Freedom of Information Requests
                    [ ] do proof reading
                    [ ] have you computer skills like data basing or desk top publishing
                    [ ] join in public protests
                    [ ] have art skills (we could use a good letterhead with a salamander)
                    [ ] do public speaking, such as at City Council or other meetings
                    [ ] can help by going door to door for new members
                    [ ] an accountant to help with the books or know how to
                        setup a non-profit group

 ( over )

Interests;      [ ] mostly the Cawthra Bush issue
                      [ ] ecology and environment in general
                      [ ] wild-life issues in Mississauga,
                           including the   Canadian Goose   issue
                      [ ] democracy and government, want to know the
                          real inside story of City Hall and how to be a voice in the community

General comments about your support or ideas we should consider.
Also would you please note what other groups you belong to, so we can build a better network:




[ ] Please check here if you live in the Cawthra Ratepayers and Residents Association (CRRA)  area.  If not, your membership will be applied to Friends of the Cawthra Bush & Greater  Mississauga Area.

(This was attached to the cover of the mailed out newsletter)

To the
The Cawthra Ratepayers' and  Residents' Association (CRRA)
and the

 Station B  Box 1504  Mississauga  Ontario  L4Y 4G2 -

     The time has come to stand up for the Cawthra Bush, again and it has been decided to really push for a larger membership.  This is a task everyone can play a part in, so please put the word out this is an issue of importance to all Mississaugans', not just to help save one of our best forests but also to discover the stories about City Hall that don't get reported, that should be.  I have undertaken writing and funding, THE DEMOCRATIC REPORTER, about the political side of this issue not just to illustrate how events unfolded but also to help Mississaugans' understand their government.  In this election year that is even more important.  A lot still needs to be written, if you would like to support this effort, and get future issues of THE DEMOCRATIC REPORTER, so in this election year you can be fully informed, donations (separate from the FCB & CRRA), to Don Barber get you on the mailing list, for the next issue.

                ????    WHOM DO OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS REPRESENT    ????
By Don B.

         One of the most startling aspects of the whole Cawthra Bush conflict is how totally committed our Mayor, Hazel McCallion and Councillors are to not allowing a democratic vote or even dealing with our groups and its members in a fashion that shows they give a damn about us.  The Ward 1 Councillor, Carmen Corbasson, went to great lengths to avoid dealing with us and helped the City dismiss our ratepayers group.  Whose side is she on and why?  Then there is the fact the City fought not to allow taxpayers access to City records, so we couldn't become knowledgeable of the facts and make fully informed decisions.  Our Mayor, improperly shuts down the Freedom of Information Act, "we will not be providing you with the information, that you are requesting."  Why would the Mayor and Councillors even think they could so totally disregard our requests?  Maybe they know we do not matter to their getting re-elected.  The question needs to be asked.  Are there examples to show that our elected politicians are receiving money/favors from special interest groups/individuals and are they morally bankrupt enough that this "input" is influencing their decisions, to a greater degree then the "input" of our communities or overriding basic democratic principals?  Do the circumstances exist for reasonable doubt as to who our Mayor and Ward Councillors are really representing?  Yes!  To fully understand what has happened, the politics of the Corporation of the City of Mississauga must be explored.

     Why would our elected officials be so motivated to not allow taxpayers a reasonable say in their communities?  Why was the City so committed to approving its plans for Cawthra and ignoring ours?  Lets follow the money as they say in the FBI.  This City is getting rich on development and taxes are being kept down due to the money from development.  Which means when you vote for the Mayor, you vote for development, development and still more development, as the way to keep taxes down and you can forget the environment that we, especially the children, need for good health.  Some would say this is a victimless crime; not so, as we are all victims suffering through the loss of health, value on our homes, loss of community say and even loss of lives by bad urban planning.  If not for greed, avoidable.

     In the time honoured traditions for good government, members of the public, taxpayers and residents, play the important role of the loyal opposition, investigating, ask the hard questions, and asserting our rights to hold the government of the day accountable to us.  It is also necessary for the reader to understand how hard it is to present examples that would unquestionably illustrate all points to all readers but by presenting a series of examples, it is hoped the majority of open minded and knowledgeable persons will see a trend that seriously calls into question the modus operandi of our politicians.

     Having said that, what about our elections?  The biggest donators to Mississaugan politicians are corporations, many of whom are developers or related activities and elections, all too often go to the highest bidder.  We should all be very concerned about the integrity of our elections.  We should be motivated by the desire to see fairness with the high standards of government accountability that Canadians expect in the decision making processes that will affect their lives and communities.  We expect to have a significant say in our community, for what we pay in tax dollars and to be treated with respect by our elected officials.

     There are two standards in how politicians should carry out the duties of their office regarding conflict of interest and corruption.  There is actually committing of an act violating the Conflict of Interest Act (Hazel McCallion), and the appearance of a conflict of interest or corruption.  The confidence of the public in their elected officials depends on there not being even the appearance of a reasonable doubt as to the impartially of government, when making decisions affecting the fate of their community or affecting the financial investment in our homes.

    By all appearances, a definite pattern has been uncovered in our investigation, that Mississaugan politicians depend on the money (or other favors/assistance), from corporations to fund their campaigns (and life styles).  It is mostly found in the financial statements filed by our elected officials, over the course of the last three elections (records before 1991, have been destroyed).

     As our elected officials usually don't hold fund raising events and get only about one tenth of the money raised from individual taxpayers, the question needs to be asked, who are they representing in office?  The loss of fund raising events, also means that people get fewer chances to met the candidates.  Less public contact means politicians can easily lose touch with Mississaugans' concerns.  As many companies are listed as based outside of Mississauga, is it right these out of town interests could have a controlling interest in deciding the fate of our communities?  Our Mayor has set the precedent, for the need to have our politicians watched closely, by greatly abusing her power while in office, for her own gain.  The investigation is a legitimate effort to address concerns about lack of meaningful taxpayer input, why there is over development and bad planning in Mississauga, while detailing it's negative impact on all of our lives.

Questions that need to answered;

a). Why do Councillors get money in one election and not others from companies, maybe linked to subdivision applications?

b). Why did some candidates get money and other candidates didn't from these companies?
c). What the companies that gave to councillors, expect in return?

d). Why do our politicians not care to get the majority of their financial support from the taxpayers they claim to, want to represent?

e). How do they get the money for their campaigns?  Was it by form letter, did they have to ask or did it just come?

     Hazel likes to run City Hall like a business and this a good example of her business priorities, "By the way Don, we don't have citizens vote on an issue.  I just want to emphasize that. ...  We go out and get their input, we listen very carefully to them, we try to implement what they say and we don't always do it, I can assure you, especially when it comes to development.  ...  We may, we may take a straw vote at something just to get an opinion but it really means nothing."  Hazel has indeed made it clear, Mississaugan's opinions, "really means nothing."  We should know our place in the Corporation of the City of Mississauga.

 City Hall's decisions are often made by so-called experts, not taxpayers, experts the City has a hand in selecting and clearly our elected officials' opinion of taxpayers' is that we are so mentally challenged, we can't even understand the issues affecting the community we live in.  Are our elected official of the character, who would load a committee, (like the committee of adjustment or the Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee) and ratepayers groups to carry out their political agenda?  From all I know, yes!

 What kinds of abuses of power take place?  Apart from the Mayor using her office for profiteering, the City freely spends your tax dollars to; have its lawyers write harassing letters to scare off people who disagree with City; to fight the formation of a union in City Hall, that was trying to fight all the harassment its members are suffering.  To pay City staff to; block the our ratepayers group and environmental group from being recognized by the City; to make false statement (under oath in an official process) to shut out taxpayers "input"; to evict persons from their home for kind hearted acts towards animals that the community fully supported; censorship of records and the list goes on....

 It is common place behaviour for Mississaugan Councillors to stone wall Mississaugans'  who have a better idea that is not in keeping with the City's agenda.  If you try to get over their barriers to gain fair and reasonable participation in your community, they can become dangerously hostile.  Councillor Carmen Corbasson, Ward 1, not only refused to even listen to taxpayers but even sent the police after me because I represented taxpayers and residents who disagree!  I have addressed Council regarding these injustices and they showed no care, conscience or remorse for the damage they do to people's lives or the democratic process.

 Through other examples in this City, a pro-developer and anti-democracy mentality can be seen, one that spells the end for the Cawthra Bush as well the survival of a livable community.  If we reward the politicians by allowing them to keep their ill-gotten gain, the City's ramming past us of its Cawthra Bush Management Plans, we will have no meaningful say in the future and those who do speak up will be abused to an even great degree, into silence.  How does that honour the sacrifices made by the Canadian men and women who fought for our freedom and democracy?  How can it go unchallenged?

 A good example of a questionable subdivision is T-M99008 by Mattamy Homes, in Ward 2, Lorne Park and Mississauga Rd. area.  In the public process, members of the community, some of whom were planners and architects raised a number of serious concerns regarding this subdivision, so many that it seems logical that City staff incompetence was less likely the reason, then political interference, in accounting for the outcome.  The public's reasonable concerns about this subdivision; it was being rammed past residents, no time to review plan changes by Mattamy; concerns about too many houses, some 400 with condo's still to be added; in a very small area with only two roads in and out, both on the same street!; the plan was totally out of context of the surrounding community and threatened the areas quality of life, by creating too much traffic, many feared for their childrens lives.

 The politicians then told us, we were not going to get a better deal and made every effort to scare Lorne Park taxpayers away from taking Mattamy to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), for independent judgment.  This kind of basis favoring the developer is a concern, as the victims are the residents.  Here are the comments from two Councillors, both of whom got money from Mattamy.  Nando Iannicca, Councillor Ward 7, first he goes on about how Mattamy is perhaps the finest builder in the country, then he says by not going to the OMB we have "dodged a nuclear warhead".  Nando (the warhead) Iannicca goes on to note what a great job the local Councillor has done in shepherding this matter along.  Pat Mullin, the Ward 2 Councillor, said "I am one Councillor who has been anti-development.".  If that is so then why would a developer think it was a wise business decision to give her money for her election?  I wonder, is she telling the truth or maybe in general, are developers under the impression that giving money, would change her point of view?

 The "Missing News" article (quotes below), June 4/2000, regarding efforts to raise concerns about Mattamy Homes and our Councillors at the May 24/2000 Council, is best described as very poorly reported, leaving out the key issues and turning it into a you are lucky to live in Hazel town, political piece.   The Publisher of the Mississauga News (often called the "Missing News), Ron Lenyk, has been noted in City Council as being on almost all of the City's events committees, perhaps he has gotten too close to the City and ego plays a role in his papers poor reporting?

 Len Wasylyk, addressing council regarding the apparent preferential treatment being given to Mattamy homes, asked, "Who's getting represented by council, the residents or the corporations?"  Len also asked they reconsider if they had a conflict of interest in discussing and voting on this matter, due to the developer money they had received.

 Roy Willis, comments that he has never accepted donations from developers, "Legally it's right but morally, it's wrong", to take their money.

 It is very interesting that my deputation was not quoted, maybe as I was echoing taxpayers concerns and how there were grave concerns the about reasons for such a bad subdivision plan.

 The Mayor fought back in her usually fashion by responding with comments that were not addressing the issues raised.  Sadly too many people believe that just because Hazel said it, it must be true.  She then claims to be tough on developers but is it so or is it just a dog and pony show to fool the public?  Would they not be toughest on those developers that didn't play the game or maybe she is saying they bully developers into giving them money/favors.  How do we judge, look at the overdevelopment, action not words.  The media that created "Hurricane Hazel" myth and is not going to turn around and say they got it all wrong.  The greatest single break down of democratic process is the local media.  Misleading people into thinking they need not take notice or be involved in their government, as it is being looked after by a saintly old grandmother, who knows best.

 Then there is the censorship, at the Mar. 29, Council I asked the Mayor for a number of records concerning her land deals (which she has not supplied), details the media had overlooked and this is what she had to say, "There is a coup going on, there is no question about it, Mr. Barber is a member of it and I hope no member of Council are involved.", our dear old Mayor has an interesting perception of her position, which was deleted, with my deputation from the official record.

 Hazel (and likely the Councillors), get more then just money for election campaigns, Hazel for example had the help of her development friends when she made an application for a subdivision on her land.  Which to this day she has not fore filled the legal requirements to declare she is the owner.  In fact she was asked in Council June 14/2000, if she had fully carried out all the legal requirements in the development of her property into a subdivision, "Thank you, next question" was all she had to say.  A real inspiring answer for those who use our Mayor as a role model.

 So can our politicians be bought?  Let heard from a expert, Nando Iannicca, Ward 7, "I am insulted if anyone of my constituents thinks you can bribe me for $400, it takes a lot, lot more."  Yes I couldn't agree more, in total it would take a lot to buy City Hall, for a good example check this out. Right after the City of Mississauga was founded in 1974 and Hazel McCallion elected as one of it's Councillor to represent the interest of the voters, what does she do?  From the Apr. 23/1982, Toronto Sun column by John Downing, "Macran filed with the consumer and commercial relations ministry shows it is a company with a Mississauga address formed for the purpose of "development and property management".  McCallion, her husband, and Allan and Agnes Randles are listed as directors of the company from the date of incorporation on March 14, 1974.  Allan Randles was appointed in 1974 by Mississauga council to its committee of adjustment and the Peel land division committee.  He was reappointed for two terms. ... a body that deals with minor zoning changes,"

"Records in the Peel Registry Office show that Markborough Properties Ltd., sold 2.6 acres of vacant industrial land in Mississauga on Jan. 30, 1974, to Peter  McCallion-in-trust, the mayor's son.  The price was $79,740.  According to the same records, the land was conveyed to Macran on April 9, 1974, for $2.  Macran sold the parcel for $212,640 on Sept. 13, 1974, ... The price had increased $132,900 in seven months".

 The more we hear about how they do business, the more we find to be true.  Don't believe what we have reported to date is all there is.  In reality it is just the tip of the iceberg.  But what would you expect from a Mayor who likes to profit by doing development and who has a son in real estate?   If you know something, do the right thing and let us know!
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