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  John Stewart
Reporter for the Mississauga News - now writer of his own BLOG.

     Mr. Stewart has been reporting the news in Mississauga before there even was a Mississauga but sadly over the past few years people wonder what has happened to how news about Mississauga, in general, is getting reported.  There a number of people who would say meaningful political news has slowly disappeared when Hazel McCallion came to power.  In fact the newspapers I have show that twice as much news was being reported in 1994 then is being reported in 2005 and the City has grown by hundreds of thousands since 1994!

    Sadly, many see John Stewart as a man who has two masters, one is his own desire to be a good reporter, to service the public interest and the other, those who control his pay cheque.  They feel his second master has taken over too much as of late.  Well, he is close to retirement so who can blame him for not wanting to lose his job by bucking the system and "She Who Must Be Obeyed"?

    None-the-less, John Stewart has in 2005 started to write his own BLOG which is on the Mississauga (Missing) News web site.
Or  &

On this web-site he has publish his opinions more freely than has been the case for years.  Interesting to see how long that lasts and how far he goes.

List of his works of note;

John Stewart's BLOG

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