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Some more of the interview with
the Hazel McCallion family insider
Mr. Doug Draper

    Mr. Doug Draper of Campbellville is the McCallion family insider of many years who was also suffered the same fate as many who become financially involved with the Hazel McCallion & family. He had a bitter break-up with Linda McCallion that included a Court case and bankruptcy court case. That when it moved from Milton to Peel County Courthouse more then 20 boxes of files were lost. Then there is Hazelís habit of creating documents as required to bale out her daughter. Questions about the fire started that burned a barn full of horses under very suspicious circumstances and he has every reason to dislike the McCallions', not just from being a family insider for years. His interview threw open the doors on Hazel McCallionís personal life and her shockingly dysfunctional family but what should we expect from a late in life career politician. He speaks from first hand knowledge, personal accounts and for years moved in the same financial circles as the McCallions'. In terms of how he speaks, its straight from the hip, using words you would expect to hear in a bar or the McCallion house, by most accounts.  Still take with it all with a gain of salt as I do - he may not be totally correct but he is more than likely not totally wrong.

    Have not had the chance to investigate everything he has says but as my work into the political history of the Mayor is clearly the main reason why I was entrapped by City Council and jailed on false charges. So they knew I was digging up what they want hidden forever. It is also the reason for not being able to fully explore the vast number of details and names handed to me by Mr. Draper. So it is best more be make public before they truly shut me up. This is just a small sample of what I have.

Doug Draper = DD    -    Donald Barber = DB

Some barn burning    -    Bankruptcy    -    Other details of Linda moving in & out of homes    -    Hazel owned a strip joint

Hazelís sleeping arrangements    -    Christmas presents    -    The Ghermazian brothers    -   

Some barn burning;

DD - Okay, only to find out that they couldn't return it until after the 5th of January or something, and he drove back. He wasn't off the
         property for half an hour. And, the barn goes up compliments of an electrical fire.
DB - It seems rather quick.
DD - Jackie Lee gave me a call. She was driving the bus, and said, 'get out there, your fucking barn's on fire'. Well, it was the barn,
        plus the house trailer and the whole bit. The whole kit and kaboodle went.
DB - Just exactly at that point in time, yes.
DD - Poof, gee, it was amazing because the two days before that, I already told Hazel right to her face, 'buy whatever you want and do
        whatever you want, but I'll never move out there'. That place closed January the 15th,1980. Jewish lightning? Who knows? It
        closed on January the 13th. I told her to go fuck herself. Now, the key part was Bold Credit Manor paid the rent or paid the
        mortgage from January 15th -- January, February, March, April, May. I finally conceded and moved out there in June. The key
        part was the rent was -- or mortgages and taxes were all paid by Bold Credit Manor at that time.
DB - And, that was from Linda's account of something?
DD - Linda was writing the cheques like crazy, having a great old time, and the key part was you sort of trust something that the
        account should be this, and the account should be that, but all of a sudden now I'm not seeing bank statements. I'm not seeing
        anything, but you're not thinking about that at the moment.

DD - Twenty-two boxes of fucking evidence went missing. ... This is the original Court case from 1983, '84. ... This is where Linda
         turned around and told Mummy exactly what the hell Mummy wanted to hear, and the next thing I know, I've got a $7,000.00
         lawsuit. ... anyway, the long and the short of it is if we can only prove that Linda took off with $ 250 grand.


DD - I get four lawyers ruled off the case. Okay, and every time you change a lawyer ---
DB - It's expensive.
DD - --- you can add another three to $5,000.00 to it, just to bring them up to speed. ... but that's what the whole thing is. Hazel is one
         of the old ball-busting politicians: if you can't beat them, bankrupt them.
DB - Yeah, wear them down, or, of course, just drag it out so long ---
DD - Maybe they'll go away.
DB - Yeah. They will go away or they'll do anything.
DD - Yeah, like, they'll just throw their hands up and walk away from it, because it ain't worth ---

Other details of Linda moving in & out of homes;

DB - And, I also hear that his (Sam) brother hates Hazel with a passion.
DD - That would be the priest.
DB - That would be the priest. What's his name?
DD - Oh, shit. He's in Hamilton.
DD - He's the one that had Linda when she had the illegitimate child, but I mean Samuel was paid off,
DB - Linda McCallion?
DD - Yes.
DB - Illegitimate child?
DD - Has a daughter.
DB - Has a daughter?
DD - That was put up for adoption.
DB - In regards to the baby, and it being put for adoption, do you think that was mostly Hazel's
DD - I guarantee it.
DB - That was mostly her decision?
DD - Well, it's -- okay, well, to give you an idea, Linda to this day does not want to have kids. That was never a discussion, never
         anything, while we were living together.

Hazel owned a strip joint;

DD - Did you track down the fact that Hazel owned a strip joint?
DB - No.
DB - Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of dead-ends, but this is great. A strip joint where?
DD - It's called `Bannisters'. ... It used to be Diamond Jim's right on -- what it is -- Main or King, in Hamilton. ... it started off as a
         gentleman's nightclub. ...Okay, without strippers, without anything, and they had a big poof-deh-dah, grand opening. ... So, in
         order to start picking up or trying to pick up some business, in roll the peelers ---
DB - The peelers -- oh, the -- oh, yes, the strippers, yes, okay.
DD - Yeah, there were there from noon until five o'clock. ... Okay, afternoon entertainment for the businessmen. Then, in the evening,
         it would revert back to a nightclub.

Later she got rid of partners.

Hazelís sleeping arrangements;

Was showing him an aerial photo of her old homestead.

DD - This is McCallion ex-garage in the background.
DB - Ex-garage?
DD - Yeah, it used to be on Britannia Road. They converted the garage into like a family room. ... that was where Sam slept. ... Sam
         slept on the couch.
DB - In the garage?
DD - Yeah.
DB - He didn't sleep in the house?
DD - No, no, it's attached, like that's the house. This would be a garage. You take the garage door off, and you put a window in, and
        turn this into a family room. ... A lot of people do it.
DB - Okay, okay, but the sleeping arrangements -- that's a very old woman, yeah?
DD - Yeah.
DD - The last time they slept together I think Paul was conceived. ... Linda never remembers her dad sleeping in the room with her
DB - So, they had like a distant relationship?
DD - Religiously and socially, I think if it was up to Sam -- I mean, Hazel didn't give a shit, one way or the other. She needed --- a
        divorced woman was not good.
DB - Yeah, she needed a husband, yeah.
DD - Yeah, she had one.
DD - Okay, even if he was a poster boy, people liked him and I don't think you'll find anybody that has a bad thing to say about Sam
DB - Yeah, well, it sounds like she would have to have somebody who was very nice.
DD - He was a willow in the wind.
DD - He put up with every pile of shit you would ever want, and he was the `go get this, go do that, do this, do that'. He was the father
         and the mother.

Hazel did have another bed in her bedroom - it was covered with books.

Christmas presents;

DD - There was a Christmas present delivered. ... To Britannia Road every year, larger than a bread box -- anonymously -- with green
         and gold wrapping paper.
DD - That had P-H-I written on it. ... Phi International. ... Okay, Gerry Fernatatis's anonymous Christmas gift comes to Hazel
         McCallion's house, okay?
DB - Okay.
DD - And, the only reason why I know it was by Phi International wrapping paper was I was a mortgage broker for Raycan [phon.]
         Financial. I was the area manager for Mississauga. Macdonald-Cartier was one of our lending houses. Jesus Christ, I got the same
         fucking wrapping paper on my Christmas present.
DB - It sounds about right.
DD - Yeah, but it came -- `thanks for the business, may you have a continued prosperous New Year'.
DB - Thanks for the business?
DD - Yeah, and the continuous and prosperous New Year type of thing was what we got on ours. ... The one that came to the house
         had nothing on it. ... It just got delivered.
DB - Okay.
DD - Okay, the day after Boxing Day, Sam would be down with Mr. Markell at the LCBO turning in these $1,000.00 a crack bottles of
         champagne and picking up cases of rye.
DB - Champagne at how much?
DD - These things were valued -- I went in. Rick Markell's dad ran the LCBO, and Rick said it's bloody ridiculous, these bottles of
         champagne. ... Were valued back then ó Between 800 and $1400.00 each.
DB - Oh, and he was getting how many?
DD - A case.
DB - That's a big case.
DD - That high.
DB - That's like 24 or something?
DD - Yup, two layers, all magnums. ... Not cheap shit, but Sam would go and take them back and exchange them for rye.

DD - Well, John Sass who I don't even know if he's still alive -- I haven't talked to him in five years. ... He anonymously delivered
         another Christmas present. About that big, about that high. 99.5 per cent.
DB - Pure?
DD - Pure gold clock.
DB - Oh, it was actually something, not a bar, okay.
DD - Nope, clock.
DB - To Hazel?
DD - To Hazel, anonymously. John sent -- the only reason why I know John Sass did it was he was the son of a bitch that delivered it
         to the door.

The Ghermazian brothers;

DD - Okay, this is the kid, fresh out of real estate school. He wouldn't know how to fill out an Offer other than by right by the book. ...
         Okay, he flies to Vancouver. ...Goes to the offices of First City Development Corporation. ... Picks up an Offer to sell, flies to
         Edmonton, has a meeting with the Ghermazian brothers of West Edmonton mall fame. They accept said Offer. He flies back to
         Vancouver, delivering it to First City, flies back to Toronto. He just sold his first deal worth in excess of $20,000,000.00 at full
         commission. Okay? ... The Ghermazian brothers are going to be building the West Edmonton mall, only it's going to be called the
         East Mississauga Mall. ... I don't know what they were going to call it, but they were going to build this great big mother-fucking
         plaza of all plazas in Ontario. Okay, it was to go on Eglinton Avenue, on the west side of Erin Mills Parkway. ... Okay, this is all
         being done on the pretext that -- this is right when Linda and I broke up. This was all on the pretext that -- or Hazel had given
         assurance she could jam anything through. ... It got jammed, and it got jammed, and it got jammed, and it kept running into
         doors. ... But, she (Margaret Marland) was one of the major stumbling blocks. ... And, Mahoney was the other one. ... Okay,
         look at what the fuck you're doing, you dumb bitch. You're going to bankrupt the regional malls. Well, if you've got a choice to
         4,000 stores or go to 200 and an amusement park and, Guess where you're going? Okay, and Square One couldn't take the hit. ...
         where it used to draw people from Oakville, Toronto, Orangeville, Port Credit ó Sherway used objection. ... And, well, even
         Yorkdale shopping centre used to. Yorkdale now is starting to turn around. They're starting to get the better class stores back into
         them. But, they wouldn't go for it, and a couple of other councillors that were on the fringe were saying no fucking way. So the
         Ghermazian brothers' application ---
DB - Ultimately went down?
DD - Right. Well, now, the Ghermazian brothers aren't happy. They're on the hook for $20,000,000.00 for a chunk of farm land in
         Southern Ontario. Damage control. Peter jumps on the plane. Goes back to Vancouver. Picks up an Offer to Purchase. From
         First City, flies to Edmonton. The Ghermazian brothers accept said Offer of Purchase. Flies back to Vancouver, flies back to
         Toronto, again, collecting himself a commission.
DB - And, it's right back where it was in the first place?
DD - Right, ultimately, to be sold to Great Gulf who is now in the processes of finalizing all the development plans.
DD - Okay? That's just the -- that's the one boondoggle that I do know, and I know Peter was in real estate just long enough to qualify
         to go for his broker's licence which he did, and subsequently now, as far as I know, from the last time I talked to him at the
         Dickens --- he owns the Prudential Real Estate franchise in Mississauga.
DB - He owns?
DD - As far as I know.
DB - Well, that doesn't surprise me. How much do you think he made off of that particular land deal?
DD - Well, let's put it this way. Anybody in their right mind wouldn't pay any more than one per cent commission, but I heard it was a
         lot more than that.

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