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Hazel (the Liar) McCallion

Opening comments - more at end.

    As the Mayor of Mississauga is in her 80's and it is hard for even a young person to remember all the lies and falsehoods they tell, it comes as no surprise that an over 80 year old can't keep the facts, her story, straight.  In fact one of the signs of old age is paranoia.  Like the Mayor sitting in City Council telling the world that there is a "coup" out to get her.  Another thing elderly folks' do is to shot off their mouth.

How many signs do we have to see before we realize that she
is not capable of doing the job?

    I write this on May the 5th and note that neither the Mayor or her office has made any effort to contact me regarding the letter below that received by the Mayor's office, Apr. 12/01 4:10 pm.  Therefore I must believe they do not dispute either the facts or my opinion and will not make any effort to supply a retraction,.

    At the City Council meeting (Apr. 11/01),  Hazel was heard to say - "And I have never given direction to the Freedom of Information Clark, Clerk to do anything.   Never!  And will never.   And it is not my place to do it.   And I want to make it clear " and I noted to her how wrong she was and that someone is lying.  At a meeting held July 19, 1994 our dear old Mayor, how did she put it?  Oh yes, lowered the boom on me and all Mississaugans who wanted to know the facts abut what was happening with the Cawthra Bush.  As a result of the Mayor's actions, shutting down the Freedom of Information Act, I ran for the office of Mayor in 1994.  In order to make sure everyone knew what the facts were.  At no time during the campaign, when the Mayor and I (sounds like the title of some Hollywood B movie doesn't it?), faced off in debates, did not she ever deny the basic facts.  That she did in fact shut down the Freedom of Information Act.  In fact more details can be found here as well as the kind of conduct she allows by City Staff.

Now over time the facts have changed, somehow.  Sounds like Hazel McCallion is rewriting of history.

Her Worship, Mayor H. McCallion.
City of Mississauga.

RE: A request for retraction, explanation and a legal warning.

Mayor H. McCallion.                                                                         Apr. 12, 2001

 At the City Council meeting, Apr. 12/01, you effectively called me a liar by stating that you had never told the Freedom of Information Co-ordinator anything, after I noted that the Mayor had directed her to shut down the FOI Act.  Your statement is totally false and I noted this to you at the time as well as the fact, that I had a recording to that supports my position and other documents to prove it.  So it can't be said reasonable effort was not made to remind you of the facts but you made no effort clarify or withdraw your statement.

 I am now informing you that if you do not withdraw your statement and provide a letter detailing your involvement in shutting down my lawful access to City records by way of the FOI Act and the City's FOI Co-ordinator, in 1994, I will make sure the public knows that, it is you who is the liar.  I will make sure you are remembered in the history books as Hazel (the liar) McCallion and that your place beside Councillor Gyles in Council is truly the most appropriate, as birds of a feather....   If I don't receive the requested retraction and letter that fully explains your actions in 1994, by Apr. 26/01, I will take action.

 Finally I would like to take this opportune to say that I meant to say at the beginning of my questions to Council at the Apr. 11/01, Council meeting, that I would not be speaking about Councillor Gyles, not the last election.  I apologized for my slip of the tongue.

cc. Councillor Gyles.

Sincerely yours  -  Mr. Donald Barber

This is from a letter sent to the City during the 2000 election protesting that persons who help the Mayor violation of provincial legislation were in charge of running the 2000 election.  That would have no scrutiny's.  Down a bit there is some of the transcript from the July 19/94 meeting, that sounds very much like Hazel McCallion is not telling the truth when she says.

  The violation of provincial legislation - the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and City By-law 53-91, (dated Feb. 11/91, ... the Council of The Corporation of the named City ENACTS as follows: 1.  That the City Clerk is hereby delegated the powers and duties of the Head of The Corporation of the named City prescribed in the Municipal Freedom and Protection of Personal Privacy Act 1989.)

     On July 19/94, a meeting was held at Mississauga City Hall that included Hazel McCallion, the Mayor, Arthur Grannum, acting Duty City Clerk, Joan LeFeuvre, Manager of Administration & Records/Freedom of Information Co-ordinator and myself.  At this meeting Hazel McCallion gave directs to Arthur Grannum and Joan LeFeuvre to violated the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and they did.  Hazel McCallion gave directs to Arthur Grannum and Joan LeFeuvre to violate City By-law 53-91 and they did.  Neither protested or even commented that there was the chance their actions could legally questionable (and why should they, they work for Hazel McCallion).

 Joan LeFeuvre and the Mayor refused to put their decisions in writing and this ment I couldn't Appeal it to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.  This is an abuse of process designed to deny me my rights as a Canadian citizens to due process.  As there was no decision letter from Joan LeFeuvre and the Mayor this violates not just the letter of the law but also its intent and spirit.  They know the law and they knew what they were doing was wrong.  Their wish was to avoid the rules of law, to cover up their actions and this shows their willingness to do so for their own advantage.

 Freedom of Information is a key aspect of democracy, taxpayers can't make informed decision unless that have all the facts.  The goal of my requests, was to provide to Mississaugans with City records, gained by the Freedom of Information process, so they could be used for decision making.  Other details that are documented.  The Mayor unlawfully required Joan LeFeuvre to refuse, to accept my Freedom of Information requests, made under the power of the FOI Act and Joan LeFeuvre did so.  There were five "deemed refusals" in 1994, regarding my Freedom of Information requests.

The shut down of the Freedom of Information lasted till Dec. 94/Jan 95.  It can be said the Mayor gave these directions to Mr. LeFeuvre, so to keep City files from being presented at the upcoming election, that would have exposed the fact City staff had mislead taxpayers.  Therefore Hazel McCallion had unlawfully used her power over City staff to control the public's access to City records for her own political gain (election).  A request originally submitted June 24/94, receives an official response from Joan LeFeuvre dated Dec. 8/94 stating "the request will be dealt with as quickly as possible".  The FOI Act requires a decision letter in 30 days.

 The Mayor's promise to "not be providing you with the information, that you are requesting", (this quote is on my web-site as a sound bite), was one that Joan LeFeuvre continue to carry out over the years, to disregard the FOI Act by not responding as required by law and/or process my FOI requests in a unprofessional fashion.  Many efforts has been made to interfere with the FOI Act and my lawful access to records for the benefit of the community as well as other service Joan LeFeuvre has been involved with.

1). Information and Privacy Commissioner's Investigation, I94-045M (compliance), found that Joan LeFeuvre violated the privacy section of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, by improperly providing to City staff with my personal information.

2). Information and Privacy Commissioner's Investigation, I95-091M (compliance), found that Joan LeFeuvre violated the privacy section of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, by improperly providing my personal information/FOI requests to the Mayor.

The July 19/94 meeting was tape recorded with the permission of the Mayor and below are some of the quotes from the transcript.

Mayor.   ...   So, I just want to make that clear.  Uhm I don't see time as important in this regard, I think that, we are going the right way, we are going the responsible way and therefore I have to tell you, we will not be providing you with the information, that you are requesting.

Mayor .  O.K. uhm, I eh, I am assuming the responsible for all this now and therefore you will be dealing with the Mayor and any visits to City Hall you come to the Mayors office.  uhm, to request whatever you want, otherwise I just can't according to the staff, they have informed me, that uhm, that uhm the time involved is considerable, and that is their opinion, and therefore I would appreciate if you...(she is cut off)

Mayor.  ... So eh, we will deal with you, you put your request to me, and I would ask not contact the staff at City Hall and you contact the Mayors office and I will be in touch with the staff, if I see fit, that the requests you are making is reasonable and acceptable to me as Mayor.

Don.  Oh, your welcome, but no (decision), letter right?
Mayor.  No.
Don.  No letter about your decision.
Mayor.  No you won't get a letter, you put in writing, you wish and eh to the Mayor and I will deal with it.
Don.  I was just hoping, you would be standing behind your decision a little bit firmer, but.
Mayor.  Oh, I stand decisions I can guarantee you that, O.K. thanks Mr. Barber.


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