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Hazel McCallion - Mayor of Mississauga Crashes her car after Awards Ceremony!

The 85 year old Mayor of Mississauga has finial crashed her car and not been able to cover it up!
The number of stories that people have inform me of that she banged into this or that, well if only I had a quarter for each one.

On Apr. 12/06, I appeared before City of Mississauga Council to present my concerns about the fact the City of Mississauga was not supporting the efforts of 
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), as well as our "neighbouring cities, like Toronto, Hamilton and even small towns in Ontario have in some way stepped up to the plate to protect its citizens and work with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. "  In my letter to City Council it was noted - "Mississauga's elected officials need to set a better example when it comes to drinking and driving. Chauffeurs should be used for events where there could be drinking. "
Regardless of how much Hazel McCallion drank that night, a chauffeur would have likely prevented the accident.

I told you so!

At this meeting I also made a point of ask City of Mississauga Councillors if "any on City Council who have in the past driven impaired and say ended up in a ditch or swamp to come clean publicly about how they have changed their evil ways so that will not happen again - knowing that much research is being done regarding the political history of Mississauga and examples of this behavior are being found. As the details will be made public for the up-coming election it would be best for the transgressor to unburden their soul of this guilt and apologize to Mississauga voters. Rather than this carry on as something Mississaugans' joke about in the shadows and how it would be an honour to be run over by a certain glaze eyed politician. Just because politicians are in the habit of getting away with something, does not make it right and it is hoped the reason for the lack of support for Mothers Against Drunk Driving is not because of these past transgressions. Image the shame it will bring to the City of Mississauga if a impaired driving crash or lose of life becomes media event of the year."  Only a couple did raise to the challenge and say, NO, they have not drunk and driven (not got caught, charge and/or convicted), the Mayor was not one of those to say she has never drunk & driven - pity.

On Apr. 26/06, morning, I again appeared before City of Mississauga Council and presented to the Mayor a belated birthday gift,
a bottle of what I have been informed was her favourite alcoholic beverage - Harvey's Bristol Cream Sherry.

There is no word how or why the accident happened at this time of year.
Under what circumstances did she end up hitting a "
Was she taking the back roads, on her way home from Peel police Headquarters?
No word about if a breathalyzer being administered.
Was the gift bottle found?

The good die young.

The Mississauga News - Apr 26-06 - By Louie Rosella.

Mayor 'just fine' after car crash

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion was shaken, but says she's "just fine" after being involved in a car accident earlier this evening.

Peel Regional Police wouldn't confirm that the 85-year-old mayor had been involved in a crash, but witnesses and sources close to the case said she smashed her car into a signpost in the area of McLaughlin and Cantay Rds. at around 9:30 p.m.

Witnesses reported that the airbags in McCallion's car deployed, but she emerged from the vehicle and while visibly shaken, was able to walk away from the scene. The front end of McCallion's car was severely damaged, witnesses said.

A horde of police, firefighters and paramedics rushed to the scene. McCallion was examined by paramedics near the site.

In a brief interview with The News, McCallion said she was on her way home from the Peel Police Services Board Awards ceremony at the Mississauga Convention Centre when the accident occurred.

"I was trying to turn onto Cantay from McLaughlin," McCallion said, adding she hit what she described as a "sign that protects the hydro pole.

"I'm doing fine, but my car isn't. The front was damaged."


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