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Opening comments:

    Apr. 12, 2006 - I went before the Mississauga City Council to ask a couple questions during the public question period and the second item is below - the lack of support the City of Mississauga shown for
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the growing impaired driving and if any members of Mississauga City Council would like to "unburden their soul " and confess to drinking & driving in their past.

    It was hoped that the Mayor and the rest of City Council would go on the record saying they have never been a drunk driver but only 2 Councillors really came out and said so.  The Mayor avoid answering the question that was asked.

    There will be more added to web-page soon - like what they had to say when Council was addressed and who said they were not drunk drivers.

Hazel soon has a car crash!

City of Mississauga
ATTN: Mayor - Hazel McCallion & all members of City Council.
300 City Centre Drive.
Mississauga, Ontario. L5B 3C1

RE: A clear and present danger on our roadways that Council needs to address by example.

Dear City Council Members:                 Apr. 11, 2006

    The City of Mississauga has been recognized as Canada's safest city more than once, a winner of a prestigious Crime Prevention Award and yet a significant health and safety issue, often called a violent crime, that can affect almost any the Mississauga's 695,000 taxpayers and citizens, usually the young, appears to be growing worse. As there is evidence that the risk to Mississaugans' is increasing, it would be hypocritical for members of this Council to continue to brag about how safe Mississauga is, if it does not publicly commit to supporting the efforts being made by the very devoted group of mothers and ladies who make up the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). Much to my surprise, a review of City of Mississauga news releases for the past few years, has no mention of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving campaign or of the City of Mississauga support of them. Equally, a review of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving newsletters back to 2001 had next no mention of Mississauga and their national headquarters was in fact in Mississauga for some of that time! However, these same newsletters contain many accounts of how our neighbouring cities, like Toronto, Hamilton and even small towns in Ontario have in some way stepped up to the plate to protect its citizens and work with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Even in the little old Town of Oakville, the Mayor set up a Special Committee Against Impaired Driving , to aid a Mothers Against Drunk Driving campaign in 2005.

    The members of Mississauga City Council are being called upon to answer why they are missing in action and if they will undertake some simple measures to set an example of leadership for all Mississaugans', regarding this important issue, that will save lives. Figures released by Peel police suggest that the number of impaired driving offences has not greatly decreased over the years, in fact it can be said to be increasing. R.I.D.E checks are going down but the number of impaired driving charges are staying some what the same. This also suggests the problem is getting worse and being covered up.

Peel Regional Police - Festive RIDE stats for 2005 - PEEL, ON, Jan. 3 - The Peel Regional Police festive RIDE program, launched November 24, 2005, ended on January 1, 2006, with the following statistics:

                                            2003         2004         2005         %Change

Vehicles Investigated            178,631    166,226    132,528         -20 %

Total Persons Charged                133          212           304          43 %

Impaired Related Charges           178           295            370         27 %

Impaired Driving                        51            82             76          -7 %

Excess Blood Alcohol                 114           189           270          43 %

Refuse to Provide Sample             13            23             24            4 %

Disqualified Drivers                        7             6              13         117 %

12Hour D/L Suspension              616          576           774           34 %

Drugs                                          35            26             64         142 %

- 1 - ....2

Regional Totals for;                    2004      2003      2002     2001      2000      1999     1998     1997     1996       1995
Impaired Driving Offences         1,471     1,236     1,523     1,556     1,584     1,087      877       866     1,043     1,059

    The Mississauga City Council should show its commitment to eliminating impaired driving and other mishaps involving excesses alcohol consumption by its public support of Mothers Against Drunk Driving honourable goals. This Council should show its moral & ethical leadership and invite the Mothers Against Drunk Driving to make a presentation, to Mississauga City Council about how elected officials can get their communities involved and set examples for them.

    Mississauga's elected officials need to set a better example when it comes to drinking and driving. Chauffeurs should be used for events where there could be drinking. At this meeting it would be a good time for any on City Council who have in the past driven impaired and say ended up in a ditch or swamp to come clean publicly about how they have changed their evil ways so that will not happen again - knowing that much research is being done regarding the political history of Mississauga and examples of this behavior are being found. As the details will be made public for the up-coming election it would be best for the transgressor to unburden their soul of this guilt and apologize to Mississauga voters. Rather than this carry on as something Mississaugans' joke about in the shadows and how it would be an honour to be run over by a certain glaze eyed politician. Just because politicians are in the habit of getting away with something, does not make it right and it is hoped the reason for the lack of support for Mothers Against Drunk Driving is not because of these past transgressions. Image the shame it will bring to the City of Mississauga if a impaired driving crash or lose of life becomes media event of the year.

    I am willing to discuss my letter with you and there is an answering machine you can leave a detailed private message on.
My phone number is (905) ***-**** E-mail  *****************.

Please find enclosed;

1).    A copy of the Mayor of Oakville's Dec. 15, 2005 news release in support of MADD's campaign and setting up of the
        Mayor's Special Committee Against Impaired Driving.  [ Below ]

Sincerely yours;     Donald Barber

                News Release


                                     Town of Oakville



Oakville, December 14, 2005 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The Mayor's Special Committee Against Impaired Driving (SCAID) has endorsed the campaign by MADD Canada to block the sale of the "Alcohol Tester" pocket breathalyzer in Canada.

The "Alcohol Tester" is a pocket breathalyzer currently sold in stores across Canada and according to MADD Canada is inaccurate to use as an instrument to detect if someone is over the legal limit.

MADD Canada is being actively supported in its campaign by alcohol scientist and SCAID Committee member, Dr. Bhushan M. Kapur.

"It takes 30 to 60 minutes for blood alcohol concentration to reach its peak. This means even if you are below the 'legal' limit at the time you are tested, it may increase afterwards," commented Dr. Kapur.  "These pocket breathalyzers are not accurate in their readings and should not be used as a reliable source to read a person's intoxication level."

The back of the 'Alcohol Tester' package states that one hundred per cent accuracy is not guaranteed, nor does the product provide the same results as the breathalyzers used by Police.

SCAID member Councillor Marc Grant noted that the Committee was concerned that drivers who use the "Alcohol Tester" may get behind the wheel with a false sense of confidence in their own abilities.

"SCAID's primary goal is to increase awareness of the risks associated with impaired driving, said Councillor Grant. "People shouldn't be driving at all if they think they need to take a pocket breathalyzer test."

"This is the time of year when many social activities may include drinking," added Mayor Ann Mulvale. "One drink can cause impairment by reducing a driver's ability to react. The bottom line is, if you drink, don't drive."

For more information on SCAID, contact Colleen Tino at (905) 845-6601, ext. 3136, or for more information on the pocket breathalyzer campaign, please visit 

For more information contact: 

Colleen Tino

Committee Assistant

Town of Oakville

905-845-6601 ext. 3136

Janine Ivings

Issues and Media Co-ordinator

Town of Oakville

905-845-6601 ext. 3005

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