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Opening comments:  More at the end.

    It is interesting how the media can report events in such a way as not to raise concern in the mind of a reasonable person, that maybe something was rotten in the City-state of Mississauga.  Mr. Randles was indeed "business partner of Mayor Hazel McCallion" but how can we be sure it was "former"?  How can we be sure is Mr. Randles was as independent as this article would assure us?  The test for such things is would there be the appearance of Bias in the mind of a reasonable person, once they knew the facts.  The people I know would think so.  The husband & wife team of the McCallions' and the Randles' (the 4 of them), made up the Broad of Directors for Macran Associates Limited, incorporated Mar. 14 1974.  In Macran's Articles of Incorporation, its "objects" notes many things but most notable are - "subdivide real estate properties.". etc.  Also interesting Mr. Randles has "real estate broker's licence".   From Mar. 14 1974 to Feb. 18 1985, Macran existed.  For over 10 years and the majority of Mr. Randles stay on Mississauga's committee of adjustment, he was a business partner with the McCallions', I wonder if he declared this to the committee.

    If you want to read more about how Macran operated try here & here.

    The City of Mississauga was created in 1974 and developers were lining up to cash in on the new BOOM TOWN, Mississauga.  Hazel was an elected official, the Mayor, in the town of Streetsville at that time and opposed to having Streetsville included in Mississauga, at least that is what she said publicly most of the time.  I wonder how many times she went on the record saying she was in the development business?  It comes as no surprise to me that someone who had been on the "town of Streetsville’s committee of adjustment and planning committee.", would find their way on to the Mississauga "committee of adjustment".  After all, elected official like to work with people they get along with, yes?

    No matter the positive spin the Mississauga News (the Missing News), puts on it, I say it was just too questionable and should not have been allowed but HEY, that is how business is done in Hazel Land.

The Mississauga News - Dec. 17, 1989 - Sunday Ed. P.8    By JOHN STEWART Staff Reporter.     [ not so good picture of him at the side ]

Allan Randles looking for a change

Committee of adjustment stalwart calls it quits

     After serving as a member of the Mississauga committee of adjustment since it was first formed in 1974, longtime Streetsville resident Allan Randles has submitted his resignation.

     Randles, 68, says the job of being a citizen volunteer who listens each week to arguments for minor variances to the City's zoning bylaws is "becoming more demanding and less rewarding.   The committee is dealing with far more serious issues and far more complex ones," Randles said in an interview.

     As well as sitting in often lengthy hearings, the committee members spend a great deal of time visiting the locations of the applications to look at the sites first hand before me meetings.   Although members recently received an increase in their honoraria to $4,000 a year, Randles says the
payment, even with a third of it being tax free, does not cover the cost of visiting the sites and the wear and tear on vehicles.

     "I have other things I want to do," says Randles, who has also been a member of the  Region of Peel's land division committee since it was formed in 1974.  For the past three years, he has chaired the committee, which deals with applications for severances of property.

     Prior to the creation of the City of Mississauga 15 years ago, Randles served on the town of Streetsville’s committee of adjustment and planning committee.

     John Keyser, the only other founding member of the committee of adjustment, says Randles "has made a very special contribution to the committee."  As a former municipal engineer in Scarborough, Randles provided an expertise on the committee it otherwise would not have had.

  Randles often "Saved" proposals for applicants because of his skill at identifying problems and suggesting how solutions might be worked out with the municipal public works department.

     "He's been a terrific member ," says Keyser. "He's put in a full 20 years of service to the committees and he's done his part."

     Randles, who came to Streetsville in 1965, says he will continue his consulting engineering business, may use a real estate broker's licence he hasn't used much in the past, and will do some travelling with his wife.

     The former business partner of Mayor Hazel McCallion says there has been a big change in the type and volume of applications coming before the committee since he first became a member.  "The issues which come before us now are often far more complex than they should be,"  he says.   "We've had some short-term decisions which have come back again, and there are some issues which require a lot more departmental study."

     Although city council appoints the committee of adjustment, it is a totally independent body.  While it takes into account the comments of municipal departments and city councillors, it makes independent decisions, which are sometimes appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board by the City.   That leads to some tension between council and the committee from time to time.

    Randles says he has not felt pressured by municipal politicians or staff,  and he says he has always lived by the axiom that as a citizen member of committee, “I have always made my decisions without fear or favor."

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