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Scanned or from internet, if there are errors, please e-mail me with corrections:

Opening comments:  More at the end.

Here is a letter I wrote to all the major media, that was not printed or even refereed to, that deals with Chief Julian FantinO and what was not reported.

My request to Chief Julian FantinO.

I asked Chief Julian FantinO about making public the documents that his own police force talked about and which would have been used to plan & carry out the unlawful pre-emptive searches starting on Oct. 16-01 and carry on from then.  He says "I don't know what documents you are speaking of".  Would this not lead a reasonable intelligent and knowledgeable person to think he is either so out of touch with reality as to be totally incompetent as he is unaware that his police force is repeatedly violating the highest law of the land, our Charter Rights or that he is just plain lying?

You be the judge, but remember the whole reason why these town hall meetings took place, was to help make the police more accountable to the public after the Toronto police was presented with the fact they were doing "Racial Profiling".

Did he offer to follow-up on my concerns, NO.
Was he moved or even concerned that innocence Ontarians were wrongfully in the courts due to the actions of his officers, NO.
Did he show any desire to serve justice when it involved taxpaying members of the public going to trial on false charges and that he could do some thing about it, NO!
Does his actions not show when it comes to accountable to the public, he just  does not get it?     I say YES!

We do hear about how much he cares about Toronto police officers.

He claims to know about Democracy but his police department effectively pasted laws that legalized pre-emptive searches, in secret, without notice or approval of any elected body, that defy the highest laws of Canada (Charter Rights) and to this day, keeps the facts from the public so they can not be reviewed/debated by the public, even in election time!  Does all this sound like a man who cares about/serves Democracy or the EVIL of a police state?

It is a sign of the times how easy it is for the government and police to get away with anything, no matter how wrong, by getting people to stop thinking and act like emotional herd animals, by say words like CRIMINAL or TERRORISM or necessary for SECURITY.  It comes as no surprise to hear the police Chief say, " it was a clear attempt for us to preserve the peace when there was anarchy and other attempts to destroy property".  Look at the words he uses "anarchy" - "destroy property", can't you just feel your reason slipping away?

I like so many others were arrest before any anarchy or destroy property had occurred and if he is looking for someone to blame for any such events that day he should look in a mirror, as unlawful searches and stealing peoples property is a sure fire way to piss people off enough that they do take their frustrations out on property.

"we will protect the rights of law abiding citizens any time, any where, under any circumstances", I know from my experience that is the BIG LIE!

ATTN: Letter to Editor.

RE:     Mar. 4/03, Town Hall meeting held by Toronto police.

Dear Sir:                                            Mar. 5, 2003

Side-show FantinO shows his true face.
At the Mar. 4/03, Town Hall meeting held by Toronto police important questions were asked and non-answers given by police Chief Julian FantinO.  The purpose of these meetings was suppose to be making the police more accountable to the public and community concerns but these meetings have clearly been perverted to - all hail the police chief!  People kissing up for his good graces and asking for future favors.

The hard question put to the Chief was a request to make public, police documents regarding their suspension of Canadians Civil and Charter Rights (the highest law in Canada), without any outside approval in response to a demonstration Oct. 2001.  It was clearly noted that; a preemptive strike was carried out by Toronto police by way of mass unlawful searches and many people who refused were assaulted by police, this resulted in innocent people who had done no wrong being falsely charged and as their cases were still to come up the release of these documents would aid in their defence, that in a democracy taxpayers have right to review such police actions.

In a display of the very same indifference to the pain and suffering that Toronto police have been responsible for, that these meetings were to help reduce, Side-show FantinO jumps on his white horse and rambles on about how he doesn't know what I was talking about (twice told Project 8G) and that he takes great exception to the "allegation" (it was widely reported that it happened), the police "deprived any body of their Rights and Freedoms".  If this was a matter of concern for him then he would have asked questions to understand the issue, how he could aid the falsely accessed and bring bullying police officers to justice.  Was that not the whole purpose of these meetings?  He ends his sound bite with how his force will protect the rights of law abiding citizens any time and they will do it again.  Guess he is saying in order to protect our rights, his police force has to destroy them first!  And he wonders why the Toronto police have such a creditably gap with the public.

I could not correct FantinO's misinterpretation of the question due to clapping by foolish Canadians who do not understand what FantinO has just said & done as well as the general hostility toward those who do not praise the cops.  The results of his methods at these meetings is clear, a sea of white faces and hair and people saying they want more of the same that his force has been dishing out.  Thought I was in Germany, 1930's for a monument.  By the way, someone should make a FOI request for the cost of the small army that FantinO's side-shows costs taxpayers.

Side-show FantinO shows his true face
- the Mar. 4 / 03 Town hall meeting held by Toronto’s police Chief.

Yes sir

B - Yes Mr. Barber, I have a question for the Chief.  Actually it was hearting to see you coming out here having these town hall meetings, we know that they did start because of questions of accountability towards the public and what-not.  It is glad to see you did come out and hold them.  But I am here hoping that you will be able to help a number of people as it is in your power to do so.

It was widely reported back in Oct., 2001 that the police dept. had come up with a new procedure to deal with demonstration and what-not, which whole handedly suspended peoples Civil Liberates, Charter Rights, involved mass searches and that this policy had never been approved by anyone other than the police, never went before a judicial body, has never been presented to the public for a review and as tax payers.  There is a certain obligation to report to the public.  And I am sure some people would be interested to know under what circumstances the police in particular Toronto police would actually suspend, without notice, your Charter Rights & your Civil Rights, which are actually the highest laws in the land.

I hope you have zero tolerance on this because what happened was that your police Dept., your officers once they were told the law doesn't apply any more, went out and there were assaults on people who refused to be searched, for just, randomly searched.  I know one person who was standing right on a street corner and when they refused a search, was attacked and they had done nothing wrong what-so-ever.

So I am hoping be able to help us out here because it was widely reported and I think it was called 8G, the documentation on this and there are some people who are still in the process of coming before the courts on this matter and this would be instrumental in their defence, simple because it would provide a motivation for why the police did what did to these people and I am really hoping, that tonight, you be able to say that in the name of justice, in the name of public accountability you will provide these documentation not just lawyers but to the public so that we can be reassured as to what exactly happened that day, because I know at the time and media and the police itself did note there were new procedures and that there were great questions about it but we have yet to see the actually documentation, to actually be able to comment on it.  So I am really hoping that tonight you will say, yes, you will put these documents up for the public review and the defence of innocence people and that you don't support the acts of your officers that day that were quite over the legal limit I would have to say, quite unlawful ...

Fantino - (Cut me off) Are you representing any particular group sir?

B - I representing ...

Fantino - (Cuts me off again) behalf of any group?

B - No I am not, I am speaking behalf taxpayers and individuals that have been unjustly charged and what-not.  The thing is, that if you say yes that you will provide these documents that is all I want to hear, tonight.

Fantino - Well first of all I don't know what documents you are speaking of ...

B - (I cut in), Project 8G!

Fantino - I take great exception to your allegation the we have deprived any body of their Rights and Freedoms and so fore and that.  If you are enquiring about our response to Civil disobedience we, we will enforce the law of the law, if the people are before the courts they will have to answer to that and let the courts decide that is what democracy is all about sir.

B - It was a preemptive strike by the police and democracy is about accountability ...

Fantino - (talks over me), it was a clear attempt for us to preserve the peace when there was anarchy and other attempts to destroy property, in fact that did happen and we will keep on doing that sir, we will protect the rights of law abiding citizens any time, any where, under any circumstances

Wild clapping by foolish Canadians who don't understand what Fantino has just said & done.

Do you want to do something about this?

Before the election and get this issue talked about?
Then go to the Media page, let the media and Ontario's political party's know how you feel.

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