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  Even before they are out of the gate the
2008 Federal Election goes negative,
thanks to a Tory mailing that takes a page right out of the
Harris-(ment) election play book.
Remember how he got elected on law & order and beat up those on welfare?
Remember how hated he became and
left Ontario deep in debt & jumped ship before it was found out?

As far as I am concerned when Mike Harris-(ment), went after welfare recipients like getting rid of them would solve all of Ontario's problems, was nothing less than appealing to hate voters and didn't the Tories find lots of them.  Talk about appealing to the lowest common dominator.
Well, Ontario suffered for it as we got the government we deserved - well excluding those smart enough not to vote Tory.

By the way speaking of smart, after the great leader Mike Harris-(ment), jumped ship and left that other guy - what's his name to try and get elected, remember how they claimed Ontario finances were sound but they wanted to sell off about $ 5 BILLION in unnamed assets?
Well, I ran as a Green Party candidate in that election and there was a Mississauga wide candidates debate, held in a hospital.  Full of highly educated Doctors, Nurses, other professionals and the media - people you would think could put 2 + 2 and get 4.
When it was my turn to address those gathered, I told them straight out, it just doesn't compute that Ontario was financially sound if the government wants to sell off $ 5 BILLION in assets and oh yes, they can't tell us what they are!
Did any one clue in?
Did any follow up?
The rest the so-called debate was a joke to see each party flipping through their party's projected budget and political promises based on the false numbers feed to them by the Tory's.
Sucked every one by waving a big bag of what they told people was money.
Greed & Hate, always the most dependable ally of the extreme Right.

By the way, look up the word TORY in the Dictionary - it means a robber, Highway man.
So is this not a case of the kettle calling the pot black?

Three more points;

Note the use of free postage as it is to an MP - would you not call this kind of mailing,
election material
How moral, ethical or even legal is that
- Blaine Calkins -
MP or  Member of Parliament for Wetaskiwin?

The Tory's use a picture of a man with a beer & smoke on a couch, why not a women?
Why not a single mother or are only men who drink & smoke given house arrests?
Maybe it would not generate the same emotional effect.

Should this not be a sure sign of an election?
I understand there are several different flyers like this going around, all trying to get by the smell test by claiming it is just an MP asking a simple question.
As the Tory's are jumping in with both feet or big old belly flop,
with this win at any cost approach - if you ask me.



Side 2

They try to make it look like a poll of opinion but really it is about changing the opinions of the weak minded.
Yes, lets fill the jails to over flowing - a make work project that costs taxpayers more money then it saves
but those business that supply the jails will profit from
and of course - mislead the public about your real motivates.
Makes perfect Tory's sense & works almost every time.

And don't forget - there's
"an arsonist or thief living right next door",
that only a Tory/Conservative Government can save you from.


Side 2

Our Cities are in such financial problems is because of the insane Tory idea that as costs go up taxes should go down!
Think about it!  Something has to suffer big time!
How reasonable is it to say the cost of running a City is going to go down when all other costs are going up?
The only way is to do what was done in Mississauga & Peel hide the fact works were not being done and hope (as the politicians responsible),
you are not still in office when the bills come due as the City is falling apart!
Which accounts for why foolish municipal politicians seeing no other way to get elected,
expect by making Tory promises they knew were morally wrong to make - did so.

Reality check - history shows that electing a (necon) Tory (majority government), is more likely to put us in debt, then debt free.
Tory's like to brag that as they are business managers, they handle money better.
In fact, they are better at making sure their money is handled better and their business friends profit one way or another
at taxpayers expense.
This is not even taking into account how other parts of our society suffer.

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