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U. F. M. A. C.
The Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee


Over time this section will be greatly expanded to provide the community a single source for all that it needs to know about UFMAC and how it works with the City.

UFMAC, was created in response to residents protesting the logging and tree farming at the Cawthra Bush.

General points about UFMAC

JOKE or is it ??!?

The Members of UFMAC
Who are these people and are there conflicts of interest?

In these Web-pages the minutes of UFMAC and the actions of its membership will be looked at in detail.

UFMAC minutes
Buried treasure for those who know where to look and what it means.

Letters to UFMAC
Mostly my letters. To date there has been over eighty.

On the City web-site has some UFMAC agendas and minutes. Once there, click on Council & Committee agendas and minutes, UFMAC or the Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee is at the bottom.

Here are some general point abut UFMAC that you should know:

* Only members of the committee, City of Mississauga staff and their guests can speak at these meetings.  Residents who attend must inform the committee ahead of time if they wish to make a deputation.  Open to the public but don't try and speak out of turn.

* I have attended every meeting of UFMAC, no one else can say that;

* about 99% of all Mississaugans have no hope of even being considered for a seat at this committee, unlike many other resident committees;

* most Mississaugans residents are not considered smart enough to sit on this committee, its membership is restricted to so called "professionals" in fields like forestry, pedology, zoology and resource management (resource management or how to make a buck off of Mother Nature). The problem here is that government or companies dealing with government are the largest employer in these fields.  So these "professionals" may be motivated to work with the City rather then get a reputation of not going with the flow;

* many "professionals" use committees like this to pad their resumes, sure in the knowledge they will not have to do much or go out on a limb "doing the right thing";

* another point to consider is that members field of expertise are so different from each other that it is hard for one call into question the opinion of another or their conclusions. Or the questioner gets a bad reputation as asking too many questions and not a team player. This results is "professionals" deferring to those whose field of expertise it is.  Often members of the community, outside this "culture" are included to off set this tendency and get the best deal for the community but the City doesn't allow that on this committee.  Elected officials or politicians often use committees such as this to push their political agendas (the back door to City Council).

* UFMAC only has the power to advise and assist, not to direct City staff.  I recall one incident where a member of UFMAC had a stack of books to show some plants Recreation & Parks wished to plant were not the best choice. In response he was simply told that was not good enough.

or is it?????

As most of these "professionals" will at some time or another do "consultant" work, here a joke that is very popular with those who work in the environment.

A City interviewing committee is questioning consultants for a government job. In order to find out how suitable their reasoning powers are, they are all asked how much is 2 + 2?

The first consultant works it out on his calculator and says it is a number between 5 and 1.   NEXT!

The second consultant says he will have to take it back to the lab to work on it.   NEXT!

The third consultant, considers the question for some time then leans forward and asks, "How much do you want it to be?"


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