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Comments on the City of Mississauga's
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The first Vandalism and Violence in Mississauga's City Facilities, Policy - This is the newer version.

Alarm - Our Democratic, human rights and freedoms, ending in our life time, in Mississauga.

     The biggest issue in the Mississauga's 2000 election should be the "policy" that sets up a new legal system and laws in Mississauga, designed to be abused but the media is covering it up.   A new City of Mississauga policy "Vandalism and Violence in City Facilities", (V&V), puts public lands and building under marshal law and shows City of Mississauga politicians have turned away from the path of democracy, human rights and freedoms and has put us on notice: Don't disagree with the City.  The Canada I am proud of is disappearing, one law at a time.

     The V&V policy has set a new and dangerous standard of government control over people's lives and control by fear in the community.  It has created a City-run legal system, with new laws, and turned City staff into a police force, with unprecedented authority over us.  The City says that V&V was created to deal with sports violence but it goes far beyond the sports field and fair play.  In fact, this policy is so extreme it can be called fascist and an act of violence against the community.

     V&V covers all City facilities (including non-sports buildings like City Hall), all City property (like parks).  V&V defines acts of violence as "but is not limited to ", "loud verbal assaults;", "attempts to intimidate;" and "attempts to goad", to name a few.  According to staff, a threatening tone can be considered a violent act as well.  As it imposes harsh penalties for even attempts to intimidate (a legal standard that is dangerously low), it means Canadians must become meek and submissive toward City politicians and staff.  This policy imposes "ZERO TOLERANCE", or an extreme political solution on us.  ZERO TOLERANCE was used in the 1930's, remember what the effects were and the cost to defeat it?  Those errors are being repeated.  Democracy is about erring on the side of caution, not ZERO TOLERANCE.

     Phoney public input.  Created with no public meetings and no input from the majority of Mississaugans who use City facilities.  Don't we pay enough taxes?.  Consultation was mostly with sport groups.  A personal request to City Council, for the City to post notice of this policy in the newspaper, so Mississaugans would be aware of it, was refused.  You can't live in a country with the laws of a dictatorship and expect to have human rights and freedom or a democracy.   Our Mayor, appears to be leading this anti-democratic charge.

     Who does this new legal system really target?  This policy is a political weapon designed to go after selected Mississaugans who disagree with our politicians and City Hall in general.  That is the reason for the low legal standard, not sports.  The victims, are those who don't have the City's huge legal resources, to fight back (and buy justice in Canada) with and the legally inexperienced (most Mississaugans).  It is for the targeting of community leaders such as myself who accrete our right as Canadians to play a meaningful role in the decision making that affect our communities.  The City knows that barring a community activist from City Hall would greatly limit their effectiveness.

     Procedures and costs to implement this policy.  City Council was not presented with all the details, such as the exact legal procedures and costs, why?  Remember the devil is in the details.  Looking at the new laws, you can see that to enforce them fairly and equally across the City would cost a fortune.  This legal system has some kind of review committee.  The City says it will be composed of persons appropriate to review the matter but how a sport league or principals are going to handle a political/ratepayer matters is beyond me.  If this committee feels the matter is clear cut enough the accused will not even be asked to make a submission in their own defence!  An appeal will cost $250 just to file.

     The City will be acting as judge and will be selecting the rubber stamp jury (review committee), to review the accusations made by City staff, who are known to serve their political masters with false reports and affidavits, sound fair?  This (secret), trial will likely not include the presence of the accused and it is unlikely, there will not be full disclosure to the accused.  When you get right down to it, why should we believe City staff are better cops or judges then those in the existing legal system?  Maybe the real reason the City is not satisfied with over 130 years of highly regarded common law is that Mississauga's politicians do not control it for their own political ends!

     Punishments and vandalism.  Includes being banned from City property for years, and fines up to twice what the City says it costs for repairs, plus 10% (overhead).  Apparently, only the City will be allowed to determine costs.  As this policy is setup to force the public to pay for acts of vandalism it is likely the City will pressure staff to assign blame, so the City will not have to pay for repairs or even upgrades of old equipment.

     As for the sports it was created to control, to fully obey this policy, your child's sports will have to be complete changed to make them legal.  This policy makes hurt feelings or slight fear an act of violence.  How could a true Canadian do this to hockey?  Have you ever heard of a coach stoping the game and complaining to the referee that a player had just been intimidated by the other team?  Lets not forget these rules can used by one team to eliminate the star players of another team!  This policy also forces parents to sign forms saying they will not commit violent acts, this is treating them all like criminals and forgets in Canada, people are innocent till proven guilty.  But not in Hazel land!   More at my web-site, donbar

     Bullies, abuses and City staff.  V&V is open to great abuse by bullies willing to falsely accuse and can be easily interpreted to cover just about anything people do as human beings.  It can also be the foundation for even more law and order, without justice.  The City claims V&V will be creating a safe environment, in fact it is just the opposite.  V&V promotes the very violence it claims to be stopping, this intimidating policy should be seen as an act of violence against our communities.  Bullies (liars), will love it.  They are not controlled by more laws; in fact it only gives them more power, the law is their weapon and words ammunition.  People on City property will end up being ordered around by those who are willing to bully and lie.

    How can parents feel safe sending their kids to a City park knowing a loud voice is an act of violence and their children can be convicted by the City of "throwing of articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner"?  That your children can be victims of bullies who gang up on your child, lie about who caused the vandalism.  Then you are forced to pay for an act of vandalism they didn't not commit or your are children falsely accused by bullies to ban them from City parks.

     The City of Mississauga has no complaint policy for taxpayers to file complaints regarding City staff and City staff are except from V&V.  The V&V policy creates a double standards and allows City staff to refuse service to the public, this confirmed by the City Manager.  City staff need only say they felt a little intimidated to refuse serving the taxpayers in a professional fashion.  How easy it is for City staff to say they didn't like your attitude.  Under these rules City staff can intimidate and goad members of the public till they get upset, then say they didn't like your tone of voice, refuse to deal with you and file a report as a part of the process of denying you access to City property and services.  This policy gives staff the power to be confrontational with the public and yes, the door is also open to entrapment.  City staff and politicians know human nature, the more you frustrate a person, the more they act frustrated but now the City calls acting frustrated a violent act.  Using human nature as a weapon against people is a predatory thing to do.

     Most of all don't believe the politicians if they say or suggest Council will review this policy after the election and vote for them.  They are just fooling you!

Don't vote for those who did this to Canada!
By Donald Barber

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