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Comments by others to this web-page 2.

Mississauga News - Aug 14, 2009 - Letter of the week, Edna Toth

Edna Toth's - letter of the week

Dear Editor:

One of the councillors spoke disparagingly of the NDP during a discussion of public question period at City Council on Aug. 5.

ďOf all people, the NDP!Ē was his crude, rude putdown of an organization that has served, and continues to serve, all the people of Canada, including Ontario and Mississauga.

This letter is simply to set the record straight about the NDPís political efforts, historically and now, and the impact those efforts may have on Mississauga residents.

Mississauga councillors are concerned, or ought to be, about the rise in unemployment in Peel. Some workers laid off last year have exhausted their EI benefits, savings and RRSPs, and are in financial trouble. Others laid off more recently are heading in the same direction.

Voters and their children are suffering because only the NDP, which has not yet been the party in power in Ottawa, has tried to protect EI funds from being raided by government, most notably by the Liberals in the mid-1990s who reduced benefits and diverted $57 billion in EI funds to other uses.

The NDP has presented at least 10 private memberís bills to try to save and improve EI, including extending the help EI provides to women, part-time workers and others.

The NDP also has ideas and platforms about the environment and equality of opportunity for women, people with disabilities and newcomers to Canada.

The NDP continues to champion health care for all Canadians. The national health care plan Canada enjoys began with a CCF/NDP program in Saskatchewan.

The Canada Pension Plan was another negotiated result of the NDP prodding the minority Liberals.

New Democrats are proud of their record of service to Canadians.

Comments by others, 2, to this web-page;

Think About It     Aug 15, 2009 1:56 PM

Stepping on your own toes

City councilors are aware and so was Mrs. Toth since March 24, 2001. To reiterate our PPAG final minutes of Tryna Christie, Donna McBride and Nancy Stephenson (former PPAG chairs), David Szwarc (as acting commissioner of Ontario Works in Peel social services) was specifically asked by the Mississauga South Liberal policy committee to reduce the commissions and increase the pay packets collected under the Bear Head commissions that were set up by Mr. Lou Duggan of Amour Personnel and steered under the radar into an additional $66 million a year pooling tax burden since 1997. It doesnít look like Mrs. Toth handed these minutes over to Andrew before she shot him in the foot

* Disagree 1

The Mississauga Muse     Aug 15, 2009 4:12 AM

On setting the record straight...

Ms Toth writes, " Mississauga councillors are concerned, or ought to be, about the rise in unemployment in Peel. " One quibble, Ms. Toth. "Mississauga councillors are concerned, or ought to be, about the rise in unemployment in Peel" should be changed to Mississauga councillors are AWARE, or ought to be, about the rise in unemployment in Peel." I can confirm that they are aware but can find little evidence of "concern". I know for a fact that Councillor Iannnicca demonstrated awareness of unemployment several times. Like how in bad recessionary times, "the animals around the watering hole begin to look at each other differently." I now interpret that to mean that the animal-elite barricade themselves both physically and symbolically away from the rest of us-animals while still claiming to welcome our inpu... no, wait, that's not different at all! Signed, The (I still have faith in Iannicca) MIssissauga Muse

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