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Comments by others to this web-page 5.

Mississauga News - Aug. 14, 2009 - Letter by Donna Cook

We need Nando

Dear Editor:

Kudos to Ward 7 councillor Nando Iannicca for presenting his constituents with the facts in regards to this seemingly colourful exchange between himself and Mr. Hamilton-Smith.

Are ethics in journalism different than what we expect from our elected leaders?  I was disappointed, not that The News called for Iannicca’s resignation, but that it did so without having full disclosure of the events that took place at that particular City Council meeting.

Iannicca has many good character traits that allow him to keep his seat as councillor for Ward 7.  He is eloquant and incredibly transparent.  Unfortunately, he was not met in kind by a boy who was sent to do a man’s job, namely Mr. Hamilton-Smith.

Are we willing to have a newspaper inflict such drama, through poor reporting, that could cost us a valued councillor.

Comments by others, 5, to this web-page;

Mississauga Muse     Aug 16, 2009 2:43 PM

For the ultimate (and funny) take on the Iannicca mega-dump on Hamilton-Smith...

CCheck out Bucky1's Blog "Nando's the word". For context, Bucky1 describes himself as “Managing Editor of The Mississauga News”. In his Blog “Running on Empty” Bucky1 writes, "’In an earlier blog entry I conveyed my desire to achieve immortality by starting my own word. I've got a few ideas, courtesy of one of our most venerable city councillors. From now on,whenever you get a blast of someone's unreasonable temper, whenever you are mocked or needlessly ridiculed, you should say: ‘I've been nandoed.’" Read more at: and I’ve added “nando” to the MISSISSAUGAWATCH Glossary. Also. Urgent suggestion for all commenters. Your comments to any Blogs here do not show up at the Mississauga News “front door”… The (ever helpful) Mississauga Muse

Think About It     Aug 15, 2009 10:14 AM

Brain Farts are not Facts

I’ve watched Andrew’s tape over along with other municipal, provincial and federal politicians posted on Facebook and I’m astonished why Iannicca didn’t simply ask Andrew to pull his finger before he let a silencer go…phissssssssssss peeeewwwwy !!Talk about cutting one of the big Ward 7 cheese wedge splits between Mississauga south Wards 1 and 2 and using Toronto to insult the $66 million a year pooling crises that was set up to off load the books. Has the figment of his own imagination not looked in his mirror of banality and forgotten most Peel Regional civil servants don’t live under the roof of Ward 7 mismanagement. Andrew lives here too?

* Agree 3

The Mississauga Muse     Aug 15, 2009 2:08 AM

Donna Cook wrote, "Unfortunately, [Iannicca] was not met in kind by a boy who was sent to do a man’s job, namely Mr. Hamilton-Smith."

Ms Cook’s kid-toxic attitude is shared by Mississauga Council. Youth do not have legitimate input despite strident “invitations” by Mississauga elected officials and staff. Donna Cook clearly believes that stating opinions in front of Mississauga Council is not for boys –but a "man's job". That attitude is as Pathetic as it is Pathology in this city. A Root of Youth Violence. While I'm at it, Cook congratulates Iannicca }for presenting his constituents with the facts" "Facts"?! In Iannicca's Letter to the Editor he referred to Mississauga Council as a "sacred chamber". Surely to all that's holy he can't believe that. "sacred chamber"... with all the lies and BS streaming from under that dome? Signed, The (Some days I really wish there were a God just so I can write, "I hope God gets him for "sacred chamber") Mississauga Muse P.S. The “Offensive” button is at the extreme right.

* Agree 1

Uatu     Aug 15, 2009 2:05 AM

These are the ethics you expect from a Councillor, Donna?

Iannicca didn't supply facts, he gave a rationalization for his outburst. He justified an attack on a deputant at Council despite a City by-law that explicitly forbids what he did. Iannicca thinks the rules don’t apply to him. I don’t dispute your right to support Iannicca, but you should be aware of what you’re supporting: a bullying Councillor who clearly feels he’s above the rules, and who is anything but transparent. A self-serving justification such as he offered is the opposite of transparency. These are the ethics you value? Also, you do no service to your cause with personal attacks. Mr. Hamilton-Smith is a man, not a boy, and in my opinion a better one than Iannicca. Notice he did not respond in kind to Iannicca’s insults. Finally, please don't accuse the Mississauga News of stirring up drama. Iannicca did that all by himself.

* Agree 3

The Mississauga Muse     Aug 15, 2009 1:43 AM

To Donna CookL please define "incredibly transparent"

I agree that Councillor Nando Iannicca is "eloquent". Indeed I wrote my own Letter to the Mississauga News identifying that attribute as well! You also describe him as "incredibly transparent". Actually that one surprised me, because like you, I believe Councillor Iannicca, like everyone at Council is "incredibly transparent" as well. I'm surprised though that you'd bring that up considering you're trying to defend him. Unless of course, my "incredibly transparent" is different from how you meant it. Fact is, removing Public Question Period from Council is indeed "incredibly transparent" with an municipal election so close. And cutting Public Question Period to a total of 15 minutes at General Committee is also "incredibly transparent" when Council knows that more citizens than ever are armed with Freedom of Information documents ready to ask embarrassing questions. Is that what you meant by "incredibly transparent"?

* Agree 2

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