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Comments by others to this web-page 3.

Mississauga News -  July 21, 2009 - Letter by Kelly Marshall

No questions, please

Dear Editor:

Re: your July 10 article, “No more time for questions”.

It looks like Donald Barber is the one apple that has spoiled the bunch.  On account of one man, the City has had to cancel the public question period?

That is so sad.

Finally, Don, you can take your ball and go home.  I am constantly reading about how unhappy you are and about how poorly you feel the city is being run and how unhappy you are with (Mayor) Hazel (McCallion) and city councillors.

If that is how you feel — move!  If you go a little further east, there is a lovely city that is now being overrun with condos, excess taxes, garbage and rodents.  I am sure (Toronto mayor) David Miller will welcome you with open arms.

Kelly Marshall    -    Mississauga

Comments by others, 3, to this web-page;

DeValera     Jul 24, 2009 3:21 PM

This isn't about one man

Kelly - do you think our City Government so weak that one man can force such a policy change? Dig deeper. Question your source. Take a look at the short film "Information Deformation" by Bill Farren a stark reminder that information doesn't equal knowledge. Please attend the Council meeting August 5th.

WatcherOIO     Jul 24, 2009 1:15 PM

Wise up for all our sakes.

A perfect example of someone who thinks reading the paper will make them fully informed. Guess again. For years Canadians have been treated like mushrooms by the media. If what was happening to those who trying to save the forests and wildlife of Mississauga was being reported I wouldn’t have been arrested. The City of Mississauga not what you think. Blame little old me, how is that possible. Council has always had the power to control who addresses them at meetings, no need for them to take their ball away. Does the Mayor think we are that dumb. Mississaugans do keep electing them over and over. How bad are they. Documents show a secret trail, a secret City security program and the Mayor saying a COUP out to get her. Far too many facts to enlighten those who care to know, try or more political at

MISSISSAUGAWATCH     Jul 22, 2009 4:27 PM

Kelly Marshall knows NOTHING about how Mississauga is being run

To Kelly Marshall. It is NOT Donald Barber who's the "bad apple" and you'd know that if you bothered to base your absurd opinions on something resembling FACTS. To really comprehend how (Mayor) Hazel McCallion and Councillors operate, you need to peer behind their public faces and cut into their secretive, behind-the-scenes world using Freedom of Information. Something you clearly don't bother with or else you wouldn't serve up your ignorant, despicable ‘Finally, Don, you can take your ball and go home.” It’s a good thing for citizens and especially Youth/minors that Donald Barber STAYS to fight the “complete disregard for Policy” of City staff (quote is Hazel McCallion’s admission) Please see: "ABOUT BIG BROTHER: City of Mississauga Corporate Security Report “Requests for Additional Information Security Incidents in City Facilities” at: to see the shameful, hypocritical City of Mississauga that only Freedom of Information can reveal. TRUTH for YOUTH!

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