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"The government must not silence its critics by force."

--- Clayton Ruby (May 29, 2007)

(You may need to click twice or if you wish Go Directly to the clip on Google Video)

(You may need to click twice or if you wish Go Directly to the clip on Google Video)

This - is Mississauga.

The other day I wrote a Blog entry with the title, "What would Edward R. Murrow do? What would he want me to do?"

Edward R. Murrow. What would he do if he witnessed what happened in Courtroom 105 on Monday and Tuesday? If he were sitting at the back like I was.

What would Edward R. Murrow do?

More and more I find myself asking this question because I'm just this regular citizen and I just feel overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. It isn't just this Blog.
Or seeing a 75 year old man charged with Death Threat via Poetry. Or Steve Wahl's visceral reaction to what I described happened in that Courtroom. (I'm not done. Not by a long shot).

I'm overwhelmed that for decades I proudly lived this Mississauga life. My pride in all that! And one day I discover that I don't live in a city. It's a Corporation. And it's been granted "natural person" status (thank you, Mike Harris) in 2001.

And I just get SHREKmortification at the "natural person" I discovered was my Big Brother. Big Brother is a Bully.

So I get this Blog in part, to alert others. And then The Others email me...

And in those emails are the urgent words of people describing an initial life of "Ignorance is Bliss", who then become stunned by the same incredulity I feel --and as they continue their own research, they describe this overwhelming feeling of powerlessness.

And for the ones truly in-the-know, paranoia.

Comments like:

Steve Wahl:

"Maybe you and I are too sensitive and need to get thicker skins? Or maybe guilty of being human? Either way as a member of the public I am getting Ďthe messageí.

Now I feel emotionally disturbed. I wonder if I am going crazy or is everybody else nuts?

Iím very upset. Iím not mad, just angry. So now will my anger be perceived as a threat to those who precipitate the conditions of injustice which have so riled my emotions? Now I also wonder if I am suffering paranoia or is there really anything to worry about?"

I'm leaving this person who offered comment through completely anonymous .

"Keep it up and you too will soon become a danger to your hometown residents, watch for it, watch for it and there it comes! Boom! "

and he gave me this advice:

"Don't become too emotionally involved or you will burn out before you can light up the dark room that is "

And the most extraordinary (scary) comments, through YouTube by someone I will leave anonymous as well. Just let's say a fellow GTA'er from a different municipality.

"But I am powerless....totally accountabilitiy, no repercussions.....just ignore him....he cannot do anything to us....and they are right....until somebody from the media has the [tastefully deleted] to go after the truth..."

There are people out there who fear their city governments. I'm one of them for reasons I will one day reveal once all my Freedom of Information requests are done (late December.. who knows?). My hope is that my information and video will assist Clayton Ruby should Antonio Batista's July verdict go to appeal.

Regarding fear of our own local governments.

At the trial, there was a man sitting behind me who introduced himself. He recognized me because of my orange jacket and red Canada cap (now more or less my "uniform")

He's from another GTA municipality and he told me whenever he goes into his city hall, he's "wired". Sound paranoid? Not to me.

There's a reason.

Note, I'm now adding a new quote to this Blog. Clayton Ruby. Check how closely it matches the quote from The Mississauga News March 24, 2007 editorial.

I leave you with the first "On the Watch Tower" report videotaped from the Mississauga Civic Centre watch tower after yesterday's General Committee meeting. (Man that orange jacket was sweltering-hot in that sun!)

Thank you to Guitar Man for uploading some of his guitar blues over to me for use with my images/video. It's a first attempt --rough, but I want people to understand why I am doing this. Why others in other municipalities continue to speak up.

Here, dedicated to Clayton Ruby, citizen champion is "On the Watch Tower --Our Mississauga".

(You may need to click twice or if you wish Go Directly to the clip on Google Video)

Signed, The (she adjusts her tinfoil hat) Mississauga Muse


"We must employ every possible tactic to dissuade those who try to silence us with fear."  ---The Mississauga News Editorial (March 24, 2007)

"The government must not silence its critics by force."  ---Clayton Ruby (May 29, 2007)

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