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Opening comments: More at the end.

    This item is part of the efforts to build a transit link with Toronto and which failed or was it scuttled by Hazel for some reason? YES - the Mayor is on the record as defending the limited interests of the business community and not caring about the little people.  Not only did this failure in planning by Hazel McCallion & her Council deny Mississauga's a rapid transit link to Toronto it guaranteed Traffic Jams, Grid-lock and more & more pollution from cars - FOR A GENERATION!  The big picture is not just about a waste of time and gas locked in traffic jams where even the buses can't move, but the pollution makes the AIR BROWN, which rips the lungs from children.  That is the human sacrifice the Queen of Sprawl demands of us and our family for her greater glory!  This is what happens when the Mayor is  "running the City like a business", her "staff is urged to eliminate red tape" so Mississauga will better serve the needs of business by being "open for business".  That is right, serve businesses interest and the community dies slowly from negligence - the true McCallion legacy.

    Then there is the issue of how Toronto moved the bus stop for Mississauga buses from inside Islington station to outside in the cold, snow and rain.   Again, its Hazel's aggravate indifference to the suffering of Mississauga commuters is clearly shown - remember the Mayor makes a point of driving herself everywhere, so why should she care about poor taxpayers who can't afford to drive?

She [Hazel McCallion] put her agenda on the table and wiped the floor with us,”
adds Councillor Irene Jones (Ward 1), who left the meeting early out of frustration.

    More on this is coming.

New City Centre’ for Etobicoke denounced by local interests
Mississauga News - Mar. 14 (?) 1995 - the Newspaper article regarding the passing of City of Mississauga - Resolution No. 77-95.

Etobicoke Life - Dec. 22, 1993 - Page  6  - By PATRICK McCONNELL Staff Writer

Hurricane Hazel

McCallion upends City councillors

    Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion turned the tables on local politicians during a recent meeting of the two municipalities, requested by Etobicoke.

    "The dynamics were all wrong," says Ward II Councillor Elizabeth Brown  "We called the meeting and she ran it.

    "We went begging to Mississauga,” continues Councillor Brown.  "We should have put out the tea and cookies and had them here (in Etobicoke).  I'm not sure if we accomplished anything'."

She put her agenda on the table and ­wiped the floor with us,” adds Councillor Irene Jones (Ward 1), who left the meeting early out of frustration.

    But Etobicoke Mayor Bruce Sinclair disagrees with the analysis of his fellow council members calling the meeting a success.

    "Any kind of a face-to-face meeting is an advantage.  I thought it was worthwhile.  It all depends on your attitude going in.  Some people go in a
confrontational frame of mind and I don't think that works.  You can always pick a fight."

    A delegation of politicians and staff went to Mayor McCallion's private board room for the meeting with Mississauga representatives to discuss issues of mutual concern last week.

    On the table for discussion was fare integration for Mississauga Transit and the TTC, a new rapid transit route to the airport, subway expansion to Sherway and the Morning Star bridge over Highway 427. 

On fare integration, it was discovered both sides are looking for it but it's the province - as the major funding body - that is stalling the proceedings.

    And both municipalities are looking long term to the building of the airport RT but Mississauga wants it to link up at Renforth and Eglinton while Etobicoke would rather see it go through the Rexdale indus­trial area and across.

    "You never really know what you have in common until, you sit down and talk” says Mayor Sinclair.  Small gains were made for Etobicoke's No. 1 transit initiative - the westward subway expansion to Sherway Gardens.

    Many local and Metro representatives have often blamed Mississauga Council for stalling and blocking any advancements on the proposed line which could to eventually extend to Dixie Road.   Some even go as far as saying it was due to Mississauga's vocal opposition to the plan that kept the project from being formally announced by the province.

    There is now a commitment "to consider withdrawing" Mississauga's opposition to the line but they won't come out in support of it, Etobicoke politicians say.

    "That's at least a step in the right direction,” says Mayor Sinclair.

    But on the Morning Star bridge controversy, however "there is no chance for compromise” says Councillor Brown.  “They have been promised that bridge (10 years ago) and they want that bridge" despite there currently being no demonstrated need or local support for it.


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