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Opening comments:  More at the end.

This is the smoking gun for how the Bloor-Danforth Subway Westerly Extension to Sherway Gardens AND into Mississauga, was KILLED by Hazel McCallion in 1995 for feudal reasons that ignored the greater good of Mississauga and its taxpayers.  Resolution No. 77-95, is the weapon and it is clearly in the hand of Hazel McCallion "
the Mayor in a letter dated January 26, 1995 to the Minister of Municipal Affairs", by threatening to go to the OMB the Province backed away from these plans and we have all been suffering since!

YES - the Mayor is on the record as defending the limited interests of the business community and not caring about the little people.  Not only did this failure in planning by Hazel McCallion & her Council deny Mississauga's a rapid transit link to Toronto it guaranteed Traffic Jams, Grid-lock and more & more pollution from cars - FOR A GENERATION!  The big picture is not just about a waste of time and gas locked in traffic jams where even the buses can't move, but the pollution makes the AIR BROWN, which rips the lungs from children.  That is the human sacrifice the Queen of Sprawl demands of us and our family for her greater glory!  This is what happens when the Mayor is  "running the City like a business", her "staff is urged to eliminate red tape" so Mississauga will better serve the needs of business by being "open for business".  That is right, serve businesses interest and the community dies slowly from negligence - the true McCallion legacy.

    Then there is the issue of how Toronto moved the bus stop for Mississauga buses from inside Islington station to outside in the cold, snow and rain.   Again, its Hazel's aggravate indifference to the suffering of Mississauga commuters is clearly shown - remember the Mayor makes a point of driving herself everywhere, so why should she care about poor taxpayers who can't afford to drive?

In this article the City of Mississauga tries to justify what it is setting out to do even though City staff is telling them NO and Hazel's ever faithful servant, Councillor Nando Iannicca yes's his way into her heart - again.  The Mayor must have the cleanest shoes in town.  It is a shame the "Missing News" does not report more about how harmful this will be to the long term development of the City - almost like they were helping in a cover-up.

More on this here:

Hurricane Hazel - McCallion upends City councillors
Etobicoke Life - Dec. 22, 1993 - “She [Hazel McCallion] put her agenda on the table and ­ wiped the floor with us,”

City of Mississauga - Resolution No. 77-95.

Mississauga News - Mar. 14 (?) 1995 - By John Steward, Staff

New City Centre’ for Etobicoke denounced by local interests

Local politicians, staff developers were all “asleep at the switch,” as Etobicoke approved what amounts to another city centre development, says Mayor Hazel McCallion.

It's a new city centre for Etobicoke - right on our border,” McCallion told a city council meeting Wednesday.

The mayor was one of several councillors who said Mississauga hasn't responded appropriately to a new Official Plan amendment in western. Etobicoke, which could double the size of Sherway Gardens and provide up to 8 million sq. ft. of new office-commercial space to compete with Mississauga's own city centre.

"It's mind-boggling to comprehend what they're doing," said Ward 4 Councillor. Frank Dale. "They're creating a new city centre for Etobicoke," despite the fact they already have a designated one.

The potential extension of a subway line to the Sherway shopping mall prompted the new plan by Etobicoke, which has already been approved by that City and is now before Queen's Park for approval.

Bruce Heyland of Hammerson Canada, which owns Square One Shopping Centre, told council a coalition of developers and planners has asked that the plan be referred to the OMB. He asked Mississauga to do the same thing.

Anne Morash of Cambridge Shopping Centres, which plans a $6.5 million facelift at Dixie Value Mall, said the Etobicoke plan could scuttle her company’s proposed expansion.

Councillors decided to ask the Municipal Affairs not to approve the plan until Mississauga can comment further. Planning Commissioner Tom Mokrzycki was ordered to do a comprehensive report.

Mokrzycki reminded politicians of its poor record in past battles over commercial expansion, including the original fight over Sherway’s approval and the “store wars” battle over the Woodbine Shopping Centre, which Mississauga also lost.

Dale termed the Woodbine construction “a drop in the bucket” compared to the size of the Sherway plan.

Councillor Nando Iannicca called the Sherway issue “very, very serious” for Mississauga’s economic future. “This commands the most dramatic response we can possibly give,” he said.

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