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Opening comments:  More at the end.

    Taking this matter to the highest level at a time when it should matter to all Canadians the most - during an election in which Corruption is a key issue.  BUT do not blame me for the timing, I did not call this election, select the date Hazel McCallion received the Order of Canada, inspire the Governor general to not respond to this matter, when could afford to get this web-site.  These events are is just (in some ways), fortunate providence.


    Couple of type-o-s slipped by but are corrected here.  Add a word [+ ], subtract a word [- ].

Hazel McCallion's

of  it !!!

Office of the Prime Minister

ATTN: The Right Honourable Paul Martin.
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, K1A 0A2

RE:     Request for action regarding Corruption in the Governor General’s office.

Dear Prime Minister;                         Jan. 3, 2006

    Documents have been provided to the Governor General’s office to support the call for a person not to receive the Order of Canada (still it was awarded); that a fully and formal review be conducted into the decision making process that resulted in their membership in the Order of Canada, which should hold the potential of the return of Canada’s highest award; a full investigation, open to the public with public input into their past questioning whether their character is worthy of a member of the Order of Canada. A request for a written response has not been received from the Governor General’s office yet.

    This is a shameful example of corruption of the process by approving someone of such inappropriate character to the Order of Canada. People who become aware of the facts regarding this awarding of the Order of Canada are left wondering - how bad must a person be to not receive our highest honour or is it really who they know in government?



A short list of the legitimate concerns presented to the Governor General

and more facts continue to be uncovered;


*     Bought land from a developer in 1958 on which their media business was founded.


*     They started a company, Macran with two husband & wife teams (the 4 of them), that made up the

       Board of Directors for Macran Associates Limited, incorporated Mar. 14 1974. In Macran's Articles

       of Incorporation, its "objects" notes many things but most notable is - "subdivide real estate properties."


*     In the other husband & wife team, the husband had a "real estate broker's licence" and that over 10

      years, the majority of the husbands stay on City’s Committee of Adjustment, he was a business

       partner with this elected official.


*     Macran made a highly questionable profit in one land sale "The price had increased $132,900 in seven

       months" when it was sold to three developers.


*     Taken to court in 1982, regarding their improper conduct in Council chambers, it was determined

       that there was a "Finding of conflict of interest at relevant time", that "was the only finding that

       could be made" and "breached the Act in all four of the 4 ­ ways in which the Act could be breached."

- 2 -

*     The court case was in relation to property owned and only a few years later, while sitting as an

       elected official an unlawful Subdivision Application, regarding the same property was filed.


*     This Subdivision Application hid the identity of the true owner of the land and the elected official did

       not fully disclose their involvement in the Subdivision Application. This politician became a

       developer in the same area they had jurisdiction over while in office. As their business dealings are

       not open, they have become highly questionable - what else is hidden and is this an example of the

       high moral character that members of the Order of Canada should be exhibiting?


*     Concerns about this politician being racist and "fueling racist and xenophobic sentiments ".


*     That they have on many occasion shown they are mean spirited, has "a voracious capacity for revenge.",

       that drives taxpayers from the democratic process with their highly "confrontational" and "very aggressive"

       methods and personality.


*     These methods have even undermined local Democracy with the threat that legal precedent set could

       be spread beyond the City to be used Provincially or even Federally. One example is, a legitimate political party

       was unable to use the FOI Act to get City records to aid the community effort to help save a local forest/wetlands

       with a Federally declared THREATENED species in it. All the City needed to say is that a political Party

       could be working with the community group/leader the FOI ruled against. Guilt by association made legal.


*     In an age where creating an environmental committee is seen as responsible government,

       our City has disbanded ours. One issue that this politician personal interfered with, was at a public meeting

       of this environmental committee. This kept important facts from being presented, so they could be investigated

       and kept off the public record. These facts relate to the draining of the Provincially Significant Wetlands

       towards the C.N. rail tracks and public concerns about safety.


*     Evidence has been discovered to show a secret security program was set up by the City to target a community leader

       and to end the disagreement and involvement of taxpayers in their local government decision making process.


*     This elected official is currently before the courts in a $20 million dollar lawsuit.

       It is alleged that they used their "power" or "political interference" to "unfair and unlawful interference"

       with a land deal between the Province and a developer.

        Given what is known about this politician it is shocking that they would be even considered for the Order of Canada and it raises very serious questions. Has this elected official deceived the Governor General’s Office regarding their background and was it appropriate to even consider them for the honour of being a member of the Order of Canada?

    Has this person declared that they are currently before the courts on a very serious matter to the advisory council that reviews nominations for the Order of Canada, chaired by the Chief Justice of Canada? Did they in fact fail to provide the important information that any reasonable and honest person would know the committee would want to know?

- 3 -

    In other words, if a person was found guilty of the charges made in the lawsuit would such a finding disqualify them from joining the Order of Canada (and it should)? If so, then why would the nominations committee award such a honour if it had full knowledge of the court case?

    Canadians suffer enough from corrupt & morally bankrupt politicians and their greed at all levels of Canadian government. How can we give awards to those who do such evil to innocent Canadians and our Democracy, with a clear conscience? How can we hold this politician up as being of suitable character to be a member of the Order of Canada given their known past and likelihood of worse to be discovered? This politician maybe a popular public figure but that should not stand in way of justice. This case should [+not] become the example of [+how] to get special treatment when it come to getting Canada’s highest and most honourable award. Dignity and respect must be maintained as the hallmark by both the Canada government regarding selection of the members of the Order of Canada and [-how the] ensuring members continue to be of the highest caliber & by Canadians at large in their acknowledgment this truly is Canada’s highest honour. That is not handed out like a prize in a box of Cracker Jacks to those with the right connections and financial resources. Given all the circumstances in this matter, how can Canadians have confidence in the Canadian government to deal impartiality and equitably with Canadians from all walks of life?

    In closing;

    Is this politician the best Canada has to offer? That is the question that is before both the Governor General and the Prime Minister. This should be done before more dubious information is found and the greater the Governor General’s and the Prime Minister shame for not taking action sooner.  I will keep the Prime Minister in the loop on this.  A written response is expected to this letter.

    Remember what the Order of Canada is about - "The Order of Canada recognizes people who have made a difference to our country. ... all Canadians are eligible for the Order of Canada, our country's highest honour for lifetime achievement.", it is hoped this means positive achievements. "The Order of Canada was established in 1967 to recognize outstanding achievement and service in various fields of human endeavour. ... The motto of the Order is Desiderantes meliorem patriam" –"They desire a better country.", the taxpayers who fund this honour system want the very best. The Order of Canada members should set an example of the strong moral character and virtuous spirit that all Canadians should aspire to. Considering the facts noted in this letter, this person is more suited to an example of who should not get the award!

Medal wearers are held up as those we should emulate, as the best Canada has to offer.

Given this politicians past and current legal problems,

how can honouring them be justified without calling into question,

all those who have already received the Order of Canada?


Serious consideration should also be given to making the selection of Order of Canada members

more public, to allow Canadians input regarding candidates.


This will be posted on my web-site (with the more political items), which is;


- 4 -


I am willing to discuss my letter with you and there is an answering machine you can leave a detailed private message on.

My phone number is (905) ***-**** & E-mail ****************.

 Please find enclosed;

1). A copy of the Nov. 17/05 letter to the Governor General. 18 pages.

2). A copy of the Jan. 3/06 letter to the Governor General. 21 pages.

Sincerely yours;    Donald Barber

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