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- 2009 -
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!! A Mississauga Democratic Tradition Lost !!

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Scanned & retyped copy, if there are errors, please e-mail me with corrections:
Opening comments:  More at the end.

    This was faxed out to Governor General's Office on Nov. 17/05, a day before Hazel McCallion was given the Order of Canada medal, Nov. 18.
Two copies were faxed to 2 separate fax.#s in the morning around 9:30 and
in the afternoon around 4:45, to two separate and new fax.#s.
Four in total at my cost to try and make sure a horrible mistake was not made.
The Governor General's Office was called and they noted the letters were received and were being passed around in order to form an opinion.

So, it is only reasonable to say the Governor General knew she was giving the Order of Canada to a politician who has been found guilty of Conflict of Interest and all the other items noted in this letter.

Sorry page numbers are off but that is the way the original letter went out as

Main sections;

A formal request for delay in Hazel’s McCallion’s investiture and review of the decision to name her a member of the Order of Canada.

Hazel McCallion is currently before the courts in a $20 million dollar lawsuit.

Found to have committed Conflict of Interest, while Mayor - quotes regarding the appeal court case.

Hazel McCallion a  DEVELOPER  and her family’s business/land deals.

The Mayor’s business partners.

Interesting Land deals.

Is Hazel McCallion a racist?

How does the Mayor of Mississauga support the art

Hazel McCallion regarded as the Queen of Sprawl.

Should the Order of Canada go to a person who rightfully could be called mean spirited?

How Hazel McCallion and her City staff have attacked and undermined Democracy not just in Mississauga but by way of rulings,
all of Ontario and potentially the rest of Canada.

Unlawfully shutting down Freedom Of  Information (FOI) requests.

A giant environmental step backwards.

The evidence that under Hazel McCallion’s leadership a secret security program to end community involvement was implemented,
 in The Culham Brief. 

Also in regards to ending Democratic processes;

The lack of news coverage has created the Hazel McCallion problem.

In Closing;

Hazel McCallion's
of  it !!!

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Hazel McCallion
should not be made a member of the
Order of Canada.

ATTN:    Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean
                 -  The Governor General.
ATTN:    Curtis Barlow, Deputy Secretary.
 Rideau Hall
1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ont.,  K1A 0A1

RE:    A formal request for delay in Hazel’s McCallion’s investiture and review of the decision to name her a member of the Order of Canada.

Dear Governor General;                                                                                                                                                        Nov. 17, 2005

    Given what is known about the Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, it is shocking that she would be even considered for the Order of Canada and it raises very serious questions.  Has Hazel McCallion deceived the Governor General’s Office regarding her background and if it would be appropriate for her to be currently be considered for such an honour?  Has Hazel McCallion declared that she is currently before the courts on a very serious matter to the advisory council that reviews nominations for the Order of Canada, chaired by the Chief Justice of Canada?  Did she fail to provide the important information that any reasonable and honest person would know the committee would want to know?  In other words, if a person was found guilty of the charges made in the lawsuit would such a finding disqualify them from joining the Order of Canada (and it should)?  If so, then why would nominations committee award such a honour if it had full knowledge of the court case? 

    How will Canadians react if Hazel McCallion is found to be guilty, as it is alleged, in the $20 million dollar lawsuit that names her as a key player!  From what I know about this lawsuit, it is very likely.  The evidence in her Conflict of Interest trial, in which she was found guilty, leads me to seeing history repeating itself.   She should not receive the Order of Canada till these very serious questions are settled.

    “The Order of Canada recognizes people who have made a difference to our country. ... all Canadians are eligible for the Order of Canada, our country's highest honour for lifetime achievement.”, it is hoped this means positive achievements.  “The Order of Canada was established in 1967 to recognize outstanding achievement and service in various fields of human endeavour. ... The motto of the Order is Desiderantes meliorem patriam” –“They desire a better country.”, the taxpayers who fund this honour system want the best.  And the Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, The Governor General, notes -  “ I am convinced that Canada will continue to accomplish great things if we work together for a better quality of life”, which is why I am speaking up now.  The Order of Canada members should set an example of the strong moral character and virtuous spirit that all Canadians should aspire to.  Considering the limited facts noted in this letter, Hazel McCallion is more suited to an example of who should not get the award.

- 1 -  
- 2 -

    Rideau Hall should take its responsibility to Canadians very seriously in upholding the highest standards when giving out its awards to politicians, especially so soon after Remembrance Day.  How would giving the Order of Canada to a brutal politician with a history of known, highly questionable or corrupt practices and on trial for being in a “conspiracy” to use "political interference" to “unfair and unlawful interference” with a lawful commerce and commit a “breach of contract”, honour the brave men and women who gave their lives so we would have a chance at a proud Democracy?

    Have Canadians not suffered enough from corrupt politicians and their greed at all levels of Canadian  government?  How can we give awards to those who do evil to innocent Canadians and our Democracy, with a clear conscience?   This letter is just a short list of reasons why Hazel McCallion should not receive the Order of Canada, more will soon be published.  Please do not embarrass Canada further with more political scandal.  Giving the Mayor of Mississauga an Order of Canada sends the wrong message.  Do not mar your first presentation to Order of Canada members with an award to one so unsuited for this honour.  Not only will it sully the Order of Canada but it will empower the Mayor to think she can get away with anything.  On the video tape enclosed, she is clearly heard to say there is a”coup“ out to get her, so there are questions as to her mental state and giving her this award could further egg her on to commit more unjust actions.  Please reconsider.

Hazel McCallion is currently before the courts in a $20 million dollar lawsuit.

    "Developer alleges Mayor McCallion affected land deal".  The $20 million law-suite claims in part that Hazel McCallion used "her power" or
"political interference", "to induce Ontario Realty not to sell" land it owned.  Ontario Realty Corp., is a Provincial agency and this complaint is very similar to the complaints I have been making that Mississauga's Mayor has been using her political power and influence to interfere with Provincial processes like Freedom Of Information Appeals and an OMB Appeal.

    There has been a number of claims, defenses etc., filed so only parts are quoted here.  There are more on web-site and of course the courts files.  This case is not going away and is set to explode in Hazel McCallion’s face as well as, the Ontario government’s.  Discoveries have been done, revised versions of events and claims will soon be coming out.  Even still what is in the file shows that the two main parties, Hazel McCallion and Ontario Realty Corp have different stories as to what happened.  More details about meetings are coming out suggesting a very strong case against the Mayor.

Court File No. 03-CV-254315 CM1, at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice between A. Mantella & Sons Ltd., and the City of Mississauga (Hazel McCallion), Ontario Realty Corp. and Dixie Ford Sales ltd.

The following a quotes from the file;

“18.       Between October 28 and November 15, 2002, the Defendants, the City of Mississauga and Dixie Ford conspired and combined among themselves to induce ORC to breach the terms of the Invitation to Tender and to otherwise interfere with the Plaintiff's economic interests by causing the ORC to breach the terms of the Invitation to Tender.

- 3 -

The City of Mississauga and Dixie Ford committed the following acts in pursuance of the said conspiracy:
(a)        the City of Mississauga and Dixie Ford were both aware:
     i)     of the Invitation to Tender submitted by ORC to the Plaintiff and/ or,
    ii)      that the Plaintiff had either a valid business relationship with ORC by virtue of the
             Invitation to Tender or a valid business expectancy that ORC would accept the Mantella's
            offer to purchase the Ministry Lands in accordance with the Guidelines and Procedures;
    iii)     the Defendants, Dixie Ford and Mississauga were aware of Mantella's valid business
            relationship with ORC or Mantella's valid business expectancy that it would have such
            business relationship if the Mantella offer to purchase the Ministry Lands represented the
            best offer to purchase the Ministry Lands, in accordance with the Guidelines and
(b)       through written and/ or oral communications, Ainsley Hogan ("Hogan"), on behalf of Dixie Ford
           communicated to Mayor Hazel McCallion (the "Mayor"), the Mayor of the City of Mississauga,
           enlisting the Mayor's assistance in using her power and influence to induce the ORC not to deal
          with the Plaintiff in accordance with the Invitation to Tender and to ensure that the Plaintiff not be
          permitted to purchase the Ministry Lands;
(c)      in pursuance of the Mayor's Communications with Hogan, the Mayor communicated either orally or
          in writing to Tony Miele, the President and Chief Executive Officer of ORC and did use her
          public authority and influence to induce ORC not to deal with the Plaintiff in accordance with the
          Invitation to  Tender (the oral and/or written communications between Hogen and the Mayor
          and as otherwise referred to in this paragraph shall collectively be referred to as the "Impugned
         Communications"). The Impugned Communications were intended to procure a breach of the
         contract between ORC and the Plaintiff;
(d)    the Impugned Communications did lead and/ or were a substantive contributing factor which led the
         ORC to reject the Mantella Offer in breach of the ORC's obligations under the Invitation to Tender;’
(e)     the actions of Dixie Ford and Mississauga aforesaid constitute the tort of inducing
         breach of contract and were an unfair and unlawful interference with Mantella's valid business
         expectancy or Mantella's valid business relationship with ORC;
(f)     the result of Dixie Ford's and Mississauga's unfair or unlawful conduct as aforesaid, was that ORC
        did not accept the Mantella Offer;
(g)    as a result of Dixie Ford and Mississauga having conspired to:
        i)    induce and having in fact induced ORC to breach its contract with the Plaintiff,
        ii)    wrongfully interfere with, and having in fact wrongfully interfered with, Mantella's valid
               business relationship with ORC;

    the Plaintiff has suffered damages that it estimates to be in the amount of $20,000,000,
    the particulars of such damages to be provided before trial.

18.        The Plaintiff has since learned that at the prompting of Dixie Ford, Mayor Hazel McCallion, of
             Mississauga did strongly object to the sale of the Ministry Lands to Mantella and did induce the
             ORC to breach the Invitation to Tender.


- 4 -

FRESH AS AMENDED STATEMENT OF DEFENCE - from the defendant, Ontario Realty Corporation.

76.       Tony Miele recalls only one brief conversation with Mayor McCallion concerning this matter on or about November 15, 2002, at which time the Mayor made very general inquiries concerning the status of the ORC lands. Mr. Miele believes that ORC had already decided not to accept the Mantella offer, before this call was received. Mayor McCallion made no attempt to in any way influence ORC's decision, nor were any of the Mayor's communications in any improper, No inducements of any kind were offered or requested.

From the City of Mississauga.

5.         On or about November 14, 2002 the Mayor was informed by Ainslie Hogan of the defendant
Dixie Ford Sales Ltd. ("Dixie Ford"), that the defendant ORC had invited bids for the sale of lands next to the Dixie Ford property (the "subject property").  Dixie Ford was interested in acquiring only a portion of the subject property which they had been leasing.  Mr. Hogan expressed concern as to the impact on their business if that portion of the subject property which Dixie Ford had been leasing were purchased and used by the plaintiff.

6.         In response to that inquiry, on or about November 15, 2002, the Mayor attempted to contact
Mr. Miele to make general inquiries with respect to the status of the subject property.  The Mayor has no clear recollection as to whether or not she spoke to Mr. Miele, the President and Chief Executive officer of ORC, at that time.  Neither the City nor the Mayor had any knowledge of a contract between the plaintiff and ORC (the existence of which contract is denied).


    It appears the Mayor is going to say she just doesn’t remember when others say they do.  This not likely to go well for her.  The Governor General should hold back on any honours for Hazel McCallion till this is all dealt with, if she knows what is best for the respect given to Order of Canada holders.

Found to have committed Conflict of Interest, while Mayor - quotes regarding the appeal court case.

    The property in question in this case was 1560 Britannia Rd. W., where the Mayor lived and later she got a subdivision approved for her lands, so you could now call the Hazel McCallion a developer.  This is  the same land that she is found to be in a Conflict of Interest over.  As it has been explained to me, when a person is taken to court to settle a question, such as in a Conflict of Interest case, not only is there a ruling but the loser has to pay the court costs.  In this case both happen to Hazel McCallion.  However, the judge went on to say it was just an error in judgment on the Mayor’s part.  She broke the law all the ways it could be broken and it was just an error?  Many question this ruling, so it was appealed and the outcome of that appeal is below.  The main point being, Hazel McCallion was still found to have committed Conflict of Interest and had to pay court costs.  In an effort to rewrite history, John Stewart of the Mississauga News in 2004, wrote “McCallion acquitted of conflict charge” when recapping the last 30 years of Mississauga.  I wrote to point out that was wrong and there was no reply.

- 5 -

    How do other knowledgeable people see this matter?
From the Mar.  5, 1983 - The Globe & Mail, Article - In the path of Hurricane Hazel.
"McCallion says Graham carries a grudge because "I defeated him on a major issue over some land between a property owner and a lawn bowling club, and he was very upset about it ... He doesn't take defeat too easily."  Graham says his motivation was a desire to protect Democratic processes "from, the McCallion’s and her breed." & "Graham took McCallion to court, a move that cost him $30,000 personally and McCallion says "appears to be a case of sour grapes.""  Act with high morals and the Mayor portrays you in a negative light.
Ron Searle -  "the judge found her guilty on four counts.  The people either didn't care or they didn't understand.  That's what infuriates me, when she can get up and make those statements of innocence virtually unchallenged."

    Underlining and bold type for emphasis added.

    From the opening synopsis in the Ontario Reports [ 39 O.R. (2d) ] that gives the facts of the case already decided and now being appealed in the
[HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE] - DIVISIONAL COURT, Graham vs. McCallion; “Finding of conflict of interest at relevant time”.

“she and her husband were and still are the owners of a five-acre parcel of land at 1560 Brittania Rd. W. They have owned this property since 1951 and reside in a house built on it. At the time of purchase a five-acre parcel was the minimum size lot which could be created in that particular location. The mayor recognized that she had a pecuniary interest in the matter under discussion by council.

“The mayor did not at first declare her conflict of interest. When Councillor Taylor, one of two members opposed to the selection in Resolution 595, asked the mover and seconder for an explanation of the resolution, the mayor said that she did not consider it necessary.
“The solicitor expressed his opposition to the release of districts for processing before the legislation was enacted.” - The City lawyer.

“The award of costs on the Supreme Court scale had been made against the respondent to emphasize the strict standards required by the Act; because she failed to admit to facts and thereby lengthened the proceedings; because she contested throughout the hearing a finding of conflict of interest which the trial judge said "was the only finding that could be made"; because she breached the Act in all four of the 4 -- ways in which the Act could be breached.

“We agree with the trial judge that Mayor McCallion should be required to pay the costs of the hearing before him but in our view, and for the reasons given, he erred in principle in the exercise of his discretion in awarding costs on the Supreme Court scale.”

“We therefore allow the cross-appeal by Mayor McCallion on the question of costs only and reduce those costs to the scale of the County Court.”

She still had to pay for the Hearing and be considered to have committed “conflict of interest”.

- 6 -

Hazel McCallion a  DEVELOPER  and her family’s business/land deals.

    More and more is being found out about how the McCallion’s do business and as there are so many documents to support the following you will have to go to the web-pages that notes them.

 The Mayor was a developer while sitting as the Mayor on Mississauga City Council. 

    The husband & wife team of the McCallions' and the Randles' (the 4 of them), made up the Board of Directors for Macran Associates Limited, incorporated Mar. 14 1974.  In Macran's Articles of Incorporation, its "objects" notes many things but most notable are - "subdivide real estate properties.". etc.  Also interesting Mr. Randles had a "real estate broker's licence".   From Mar. 14 1974 to Feb.18 1985, Macran existed.  For over 10 years and the majority of Mr. Randles stay on Mississauga's committee of adjustment, he was a business partner with the McCallions'.

July 1982, Hazel found to have violated the Conflict of Interest Act in all four ways it can be violated.

At some point the land was put into "Willson MacTavish "In Trust"" and at some point taken out so it could  go into the numbered company or maybe there never was a trust.  The nature of this trust is a real mystery to us.  Hazel's property is presented to both the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel, Planning Dept.'s  as "Willson MacTavish "In Trust"" during the subdivision approval process.  At the City of Mississauga, when this came before General Committee and Council she did declare a conflict of interest.   Our Mayor did the same when she sat on Peel Council regarding this item.

She went to some effort  to hide the true ownership from the government and the public.  Is it because she didn't want to called a developer (As she went to the trouble of getting a subdivision approved on her property while she still owned it )?   When I start to present the facts concerning another company she has been involved with, Macran, the connection between the Mayor and development becomes very clear.

28 Feb. 1985, Region of Peel Council passes By-law 85-106-15, subdivision draft approval for her land.

18 July 1986, 675352 Ontario Limited is created by Barry D. Lipson. Files a From 1, Corporations information Act, listing himself as sole director and officer for this Corp.

15 Aug. 1986, Hazel Mary Muriel Journeaux & Samuel R. McCallion, transfer 1560 Britannia Rd. W., to 675352 Ont. Ltd., for $00.00. 

28 Jan. 1988, 675352 Ont. Ltd. - Barry Lipson is removed from Corp, Hazel is now the President, Sam McCallion is Treasurer & Secretary. 
17 Mar. 1988, 675352 Ont. Ltd. - Transfer of 1560 Britannia Rd. W., to Tradmor Inves. Ltd.  Date of form, 24 Feb. 1988, for $875,000.

22 Oct. 1990, 675352 Ont. Ltd.  - Order & Notice of Dissolution  -  Canceled by Tax Dept.

Jan. 24/89, Subdivision finial approval  -   Sale of finished homes, late 91 to 92.

- 7 -

The Mayor’s business partners.

    Allan Randles was also a business partner of the Mayor and sat on the Committee of Adjustment that deals with minor variances to City zoning By-laws.  When the matter of whether Hazel knew ""Mr. Randalls," whether "Randalls" was a Macran director, whether Macran has Mississauga property and whether she owned property outside Mississauga?  Her lawyer, J.L. Finally, instructed her not to answer."

Interesting Land deals.

    Macran and Peter McCallion were involved in an interesting sale of a property in which "The price had increased $132,900 in seven months".  People can make a lot of money in boom towns like Mississauga but those people are not supposed to be its elected officials or their friends and family!  Cronyizm and patronage are terms I hear often when talking to insiders about how Mississauga is run.

Is Hazel McCallion a racist?

    Some of the comments (found in the National Post, May 15/01), Hazel McCallion has made that many called  “racist” which lead to a mass protest and hunger strike in front of Mississauga City hall;  "We let [sponsored immigrants and refugees] in and they get their teeth fixed at our expense," she said. "They get free drugs.”; "If you go to the Credit Valley Hospital the emergency is loaded with people in their native costumes. A couple will come here as immigrants and each bring over their parents. Now you have four people who never contributed a nickel toward our medical system using it at an age when they will cost everyone a great deal of money. No wonder we have to worry about our medical system looking after everyone," she said.”; "I went after [Immigration Minister Elinor] Caplin. I said 'we need skilled workers and we're not getting them.' Look at what you're doing to this country."

    The Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants Press Release (Aug. 5/01), responded with these quotes; “Mississauga's Mayor Hazel McCallion made ignorant and racist statements targeting immigrants and refugees ....  McCallion's comments depict immigrants and refugees as cheaters abusing Canada's social system and as unproductive and unskilled members of society.  McCallion has it wrong!”; “McCallion is fueling racist and xenophobic sentiments that exist in the minds of many employers.”; “It is shocking that a public official whose constituency has over 40% immigrants would make remarks that support bigoted views and that foster hatred.

    At the protest, the Mayor was recorded saying "Your are not getting an apology!" and her sound bite is on my web-site.  How diplomatic and an example of good multi-cultural leadership is that?

How does the Mayor of Mississauga support the art

    This quote from by Amy Doolittle, one of Mississauga's most qualified and active arts managers, artists and administrators, sums up the culture of Mississauga - “Mayor McCallion has proudly stated that she runs Mississauga's finances like her own household.  I say she is a wealthy and miserly matriarch. The city's cultural development has been paralyzed by her limited cultural vision and she governs by fear, intimidation and threat.”

- 8 -

Hazel McCallion regarded as the Queen of Sprawl.

    The Mayor of Mississauga acknowledges that she has earned the title the Queen of Sprawl and the sound bite of her saying so is on my web-site.  It is clearly established that urban sprawl kills people - it rips the lungs from our children - it creates life long health problems for all of us.

Should the Order of Canada go to a person who rightfully could be called mean spirited?

    Hazel McCallion or the "the Mississauga Rattler" has for most of her political career been called confrontational or more politely “feisty”.   However, it still points to the same thing, she is not a wise or caring leader who will try to deal with issues in a reasonable manner, in fact she is more likely to abuse her power and position by attacking the Canadians who come before her.  There are so very many examples but here are just a few.

From Toronto Star, May 4, 2005.
“Hazel McCallion has been called Hurricane Hazel, the queen of sprawl and a feisty fighter.”
“... the mayors of two neighbouring cities added a few more names to the list: schoolyard bully and intimidator.”
“This increasingly personal fight is over provincial legislation to restructure Peel Region's council.”
“"(McCallion) is acting like a schoolyard bully who has to get their own way or else they're going to take all their marbles and leave," Morrison said.”

From the Toronto Life May 2000 article, Her Town, Her Rules.
“the Mississauga Rattler."
"A real pistol, they say, making her sound like the Ma Barker of municipal politics."
“Then there's this Hazel: a nasty, brutish autocrat who rules supremely over a supine council."
"It's kind of like the bruises you -- get ... when someone punches you with a telephone book," says Clement of McCallion's style.  "You don't see the outside bruises, but there's internal organ damage."  "There was, too, that proposed widening of Britannia Road, an issue that came before regional council.  Mahoney was for, McCallion against.  Mahoney won.   Retribution?   "She turned to me afterward and said, "I'll get you for this,"" says Mahoney.   "That had me shaking for a few days .... I don't know whether Hazel or myself want this to be made public." 
"then chips the puck back to McCallion.  She's got a clear shot.  Right from the blue line.  Surely she keeps in mind the rules of engagement -- no contact, no slapshots -- as she winds up and shoots the puck at about the altitude of Starr's ear.  He drops his gloves and starts protesting, and Dubs McCallion begins to skate a victory lap around the goal, even though she didn't score.  And she's raising her stick above her little toqued head as Starr screams: "Hazel, don't you know the rules?"  To which the mayor says, "Ron, I make my own rules."  And that, says Frank Bean, long retired from politics, is the way Hazel McCallion is to this day."   She acted like she did something great, so it appears she likes to hurt people if given the chance and can reasonably get away with it.

From the Mar. 5, 1983, The Globe & Mail, article - In the path of Hurricane Hazel.
"She thrives on confrontation"  &  "Confrontation may have put McCallion in the mayor's chair,"
"intellectually dishonest"
"Sometimes caustic, always outspoken, rough-edged"

- 9 -

"She was seen as: the feisty fighter, ...she's an attacker, very aggressive, not afraid to take on anyone, quite often unjustly,"
“when she's in front of people, she's very nice and smiling and, when she's behind them, it's another matter."  In other words two faced.
"McCallion occasionally has had to face the results of her shoot-'em-up politics.   "She has enemies which she's developed over the years," Mahoney say, "because, to put it bluntly, she has annihilated a few people in her rise to the centre chair."  McCallion's path is littered with bitter ex-associates and adversaries who toss off accusations of unbridled ambition, an ability to play the press and public and a voracious capacity for revenge."

How Hazel McCallion and her City staff have attacked and undermined Democracy not just in Mississauga but by way of rulings, all of Ontario and potentially the rest of Canada.

The City of Mississauga refused to recognize and deal with a lawfully created Ratepayers’ group, claiming that it could disagree with the City.  Seen as an effort to limit community groups that oppose the City’s environmental plans.  From the July 2, 1999, letter by Susan Amring Director, Communications (below quotes), regarding our application to be recognized by the City as a Ratepayers group.  Efforts to explain that City policy was being grandly misinterpreted were not successful.  In cases where City staff have improperly dealt with me or community efforts to exercise our Democratic rights or failed to provide proper service, I will often stand before City Council and bring the matter to the Mayor’s attention or by way of letter.  Ensuring she is very well aware of what is taking place and giving her the chance to take more appropriate action.

“We have reviewed your application under the City's Volunteer Group Liaison policy. Unfortunately, we cannot grant your association affiliate status with the City of Mississauga at this time.”

“Since Council will be considering the matter of the Cawthra Woods at General Committee on July 7 and Council on July 14, it is premature to determine if your association's goals comply with the policy.”

“The policy notes, 'groups whose primary purposes, goals and objectives are in opposition to, or in conflict with, the goals and objectives of the City of Mississauga as disclosed and demonstrated by its decisions, actions, plans, bylaws, policies, programs or otherwise, are not eligible for assistance under this program.'”   In Hazel’s town it does not matter how you win, just as long as you win.

Unlawfully shutting down Freedom Of  Information (FOI) requests.

    At a meeting held July 19, 1994, Hazel McCallion acting as the Mayor of Mississauga, was tape recorded ordering the City’s Freedom Of  Information Co-ordinator to stop processing FOI requests that were aimed at trying to save a local forest.  The Mayor promised the City would "not be providing you with the information, that you are requesting", this quote is on my web-site as a sound bite.  As the Mayor would not provide her decision in writing (there is other evidence to show proof of their actions), it should be seen as a deliberate effort to avoid legal recourse and cover-up her actions. This also violated City By-law 53-91, that should have removed the Mayor from being involved in FOI requests. 

- 10 -

I am not the only person who has complained the City does not provide records as it should and these examples are just the tip of the (Hazel), iceberg that has been sinking local Democracy for years.

    Hazel McCallion goes on to say “I would ask not contact the staff at City Hall and you contact the Mayors office and I will be in touch with the staff, if I see fit, that the requests you are making is reasonable and acceptable to me as Mayor.”  Information and Privacy Commissioner's Investigation, I95-091M (compliance), found that City FOI staff had violated the privacy section of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, by improperly providing my personal information/FOI requests to the Mayor.  I94-045M was similar finding against City staff.

    To keep the Mayor’s promise of not providing records, City staff went on to create a case for a FOI Appeal ruling that is so unreasonable that a legitimate political party, the Green Party, is unable to use the FOI Act to get City of Mississauga records to aid the community effort to save the Cawthra Bush, as all the City need say is the Green Party could be working with The Friends of the Cawthra Bush.  Guilt by association made legal under Hazel’s rule.  These unfair FOI rulings set a legal precedence Ontario wide.

A giant environmental step backwards.

    In a time where most Cities, large or small are creating environmental committees to interact with its operations, the City of Mississauga has apparently got rid of its.  The Mayor sat in Council chambers and wrongly blamed me for that.

    Also, at the Nov 29/99 Urban Forest Management Advisory Committee (UFMAC), meeting, on the video tape, the Mayor can be heard giving directions to keep important facts from being investigated and off the public record.  These facts relate to the draining of the Cawthra Wetlands towards the C.N. tracks to the south and should have been of great concern to any impartial elected official.  Once she has spoken others make sure, like Councillor David Culham, that her will is carried out.  The video tape also shows the volume of water flowing, more details about this are in The Culham Brief, on my Cawthra Bush web-site.

The evidence that under Hazel McCallion’s leadership a secret security program to end community involvement was implemented, in The Culham Brief. 

    Using the quotes from a City memo it was a "security program", so no doubt about it.  To be "without any documentation" or secret.  The purpose of this secret security program is to create a history to "inform the public and the press" or publicly frame or to defame a community leader who opposes the City.  Also, that the City should "organize a citizen group as an alternative to Mr. Barber's ... "Friends of the Cawthra Bush"" or eliminate an existing community group and create a City friendly one. 

Also in regards to ending Democratic processes;

From the Mar. 5, 1983, The Globe & Mail, article - In the path of Hurricane Hazel.
"What happened is that every Monday council would have a nice little closed caucus meeting in a room across from the council chamber, where they would make all the decisions.  Then they would traipse across the hall and let in the press and public".

- 11 -

"things are surprisingly sedate on the battlefield of Mississauga politics.  "One thing I'm proud to have established as mayor is that the confrontational politics in Mississauga has gone from the council itself," says the Mayor.  "Those people whom I have defeated and who don't like my open, straightforward approach to things, they'll never go away, I guess.  But we've eliminated confrontation at the council level during my four years as mayor.  Councillors consult with each other, they don't hold grudges." ... "Others consider the decorum at City Hall eerie.  "There's purge of all open debate,", the Mayor is noted as ruling by way of  “fear, intimidation and threat.”  Very few are willing to speak out against her.

From the Toronto Life May 2000 article, Her Town, Her Rules.
"She's put this cast on her council, this pall," says Howard Moscoe.  "They're sort of clones.  They walk and breathe like Hazel ....  In the minds of the public, for the most part, council doesn't exist .... Hazel determines how it is.  Hazel's the closest thing to divine right in this province that I've seen."

The lack of news coverage has created the Hazel McCallion problem.

    From the web-site for “Mayor's Charity Golf - Committee”, “Chair, Ron Lenyk, The Mississauga News”.  His newspaper called Hazel McCallion a Saint just before an election and bought the McCallion newspaper soon after.  More importantly, the newspaper at which he is the publisher will not report significant or negative stories about the Mayor; like it was found that Hazel McCallion  is a developer (which I discovered); that she declared in City Council that there was a “coup” out to get her!  Democracy can not work when the truth is hidden by those who see their personal relationships with politicians are more important than the public good - this was clearly pointed out in the letter from Conrad Black it the best example "Mr. Black's relations with Mayor McCallion have always been perfectly civil and although your story is "unique" the proposal in not one which Mr. Black would be interested in pursuing."

In Closing;
"McCallion is not at all shy about advancing her own legend."
 "Some equate McCallion's populist politics with opportunism."

From the Mar. 5, 1983 - The Globe & Mail, Article - In the path of Hurricane Hazel.

It appears that Hazel McCallion’s lust for honours has kept her from acting honourable.

    On hearing that Hazel McCallion was going to get a Order of Canada I knew someone had to be brave enough to address this matter to the Governor General so a very serious mistake was not made.  This is to go on the record while there is still time to.  As the Governor General office deals with these matters largely in secret, the date she would be receiving the medal was only made public earlier this week, so this makes it very hard to address this in a timely fashion, for a busy person.
    Given the facts presented in this letter and other supporting documents Hazel McCallion should not be seen as a desirable candidate for the Order of Canada and at the very least she should not receive the award till all the questions around her nomination and her response to it have been settled.  It is asked that the public be informed of any review and asked to be fully involved.

- 13 -

That the Mayor of Mississauga present a list of all the court cases she and her family have been involved in; that a list of all the companies and business that she and her family have been significantly involved in be presented; that this information should be made public.  She should be asked for a full disclosure of items that could be embarrassing to the Governor General and other Order of Canada holders.  “All Canadians are eligible for the Order of Canada, with the exception of federal and provincial politicians and judges while in office.”, the list needs to be extended to the municipal level.  That any politician, past or present needs a closer review to ensure quality candidates for the Order of Canada.  Revocation should even be considered in this case, if relevant facts were withheld.

    This matter also raises very serious questions as to how bad a person has to be before they are disqualified.  Does the Order of Canada membership nomination committee have guidelines for how many findings of guilt in a court or convictions or acts of evil, are too many?  Maybe they would share this with us. The reason I ask is that I wonder how this could have happened.  How easy is it for an inappropriate person to get an Order of Canada?  Has the Order of Canada, over time, become like so many other institutions, corrupt?

    I can understand that a decision made by the last Governor General to give the Mayor a medal was suppose to slip by the new Governor General with little scrutiny but in a Democracy the public is involved and citizens duty to speak up, to keep the government honest.  In general the process for deciding who gets an Order of Canada needs to be more public or the presentation to wholly unsuitable candidates will keep going on.  This will keep it from becoming used too often by the insiders or the clique to gain awards they have not truly earned.

    There is too much to send (many items not noted or posted on web-site yet), and not enough personal time right now.  So if having quality members in the Order of Canada is an important issue for the Governor General, then make it known that this matter is being reviewed and invite the public to make submissions.

Medal wearers are held up as those we should emulate, as the best Canada has to offer.
Given Hazel McCallion’s past and current legal problems,
how can honouring her be justified without calling into question,
all those who have already received the Order of Canada?

This will be posted on my web-site with the more political items at;

    I am willing to discuss my letter with you and there is an answering machine you can leave a detailed private message on.   My phone number is (905) ***-**** & E-mail ******************. 

Please find enclosed;
1).    A copy of 4 pages from A. Mantella & Sons, Amended Statement of Claim.
2).    The first and last page from the Ontario Reports that deals with the appeal noted.
3).    The video tape with - Hazel & coup Mar. 29/00 - from the Rogers Cable 10 broadcast.
    - The water being measured that the watermain trench is draining.
    - Nov 29/99 UFMAC meeting.

Sincerely yours

Donald Barber, ***********************************
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