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Opening comments:  More at the end.

    When you see that are being framed at least ask some intelligent questions and hope they will catch on they will end up a laughing stock, sooner than later.

    However, falsehoods have been used in Court by the Crown, noted below, in red.


Peel Regional police
22 Division - Head Quarters
ATTN: Chief Metcalf
7750 Hurontario Street, Brampton, Ont,    L6V 3W6

RE:         Question about Peel police INTELL that has the quality of bar room gossip.

Dear Sir:                                                                                                                                                     Sept. 11, 2006

    Having reviewed the shocking Peel police records just received there are questions that must be asked and I do request a written response.

    I can understand that Peel police would think it a political savvy or prudent for the Peel police to regard me as a nobody that the Peel police could easily victimize (by way of false charges & entrapment that endanger not only my safety & life but those who also support the community's causes), a person without political or media friends strong enough to make the public aware of how unjust your actions are and a person without the money to buy justice in Canadian courts. Also given the fact, that the Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion, is more than just a little intimidating and unwise to disagree with her wishes or political goals. Especially, when there is more to be gained with such a political alliance. However, Democracy and law requires the Peel police not be bias or prejudice in its law enforcement, as that defeats justice.

    At the least it is a clear failure of Peel police intelligence or intell at Peel police Head Quarters that needs these questions to be answered;

1).     How is it that I have representing the community and its Democratic Rights for 12 years now and the Peel police is either unaware of that fact or does not wish to note it?

    The Mayor of Mississauga and other politicians in City hall have taken the position or profiled me as a lone individual with no community support, in order to not deal with the issues and concerns that I have presented to them. To do this they (and apparently the Peel police are joined at the Mayor's hip in), ignored the public meetings at which votes were taken for me to represent the community, the hundreds if not thousands of petitions/letters forwarded to the City, over the year, by our groups the Friends of the Cawthra Bush & Greater Mississauga Area (FCB) and the Cawthra Ratepayers' & Residents' Association (CRRA). That the Peel police do not refer to. No reference to the school classes I have taught or benefit to the community/City or science because of my efforts. No reference to public meetings that City staff have attended or City meetings where the FCB have been asked to attend and put up a display. That political leaders like Frank de Jong the Leader of the Green Party of Ontario, who have supported our efforts and noted on our web-site -

- 1 -

- 2 -

2).     Why have the Peel police not questioned or considered that they are being used as a political weapon by politicians for their own gain and so can they avoid doing their jobs?

    I see no evidence in the Peel police TREAT ASSESSMENT that they considered if they were being used as BULLY BOYS by local politicians and were in fact undermining Canadian Democracy because of their actions & the way investigations were done.

3).     How can such false statements like the following become what the Peel police believe to be true - is it because the Peel police know they can never be held accountable for their errors in Homeland Security intell so long as the victim is poor, who is also targeted by a local senior politician who thinks there is a "coup" out to get her?

"Donald Barber is a Mississauga resident who claims to be an ecological activist. [1] He has over the years caused difficulties at Council meetings, [2] and lately, presented the Mayor with a package in Council Chambers, which contained a bottle of Sherry (following her recent motor vehicle accident) [3] He had also set up a storefront recently which was offensive towards the mayor. [4] Barber himself unsucessfully ran for Mayor in 2000. [5]"

[1] - I am a Democratic activist, who happens to be dealing with environmental issues and that has been clearly noted many times as the state goal of the FCB & CRRA - to ensure knowledgeable and meaningful participation in their government.

[2] - Have represented community concerns and asked questions politicians did not want to hear, during Public Question Period, which Mississauga City Council ended without warning, to entrap me.

[3] - It was given to Hazel McCallion before she totaled her car and it was done to show I had found a witness who says she has been a drunk driver. This false and misleading statement was also noted at my bail hearing by the Crown as well.

[4] - The claim I set up the store window shows how paranoid things have become in Mississauga and Peel police, that they try to blame a person they hope to frame with all that the Mayor finds "offensive".

[5] - I have run 3 times for Mayor before 2006, and once I showed up on the campaign trail the Mayor left as I would detail all the questionable, unjust, wrong deeds she has done, clearly she wanted me gone.

And this is just from 1 E-mail!

I am willing to discuss this matter with you and there is an answering machine you can leave a detailed private message on. My phone number is (905) ***-**** & E-mail *****************.

cc. Media.

Sincerely yours;


Donald Barber - Editor - Candidate for Mayor of Mississauga 2006.

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