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Scanned, recopied or Internet copy, if there are errors, please e-mail me with corrections:

Opening comments:  More at the end.
    This complaint is also good insight into how the Peel police operate if you read carefully.

    This complaint was began within the 6 month I have to file and I noted at that time details were to follow, a method I have used in the past to keep alive the complaint process when filing a complete complaint within the 6 months did not occur for a number of reasons.

    The wording in these E-mails also show the level of paranoia in their minds, if we were to act as they do we would be told that was crazy but as the Peel police such reasonable limits do not apply.

    Added bonus - the E-mail that notes how the Peel police were hoping to arrest me

Peel Regional police
ATTN: Peel Regional police - Public Complaints Bureau.
7750 Hurontario Street,
Brampton. Ont. L6V 3W6

RE: Complaint against Constable Rob Stepan.# 2147, Division/Platoon 12 B., process began Dec. 7/06.

Dear Sirs:                                                                  May 31, 2007

    On June 7th., 2006 I was falsely arrested for Cause Disturbance and Assault X2 by the Peel police resulting from statements made City of Mississauga security guards.  The officer to pull me over was Constable Rob Stepan.# 2147.  He was made aware that the matter was a political one, that no crime had taken place, that I was set-up because I was a community leader who opposed the Mayor and he failed to full and properly Investigate.  Given the fact this is a political matter and his refusal to Investigate and/or Neglect of Duty, is totally unacceptable and shows bias conduct in favor of the City of Mississauga and its politicians - his actions should also be seen as a Political activity as they took place in an election year when I ran against Hazel McCallion.  As the creditably of the Peel police was at stake, that there were video tapes that could easily be viewed, no physical evidence to support the charges and there was no pressing need to arrest me - he nonetheless needlessly rushed the matter, no doubt to show the Mayor, Hazel McCallion and other City politicians that the Peel police are tough on taxpayers who think they have Charter Rights and Freedoms.  The fact that the Crown has already dropped the Cause Disturbance charge proves the point it should never have been laid in the first place and as the claim of Cause Disturbance was used by the City security to justify their forcing me out of City hall, this makes those actions unlawful as well.

    Further more, by law only the Mayor of a City can “expel any person for improper conduct at a meeting. ”, the officers rash actions meant that this was not discovered, in spite of me stating the Mayor had no problem with my addressing Council - Therefore security should not have.

- 1 -         ....2

    After leaving City hall I was pulled over by Constable Rob Stepan under the false pretext of a traffic investigation when in fact he noted to me he was only holding me till Peel police could figure out what to charge me with.  An Unnecessary Exercise of Authority or abuse of authority and Discreditable Conduct on his part and bias towards the City’s politicians.

    In the police car after being arrested Constable Rob Stepan conducted himself in a Discreditable fashion by carrying on as if he had just had some kind deeply pleasurable experience when he noted what was on the computer screen in his cop car.  It noted I had been arrested for assaulting a police officer in the past.  Again, a totally false charge and it was withdrawn so we all know it was false.

    Also on his computer screen it was noted that I was well know to the Mayor but not why.  I had run for the Mayor’s chair 3 times in the past and was a community representative.  Peel police were using the one sided story that the City had supplied them, again failing to properly Investigate, to justify their unlawful actions/charges to eliminate the Charter Rights and Freedoms of those who opposed Mississauga politicians.  This is bias and political service in favour of the City and its politicians - which should also be seen as a Political activity.  And as they can be seen as granting a favor to City politicians and that favors are often returned, City politicians are in a position to grant the Peel police many favors they would not otherwise get from government, this matter then becomes a Corrupt Practice.

    At 12 Div., he wrongfully acted as the City’s agent by requiring me to sign their notice of trespass with the false promise (lied - Discreditable Conduct), of allowing me reasonable use of the phone to contact family and lawyer.  Further more, when it was pointed out that the notice and tickets were not provided to me upon release he displayed no sense of responsibility in the matter that he had started.  That without the noted documents it would be very hard to appeal them but it mattered not to him.  Yes, my problem and as I was not a fellow officer or someone in government who matter, it did not matter to him.  Not only is it Discreditable Conduct but as it means I was not able to deal with the trespass notice right away, bias service in favour of City, a Corrupt Practice.  As he knew I had not got been able to contact family and lawyer and did not properly Investigate a matter that denied me, my Charter Rights.

    His staking of me, attempt at false arrest and public insults. By way of a FOI request, 3 pages - enclosed, it was discovered that Peel police were monitoring my web-site and were conspiring to attend the June 13th., MCPJ event in Cooksville.  Never before had they harassed us or challenged our rights to have a public protest.  We have had many events in the past there and it is just 2 blocks from a community Peel police station but this time they marched in and collected personal information for no good reason.

- 3 -

    In the pictures provided Constable Rob Stepan.# 2147 can clearly be seen going after a group organizer to present his identification to harass and intimidate those gathered.  He can also been seen keeping a very close eye on me, in picture 1, if his eye could turn any more it would be looking out his ear.  In picture 4, officer.# 2147 comes after me, as there is no lawful reasons to do so he invents reasons to harass.  Something Peel police are very good at.  He demands to see a copy of my bail terms, stating he knows I must have them on my person or he will arrest me for not doing so.  No such terms exist and he should know so or investigate before publicly stating so.

    He then publicly insults me by saying he does not want to “baby sit” me.  Well given the way that Peel police are known to conduct themselves maybe I should have asked how many beers he has had.  The fact is, in general Peel police officer’s Discreditable Conduct - Unnecessary Exercise of Authority or abuse of authority/power is on going and shows me no sign ending, as example after example of other Peel police officers keep surfacing, showing that criminal behavior is second nature for them and that they fear no accountability from the public or government.  Why should they fear accountability from the likes of the Mayor Hazel McCallion when they have such a good & working relationship with her by way of their Corrupt Practices?  Not only was he trying to arrest me on false grounds but he was knowingly trying to deny me, my rights to be a part of a public protest and I did leave right afterwards.

    His actions are at least an offenses according to the below noted Acts, etc., and there are likely more reasons they are offensive;


Municipal Act, 2001 - S.O. 2001, Chapter 25


Municipal Organization and Administration

Role of head of council

225. It is the role of the head of council,

    (a) to act as chief executive officer of the municipality;

    (b) to preside over council meetings so that its business can be carried out efficiently and effectively;

Meetings - Meetings open to public

239. (1) Except as provided in this section, all meetings shall be open to the public. 2001, c. 25, s. 239 (1).

Head of council

241. (1) The head of council, except where otherwise provided, shall preside at all meetings of the council. 2001, c. 25, s. 241 (1).

Power to expel

(2) The head of council or other presiding officer may expel any person for improper conduct at a meeting. 2001, c. 25, s. 241 (2).

Police Services Act ONTARIO REGULATION 123/98 Amended to O. Reg. 82/00

14. (1) Any conduct described in the code of conduct, set out in the Schedule, constitutes misconduct for the purpose of section 74 of the Act.

(2) The code of conduct applies to municipal police forces and the Ontario Provincial Police. O. Reg. 123/98, s. 14.

[Also found in contained in most annotated versions of the Ontario Police Services Act. Regulation 927 of R.R.G. 1990 (page 159) ]


(a) DISCREDITABLE CONDUCT, in that he or she,

    (i) fails to treat or protect a person equally without discrimination with respect to police services because of that person's race, ancestry, place of
        origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, same-sex partnership status, family status or

    (x) contravenes any provision of the Act or the regulations, or

    (xi) acts in a disorderly manner or in a manner prejudicial to discipline or likely to bring discredit upon the reputation of the police force;

(c) NEGLECT OF DUTY, in that he or she,

    (i) without lawful excuse, neglects or omits promptly and diligently to perform a duty as a member of the police force,

    (ii) fails to comply with any provision of Ontario Regulation 673/98 (Conduct and Duties of Police Officers Respecting Investigations by the
         Special Investigations Unit),

(f) CORRUPT PRACTICE, in that he or she,

    (i) offers or takes a bribe,

    (iii) directly or indirectly solicits or receives a gratuity or present without the consent of the chief of police,

    (v) improperly uses his or her character and position as a member of the police force for private advantage;


    (ii) uses any unnecessary force against a prisoner or other person contacted in the execution of duty;

From the Police Services Act R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER P.15.

Political activity - 46. No municipal police officer shall engage in political activity, except as the regulations permit. R.S.O. 1990, c. P.15, s. 46.

His actions also violated the Peel Regional Police Statement of Mission and Values as noted below;

Peel Regional Police

Statement of Mission and Values


The Peel Regional Police strive to protect life and property under the law, with full respect for human dignity, and according to the highest standards of professional skill, integrity and accountability.

VALUES - In carrying out our mission, members shall:

*Protect human fife as the highest priority.

*Enforce laws and police society with respect for the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

*Perform their duties with the highest ethical standards.

*Pursue truth and justice with vigour.

*Share responsibility with the community for improving the quality of life.

*Create a professionally effective and satisfying police service.

*Seek excellence in each activity undertaken.

I, Donald Barber ____________________________ of the City of Mississauga and Region of Peel do solemnly declare that - the contains of this letter, a letter of complaint to the Peel police - is true and factual. {it was done}

I am willing to discuss my letter with you and there is an answering machine you can leave a detailed private message on.  My phone number is (905) ***-**** & E-mail.

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Donald Barber - Editor - Candidate for Mayor 1994, 1997, 2000 and 2006.

These are the Peel Police E-mails that note their plans to stalk me and later to be conformational in hopes of provoking a fight with me to arrest me again in further efforts to destroy my legal rights and service Hazel McCallion's coven.  The E-mails have to read backwards from the top.

The wording in these E-mails also show the level of paranoia in their minds, their desire to frame me any way they can.  If we were to act as they do we would be told that was crazy but as the Peel police such reasonable limits do not apply.  Starting at the top, there is the cover-up, calls a public protest a "non-event" so no report to cover-up the fact they chased me from the event by way of threats to my person!  Always interesting to see how bureaucratic mind works and learn how to read between the lines.  Next it does not state that I am accused but makes it sound like they have already judged me and found me guilty to their satisfaction!  "Revolution Square", is the term the other members of the Mississauga Coalition for Peace & Justice have given to intersection of Huron & Dundas streets but they talk like I am responsible for everything.  They then to go on to suggest there could be "violence" because of "local leaders" - translation lets get Barber again so we can report he was arrested at his so-called "Revolution Square"- ah the mind of a 2-4 bullies.  Likely the reason why the Peel police barged in demanding to know who was the leader then dragged another off, they hoped to bag me.


    Added bonus - the E-mail that notes how the Peel police were hoping to arrest me regarding the tickets they gave me when pulled over on the false pretext after I left City hall.  The tickets were a result of not being able to find the noted documents in my car, not that they did not exist, lets us not forget that they were lost when I was sent to prison and had to fight with Peel police to get copies in time to get copies so I could do something about them.  My bail terms said I was not to go to the noted Court, which they would know, so sound like they would be laying in wait to do me evil as I just would be seeking the same justice as any Canadian taxpayer/citizen would.  Fortunately, another went for me.

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