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against Peel police
other various police departments note.

Back up to;
General police Matters    Complaints Peel police
   Index police Articles
Security Insanity    Guards - Security Matters
Legal  Issues

Index of some of the general police News Articles that are used to illustrate my points
and my letters or submissions.
And where many of my more pointed comments are.

Peel police
Their Hall of Shame;

Peel police Discipline Reports

For the first time ever the actual Peel police discipline reports that they submit to the Peel police Service Board (PpSB),
are being posted on the Internet.

The index Misdeeds by Peel police is listed below;

If you have more New articles about the misdeeds of the Peel police,
please forward them to me - so the more informed we can all be!

COMPLAINTS - against Peel police

COMPLAINTS - against Peel police Services Board members    -
    APPEALS - against Peel police Services Board members

Attacked by Peel police    -    Stalked by Peel police    -    Sexual offences by Peel police    -        False Arrest by Peel police    -    Racial Profiling & Peel police

 "A group of Peel Regional police officers “essentially colluded and then committed perjury en masse,

Want to KILL, let the Peel police show you how to get away with it

Political Arrests & other Questionable Political involvement    -   
Other Misdeeds by Peel police

Letters from the public about the Peel police    -    General News items about the Peel police

The Legal way to Attack, Bully your neighbours,
Community Champions
Commit Crime,

as it is approved by the Peel police & Peel Crown.

 In Peel / Mississauga this is how to deal with property issues and generally imprison those you just don’t like.
The currently posted YouTube video is titled

How to commit crime in Canada, against a community champion, using the police & governments methods.”
Better videos will be posted showing other videos of the lady who claims the road and other driveway as her property.

I know this video is long on talking and short on the video of the actual events but not easy for me to do better right now
& likely they will try to deal with this by covering it up and me too!
Please let know if you care.

The web-page about the crimes being committed against me and Canadian Rights & Freedoms.

COMPLAINTS - against Peel police;

Dec. 7 - 2006    -    #1
A formal complaint against Constable Rob Stepan.# 2147, Division/Platoon 12 B., process began Dec. 7/06.  He was the officer who arrested me June 7th on my way home from Mississauga City hall the day City politicians set a trap for me.  He also came after me later on & here are the pictures to prove it.

Dec. 7 - 2006    -    #2

A formal complaint against Constable Jeff Correia.# 2991, Division/Platoon 12 B., process began Dec. 7/06.  He was the investigating officer regarding the events of June 7th at Mississauga City hall the day City politicians set a trap for me.

Dec. 7 - 2006    -    #3

A formal complaint against a Peel police officer at 12 Division who’s name is unknown at this time, process began Dec. 7/06. Whom denied me reasonable use of the phone to ensure I was denied bail and sent to prison.

Nov.  13 - 2006
A formal complaint to the police Services Board against the Chief Peel police - Metcalf.
This is about Hate mail in the Peel police, being a political weapon and denying a candidate in a Democracy election funding to run their campaign.

Oct. 25 - 2000
01-049  The officer's notes filed regarding the United Way fund raising
event, Oct. 25/00, the Cawthra House Haunting.  These notes are a malicious work of fiction designed to cause harm to Mr. Barber and put the supporters of the Cawthra Bush effort, at risk.  There is strong evidence of a political influence at work!

COMPLAINTS - against Peel police Services Board members;

Oct. 10 - 2000
This Complaint is about a letter wrote by E. Kolb, Chair of the Peel Police Services Board and which contains falsehoods.


APPEALS - against Peel police Services Board members;

Nov. 29 - 2000
This APPEAL is about a letter wrote by E. Kolb, Chair of the Peel Police Services Board and which contains falsehoods.


Attacked by Peel police;

Peel police a BIG barrel of BAD APPLES?
Peel police go on a Drunken Rampage because they were caught with drunken pants down!

In 2006 there was a rash of cases involving the Peel police attacking or otherwise going after people who were taking pictures or video taping questionable or unlawful behaviour by Peel police.  As far as I am concerned the Peel police, as well as other so called security force have become drunk on their own egos and unaccountability.  They do as they please knowing they will more than likely get away with it, as few can buy justice in Canada, especially if they pick on the lower cases, the poor and non-Europeans {as a part of their make work projects at our expense}, the courts will eat whatever shit they throw in the courts face!  That is, if there is no other proof like a picture or video tape.  The other side of this, is that the victims of these Peel police attacks then live in fear "I'm scared. I can't walk down the street without, you know, having to look if there's any police after me," he said. "I have a hard time sleeping now. I'm upset at the whole thing." & "Canizalez agrees, saying he can't even walk down the street without looking over his shoulder." 
It can be said they were VICTIMS OF A TERRORIST ATTACK

Here is a list of news articles and complaints, so far involving
- Orlando Canizales and Richard Cimpoesu.

When you read this think to yourself what would have happened if the shoe was on the other foot - what would have happened to say 24 Mississaugans to were out drinking in back of a store, drinking booze they did not lawful own, saw they were being filmed by Peel police ran them down, beat on the police and threatened them?  Would there be cries that no number of charges and punishment was enough would they even be allowed bail?  Not likely and the charges would have been piled on to be sure.  HOWEVER, when you are a cop, I guess we just expect you are nothing but an over grown BULLY who can't be controlled by the same laws citizens are to aide by and we really expect nothing more.  That if they did not have a job in the a police force some where (where they don't care about how taxpayers are treated), they would likely be in jail most of the time!
How sad we have misplaced our trust and tax dollars so and so easily.
Even more so and correct me if I am wrong - but why has not elected politicians expressed out rage over what has happened or they too expect nothing more then the actions of drunken bullies?
And when I think about it, the Peel police appear to be at their worse in Mississauga and not other areas of Peel - is this true?

Oh - by the way - I am told that these parties have been going on for some time and what does that tell you about how the police, police their bother & sister officers?

It is interesting to read how the wording in the stories changes, like what is taken out to tone it down;

Police probing assault allegations  - Mississauga News - Sept. 19, 2006 - From the Torstar Network.

Police protection?  - Mississauga News - Sept. 20, 2006

Allegations of police abuse probed - Mississauga News - Sept. 20, 2006

Police confirm probe into alleged assault - Toronto Star - Sept. 19, 2006

Police party video leads to claim - Toronto Star - Sept. 20, 2006

2 claim attack by partying off-duty officers - CBC News - Sept. 20, 2006

Pair say up to 20 partying officers chased after them, trying to take away videotape - Globe and Mail - Sept. 21, 2006

Peel police accused of roughing up men for tape - National Post - Sept. 21, 2006

Cops face music - Toronto Sun - Sept. 26, 2006

Serious charges against police -  Mississauga News - Sept. 27, 2006

Officers eyed in party probe
- Toronto Star - Oct. 6, 2006

Booze party officers will keep their jobs - Mississauga News - Jan 22, 2007
Has the list of shame the officers charged and the charges.  This internal affairs investigation is believed to be the largest ever in the Province of Ontario, in terms of the number of officers charged and likely the number of charges from just one event.

Party police - Letter - Mississauga News - Feb 5, 2007

Peel police hit with $12M lawsuit - Mississauga News - Mar 6, 2007

Police plead guilty in beer bash hearing - Toronto Star - May 17, 2007

2 Peel officers demoted for beer bash - Toronto Star - May 18, 2007
What a load of BULLSHIT!  "The officers are to be commended, she added, for taking responsibility for their actions."  This is applying a double standard, one law for the those who don't matter to the police and government and one law for those who matter.  It is no wonder that the public knows the Peel police are as corrupt as politicians are.  Socking still the effort is so bias towards the Peel police that they are trying to drum up sympathy for criminal cops - "a difficult way to start a career," Bordeleau said."  NO, it should be the END of his career!  What is next these Peel police officers criminal to do list, robbing banks or maybe to see if they can get away with murder?  Well how about we give the a commendation, no wait how about a medal for beating up 2 defenseless youths and then have a parade down Main street, I am sure hazel McCallion would love to lead it.  All together this really puts us in our place and shows what happens if we get uppity!

Police Tarnish Image  - Mississauga News - May 18-07 - Editorial
Peel polices biggest media supporters lines it out - the Peel police are broken and to repair the damage to public trust will be a huge undertaking.  What is really sad it that it only notes a couple of cases when there are some many more!  Maybe charge should really begin at the top - oh sorry this is Canada, the commander & Chief must be unaccountable for the actions of those under his command and keep them on the straight & narrow. 

Party police plead guilty - Mississauga News - May 21, 2007
Has the list of shame the officers found guilty of the more serious offences and the craziness of this is the names of the less serious offenders are not made public.  Boy it must be nice being a cop, break the law and hide behind your badge - legally!

Officers' actions a 'disgrace' - Mississauga News - June 12, 2007
Just a disgrace?  If the shoe was on the other foot and a Mississaugan did the same to the police would they not be facing serious jail time and never out on bail?  Well that really shows that if you are a drunken bully who loves to hurt people, Peel police has place for you!

Two more Peel officers disciplined today - Mississauga News - June 13, 2007

Paraplegic attacked by Peel police;

Officer 'threw' paraplegic down - Toronto Star - Sept. 23, 2006  &  Mississauga News - Sept. 24, 2006

Paraplegic not guilty in confrontation with officer - Toronto Star - Sept. 26, 2006

Peel cops accused of racial profiling - Toronto Sun - Sept. 26-06


Officer accused of stalking;

Girls to testify against Peel policeman - Toronto Star - Oct. 13, 2006

School girls testify against officer Const.  -  Mississauga News - Oct. 13, 2006

Officer's girl talk on video: Prosecutor  -  Mississauga News - Oct. 13, 2006

Sexual offences by Peel police;

Party ends in punishment for police officers - Mississauga News - May 30, 2007

Want to KILL, let the Peel police show you how to get away with it;

Defeated by justice - Toronto Sun - June 17, 2007
Her son was run over & killed in what should have been an open and shut case of traffic accident in which the driver was at fault but as it was handled by a member of the Peel police "Nothing."  Wow, letting someone who has killed a child, go scot-free, makes me wonder who got this get out of jail card and how.  She tried to use the Justice system / process to do what the government, she has always paid taxes to, would not and again every effort was made to make unaccountability all she got.

Ex-CFL Toronto Argonaut linebacker Oreth (Orlando) Bowen,
sues Peel Police over
False Arrest.


Racial Profiling & Peel police;

Charges of racism Dog Peel police - Toronto Star - Sept. 26, 2006

Peel cops accused of racial profiling - Toronto Sun - Sept. 26, 2006

Peel police must pay racial profiling victim - Toronto Star - May 17, 2007

Court awards victim of racial profiling - Mississauga News - May 17, 2007

A victim of racial profiling - Toronto Star - May 18, 2007
When asked why she was wrongly accused Jacqueline Nassiah could muster only one simple, sad reason - "Because I am black,"

Chief considers appeal of racial profiling decision - Mississauga News - May 18, 2007

Stern signal on rights - EDITORIAL - Toronto Star - May 19, 2007

Police may fight rights ruling - Toronto Star - May 19, 2007
It comes as no surprise to me to hear that Peel police would be considering Appealing a Human Rights ruling that would interfere with the police's right to terrorize or bust the heads of all those they feel are getting uppity and don't know their places.

Store and officer should pay penalty - Toronto Star - May 19, 2007 - Letter.


Political Arrests & other Questionable Political involvement;

Man arrested & jailed over his tone in letters to Tony Clement  -  Dec. 29, 2001
This is how Tory's treat poor people begging for medal treatment who have done nothing wrong - 17 days in jail because he couldn't Post bail forced to agree to under go a mental health assessment or he can rot in jail!  When the matter came to trial it was thrown out.

The Persecution of Donald Barber or the Legalized TERRORIST ATTACKS by Mississauga City hall & its politicians. 2006

Other Misdeeds by Peel police;

Man wins lawsuit against police - Globe and Mail - June 19, 2003
Settles with Peel force after Andrew Dikens falsely accused of indecent assault

Letters from the public about the Peel police;

Bad examples - Mississauga News - Oct 18, 2006 - Letter to Editor
 - I, as a teenager, am intimidated to walk down the street and see an officer.

Keep us safe - The Mississauga News - Oct 20, 2006 - Letter to Editor
- I was horrified that this type of act may be happening right in our community.

Power abuse - The Mississauga News - Oct 21, 2006 - Letter to Editor
Where is the line between obstruction of justice and simply sticking up for the rights we, that as Canadians, are proud to have?

General News items about the Peel police;

Peel Police join hate crimes task force - Mississauga News - May 23, 2007
What case of  the absurd or supreme hypocrisy by government, the Peel police join a HATE Crimes task force to help battle hate crime - in fact there should be a task force set up to battle the hate crimes being committed BY the Peel police! 

1,300 cases of beer stolen from trucks - Toronto Star - Jun 13, 2007
Sounds like a job for Peel party police - they can find 2-4s of beer no matter where they are hidden - that is if they have not already, nudge, nudge, wink, wink - say no MORE!

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