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A formal complaint to the police Services Board
against the Chief Peel police - Metcalf.

This is about Hate mail in the Peel police, being a political weapon
and denying a candidate in a Democracy election funding to run their campaign.


This letter is not to be presented to any member of City of Mississauga Council
unless they have sign a letter regarding permission communicating with me
which my lawyer has sent them.

The Regional Municipality of Peel - police Services Board.
ATTN: Frederich Biro
, Executive Director.                            & Chief Metcalf
ATTN: Debbie Morton
, Administrative Assistant.
10 Peel Centre Drive, Brampton, Ontario L6T 4B9

RE:     A formal complaint to the police Services Board against the Chief Peel police - Metcalf.

Dear Sirs:                                 Nov. 11, 2006

    The main reasons for this complaint is the Chief Peel police - Metcalf is allowing the Peel police to be used for the political purposes of the politicians in the City of Mississauga, allowing falsehoods/deceit to be used in police records, neglect of duty for not to dealing appropriately in regards to HATE E-mails against me, being circulating in the Peel police and therefore to bring discredit upon the reputation of the Peel police force. That false information is being spread to other police forces, all in an effort to justify actions that are of benefit to Hazel McCallion.

    The nature of this hate and bias service came to a head on June 7th of this year when the Peel police laid charges against me in regards to events at City hall in a pure political setting and circumstances. Given the very suspicious circumstances, no evidence of any kind of assault, it was as it was an election year Mississauga’s politicians were being asked hard questions they would not want to be asked. So to an unbias and reasonable person, there would be a clear motivation fro City staff to lie in the protection of their political masters images and not their persons & that kind of lying in Mississauga City hall will lead to a job promotion.

    Why would the Peel police lay a change to harm a community leader? Because the false records and beliefs being circulated within the Peel police make it clear, it would please the Mayor to persecute me in the third world style. It has also opened the door to Hazel McCallion supporters making as many false claims as they can to try and in prison me, such as the most recent case of one of her little evil-doers claiming I made a death threat against the Mayor. The Chief of Peel police is endanger my life and safety as well as anyone else’s who would aid the community effort for a better tomorrow by wrongly "engage (ing) in political activity".

- 2 -

    The Chief of Peel police is ultimately responsible for the actions of the officers under his command and as there are too many involved in this matter for individual complaints it must be placed before him. This was first brought before him in my Sept. 11, 2006 letter, Question about Peel police INTELL that has the quality of bar room gossip. Then again in the follow-up letter Oct. 30, 2006 and lastly in the Nov. 7, 2006, letter - Regarding correspondence to Peel police about police INTELL and the painting 1984. All of which his office would not deal with, bring shame to the entire Peel police force for its inaction on this serious matter. The Peel police Chief was aware of these concerns by way of the faxes sent to his office and all the details would have been discussed had he not assigned a police officer who was overly conformational and argumentative, which I would say was the Peel police’s way of avoiding an issue. In my opinion the officer simply could not be as incompetent as he pretended to be and work for the Peel police.

    The most damning statement by the Peel police is this. In the documentation that the Peel police compiled, at the request of the City of Mississauga regarding a Threat Assessment about me it notes "Numerous pamphlets from Mr. Barber’s campaign were obtained. The pamphlets were very clear in Mr. Barber’s anti-government attitude." The Peel police are saying that a candidate in a Democratic election, in Canada, is judged by them to be "anti-government" because he calls into question the incumbent’s past actions and the staff under their direct control! The Peel police are also saying that a challenge to Hazel McCallion’s rule is considered by them to be "anti-government". In fact the Peel police are clearly showing themselves as anti-Democracy while serving the political goals of a City of Mississauga politician or "engage in political activity".

    Also, as I am a media outlet, the Peel police are saying they are anti-free speech ignoring the facts and allowing the City’s politicians to tell the police what to believe.

    Further statements to show the profiling the Peel police were doing to aid the City’s political agenda of shutting out taxpayers and their representatives is this one - "Mr. Barber has taken it upon himself to monitor and scrutinize the actions of the politicians and the employees within the City of Mississauga. He has taken a negative position towards the mayor and her associates." Again, the Peel police are well aware I am a media person as they quote my web-site in their evidence and the job of the media in a Democracy is to question and discover the hidden truth for the benefit of the community. Also, the City of Mississauga knows I have the backing of the community and if the Peel police were to do a proper investigation that would been very clear - however the Peel police are doing as the City’s politicians wish them to, so the Peel police repeat the same labelling the City has placed on me, a lone person. Apart from the fact the City and the Peel police know the fore mentioned label is a falsehood, used just to justify charges to a willing Justice of the Peace of the far right - there is the fact that in a Democracy any single individual can question, challenge and require justification from their government, without fear of being persecuted. A point lost on the Peel police as they are involve in a "political activity" which aids politicians by removing their opposition.

    The following is from just one Peel police E-mail and proof that hate E-mails, designed to create hate, bias and prejudice toward a person that is "offensive towards the mayor." The fact that the Chief would not deal with this matter appropriately prove his wish to spread hate within Peel police regarding those who practise Democracy.

- 3 -

"Donald Barber is a Mississauga resident who claims to be an ecological activist. [1] He has over the years caused difficulties at Council meetings, [2] and lately, presented the Mayor with a package in Council Chambers, which contained a bottle of Sherry (following her recent motor vehicle accident) [3] He had also set up a storefront recently which was offensive towards the mayor. [4] Barber himself unsucessfully ran for Mayor in 2000. [5]"

[1] - I am a Democratic activist, who happens to be dealing with environmental issues and that has been clearly noted many times as the state goal of the FCB & CRRA - to ensure knowledgeable and meaningful participation in their government.

[2] - Have represented community concerns and asked questions politicians did not want to hear, during Public Question Period, which Mississauga City Council ended without warning, to entrap me.

[3] - It was given to Hazel McCallion before she totaled her car and it was done to show I had found a witness who says she has been a drunk driver. This false and misleading statement was also noted at my bail hearing by the Crown as well and it had to have come from some where.

[4] - The claim I set up the store window shows how paranoid things have become in Mississauga and Peel police, that they try to blame a person they hope to frame with all that the Mayor finds "offensive".

[5] - I have run 3 times for Mayor before 2006, and once I showed up on the campaign trail the Mayor left as I would detail all the questionable, unjust, wrong deeds she has done, clearly she wanted me gone.

    In police documents it notes a number of events that the City of Mississauga claims took place that are such, that charges could have been laid but were not, why? The records states - "Mr. Barber had not committed any offence for which he could be prosecuted." Clearly the Peel police does not even believe claims being made by the City of Mississauga. Other Peel police statements include - "The Peel Regional Police are tasked with formulating a plan action to assist the City of Mississauga personnal in dealing with Mr. Barber in the future." Mississauga’s politicians find it easier to deal with members of the public this way then to try and work things out. It goes on to sat "Until the City of Mississauga takes the initial steps to create and implement their plan of action, it would appear that there is little that the police can do in this matter." Translation - refuse services, be as rude and unprofessional as possible, in the effort to provoke a conformation, in the hope of getting a reaction from me or write up a false report say there was, so that the police can be called in, the ever-ready servants of the Mayor's political agenda that they are stating, they are. Lay false charges knowing the Peel police are there to serve City politicians and protect their political interests.

- 4 -

    An earlier City Memorandum does say a "security program" & "without any documentation", should be created and goes on to note that the City should create a history to "inform the public and the press" or publicly frame, to defame a community leader with, who oppose the City and "organize a citizen group as an alternative to Mr. Barber's ... "Friends of the Cawthra Bush"" or eliminate an existing community group and create a City friendly one.

    All on one document, clear as day! It also needs to be noted that the City of Mississauga makes every effort to deny access to the security records about me to ensure I will not know about the entrapment they were carrying out.

    Please note the kind of person who runs City hall; In 1982 the Mayor Hazel McCallion was tried and convicted of Conflict of Interest, a judgment that was upheld on appeal, in the words of the judge she had "breached the Act in all four of the ways in which the Act could be breached." Investigations by the Information and Privacy Commissioners Office/Ontario under the FOI Act; investigation into the Hazel McCallion wrong fully involving herself in shutting down the FOI Act to lawful requests (I95-091M Feb. 2/96), and a similar ruling for involvement other staff (I94-045M Oct. 25/94), and both were in violation of City By-law 53-91, Feb.11/91, a specific By-law that establishes the Information Officer as an independent arm's-length service, who politicians and civil servants, could not attempt to influence. In other words abuse of power and Hazel is a repeat offender.

The Byron Osmond painting, 1984.

    Another key element to the Peel police being "engage in political activity" is the manner in which it refused to investigate and establish my rightful ownership the Byron Osmond painting, 1984, a key element in denying my collection of the painting and selling it to fund my campaign to run against Hazel McCallion. Also, making me waste time trying to deal with police staff who were overly conformational and argumentative. The file was handed down to Constable Micheal Chaytor #.2256 and in my opinion this officer simply could not be as incompetent as he pretended to be and work for the Peel police.

    A brief background - the Peel police showed up at Mr. Osmond’s store when the owner broke-in to change the locks regarding failure to pay rent. Mr. Osmond was put out of business for a number of political reasons, including questioning how business was done in Mississauga. The landlord did not post a claim on his goods for a couple months and as Mr. Osmond notes "All requests for a copy of the eviction notice and the store inventory were denied. The landlords at 106 said that all contents and inventory of Byron’s Photography had been abandoned by the owner." Less than 30 days after being locked out, I presented the Landlord with a copy of a letter noting my ownership of the painting 1984, they would not turn it over to me.

    The police were contacted and at the start I was told yes the Peel police will aid in the recovery of my property, that changed after they were told what it was and where. The most important point is this, in the Peel police E-mail dated Aug. 8/06, from Vincenzo Esposito to Daniel Phillips, it notes contacting one of the landlords and - "Ms. Falinski also advised that she has no problems returning the painting to the artist Mr. Byron Osmond."

- 5 -

If the landlord has no problem returning the painting to the artist then there can be no problem in turning the painting over to the legal owner as noted by the artist.

    The Peel police kept putting blocks in my path to its collection, especially after it was noted to them - "TAKE NOTE - it is my intention to sell this paining to help fund my election campaigning for Mayor of Mississauga and any effort to deny me access to this painting will be considered a political act." The Peel police refused to properly investigate this matter to ensure I would be unable to fund a campaign to unseat Hazel McCallion. A tape recording of the artist was made over the phone stating my ownership and they refused to listen to it. A business person in the area who knew him well and his voice, called the police to confirm it was Mr. Osmond speaking. The police were upset that person called. When the police were told of a person who Mr. Osmond spoke directly to regarding ownership, they refused to call them. Once the Peel police discovered that Mr. Osmond had not only left town but likely Ontario the police start to make even more unreasonable demands to prove ownership. They were requiring that both he and I get together to swear that the painting was mine, it was not good enough to have a signed receipt by the artist. It would not be good enough that the artist swear to it wherever he may be but the two of us must be together. Further more the Peel police would not ask the landlord to verify the signature as being Mr. Osmond’s. Whatever was reasonable the Peel police would not do (for political reasons), and whatever was unreasonable they required be done. This also shows prejudice toward poorer members of society who can’t afford lawyers at the drop of a hat.

    Constable Micheal Chaytor, called me regarding my Nov. 7, 2006, that dealt with both the hate E-mails and painting. This is the classic case of a person "playing silly bugger", or acting dumb or crazy to avoid providing serve to the public, in my opinion. He asks what’s up with the letter, I noted it referrers to the letters that were sent before it, that he should read them to know what is going on and I will wait on-line till he does read them. He can be heard digging the letter out and starting to read it. Then he starts to ask questions, what about it or that, etc. Told him in a business letter the RE: at the top of the letter notes the subject, he would not read it. I try to read the letter to him but he keeps asking questions that make it clear he has not read or understands the contents of the letter or wants to. He impressed me as asking questions aimed at addressing his personal concerns and not those regarding those, noted in the letter, which should have been his job to do so. In time, he succeeds in frustrating me with his inane questions and with no hope of any reasonable service, of any kind - hung up. In my mind this was just another example of those in government running out the clock so a person would not get the services they payed for with their tax dollars, when they needed them the most!

    Another example of Peel police refusing to provide service involving the City of Mississauga, was the notice that I was made to sign which a copy was not provided to me. Efforts to get officers to aid in this have not succeeded. Another reason why the Peel police would be bias towards me is that the very first Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services (OCCPS), complaint they dealt with, was mine and the Peel police lost it.

                        This is the beginning of this complaint more material will follow, in the coming days.

- 6 -

    To predict the outcome of this complaint - there will be find of this complaint being "Frivolous, vexatious and/or made in bad faith complaints" as the Regional Municipality of Peel police Services Board is made up of political persons and this complaint calls into question the influence of politicians over the Peel police. And of course they must serve Hazel McCallion’s political goals.

Most relevant sections from the Police Services Act R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER P.15.

Political activity - 46. No municipal police officer shall engage in political activity, except as the regulations permit. R.S.O. 1990, c. P.15, s. 46.

Most relevant sections from the Police Services Act - ONTARIO REGULATION 123/98 - Amended to O. Reg. 296/05.


2. (1) Any chief of police or other police officer commits misconduct if he or she engages in,

    (a) Discreditable Conduct, in that he or she,

        (xi) acts in a disorderly manner or in a manner prejudicial to discipline or likely to bring discredit upon the reputation of the police force;

    (c) Neglect of Duty, in that he or she,

        (i) without lawful excuse, neglects or omits promptly and diligently to perform a duty as a member of the police force,

    (d) Deceit, in that he or she,

        (i) knowingly makes or signs a false statement in a record,

        (ii) wilfully or negligently makes a false, misleading or inaccurate statement pertaining to official duties, or

3. Any chief of police or other police officer also commits misconduct if he or she conspires, abets or is knowingly an accessory to any misconduct described in section 2.

And any other Sections that the Regional Municipality of Peel police Services Board deems appropriate, in this case.

- 7 -

Peel Regional Police - Statement of Mission and Values

MISSION - Peel Regional Police, in partnership with the community, will strive to create a safe environment in which to live, work, and visit.

VALUES - In carrying out our Mission, members will strive to:

* Protect human life as the highest priority.

* Maintain the highest ethical and legal standards.

* Treat all people with dignity.

* Solve problems, prevent crimes, maintain public order, and apprehend criminals.

* Pursue the highest standards of professionalism in policing.



I am willing to discuss my letter with you and there is an answering machine you can leave a detailed private message on.
My phone number is (905) ***-**** & E-mail

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Donald Barber - Editor of The Democratic Reporter - Candidate for Mayor 2006.

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