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Opening comments:  More at the end.

It is a very dangerous state of affairs when the law enforcers try to influence the choosing of the law makers.  In a true democracy the law enforcers must stay out of politics, as it is a sure sign of the beginnings of a police state when the police start to pressure, influence and put fear into people if they do not vote for certain politicians.  The ones that the police gain in.  To say the police will be marching on Queens Park is a threatening thing to say and should be regarded as an attempt to terrorize voters and politicians a like.

Lets us not forget their True Blue campaign where they tried the same thing and they had to be stopped.  Why are they doing it again?

Also noted below, the use of what appears to be a falsehood is even used!  Has the Toronto Police Association no shame?

When the Police Association President says "the Tories in power make Ontario police officers the envy of other forces across North America. In his words "they've allowed us to do our job.."",  remember this includes acting unlawfully, criminally and with little to no accountability!   So when their spokesperson says "we appreciate more than anything.", do you not wonder just what kind of persons they are?

Elected officials should protect taxpayers from the abuses of government, including the police but the Tory's gave no sign of caring about what the Toronto police were doing to our Charter rights.  And it will only get worse if either a Tory or Liberal government is elected as they are both cut from the same cloth.  

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Sept. 24 2003 posted on CFRB web site.

Eves and Conservatives get police praise The Toronto Police Association has publicly endorsed Premier Ernie Eves and his Progressive Conservatives in the October 2nd vote.

Union boss Craig Brommel says if the Liberal form a government, “you'll see thousands of police officers marching on Queen's Park in the next two years." Brommel has heard that if the Liberals come to power they intend to change the Police Services Act so that when a police officer is under investigation he or she is suspended with no pay.  Any officer who doesn't give a statement to the province's Special Investigations Unit would be fired.  There's no independent confirmation of those claims but in their campaign literature, the Liberals promise to put a thousand more police officers on the street over the next four years and hire 50 more prosecutors.

The Police Association President says the Tories in power make Ontario police officers the envy of other forces across North America. In his words "they've allowed us to do our job...that's what we appreciate more than anything."

Do you want to do something about this?

Before the election and get this issue talked about?
Then go to the Media page, let the media and Ontario's political party's know how you feel.

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