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Opening comments:  More at the end.

    Yes there is a law for the rich & for the poor but also for the our RULERS - Government - and those who's primary job is to protect the RULERS - Government.  These days it is those who wear the black uniforms and carry guns - police.

    What we see here is a case of a "33-year veteran with Peel Regional Police" who should know better but I would say that it is because he is a "33-year veteran with Peel Regional Police" that he felt very confident he could get away with what he did.  After all, surely he would not say he is not paid enough to cover a little fender bender.  The cult of unaccountability that exists in Peel police has reached such levels that Peel police are setting records for unlawful acts and still they are treated like kids in youth court.  Maybe the rise in killings and crime that the media keeps screaming about is because more and more people are using the Peel police acted as their moral guides and how we obey the law.  After all, if the law enforcers use the laws & Charter of Rights & freedoms as toilet paper - why shouldn't we all?  So what if thousands of Canadians died for its protections - it is getting in the way of kind of instant gratification and escaping accountability that the Peel police, politicians and rich well connect enjoy.

The wording is a bit hard to follow in this editorial - the main article is here.

    For more shameful Peel police facts click here.                  Comments from public.

Mississauga News - Editorial & Opinion - Oct. 21, 2008 - By:

One rule for all

People often say there are two laws — one for the rich and one for the poor.

In Peel, apparently, there’s also one set of laws for the general public and another for police.

Cst. William Yakimishyn, a 33-year veteran with Peel Regional Police, was found guilty of discreditable conduct under the Police Services Act after leaving the scene of a parking lot accident he caused.

Yakimishyn, who struck another vehicle, then denied his action to several uninvolved witnesses before leaving the scene, plea bargained his original charge of leaving the scene down to a lesser Highway Traffic Act offence of failing to report an accident.

Despite originally being sentenced to working 40 hours without pay by disciplinary hearing officer Peel Supt. Steve Wollaston, Yakimishyn appealed the ruling to a civilian commission which, in turn, reduced his penalty to 20 hours without pay.

Wollaston said he was, “not satisfied that the penalty adequately reflected a number of aggravating factors, namely, the seriousness of the misconduct, the need for general deterrence, public interest and consistency of penalty.”

Wollaston is right: The public interest has not been served. Deterrence has not been achieved.

Instead, what’s been reinforced is the public’s perception that police officers are treated differently than their civilian counterparts, that police wrongdoing will be swept under a rug.

Members of the police services — in common with judges, lawyers, politicians and other upholders of the law — must be held to an even higher standard than the citizens they are supposed to serve and protect.

Yet, in Yakimishyn’s case, he was clearly held to a much lower standard. What’s almost more disturbing is that a civilian commission, which should certainly have the best interests of the public in mind, allowed it to happen.

At a time when the police department has come under much scrutiny — record high numbers of murders in Peel; a Peel officer accused of stalking young girls; and an investigation into claims of an officers’ outdoor drinking party — now is clearly not the time to look the other way.

Peel Police Chief Mike Metcalf needs to crack down on crime within the community and, apparently, within his own department, too.

Posted By: MISSISSAUGAWATCH On: Friday, October 24, 2008

Municipal Security --taking the LOW ROAD RACE TO THE BOTTOM

bbut if that can't happen, at least the same rules of us "proles" (check out Orwell's 1984 newspeak dictionary for "proles"). Here's something entirely overlooked by the media. Police at least are accountable. The public can read and see the results of disciplinary action taken (or not). By contrast, Municipal Security guards have absolutely no accountability mechanisms in place. NONE. Municipalities lobbied to ensure that their security employees are not subject to the provincial scrutiny and complaints procedures that private (ie mall) guards are. As a result we get total KNOBS –a law unto themselves and municipal management professing that their KNOBS are "Security professionals". The public has no idea (none) of what transpires or any consequences when a complaint is made about a municipal security KNOB. Municipal security writes its own complaints system and then proceeds to investigate itself! Signed, The (MUNI-BIG BROTHER IS AN UNACCOUNTABLE KNOB) Mississauga Muse

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