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The Carolyn Parrish Enersource Facts Sheet
first hand account of the Dec. 10, 2008, City of Mississauga Council meeting.

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To the main Judicial Inquiry page, it soon ties into that can of worms!

    Well good things come to those who wait and that is what happen at the Dec. 10-08, City of Mississauga Council.

Not only did I get to see a successful rebellion against Hazel McCallion lead by Councillor Carolyn Parrish but I was able to ask the question that inquiring minds will want to know - is responsible for this 10% control of Mississauga hydro deal that Mississauga Councillors claim to not have known about before they voted to approve.  It was also called the side deal. The name of Dave O'Brien, formally of City of Mississauga Manager, now Toronto Hydro was put forward by Councillor Parrish, during questions from the public.  How very odd I was the only one who had the brains to ask this important question.  This is really interesting as the Mayor has direct control, on a day to day basis over City staff and there is no way in the world the City Manager would or any City would negotiate such an important business deal and not report it details to the Mayor.  Also one of the great reasons why there are term limits on elected officials is that they can re-elected so often that they can have a hand in the hiring of all senior staff, such that they would feel indebted to the politician that helped them get the job.  So I wonder what role Hazel McCallion had in this sweetheart business deal with Borealis (part of the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS)), that gave them so much power and as Councillor Parrish pointed out, such over paid jobs!  Given how strongly the Mayor defended having Borealis as a partner and the original deal, is she afraid that if people look closely at the circumstances behind, in the back-room, of how this deal was born - they will see Hazel's finger prints all over it, as well as, full knowledge of its terms and conditions?  That she secretly approve it and keeping Council in the dark?  After all, Dave O'Brien, formally the City Manager of Mississauga, (now head of Toronto Hydro), had to be reporting to some elected official what the finial contract was.  Surely, he didn't just communicate what was going on to City lawyers and why would they not tell the Mayor its details?

    Then there were the comments by Councillor Parrish that Enersoucre was "pillaged", to give the City three years with ZERO tax increases.  ZERO tax increases - by any means!  That alone is motive for and the Modus Operandi of the Mayor - Hazel McCallion.

    More importantly, who will be hung out to dry for this?  Will this be the time that Hazel McCallion has to take the rap, that the Council rebels know this and the real reason this is going public the way it is?  After all, would it not be so easy to do business as usual and keep all the talks and disagreements in the back-rooms, off the record regarding this matter - if they wanted to?  For future favours of course, unless the business decision was to cut lose some old dead wood.

    Once the City gets control of Enersource, will the issue of selling it resurface a year or two down the line?

    When the was called late in the day, about 4pm, the Mayor called it putting the cart before the horse as the issue was voted on before going into an in-camera meeting to discuss the matter.  By my count, 7 for, the rest against, and Councillor Mahoney away at a funeral.
Very interesting there were still 11 people in Council who appeared to know what would be happening before hand, one was Roy Willis.

    It was also pointed out by Councillor Parrish that there was not public meeting for this 10% side deal with all its fixings.

    The issue of a public meeting is interesting, the Councillors did not support having one before agreeing to investigating a buy out but the Mayor said for the FIRST time she would call a City wide public meeting.  However, she does not appear to support full disclosure before the meeting - I know that old trick.  Taxpayers given details but not allowed the time to investigate if they are true or not and can't look into other options, just what City offers.

    Also interesting was the Mayor telling Councillor Parrish that she could talk about what was said in, in-camera meetings as the law technically doesn't not forbid it, even asked the City lawyer to confirm it.  Well the answer was most quoting of the law and Councillor Nando shaking him head no.  No one took the Mayor up on that dare.

    The Mayor made a point of saying she knew how the vote was going to go a week ago - who gave her the script ahead of time?

    Speaking of Councillor Nando boy did he make it clear he wanted to tell everyone the gory details and there are many but only "the morning after"!  Loved his comment - "can't steal from yourself".  Wonder if he is just too use to no one caring what he says in Council.

Pictures that tell a thousand words;

Just an outside shot of where it all took place - has an interesting look about it - yes?
Like a military bunker - no?
Taken about 1:30 during break and from City 12th floor

Opening shot - lots of cameras in Council.  Taken about 4:30 and the same for rest, taken in order.

Interesting the back & forth on the Enersource issue.
Have not noted this before but the Mayor did say there is a "coup" out to get her and hoped other members of Council were not involved.
Well, the biggest COUP recently has been to put the Mayor between Councillor Parrish and Councillor Nando.
I feel sorry for her - just a little bit, before smiling, knowing it proves there is a God and she has a sense of humour!

Movement on Council, can you spot it?

Technical Political:

The motion that was voted on can be found in the agenda of the Dec. 10, 2008 City Council on page 17, and was item 17 (b), in the NOTICES OF MOTIONS SECTION - it is below;

        (b) Moved by Councillor C. Parrish

WHEREAS an in depth discussion regarding the City’s asset known as Enersource has been
           ongoing throughout the year;

AND WHEREAS this discussion was precipitated by two significant, impending dates:
           October 17, 2008 for tax-free sales to other public utilities and December 31, 2008 for a
           fixed-price sale to our 10% partner, Borealis;

AND WHEREAS a financial advisor was hired (Credit Suisse) through an R.F.P. and an
           outside legal firm ( Stikemans) was retained to provide Council with an evaluation of
           Enersource and to advise Council of all possible options available regarding Enersource;

AND WHEREAS the process has included a consultation with the public in the form of an
           advertised public meeting held the evening of Thursday June 26, 2008;

AND WHEREAS the process resulted in awareness by Council that the original
           Shareholders’ Agreement is heavily weighted to the advantage of Borealis – in effect giving
           the 10% shareholder powers of veto far in excess of their proportional share of the entity;

AND WHEREAS several outstanding issues require resolution by Council and should be
           made – excluding specific monetary values and details – in public so that all interested
           citizens are aware of both the resolutions and the rationale behind them;

NOW THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED THAT Council debate this matter in public
           session; and further

THAT Council will not sell its 90% interest in Enersource at this time; and further

THAT Council will not be exercising its option to sell Enersource to Borealis at a fixed price
           and further, will not seek to renew that option; and further

THAT Council continues to negotiate the purchase of Borealis’s 10% of Enersource at a fair
           and reasonable price.


The results of the recorded vote;

Voting for 7 :    Ward 1 Councillor    Carmen Corbasson
Ward 4 Councillor    Frank Dale
    Ward 5 Councillor    Eve Adams
                         Ward 6 Councillor   
Carolyn Parrish
                         Ward 7 Councillor   
Nando Iannicca
                         Ward 10 Councillor 
Sue McFadden
                         Ward 11 Councillor
George Carlson

Against 4 :        Mayor                      Hazel McCallion
                         Ward 2 Councillor  
Patricia Mullin
                         Ward 3 Councillor 
 Maja L.A. Prentice
         Ward 9 Councillor   Pat Saito

Assent 1 :          Ward 8 Councillor   
Katie Mahoney

In case you were wondering more about these folks.

Hear the sound clips;

Hydro Pillaged - Councillor Carolyn Parrish.

      The Enersource side-deal - City Councillors say they knew nothing about the
                   10% deal that gave so much power to Borealis, so up I go and ask who did the deal?
They fingered Dave O'Brien, formally the City Manager of  Mississauga and now head of Toronto Hydro - interesting.

Councillor Nando Iannicca  "can't steal from yourself" -  Yes it is out of context but doesn't everyone love to hear politicians come right out and say these kind of things?

- Hazel McCallion asked the City Solicitor for an opinion on if Councillors could talk about what was said in-camera or secret meetings and technically they can but not recommend.  The real reason is why would the Mayor be suggesting to Councillor to spill all the beans at this point but she does not?

In-camera-2 - Hazel McCallion asked the City Solicitor for an opinion on if Councillors could talk about what was said in-camera or secret meetings - AGAIN told by Mary Ellen Bench, City Solicitor, for most part an honour system.  WHY does the Mayor go on to say that she "Implore { to beg earnestly or desperately }" so the public will know the facts and yet she knows the same fact but will not practice what she preaches?

Councillor Pat Saito Batista Rant
Talk about a B{female dog}-witch rant!  Truth be damned say what ever will publicly hurt & harm.
Happened to at same meeting and shows the mind set of the Mayor's supporters.

Council not know
Councillor Carolyn Parrish.  Long version with details, 25 to
                30 changes after Council review and even in-camera these changes not disussed, as well as the City Manger was not
!  SO one agreement Council approve and the finial one Council "DID NOT APPROVE"!  The messy side bar issue.
                It was noted the Mayor didn't know but that is like saying the Pope is Catholic but doesn't do that praying thing, sorry don't buy it.  Think of this as, not a making a total war on Council.

 Councillors never saw finial agreement
Councillor Carolyn Parrish.
                Short - over & over it was said Councillors said they knew nothing - nothing.

 Secrets feared
Councillor Carolyn Parrish.  About the problem of talk to an
                issue but not being able to give the detail to support your reasoning.  City even had a public meeting where most of the
                time Councillors said they can't give out certain facts or figures - tough luck, trust us!

 Mayor and City Manger make deal
Mayor Hazel Hazel McCallion.
                Interesting - what I have been saying, these two work as a pair to do deals.

We don't know what staff does
Mayor Hazel Hazel McCallion.  That is right the Mayor can't be expected to take responsible for things when they go wrong,
she knew nothing - nothing.  Come on Parrish get with the program that has kept Hazel in power for 30 years.

Sound clip Gallery for more;


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