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In Defence of Canadians Rights & Democracy

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Opening comments:  More at the end.

    At a time when I am launching my legal defense fund to fight against how local government is unlawfully using its power & influence in the Peel police, Courts and other government offices, this news conference was heaven sent (& thank you, Missing News for your help). 

    The key is how politicians are abusing their power to take control of the Canadians "Justice system" and end our human Charter / Rights, which will end our right to participate our own Democracy - this can not be allowed.  Mr. Dion's promise to looking into the matter shows he cares about a balance legal system and not just one that throws Canadians in jail for any old  reason to deal with all problems, real, imagery, media or politically created.  Look, we are filling the jails, what a great job we are doing in governing Canada!  As government bureaucrats, politicians and police become more and more unaccountable.  And on that note - at this news conference, M.P.P.'s were saying what great police officers the local police are.  Why did no one take the time to note to those speaking that Peel police recently went on a drunken rampage?  Talk about choosing a place where my point is very well illustrated.

    I will be addressing this more fully later as there is a very important element to this, what are we really getting?  LAW & ORDER or JUSTICE?  The two a very different and
right-wing, nut cases would have us believe that Law & Order will solve all the problems - when in fact Law & Order creates more problems and costs to society then it solves.  Throughout human history, dictators, tyrants and despots have all promise and delivered Law & Order.  We have been just too foolish not to know that does not include Justice.  That it means rule by fear mongering & terror, not reasonable deterrents with a fair and balance Court system that respects tax-payer's Right and Liberties, especially the poorer members of its society.  This is the classic mistake that foolish people make (the quick fix that bites the hand that creates it), and often end their society - one way or another (and there are oh so many), then they stand around saying what went wrong?  We did as we were told - who could have seen this coming?  Informed and intelligent persons of the political centre and left know thisCould we be headed for a renaissance of Justice & our Democratic Rights?  Time will only tell but I am hopeful that sanity could be making a come back in Canadian politics.

Finally (for now) - I noted that there were case in Ontario where people were being driven from participating in Democracy - so have a look here for 4 examples and counting!

Stephane Dion, Liberal Leader of Canada, unveiled the Liberal platform for Law & Order.
I always look for the behind the scenes shots, to show how things work
and have you ever wondered why they put those glass plates beside speakers?

The whole group and how easy it is to set-up a news conference.

The Liberal promise "Protecting our homes and our right", that's what it says in both official languages.

The platform is well received by all Liberal party members.

After taking questions from the media, Stephane Dion takes some from the public.

Other news articles regarding this event;

Liberal leader pledges crime control

Liberals back gun crime bail crackdown

Dion's law-and-order strategy

Dion calls for more police officers

Liberals unveil tough-on-crime platform

Mar 14-07 Wednesday in Mississauga (Streetsville), at the Kinsmen Hall.

The Liberal Leader Stephane Dion unveiled the Liberal platform for Law & Order.  He was joined by local Liberal MPs Navdeep Bains, Colleen Baumier, Ruby Dhalla and new Grit, Garth Turner.

Mississauga-Erindale MP Omar Alghabra - spoke after Mr. Dion and hailed the proposed new measures - "It's an ambitious agenda and vision based on logic, not fear mongering," (that is the quote that The Mississauga News printed but it is not what I recorded), before opening the floor to questions from the media. Mr. Dion took my question first at his news conference and promised to look into the matter I raised.

The sound clip of the promise.

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion;
The Liberal government head by me will pursue a tough, effective strategy to fight crime and make our communities safer. As Prime Minster, I will appoint more judges. Put more police officers on the street and more prosecutors in the Courts and protect the most vulnerable, especially children and seniors. My ambitious vision for Canada starts with ensuring that Canadians feel safe in their communities. A strong Canada starts with a safe Canada and as Prime Minster I will fore fill the promise (?) in French. Canada will protect our homes and our rights.


For a richer Canada, a fairer Canada and a greener Canada, we, a safer Canada.


MP Omar Alghabra;
Thank you ladies and gentlemen. (?) Mississauga, we have an exceptional community, an outstanding local law enforcement agency and a supportive local municipal government that makes our city the safest in the country for the last few years.


We are very keen on sharing that with the rest of the country. On behalf the audience, on behalf constituents, on behalf of the City of Mississauga, I want to thank our leader Stephane Dion for an ambitious agenda, an ambitious vision, that is determine on protecting Canadians, their rights, their living standards.  I want to thank my honourable colleagues for joining us here and having a vision that is based on logic, evidence, not ideology and fear mongering.  At this moment, the leader Stephane Dion will take questions from the media. Thank you.


Liberal Leader Stephane Dion;

Don B. - Democratic Reporter;
Yes, I have a question about the protection of rights. In regards to Charter Rights which are suppose to be the highest law of the land, how is the Liberals going to protect, a growing trend that has been showing up Ontario where people are involved, in trying to participate lawfully and meaningfully in their government are being charged on completely minor and often false charges, subject to very restrictive bail terms and forced to be criminalizing the involvement in government, this is particular true of people who are trying protect the environment. So what are you going to do protect the rights of people who are trying to be involved in government and are doing nothing wrong expect criticizing politicians.
{I have not worked out the wording of my question before hand so it was bit off but I was understood.}

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion;
Up to now am not aware anybody who that has been punished for that.  Is there a trial you have in mind or?

Don B. - Democratic Reporter;
There are three examples in Ontario.  I am one of them but there are two other ones, in which ...

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion;
(?), (laugher)

Don B. - Democratic Reporter;
No, no, I am a journalist.  I do Internet reporting.

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion;

Don B. - Democratic Reporter;
This makes it even more odious but there are examples.

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion;
O.K. look - I would be pleased at the problem because I want it to be a country where people can criticize without the danger of facing court. At the same time I guess there is also the necessity to not attack with false, false assumptions. It is always a problem to have protection of freedom of expression and protecting the rights personalities to not be smear unfairly.  By comments, are not right, on the truth.  So I will need to look at more the examples you giving to me.

Don B. - Democratic Reporter;
I thank you very much.

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