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Unbelievable City of Mississauga Security guards statement

These are the two witness (or witless), statements that were filled out & filed with Peel police regarding the events of June 7th, 2006 by Sheri-Lynn Ruffo & Paul Mercier.
Events that apparently were not investigated by the Peel police before charges were laid, so just by the say-so of City Security.
Must be nice to just snap your finger and Peel police jump for you like puppets on strings.

In regards to the 2 assaults charges, it was just my word against 2 City of Mississauga Security guards and one being a female, I should have lost.  However, once the Crown was made aware of all the facts, it would not even try to present and defend these guards stories in trail situation - says a lot about their creditability, yes.

Which makes the prospect of a Peace Bond with Sheri-Lynn Ruffo at the control as to if I am keeping to its terms, just empowerment to her to try harder at framing me.  As 3 false charges were laid and cost her nothing - why would she not try again & again & again?

The writing is hard to make out, so did best could.

Sheri-Lynn Ruffo Witness Statement - June 7, 2006 - 12:57

Occupation - Corporate Security, Building Supervisor

Signature of Witness is Sheri-Lynn Ruffo     Signature of officer is Cst. Correia, 2991 Div. 12

My name is Sheri-Lynn Ruffo, I have worked for MSBM Corporate Security for 9 years.

My shift today was a floor & Council shift 8:30 to 9:30

I was in council since 8:30 with and later my partner - Paul Mercier. I was upstairs, and later made my way to the podium area - where I observed Mr. Barber - a known problem person, previously banned from City hall. Mr. Barber looked like he was going to approach the podium - he looked like he wanted to speak. At around 12pm, Mr. Barber approached the podium - members of council advised him if he had anything to discuss on the agenda - and that he shouldn't approach unless asked. He started going on about the missed question period - saying that he wanted his question time. Madam Mayor advised him that question period is only for things pertaining to the agenda. He was asked if he had any questions pertaining to the agenda - he just requested a question period - saying it was omitted. He is explained procedures repeatly (sic) - but he didn't stop insisting for question period - throughout he was rasing his voice - other (sic) matters on the agenda had not yet been discussed and were waiting now due to Mr. Barber. Procedures read several times to Mr. Barber.

Mr. Barber motion to bring up something new was denied. Another man that was with Mr. Barber continued the agreement wanting a question period. Procedure reiterated again and wanted to proceed with agenda - advised Mr. Barber and other male to leave. At point of advised both of them to make their way out - other male left, but Mr. Barber insisted in staying in Council - he began snapping pictures continuously of myself and council - Council waited for Mr. Barber to leave to continue with agenda. Mr. Barber then exited from council chambers said he was going to clerks dept.- I followed him there. I was joined by my partner at City clerks - Barber wanted to go in there to speak to staff. Mr. Barber began to get agitated at wait at city clerks - alleging that security was delaying him on purpose. He is very agitated pacing back and forth. He then began walking down the hallway way as if to leave I followed closely behind. He then quickly turned around and barreled right through stepping on my right foot with full body weight, he made no attempt to avoid me - he knew I was behind him - it was to quick for me to get out of the way. He then spoke with clerk staff - advised him it was $5 for question period policy.

He knows police are coming - says never mind and begins to leave, we follow him down the stairwell. He went to the base of the stairwell which ends of exterior ground level - he then realized he needed to go to garage. So he turned tried around and attempts to go back up the stairwell where I was standing [3] and he pushed on my chest area with both his arms extended with palms open. I was able to balance myself and not fall over - at that point I grabbed his arm and advised him that he had to go and directed him to the exit [1] - we followed him around the exterior - he made another attempt to come back into city hall - but we escorted him to his parking level. The whole time he is taking pictures.

I forgot about when we were in council chambers, after council asked him leave - he yelled at me "do you feel empowered, do you feel good about this. From the time council asked Mr. Barber to leave and the time he actually left the chambers was about 5-6 minutes.

So he was escorted to his vehicle - once inside his vehicle - he said to me and my partner "don't stand behind my vehicle so you don't get caught underneath it." He then revered - went the wrong way in the underground - proceed to second of basement through tunnel leading to library - we lost sight of him at that point.

My foot that he stepped on (?) is a little sore from where he stepped on it but I think its fine.

Paul Mercier Witness Statement - June 7, 2006 - 1:36

Occupation - Mobile officer/Control room officer        Signature of officer is Cst. Correia, 2991 Div. 12

My name is Paul Mercier, I have been working with MSGA corporate security as an officer since 2001.

Today I was working day shift 0700-1900. I was directed to council at 905. - General council was going through Agenda. Council was going smoothly until just about after 12 pm. Council asked if anyone had questions in regards to anything on the agenda. At that time, Don Barber got up off his seat and went down to address council. Council was about to go through motions w/o a question period. Barber was upset that there was no question period. The Mayor and all members of council advised Barber that he would have to put on a list if he had questions for a topic. Members of Council had to tell me several times that he had to get on general committee. He was basically interrupting council as they attempt to explain the rules to him - his voice getting louder and louder. He then began to ask about city clerk policy on question period - he was read this policy but still was not satisfied. I guess council ran of things to say to Barber - he kept on speaking and interrupting. My supervisor them asked him to leave. Barber then went to get his bag - then began taking pictures.

Everyone on Council was watching barber and unable to continue with the agenda until he leaves. My supervisor had also advised a male that was with Barber to leave, I escorted the male down through the north doors. The kept stopping and saying "you can’t do nothing to me" [2] I advised him that if he didn’t leave he would be arrested for failing to do so when requested - he then complied and left.

I just got recalled when in council with Barber he made a comment to council "now I’m being kicked out of council"

While escorting Barber’s friend - I heard over the radio that police were being requested at city clerks stairwell - I ran to city clerks stairwell up to office area on 3rd floor. I entered inside city clerks - Barber was at city clerks counter asking for info on policy regarding question period. Clerk told him that another clerk would come and address his questions. He was there waiting - became very irritated - walked around counter - demanded information from another clerk. The clerk showed him policy and said that he could sit down and read it. Barber then began to walk out the door - my supervisor was right behind him. His foot had just stepped over the frame of the door, suddenly made a quick turn, bumps into my supervisor - pushing her back in. He made no attempt to avoid her, none whatsoever - goes back yo the clerk and says has another question. He was at the counter for about another 10-15 seconds and proceeded to walk out of city clerks down the stairwell. Stairwell near parking elevators.

When in stairwell - he is still attempting to our pictures. When we got down to ground floor - he stuck his out the door and realized he wasn’t going the right way to the parking garage. At that time turned around quickly [3] and walked towards my supervisor who was on the 2nd., last step - he was trying to get his way up. He walked right in front of her - contact was made - she was holding banister/handrail to support herself. She tells him that he can’t go back up and will have to go out exit doors. I grabbed the sleeve of his jacket of the right arm - fearing that he will trample my supervisor - I directed him out the doors. When he got out the doors - was in Civic square - began walking towards Duke of York. At Duke of York went south to City centre wore (sic) he entered parking garage, at that time I signaled for a Peel officer I saw near by - I was unable to attract his attention.

When Barber enter the P1 parking level he proceeded to his car. I relayed car info over air for police. At his car he says "I hope you don’t fall under the wheels of my vehicle". I stood well back fearing his comments. He pulled out of the parking spot - went to P2 level - still making no attempt to leave. I ran to P2 level. I followed him through tunnel to central library. From there he exited garage onto Duke of York. At that time I went to Burnhamthorpe to try and catch were he was going but I missed him after that.

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[1] -  fact is she bounced off me as I walked up the other side of the stair well, so we can all understand why she would be so frustrated and up-set that she couldn't do her job that she would make up a story that makes her sound like a heroin.  Maybe she even had her mind on job advancement.  As the events she notes sound like sexual assault gender issues become a part of this equation of lies that are of such a nature that the Crown will not even let her repeat her "story" in a trail and all charges are withdrawn.  Also consider this, the male security guard was right behind & above her on the stairs and he see almost none of what she is reporting to the Peel police (who pay no attention to this).  Consider that nether of these guards called for back-up after this happened and in the real world, would not the guard behind he be all over me after seeing what she claims?  Fact is he stopped me by blocking me and I made no effort to fight by either of them.  After all I weighted about 220 pounds at that time and if I did try to fight way back into the building, there would have been marks left for sure!

[2] - That is a very interesting thing for Roy Willis to say don't you think?  Just as it is that both guards should know his name but do not note it in their statements.

[3] - The guards admit that they knew I was trying to get to my car in the underground parking and did they try to help me?  No way it was just another reason to stage a confrontation and blame me for it.  They say that I looked out the door and seeing it not lead to underground parking - "
turned around quickly and walked towards my supervisor" & "He went to the base of the stairwell which ends of exterior ground level - he then realized he needed to go to garage."  As you can see from this picture - the door to the outside and the bottom of the stairs is 15 feet away.  Far enough away for them to have enough time to tell me how to get to the underground parking but from what my accusers say - "turned around quickly" - "pushed on my chest area with both his arms extended with palms open", sounds like I caught her off guard by flying at her like Superman.


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