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Comments on the City of Mississauga's

{This is Long version & draft version, goes into much greater detail
& short version.}

The first Vandalism and Violence in Mississauga's City Facilities, Policy - This is the newer version.

    Some back ground comments - This issue was brought to John Stewart's attention before the Mississauga News printed its article saying it was all about sport violence.  No changes were made.  I noted to the Missing News that I wanted to write a guest column and likely would be ready for Oct. 11.
I made a number of efforts to talk to editor staff, make them aware of it,  so it could make the paper.   It was not printed Oct. 11, in fact there was no guest column that day.  Oct. the 13, I put my name into run for the Mayors office and now they will not run it.  This a very important issue and the Missing News just couldn't give a damn and it makes the election so much easier for the Mayor.  Don't think the media is looking out for the pubic, that is the American media that cares about other points of view then governments or whistle blowers.

Mississauga News.  Letter to the editor.

RE: Guest column.

Dear Sir:                                                                                                            Oct. 9, 2000

 Below is the promised guest column, it runs about 826 words.  As the subject is a big one having a significant impact on all Mississaugans, it has been cut back to the point where major points have been eliminated.  This new City policy is one that should get some sober second thought as it opens the door for very significant abuses, please run it in this Wednesdays Mississauga News.

Alarm - Our human rights and freedoms, ending in our life time.

This is likely my last Thanksgiving, where I will give thanks for living in Canada "the true north, strong and free", after reviewing a new City by-law about Vandalism and Violence (V&V), in City Facilities.   Clearly City of Mississauga has turned away from the path of democracy, human rights and freedoms and has put us on notice: Don't disagree with the City.  The country I was proud of, is disappearing one law at a time.

The V&V by-law has set a new and dangerous standard of government control over people's lives.  It has created a City-run legal system, with new laws, and turned City staff into a police force, with unprecedented authority over us.  We are told that V&V was created to deal with problems with sports but it goes far beyond the sports field and fair play.  City staff confirmed that V&V covers all City facilities (including non-sports buildings like City Hall), all City property (like parks).  V&V defines acts of violence as "but is not limited to ", "loud verbal assaults;", "attempts to intimidate;" and "attempts to goad", to name a few.  According to staff a threatening tone can get you in trouble too.   How long before breaking wind will be considered a violent crime and who does this law really target?  Punishments include being banned from City property for years and fines up to twice what the City says it costs for repairs.

Created in only a couple of months, with no public meetings or input from the majority of Mississaugans who use City facilities.  Consultation was mostly with sport groups.  The City has misled taxpayers about the nature of its actions.  This by-law is not about extreme sport violence, that is the smoke screen for a political power grab and staff are wrong to say it is not a new legal system.  This policy taken with other City by-laws and actions is very dangerous to us all.  It is open to abuse by bullies willing to falsely accuse the innocent through the facility watch program.  The placing of video cameras all over City property treats everyone like criminals.  Not only is the legal standard for an offence ridiculously low, that can be easily interpreted to cover just about anything, it can also be the foundation for even more law and order without justice.  Many details of this policy were not presented to Council, such as the exact legal procedures and costs, why?  We have just lost our freedom to act like human beings, to even get upset!

Throughout history dictators had delivered law and order but no justice.

Often the Mayor and Councillors have remarked this is not Russia or in Canada people's rights matter.  No more, it is time for "ZERO TOLERANCE" (ZT).  ZT, caters to the right wing holier then thou extremists, who are blood thirsty for human sacrifices (of other people), on the alter of law and order.  The very vocal members of the public, who will be voting for politicians that preach ZT.  Remember how ZT was used in the 1930's, what the effects were and the cost to defeat it?   Democracy is about erring on the side of caution.

The City claims to be creating a safe environment on its property, but in fact it is doing the opposite.  Bullies (liars), will love this.  They are not controlled by more laws; in fact it only gives them more power, the law is their weapon and words the ammunition. People on City property will be ordered around by those who are willing to bully and lie.  How can parents feel safe sending their kids to a City park knowing a loud voice is an act of violence and their children can be convicted by the City of "throwing of articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner"?  This by-law is unenforceable in a fair and reasonable fashion.

Would your children even want to involved in sports with the City's rules for politically correct hockey?  A game without contact, players and parents gagged and don't keep scores as that would excite people.   No, this by-law is a legal sledge hammer designed to go after selected Mississaugans who disagree with our politicians and City Hall.  That is the reason for the low legal standard, not sports.  It is for making City facilities safe for unpopular politicians.

Human life is about the balance between order and chaos.  You have to know where the line is between unacceptable and acceptable losses is.  If you try to eliminate all losses then you have to control everything and everybody.  Then you start to suffer losses from over control and loss of quality of life.  Pierre Elliott Trudeau said "Canada is not immoral", yes, it can be destroyed by politicians.  More about this at my web-site

                                                                                                          - 30 -
Sincerely yours  -  Donald Barber

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