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Mississauga News - Aug. 13, 2009 - By ?

Parrish should run now

Wednesdayís confirmation from 88-year-old Hazel McCallion that she indeed plans to run for mayor again in 2010 could be bad news for residents of Mississauga.

Thatís because Ward 6 councillor Carolyn Parrish promptly announced that she definitely will not run against McCallion.  Her rationale?  She would lose.

Parrish makes no secret of her desire to succeed McCallion in the mayorís chair. But she has joined a long list of those who would be queen, content to bide her time until McCallion either retires or dies.

The problem is that City Council is broken and canít be fixed. Councillors are hopelessly divided into two camps ó those faithful to either Parrish or McCallion ó and the business of running Mississauga sometimes grinds to a halt because of that logjam.  Either that, or meetings deteriorate to name-calling and finger-pointing that would be more appropriate in a Grade 4 classroom.

Itís not fair to ask the residents of Mississauga to endure this unproductive squabble for five more years.  It has to end with the next vote.

Parrish should run for mayor, or look for a new line of work.

We havenít had a real mayoralty race here since 1982.  Not one featuring a credible opponent for McCallion, who doesnít even bother to campaign.

The last thing we need in these challenging times is another coronation.  Residents deserve a choice when they mark their ballot.

After all, if itís a done deal, then save us the time, trouble and expense and cancel the election.

Comments by others, 1, to this web-page;

The Mississauga Muse     Aug 15, 2009 1:15 PM

Quote: "[Parrish] has joined a long list of those who would be queen, content to bide her time until McCallion either retires or dies. "

So. Like. MissyNews. Why single out Parrish? Why not call out the long list of COWARDS that blight the City of Mississauga political landscape? And why pretend like elected officials even matter inside Big Yellow Mississauga Council Chambers. I've provided you with lots of evidence secured through Freedom of Information that City Staff CALL THE SHOTS.

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