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Opening comments:  More at the end.

    Up to the Lakeview Power Generation Station Picture gallery  & News article listing.

How to BLOW up Lakeview Power Generation Station, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

    Well first you get motivated politicians - like the Queen of sprawl Hazel McCallion. 
The land use  &  Hazel  McCallion - the Queen of Sprawl - what is her role - How could / will she profit from her support of shutting down Lakeview?  Why her?  Because she would look at the land that would be freed up by the shutting down of the Lakeview Power Generation Station and say profit to City - PROFITS and her other coven member ward 1 Councillor Carmen Corbasson would not be far behind.  Lakeview Power Generation Station is in Ward 1 of Mississauga and it is one of the oldest wards of the City so most places to build have been used.  As over-development has been Mississauga's method to reelection by way of the fees and taxes gained by over-development which have in the past kept taxes down.  This also helps put money into the pockets of politicians developers friends pockets, which in turn ends up in their election campaigns.  so there is big money to be made by BLOWING-UP the Lakeview Power Generation Station for not just the land it stands on but for the hydro corridor that runs from the QEW down to the Lakeshore.  On that land alone a thousand home can be built.  Some will be park but that is normal for any large development.  Don't forget we are talking lake front property with the yacht club right beside it, {nudge nudge, wink wink say no more!}  Oh yes, hear Hazel blew-up the stacks in 2006, below.

    To develop this are would clearly create more gridlock in the Lakeview area by increasing the population with higher densities in the land that would become available after Lakeview closes.  No one else cares to ask about this.  The worse the gridlock the more likely people will move out of their homes with  deep lots, then bought by developers and still more money made by the City by more & more development!  It would also over tax the existing interstructor.

    As it is clearly established that urban sprawl kills people - it rips the lungs from our children - it creates life long health problems. 
As the
Mayor of Mississauga holds the title of the Queen of Sprawl  ( by her own admission ), the idea that she helped close the coal-burning Lakeview power generation power plant over concerns about peoples health, is not something I buy.  It is far more likely that she wants the land to do her evil sprawl routine, again.

    Political decisions tend to be unreasonable, illogical and of course very costly to taxpayers,  so the friends of politicians can profit, at our expense.  Many aspects of the current plans are smelling like a politics, not reason and not for the greater good.  I think the Ontario government is serving up the Lakeview lands as a way to help get Hazel McCallion off its back.  She has been causing them a ton of trouble in her efforts to make Mississauga a separate City - before she dies - and she appears not to care how she does it.

More on this and other power generation issues here.

The Lakeview Power Generation Station Picture gallery  & News article listing web-page.

Here are pictures of Lakeview Power Generation Station being blow-up slowly etc.;

From afar with Cawthra Park Secondary School in the foreground.  No wonder the "4 Sisters" were considered such a land mark that people found their way around by.

Many sailors used the "4 Sisters" to navigate their way in harbor.


Yes, Lakeview Power Generation Station was very big indeed up close!

Just look at what is at the bottom of the building to see its scale.


But even the mighty can be fallen - June 12, 2006.

Compare to below - a shadow of what it once was far so many years of faithful service to our electrical needs.

Mississauga News - June 7, 2007 - By John Stewart

Lakeview station will be dust in the wind

If all goes well, a series of 53 explosions using 726 pounds of dynamite will cause the remaining portion of the huge powerhouse at Lakeview Generating Station to start folding in on itself in collapse early on June 25.

The remaining structure, about 1,200 feet long, 300 feet wide and 200 feet high, will implode, causing a giant dust cloud that will drift out over Lake Ontario, if weather conditions cooperate, a spokesperson for Murray Demolition said yesterday at an information session for local ratepayers.

“The key is to wait for the right weather conditions,” Kareem El-Khatib told The News at the former coal-fired station, which closed in April 2005.

The ideal conditions would be a northwest wind of at least 20 km/h and pouring rain, El-Khatib said.

The wind is critical to blow the dust out over the lake and away from the residential area to the north. Rain will help reduce dust when the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of equipment and steel hit the ground.

The implosion is designed to have the structure destroyed in sequence, so that the demolished sections pile up on one another.  The twisted remains should be about 100 feet deep.

Instead of removing huge pressure vessels suspended from the roof, it was deemed safer to leave them up and have them fall into the pile of refuse that will be created below.

If there's not a strong northwest or north wind, the explosion will not go ahead, even if it means waiting all day or until later in the week.
Because the main force of the dust ball created by the demolition will go out over the lake, the exclusion zone for boats has been extended from one to two kilometres.  There will be a 500-metre ban on movement around the plant for people and cars.  No traffic will be permitted on Lakefront Promenade for an hour before the scheduled 7:30 a.m. blast.

The debris created by demolition of the iconic “Four Sisters," the nearly 500-ft. tall stacks at the plant knocked down one year ago, has been piled up around the site to create a kind of berm to reduce the impact on surrounding homes.

A public information session is slated for this Tuesday (June 12) from 4:30-8:30 p.m. at Cawthra Community Centre.

Most of the equipment in the powerhouse has already been removed and disassembled.  The coal pile, which along with the stacks was the identifying symbol of the plant for 43 years, has also been removed.  That area has been cleared to the ground and re-seeded.

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has donated several artifacts from the plant to the City of Mississauga, which included the plant in its cultural landscape inventory because of its historical significance.  It's hoped the artifacts will be displayed in local parks near the site.
Richard Schwass, OPG senior communications advisor, said about 90 per cent of the material from the powerhouse will either be reused or sold for recycling, including much of the high-quality steel used to construct the plant in the 1950s.

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