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Mississauga News - Sept. 29, 2009 - Letter by Thaia Jones

Step down, Hazel

Dear Editor:

I have lived in Mississauga for over 20 years and during that whole time Hazel has been our mayor.  As far as I know, she has been a good one.  I thank her for my reasonable property taxes, dependable services, and much more.

That said, Canadians have chosen to live in a democracy, not a monarchy, and what we have in Mississauga seems to have evolved into a virtual monarchy.  People in Mississauga are starting to refer to Hazel as The Queen.

Her rule has been so long that I suspect a lot of good talent has withered on the vine.  We donít even seem to have anyone left with the courage, or foolhardiness, to run against her.

No matter how good the old is, new talent and new ideas must take their turn to keep a community vibrant.

Hazel, please abdicate your throne gracefully.  And, new talent, please challenge the monarchy and restore democracy.

Thaia Jones    Mississauga

Comments by others, 6, to this web-page;

Think About It     Oct 4, 2009 11:10 AM

A Bitter Sweet Symphony

Itís nothing to do with whether you like or dislike the Mayor, itís the grudge and the vengeance hiding behind this Little Old Lady from Pasadena image that followed our June 29 2007 council event, the following Thursday, and tried to poach our Compass Outreach welcome sign the city claimed was trespassing 3 inches over on her sidewalk. Mrs. McCallion was raged as she obvious knew her letter of employment and entrepreneurship references (Mississauga City file # 1 January 29, 2002) were associated with the fraud bust John Stewart covered at the our local HRDC offices. We knew we were gradually becoming a 1 in 5 urban ghetto in 1998 when MFOI requests were being doctored to paint the town every colour but the truth

The Mississauga Muse Oct 4, 2009 7:30 AM

Uatu, you're right when you wrote, "She's damaging the City by remaining in office."

I agree completely. And I'm not talking about this Conflict of Interest stuff just in general. I just had issue with you using "dead albatross" to describe McCallion --and "carcass". She's 88, ok? I don't like to be reminded that she won't be alive one day. Ok? That's all. As for how McCallion's Staff ban youth/kids as the first and only step when Saito thinks that "various steps" are taking before a kid gets a ban, well, I keep telling people that Staff hide vital information from elected officials. But McCallion is clueless (or dishonest). I have McCallion on video at an Audit Committee meeting after lamenting the degree to which Staff donít follow policies, then as a solution, DIRECT Staff to inform elected officials when Staff are not complying with City policies. You just CAN'T get more clued-out than that.

* Agree 1

Think About It     Oct 3, 2009 2:33 PM

Thatís not what we both seen or heard on June 21 2007 Muse

Mrs. McCallion was ranting to the Police Chief to remove school students from shopping strip malls is what we both heard when the chief mentioned this Hawkers Law, which are the trespassing codes. The Regionís Clerk, Mrs. Charlotte Gravlev was responsible for taking the minutes that day at 10 Peel Centre Dr. as well?

Uatu     Oct 3, 2009 12:46 PM

Muse: You completely miss the point

The point isn't whether the Mayor is acting in good faith. It's about McCallion blocking the way. She's damaging the City by remaining in office. You might still find my opinion offensive but it has nothing to do with her not knowing what the Knobz are up to. Speaking of her good faith (and Saito's), I'm surprised at your tolerance, Muse. For two years now you've been informing them and anyone else who cares to read your blog about the way Mississauga Corporate Security treats people. You've posted documents that show MissCorpSec has a zero tolerance policy. How then can Councillor Saito think that there are other steps between offence and banning? Oh wait, it just came to me. Perhaps she thinks it is like most other City policies, that is to say, not followed unless convenient.

* Agree 1

The Mississauga Muse     Oct 3, 2009 11:19 AM

In case you're wondering, Uatu, it was ME who marked your comments as "Offensive".

I'm not sure to how much Mayor McCallion knows about the abuses of her Staff. I DO know that having watched September 30, 2009 video of Councillor Saito calling for the bans of Youth to be made public information that Saito truly believes that bans aren't the instant step when dealing with Youth. And that Saito is sure that "various other steps" are taken before Staff would ban a kid. Both not true! But I examined Saito's face and she's genuine. She REALLY believes that kids are treated compassionately. Saito was like me once Ėthought checks and balances are intact. Elected officials are led to believe that. Either directly by Staff or (as in the case of last Council meeting) indirectly through SILENCE of Staff not informing her otherwise.) With what I watched on Wednesday, I'm more sympathetic towards McCallion now. I think McCallion believes kids are treated fairly too.

Uatu     Sep 30, 2009 1:26 PM

Withering rights

An eloquent plea with which I concur. You have gone straight to the heart of the matter. By insisting on keeping her throne, this Mayor is like a dead albatross around the neck of the City. As of late, the carcass is starting to smell pretty bad.

* Agree 2    -    Offensive 1

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