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Toronto Star - Oct 1-09 - By Royson James usually appears Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday - Email:

Mayor McCallion has only herself to blame

Never in Mississauga.

A mayor's son shepherds a multimillion-dollar hotel project onto city council's agenda after private meetings with developers and his mom.  The mayor doesn't declare a conflict of interest when the matter comes to council a second time.

When confronted, the mayor-mom tells reporters she, in fact, did declare an interest – and the record will support this.

Sure enough, the council minutes back the mayor's claim.  But wait. Video footage of the second council meeting makes a liar of the mayor – and the legislative clerk who recorded the minutes – and forces an investigation.

Mississauga's greatest asset has been Mayor Hazel McCallion, so revered at age 88 that prime ministers and premiers bow in her very presence.

Armed with findings from the probe, city council voted 6-4 on Wednesday to order a judicial inquiry into the mayor's role in the proposed land deal.

The mayor's supporters on council called the vote a "witch hunt" against a mayor who's done more for her city "than all of us here in this room" put together.  Undeterred, one councillor says anything short of an inquiry would be sweeping the scandal under the rug.  "For us to have turned a blind eye to this and said, `Trust us, it's nothing' – well, this is Mississauga; it's not Vaughan," said Councillor Nando Iannicca.

Yes, we are in Mississauga, God's gift to municipalities, the greatest city with the best mayor in all creation.  But Mississauga residents are now asking: How could this "significant error" happen?  It's one thing for the clerk to fail to record an action at council.  It's quite another to invent something that did not take place.

Councillor Carolyn Parrish had asked the city clerk to review the videotape, saying she was concerned about the potentially "doctored minutes."  City clerk Crystal Greer reviewed the video and now reports a "significant error" in the minutes for the May 21, 2008, meeting.  McCallion did not declare a conflict of interest. In fact, no councillor did.

"The legislative coordinator has disposed of her notes from the meeting.  She is not able to recollect what may have transpired to cause her to include the declaration of conflict in the minutes," Greer writes.  "But she can confirm that she would not have done so as a result of direction by any member of council."

Okay.  So who, then, directed her?  And why pre-empt this question at all when it so obviously needs answering?

For hours Wednesday morning, Mississauga councillors wrestled in private with what to do with the scandal their mayor has brought on herself.  Their mayor, the legendary Hurricane Hazel, had violated the most basic of trust.

McCallion has been mayor for 31 years.  She knows better.  And her claim that she can't avoid such positions of conflict because so many items cross her desk would be outrageous if it weren't so sad.

No doubt, the nearly 700,000 residents of Mississauga are pulling for their mayor.  She's earned every accolade and respect she gets.  But she's also earned this judicial inquiry all by herself.

No mayor should expect a free ride after such a contravention of the rule.  Not even in Mississauga.

Comments by others, 70, to this web-page;   

I sad about what has happened to McCallion. But, if she has failed to declare an obvious conflict of interest, then James is right and she should be investigated. There should be no exceptions. Having said that, I would be curious to find out what the reaction would be if this were Miller.

Submitted by Duncan Heinz at 5:12 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 2


If your "Mayor", Councilor, Candlestick maker; especially in "PUBLIC OFFICE OF TRUST" are you "entitled" to be "above the law"??? Give your heads a shake and wake up....our whole government runs this way and there should be "no exceptions to the rule"!!! Simple really.

Submitted by The Truth Will Set You Free at 4:22 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 4

to austind @ 7:33am

I totally agree with your thoughts. However, politics sucks as it does not work that way. Just look at our federal and provincial politics.

Submitted by Danny996 at 4:11 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree

Mississauga is congested

I am amazed by comments suggesting that the Mayor is some kind of municipal saint. Who but MacCallion is responsible for allowing so many condo buildings to go up in the Square 1 area? The area is heavily congested and lacks the infrastructure to deal with traffic. What could have been a lovely city center is now a mass of apartment blocks. And they wanted a new hotel in the middle of all that?

Submitted by Suede at 3:49 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 2

video tape

Now they should check the video tape for erasures or tampering.

Submitted by bardrow at 3:42 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 2

Everybody in that room knew

Okay, let's for arguement's sake say that Mayor McCallion failed to state her conflict of interest. I'm finding it really hard to believe that not one other counselor didn't jump on the opportunity to smugly state it for her. How long did it take for Sandra Bussin to get outed yesterday? Everyone in that room knew the Mayor's son was a prominent developer, everyone in that room knew what his name was and who his mother was, and everyone in that room knew there was a conflict of interest. Have the inquiry, you can't be cavalierly messing around with the official record just to suit your back story; but as far as conflicts of interest go - EVERYBODY IN THAT ROOM KNEW.

Submitted by Mary Elyse at 3:37 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 5

False Premises

feech lamanna: The weight of municipal services in Mississauga are provided by the Region of Peel, not the City of Mississauga. The Mayor, Council and Senior Staff draw full time wages for part time work because it takes them twice as long to get anything done.

Submitted by RayL at 3:25 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 3

I never like her.... but

I have to admit that she has done more good than harm to this city. Her thirty odd years of major must have made someone jealous and wanted to dethrone her. I would rather have her as major than somoeone else still.

Submitted by sweetdreams at 3:01 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 3    -    Disagree 5

Too much attention

Looking at Hazel Mcallions record of integrety and dedication for Mississauga, it's safe to give her the benefit of the doubt on this one. She's one who trully loves Mississauga and has shown it in her dedication to the city. One can only wonder who would benefit from something like this???

Submitted by nopictureavailable at 2:39 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 4    -    Disagree 11

Hazel IS the best mayor

and Parrish reminds me of Ignatieff who just won't give up.

Submitted by thornaturside at 2:38 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 6    -    Disagree 8

Sunlight is the best cleanser

Look I live in Mississauga and appreciate how great the city is. However, these sorts of things need to be investigated to ensure it stays that way. No one is infallible and above making a mistake in their own self interest. Let the investigation take place and see what happened.

Submitted by The Sainted at 2:31 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 14

Who Cares!!!

I'm glad I'm not a politician. One minute you are a saviour, another minute you have a lynching mob after your job. I'd rather my politician's time be occupied with making our cities, towns, etc. better places than involved with trivial inquiries.

Submitted by GoalieChik at 2:05 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 4    -    Disagree 8

If nothing else...

This is certainly proof that it's a really REALLY good idea to have all these council meetings and Parliament recorded on videotape for all to see.

Submitted by Logan at 2:02 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 14

hazel's blunder...

i would like to think that a person should be judged on their personal integrity, and reputation... having said that, i have to believe that the situation that ms. McCallion finds herself in, however unfortunate, is an honest mistake and not wrong doing.

Submitted by somethingtothinkabout at 2:01 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 6    -    Disagree 7

Mississauga is Number One

I guess Royson Jones has gotten tired of writing about David Miller and the great(sic) city that he runs. I have lived in Mississauga since 1991 and my two daughters were born here. We have no debt and it is a safe city and for that I thank Mayor Hazel who will always have my vote. Royson why do not write about Mel Lastman who was mayor of North York and Where I lived before moving to Mississauga. He has made Jane St the Welfare Capital of Toronto with all this Public Housing.

Submitted by feech lamanna at 1:22 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 3    -    Disagree 9

Kind of scary...

How the people of Mississauga bow down in fealty to old Hazel. Reminds of the brainwashed people in North Korea when Great Leader died.

Submitted by fenny at 12:51 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 12    -    Disagree 5

McCallion is the best and always will be!!!

This is nothing more than a dirty rotten attempt on Parrish's part to discredit a woman she could NEVER defeat honestly...this is indeed a witchhunt instigated by Parrish, who wants what McCallion has. I dont live in Mississauga but I have this to say to afraid, be VERY afraid if this woman ever becomes your Mayor.

Submitted by Marie56 at 12:46 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 10    -    Disagree 16

Kudos to councillor Carolyn Parrish

Submitted by MT007 at 12:38 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 15    -    Disagree 10

This inquiry would have more validity to me if it wasn't initiated by Caroline Parrish, whose agenda seems pretty clear. As a Mississauga resident, it chills me to the bone to even think of Ms. Parrish as mayor.

Submitted by macraigca at 12:36 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 11

If Council Minutes in Mississauga Can Be "Fixed"...

that's as much a concern as the conflict of interest at issue here.

Submitted by Solice at 12:36 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 23    -    Disagree 1

Don't blame Parrish

Parrish has a right to ask how this happened and she is not the one who screwed up. I like Hazel, like most people, but if she made a blunder, or intentioanlly told the clerk to fudge the minutes dealng with her sons development plans, that is a major issue. No one is above the law. Rules are there for a purpose. If they are intentioanlly, or accidentlly broken, they we need to know what happened. It could be something as simple as Hazel thinking she declared a conflict and the clerk misinterpreting a sentence. Regardless, most people are not going to loose any respect for her.

Submitted by mkbarekg1 at 12:33 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 17    -    Disagree 6

Now that Royson is almost finished with Miller

He sets his negative sights on another well meaning politician. With "journalists" like this I don't understand why anyone would want the job as mayor.

Submitted by tired of whiners at 12:33 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 3    -    Disagree 9

Go Hazel Go!

Nobody is perfect. If she is guilty, so be it. However, I'll still vote for her. If she goes, so does the city...

Submitted by floresma at 12:26 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 9    -    Disagree 13

You see Ontario is nothing more than an oligarchy of lawyers.

Sure enough, the council minutes back the mayor's claim. But wait. Video footage of the second council meeting makes a liar of the mayor – and the legislative clerk who recorded the minutes – and forces an investigation...Armed with findings from the probe, city council voted 6-4 on Wednesday to order a judicial inquiry into the mayor's role in the proposed land deal. Okay why not call in the police, lay charges and get on with it. Now you will have the lawyers and the appointed lawyer judges playing games at the expense of the taxpayer. Maybe the appointed lawyer judge walks away with a free lifetime hotel room.

Submitted by atticus finch at 12:19 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 2

Mississauga needs Carolyn Parrish

To the reader who wrote that Parrish is an embarrassment to the people of Mississauga - SPEAK FOR YOURSELF. She is my choice for Mayor any day. She is well loved and admired by my family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances - you name it. She is just what Mississauga needs!!

Submitted by bettyyeti at 12:12 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

Agree 9    -    Disagree 13

maybe she is just plain senile

not knowing whether she is in conflict, saying she has declared the conflict while the evidence clearly shows she did not. what else could explain the lapses in judgement of the trustworthy mayor?

Submitted by galaxygroove at 12:02 PM Thursday, October 01 2009

Agree 16    -    Disagree 2

I never had anything against McCallion

and perceived her as the firm, but fair type. That said, if she's not a victim of a smear campaign and really did gave her son preferential treatment, then she's lost my respect and should be held accountable just like anyone else. If any Liberal or NDP politician did this, there's little doubt in my mind many of the bloggers here would be screaming for his (or her) head and branding him (or her) guilty as charged. Meanwhile they hypocritically make excuses when one of their own is rumoured to have broken the rules and somehow flip it back onto the "left". Yep, this alleged scandal in Mississauga is all Dalton McGuinty's fault.

Submitted by Anti-Hero at 11:54 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

Agree 19    -    Disagree 1

She is still the best mayor ever !!!

I don't care what Parrish or any of the other members say. I have lived in Mississauga for 30 years and would vote for Hazel no matter what this group says. They know the only way to defeat her is by lying. There is no way Carolyn Parrish would ever defeat Hazel at the ballot box. She knos it too and that is where this little red herring came from. Disgusting dirty politics. Then again, look what party she used to work for.

Submitted by Chas_AM at 11:49 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

Agree 10    -    Disagree 19

I don't care what the tape says

Hazel McCallion is still, and always will be, the most honest politican I have ever seen in all my 46 years. I wouldn't trust Caolyn Parrish if she told me today was the 1st of October. She was and is an embarrasement to the people of Mississauga. Then again, the "demographics" have changed quite abit over the last few years.

Submitted by Chas_AM at 11:43 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

Agree 10    -    Disagree 24

evil twosome

caroline parrish and nando iannica, they are both after hazel's job and dont hide it. either one of them as mayor would be a disaster.

Submitted by bren at 11:40 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

Agree 13    -    Disagree 13

Give her a break!!!

She has been a good Mayor, thousands of miles better than Miller (who actually never was good), then investigate whatever you have to, however keep in mind that she is too old ("una viejita") and she may missed that one.

Submitted by Hans139 at 11:30 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

Agree 14    -    Disagree 16

An Open Inquiry

is really the only proper course of action, however, I don't for a moment believe that Carolyn Parrish is motivated by any sense of civic duty. She's been gunning for Mayor McCallion from Day 1. I don't think Mayor McCallion should get off scot-free if she did in fact break the rules but you can be sure the voters of Mississauga will re-elect her for as long as she wants, and for good reason. Every mayor (and other politician) in Canada should study Hazel 101.

Submitted by CanadianBiker at 11:28 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

Agree 13    -    Disagree 4

Is there more?

Hazel's son shouldn't be doing business in Mississauga. He is riding on her coattails and here is the result. This was a big development so I don't blame her for being involved, but with her son so active in the real estate business, it raises the spectre of other conflicts.

Submitted by what's up with that at 11:22 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

Agree 18    -    Disagree 3

If she broke the rule, she broke the rule...

But that doesn't mean that she can't continue to do her job. If she faces the music, goes through the inquiry, takes what ever punishment is handed to her. She's still a great mayor who has done wonders for the City of Mississauga. I commute from Burlington to Toronto every single day. Traffic in Burlington, Oakville and Etobicoke is BRUTAL compared to Mississauga. Then when winter hits, "sauga" is the only city with the snow cleared for the morning rush. Why? Because their snow removal budget doesn't get shifted around to pay for other things. Oh, and does anyone remember when she was the only person to stand up to the 407 and collect the taxes on the land they occupy? She may be old, she may have been ruling the city for well...ever...but I would like to see her stick around as long as possible. Remember, she was voted the 2nd best Mayor in the her citizens...

Submitted by RiX1107 at 11:16 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

Agree 11    -    Disagree 7

Re: The Problem with Carolyn Parrish

"Ms Parrish, is one of those who just cannot keep her mouth shut. She always believes that she has to fight every wrong she purpotedly sees, even if that small wrong will result in a mess for the city as a whole" I like that in a politician. Her job is to protect the best interests of her constituents.

Submitted by George W Bush at 11:06 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

Agree 5    -    Disagree 13

Is This?

Is this first time she's covered something up? (or tried to) I would hope they inquire about any past dealings involving her son's company as well.

Submitted by George W Bush at 10:59 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

Agree 14    -    Disagree 2

With Power comes Inflated Imunity

Hazel's been fine for what her role was in Mississauaga in the early days, but she's been there so looonnnnng that a self-feeding feeling of self-importance and legal immunity arose within her own mind. When you get power you change....usually for the worse in most politician's cases. Betcha anything she thought to herself 'who'd be bold enough to challenge my integrity?'

Submitted by George at 10:56 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 15    -    Disagree 4

Let the judicial inquiry (or equivalent forum) review the facts and make a decision. An overwhelming majority of people have voted for Mayor McCallion over the last 30 years. If enough people believe it is time for her to step down, let the ballots speak in 2010.

Submitted by avoiceinthewind at 10:54 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 14

The Centre Of The Universe

Something I find interesting is people claim Torontonians think they are the centre of the Universe. When I meet people who live in Mississauga I have found they seem to have a greater sense of entitelement and a more holier then thou attitude then any Torontonian I've ever met. Let's look at the facts, she lied, she screwed up and there's a question about her integrity. Poper form is to investigate and if she's cleared wonderful. If not, then she should be punished regardless of age or record. And on top of that, honestly, Mississauga has been going down hill for some time. It's a time for change, infrastructure is suffering, public services are sagging, at the end of the day Mississauga is no longer the place Mississaugans believe it is and if they stopped thinking they were god's gift to Canada for a second they may see that.

Submitted by Matthew Ardill at 10:45 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 7

Reply to jsvez67

What makes a great city is a bit more than being able to work and sleep there. Yes, some jobs are there (btw, why so many residents of Mississauga work in Toronto then?), but there is more to life than a car, work uniform and nightwear. And for your record, I do not have much better opinion of Toronto either.

Submitted by Torontonianca at 10:35 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 8    -    Disagree 1

A unique loyalty to a fine city

No one is suggesting Mayor Hazel McCallion has done a poor job for the residents of the City of Mississauga but 31 years is a long time. Maybe it is time to have a "real municipal election" in Mississauaga. My concern however is that the residents have become too complacent when it comes to municipal affairs. Now could be the time for all citizens to become involved. I would not expect a change though, if her honor is to run again. She still has demonstrated a unique loyalty to a fine city.

Submitted by northernlimits at 10:32 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 1

@ Torontonianca, I'll tell you what's good

First off, the bedroom community image is gone since Miller has sent enough companies here from T.O. that we're self sustaining now. My job moved from King and Bay to Dixie and Eglinton. 10 minutes from home! Guess that makes my suburban lifestyle GREEN now. Love it! I'm one of the lucky ones, I never have to set foot in Toronto. Secondly, Hazel has always had the best interests of the city as a whole in mind. She makes sure the roads are paved as needed and the snow is plowed in a timely manor. Mississauga never catered to 'special interests' the way T.O. is famous for. This is why the majority of citizens here like our mayor, and why the opposite is true where you live. Cheers!

Submitted by whollycheeses at 10:14 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 9    -    Disagree 8

Who cares? She declared conflict the first time..the second s/b irrelevant

Hazel walks on water. I'd take her any day over Miller and his minions

Submitted by superpeach at 10:08 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 16

to "Torontonianca"

What is so great about Mississauga? – it’s DEBT FREE! And we don't have mountains of garbage bags in a middle of summer. Mature tree a problem? - A lot on my street, nearest park and in my area. Yes, it is sleeping area with parks, malls, playgrounds, like all other cities around Toronto, so what? What do you expect to have here - mini Disney Land or micro Atlantic City? At least, it’s clean and safe.

Submitted by oxanacanada at 10:06 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 13    -    Disagree 6

Re: I do not understand what is so great about Mississauga

You're right, nothing else here except all the jobs and corporations that are bolting Miller's Toronto for a city that offers businesses better deals. You can keep your pretentious, self grandiose, self rightious

Submitted by jsvez67 at 9:52 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 14    -    Disagree 11

Fear not=Hazel ain't goin' anywhere anytime soon

Wait 'til Missy is all built out and you cannot avoid property tax hikes because those huge development fees aren't coming in anymore to offset the rising costs of a city that big and sprawled. Hurricane Hazel wouldn't tolerate this oversight from any of her councillors and she shouldn't get a free ride either. She's a big girl who can handle the heat if it's directed her way. As Mr. James put it-she knows better.

Submitted by RobtheRealist at 9:45 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 12

I am concerned about the doctored minutes.

After listening to the video of the council meeting and being apprised that the minutes are in direct conflict as to what happened, I am very suspicious about what really happened with respect to the alleged conflict of interest issue.The mayor has served well in Mississauga but if it is determined that she acted improperly, then she must go.

Submitted by Dahn Batchelor at 9:43 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 20    -    Disagree 4

Just because she did not disclose, it does not mean that the deal was not at fair value. People make mistakes or may sometimes forget. They are human after all. If an independent party find this deal to be fair, then the fine Mayor should simply apologize and move on. If there is more than that, then charge the mayor and anyone else involved with fraud and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Submitted by jl2008 at 9:41 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 10    -    Disagree 4

Carolyn Parrish!

Has her eyes set on the mayor's seat. God help Mississauga if this comes to fortuity!

Submitted by Musclehead at 9:18 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 21    -    Disagree 4

I do not understand what is so great about Mississauga

I really do not mean to offend anybody, but I cannot understand what is so great about Mississauga developemnt. Overdeveloped, with new divisions full of look-alike houses and cars, without any character. People there live in big houses with tiny backyards. Good luck finding a mature tree there. Mississauga is a huge sleeping room with big malls for when you are awake. Nothing else there.

Submitted by Torontonianca at 9:14 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 19    -    Disagree 8

jgirvin - That is an inapropriate response to a serious infraction, Mayor Hazel is NOT above the law.

Submitted by twinks at 9:14 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 13    -    Disagree 2

I ran Mississauga well so I can lie

Just because Hazel ran our city well and has kept us debt free does not give her the right to allegedly lie or to allegedly get the minutes altered (who else had any interest in inserting that clause in the minutes?). If it proven she violated conflict rules, or more important cheated, she must step down.

Submitted by conman at 9:14 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 16    -    Disagree 6

How big a genius did it take... permit devlopers to plop mile after mile of horrible tract housing on empty farmland just outside of Toronto. A truly great politician would have controlled this land rush to develop a well planned community with transit and parks. Instead, Mississauga is a dump. McCallion is no genius.

Submitted by 1967PontiacGTO at 9:12 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 21    -    Disagree 5


That Carolyn Parrish is the one that asked for the review of the tapes after McCallion told the media she would in fact be seeking the next term in office. Parrish has no chance in defeating McCallion and is trying to cause a scandal before the new elections so she can become mayor. NO ONE in Mississauga cares about this $14.4 million land-deal. McCallion will be mayor until the days she dies.

Submitted by Mr. Chips at 9:07 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 9

Deja vu...all over again

Mayor McCallion is a 'take no prisoners' politician, ruthless and gruff. This situation is not the first time the Mayor has found herself in this situation, and yes she should and does know better. What the people of Mississauga should be troubled about is the possible undiscovered conflicts...I mean really her son is in the realty/property business which creates the inherent possibility of conflicts at every transaction involving him because of his mother's position. Mississauga has not had the constant media spotlight shone on it to illuminate the shadows, it is time for this to happen. McCallion is not a Mississauga miracle but a myopic policitician who has created a poorly planned, a la carte city that cannot sustain itself and which only now being exposed. Shine the light brighter, Mississauga needs it and its' residents deserve it.

Submitted by jgirvin at 8:52 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 19    -    Disagree 9

She should be severely punished

As a punishment she should do some Public Works (for at least 1 year) serving as a Mayor of Toronto to fix Miller' mess.

Submitted by Red Herring at 8:49 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 12    -    Disagree 5

Too Bad

Can she call it a "Seniors moment"? That's too bad, she seemed like a great, honest and straight mayor.

Submitted by SToronto at 8:49 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 4

The Problem with Carolyn Parrish

Ms Parrish, is one of those who just cannot keep her mouth shut. She always believes that she has to fight every wrong she purpotedly sees, even if that small wrong will result in a mess for the city as a whole. She should have been a school teacher, not a politicial. Idealism only lives in academia, not in the real world. Mess with our Mayor Hazel, Parrish and you are toast in the next election. We've had enough of you.

Submitted by canadian.citizen at 8:42 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 12    -    Disagree 10

I live in Mississauga for 10 years

Mississauga is clean and safe. And only last years my property tax increased by $80. Any person from another city can claim the same? I think our mayor McCallion is the best; she really cares about our city and residents. She made mistake, we all do. And what surprised me, that for last 2 years more and more I hear name of Carolyn Parrish who criticizes every mayor’s step, and definitely looks for a chance to become a head of the city.

Submitted by oxanacanada at 8:38 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 18

This is a question of character, or lack of.

There should be an inquiry. Hazel is an elected official responsible to the public. It is her duty to be truthful at all times. Sounds like Hazel is a little too use to getting her own way. If she did lie then it should be proven and recorded. We all get a little too comfortable at times. Perhaps Hazel has passed her best before date.

Submitted by captgecj10 at 8:32 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

* Agree 26    -    Disagree 4

"this is Mississauga; it's not Vaughan"

Oooooooooh, snap!

Submitted by Disgusted in Tonbridge Wells at 8:30 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

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People in glass houses . . .

This should have been settled 'in camera' by Mississauga City Council, not in the press. When Mayor McCallion leaves office at 102 years, we might then find out about any error in judgement during her tenure .. At that point Ms Parrish would hopefully not be interested in running for mayor.

Submitted by landtmark at 8:26 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

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Mayor Hazel McCallion

It was only a matter of time, that some people were going to be after her.(Jealously is such a bad thing.)Major McCallion may have dropped the ball on the $ 14.4 million land deal .At least she did not lose $ 200 million.The fact of the matter is people have tried for a long time to get her removed.Correct me if I am wrong ,but is Mississauga the only City what is not in debt? SO THAT SHOWS, WHO Mayor Hazel McCallion is.

Submitted by husky2008 at 8:18 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

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Mayor vs Council

Having lived in Missy for over 20 years, I seen the fantastic growth under Hurricane Hazel. I have also seen the birth of obscene development charges, union controlled government services, residential overdevelopment, perpetual traffic jams in the cities heart; BUT, she did do a good job keeping loose cannon councillors in check. HOWEVER, now she has that HOWITZER of a loose cannon, Caroline Parrish, to contend with. Dont think for one second Parrish, the mayor in waiting, will let this get brushed under the rug.

Submitted by Politiri at 8:15 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

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What I believe

A related story linked from this one states that OMERS has sold the land to the city for a new Sheridan College campus. The deal closed Wednesday. Why is money going to be wasted on a review over a moot point? Also shame on The Star for putting this biased editorial link by Mr.James on the front page instead of the factual article written by Mr. Gombu. Mayor McCallion deserves everyone's respect-she's earned it.

Submitted by avoiceinthewind at 8:05 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

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Time for Hazel to step down

It's time for her to step down and get new blood into the city. In our opinion Mississauga is the worst transit city i Ontario and the road systems are the worst.

Submitted by woodly at 8:04 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

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None so blind as those....

Mr. James, thank you for bringing another pair of fresh eyes to this matter. Even as she is exposed, I am disappointed at folks who still strike out at those not rushing to defend her legacy and hard work. ...those who will not see should reconsider their own decision making ability.

Submitted by DeValera at 7:58 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

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Tempest in a teapot

It is NOT like the mayor's son was some secret partner in this. Everyone knew. This is great fodder for newspaper pundits to "create" a scandal. The fact she didn't announce a conflict is not as big a deal as whomever said it was announced in the minutes, but even then McCallion had stated there was a conflict earlier. I swear that the Star sometimes salivates at other's woes.

Submitted by GrinBarrie at 7:38 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

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Careful Mississauga...

If it turns out a wrong had been committed, then there should be a punishment doled out. However! Think about the lesser of evils here. Should Hazel be removed as mayor for this one act of indiscretion after all she's done for the city? Think about your own job. You get verbal and written warnings before you are let go. This is essentially the same thing. Really need to think about the consequences if she is ultimately removed...

Submitted by austind at 7:33 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

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So what?

Hazel McCallion has been the best thing to come to Mississauga in a VERY long time. Whatever happened, the city will not be well served by replacing her.

Submitted by spiritofwicca at 7:25 AM Thursday, October 01 2009

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