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Can't you hear the swearing and cursing from City hall ask those who replace the Mayor hear this non-news?
The timing of this announcement is very interesting as it come right in the middle of a number of this.

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Comments by others to this web-page 128.

Toronto Star - Oct. 5, 2009 - Column by Christopher Hume, who can be reached at

High time for change in Mississauga
{ or originally called - Hazel's fiefdom out of touch with 21st century }


If there's an argument in favour of term limits for municipal politicians, it can be summed up in two words – Hazel McCallion.

The veteran mayor of Mississauga has been around so long – she was first elected in 1978 – that residents of Canada's sixth-largest city can no longer imagine life without her.  It seems she has rendered them brain-dead.

Even after the most recent conflict-of-interest scandal – this one involving her son, Peter, and a $14.4 million real estate deal – McCallion apparently remains untouchable.

She has become the Harold Ballard of Ontario municipal politics.  Instead of owning the Toronto Maple Leafs, she has Mississauga, a city where expectations are so low residents couldn't be happier with what she has done for them.

Of course, only a quarter of Mississaugans bothered to vote in the last civic elections, one of the lowest turnouts in any jurisdiction.  Some might say that the reason for such a turnout is the excellence of McCallion's leadership.  Others argue it is a result of a level of indifference so profound no one cares anymore.

And what exactly do Mississaugans have to show for her decades in power.  Low taxes, supporters might say, and lower civic debt.

Let's hope that's enough, because beyond that they have little to feel good about.  The fact is that they have bought into a city so unprepared and ill-equipped for the 21st century it could serve as a poster community of how not to build a city.

Indeed, by McCallion's own account, Mississauga planners and politicians have made every mistake in the book, allowing the construction of one car-dependent subdivision after another, each more isolated and wasteful than the next.  Postwar planning, based as it was on cheap oil, single-use zoning and endless highways, is writ large here.

Maybe Mississaugans believe that McCallion will be able to save them from that one, too, but don't hold your breath.  Though the Queen of Sprawl has tried in recent years to reinvent herself as the Apostle of Smart Growth, the damage has been done.

And what has become of all the brave talk about public transit running up and down Hurontario and along Burnhamthorpe, knitting the city together, and the high-density development around Mississauga City Hall?  The answer, so far, is little to nothing.

Still, an informal poll done by the Star in Square One last week revealed McCallion remains as popular as ever.  Though many of those asked seemed blissfully unaware of their mayor's woes, most were prepared to give Her Worship yet another chance.

The media, not surprisingly, delights in her every pronouncement, much as it did Harold Ballard's.  She is, we are told again and again, a force of nature, a political phenomenon, a real Hurricane Hazel.

If only.

More than anything else, her time in office has benefited the development industry, which must have made countless millions during her tenure.  Churning out subdivision after subdivision along with countless corporate campuses, builders such as her son have had a field day.  Mississauga is their personal fiefdom as much as the mayor's.

And so Mississaugans must have been thrilled when McCallion announced recently that she would seek yet another term in 2010.  It will be her 12th run, and unless voters suddenly come to their senses – or bother to vote – she will prevail.

Generations of leadership have been bypassed; the fresh ideas and new approaches they would have brought will remain untried. Instead, the community will settle for the same old, same old.

That's why Mississauga will always be known as the bedroom community that never woke up.

Comments by others, 128, to this web-page;

re: Mississauga "downtown" is a joke

A Sobey's is going in at the base of the Parkside Village (phase1) similar to the Sobey's in Cityplace and a new full market grocey store is going in next/close to City Gate/Onyx along Burnhamthorpe across the street from Square One. Plus are now two 24hr mini markets one at the base of the Capital Towers and one at the base of Solstice on Duke of York. Please see my previous post re: MCC

Submitted by jasonzed at 2:58 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 3    -    Disagree 3

The RUDE Mr. Hume

I don't live in Mississauga but am curious to know how the good citizens of that city feel about being called "brain dead" by Mr. Hume. And why? Because they expressed a difference of opinion than his, and didnt say what the Star hoped they would say when they conducted their little survey. Rude and childish if you ask me.

Submitted by Marie56 at 2:54 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 3    -    Disagree 6

Both with faults

Mayor McCallion is a great mayor, focused and simple but she has her faults. It is also the Miss. council at fault, since they also approve things. But both T.O. and Mississauga have huge errors that were so avoidable. Mayor Miller and his team made T.O. be stuck in the late 90s and (overblown) taxes are collected but results and city improvement from it have been NIL.Waste of time. Each former T.O. borough/city should have around two subway stops/lines by now and maintained roads. If Europe's countries (Old World) can plan well, have great subways, rails, etc in their older cities and smaller areas to work with, then even more should a newer world country like Canada and city like T.O. be able to do so, even better. As for Mississauga, it's now nothing but houses and malls and parking lots.They've put up too many houses/barrack communities over the years(huge difference between old and new suburbs), and so has some of the mid and outer suburbs of Toronto. Both cities need to wake up.

Submitted by haveaniceday at 2:49 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 3

One more thing

As someone pointed out, Miss has been maintained to a LARGE degree by development charges. When that dries up and the infrastructure needs replacing just wait to see huge deficits for your beautiful suburbia and/or very large property tax increases. Like I said 1/3 density vs 3x as much infrastructure/person to replace maintain and at that time no development fees. Doesn't take a mathematical genius to see that something has to give.

Submitted by toronto_mark at 2:29 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 6    -    Disagree 2

What's the option?

Carolyn Parrish as mayor..don't make me laugh....not a way Jose...nada..nyet...non. Maybe that would be Hume's choice but she would ruin Mississauga, she's trying real hard in council and when she was a Liberal MP to run it's reputation into the ground. Hazel at nearly 90 is a much better choice, minor problem aside and as far as I remember her only mistake.

Submitted by justrick at 2:25 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4    -    Disagree 2


Yes you can maintain pipes to a certain degree but after a time you need to replace it. Trust me, in 20-30 years Miss. will need to raise taxes HUGE to replace the infrastructure. Like I said before, there is approximately 3x as much road, sewers and watermain per person in 905 compared to the City. Given the fact that the population density is also about 1/3 that of the City you're looking at a pretty big shortfall in the years to come. Thanks for coming out though Moof. Talk about something you understand before commenting

Submitted by toronto_mark at 2:24 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 3    -    Disagree 1

Nobody works in Mississauga?

Another deluded poster. The traffic going towards Mississauga, both of corporate headquarters and of cars, as it is going downtown these days.

Submitted by dforbes at 1:59 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 2    -    Disagree 2

So everyone loves her... All the people of Mississauga must be wrong

So Hume thinks that because everyone likes her, they must all be wrong. This article demonstrates perfectly what is wrong with the left. In their patronizing and condescending views, they are the saviours saving the rest of us from ourselves. Such noble causes they work towards. Forget the majority view, it means nothing. If everyone likes her, they must all be wrong. Maybe we can send over David Miller to help them save themselves from themselves as we've been as saved as much as we can bare these days here in Toronto...

Submitted by fedupinTO at 1:58 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 4

Limit Terms For Politicians

Limit terms for politicians, I think not. Let the voters decide when it is time to remove the mayor from office. Why should a politician who is well liked and respected be forced to give up their position against the public will? Limiting terms of politicians may be necessary in places where there is a less developed civil society and where a dictatorship may result. In the case of Canada, no such measures are necessary. McCallion has won fair and square, leave it to the voters of Mississauga to decide when it is time for a change.

Submitted by uncledavid at 12:57 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 9    -    Disagree 3


Age is not excuse (and I'm not talking about mayors). Regardless whether the infrastructure is 20 or 50 years old, upkeep - the stuff you say the burbs won't be able to afford - is required. Self sustaining 50 year old infrastructure should not be crumbling, it should have been maintained, but that maintenance is behind schedule. Why?

Submitted by moof at 12:51 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 3    -    Disagree 1

Hume just full of it

Take taxes for example. A few years ago I sold a foot house Etobicoke for 100 k more than the one I bought on a smaller lot in Mississauga. At that time my Toronto taxes were $1600.00 per year compared to $3200.00 in Mississauga. I recently spoke to the person I sold the house to and discovered that the taxes have gone up but in the same proportion to those in Mississauga. For my taxes I get a city which is in GREAT financial shape, has great roads and a fairly reasonable transit system. Yep, Burnhamthorpe and #10 does not compare to Young and Dundas but who cares ?? We have just as many strip joints, bars and Asian massage parlors as Toronto. In exchange for how we are spread out we don't have parking problems like most areas of Toronto and most of our roads are SMOOTH. Finally if it was not for Hazel's recent problems Hume would no give a dam about Hazel. Just another example of " Slow News Day".

Submitted by blogexpert at 12:50 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 9

New MCC master plan to build a walkable, pedestrain and vibrant urban core

Based on many of the posts, it seems that many people are not aware of what's been going on in Mississauga over the past 18 months in terms trying the address certain fundalmentals such as a real downtown/urban core. Some of the projects on the go include the development of Parkside Village, the Library/Civic Square makeover, new Common Park behind LAC, new Sheridan college campus next (north)to LAC, building a downtown Main Street District, redevelopment of SQ1 parking lots, narrowing and redevelopment of Burnhamthorpe between Hurontario and Mavis, so on and so forth. Many mistakes have been made in the past but I choose to look to the future and try to improve and build upon we have; this is our city. I would suggest checking out Mississauga's website particularly to see what's going on.

Submitted by jasonzed at 12:32 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4    -    Disagree 3


I guess the 60 % of people that said we should limit terms don't like democracy? Elections are at its core and if the people speak we should listen. If people are too ignorant to learn about their candidate then maybe they will take a closer look the next time when they become upset with their choice. And the ones that don't vote, well they can't say anything at all!

Submitted by HeatherT.O. at 12:27 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 3

Re: I think I woke up in Byzarro world

I think you're still asleep. Mississauga did not freeze property taxes nor is the city going to run a deficit anytime soon. In fact the city has a fairly significant surplus for infrastructure improvements. So you don't like Hazel, who cares you don't live here. That goes for anyone who doesn't live in Mississauga. Under Hazel McCallion's leadership there is plenty of employment opportunities, the waterfront has been revitalized, lower business taxes have made Mississauga the main transportation hub of the entire country with countless companies selecting the city for their distribution and supply chain divisions. So bash her all you want, she'll still be Mayor after the 2010 elections and Hume will still be a left wing hack.

Submitted by jsvez67 at 12:25 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 8        Disagree 2

Not skill... just right place right time

McCallion presided over extensive unprecedented growth which is the sole reason she has been able to maintain the appearance of fiscal responsibility. Development fees, lot levies and other charges buried in the cost of housing built a reserve which is now gone forcing Mississauga to now sell off assets like Mississauga Hydro. Not increasing taxes when inflation has never been zero may have been publicly agreeable was and is completely fiscally irrresponsible. In the next few years the proverbial chickens will be coming home to roost and be laying some huge tax eggs. This will be the true legacy of McCallion in additional to the environmentally hostile planning. Mississauga has always been an 'a la carte' city devoid of the programs, services and rich neighbourhood culture existing in Toronto. A true reflection of McCallion's ineptitude is the 'Living Arts Centre', her pet project has been a 'white elephant' since its inception; her "leadership" is grossly overstated.

Submitted by jgirvin at 12:19 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 2    -    Disagree 5

Many informed citiizens of Mississauga don't support Mayor.

I once had a stranger hug me at a public meeting because I admitted I didn't support Mayor McCallion. The resident said she thought she was the only one who didn't think McCallion was doing a good job and was afraid to speak up. Perhaps many people are afraid to be honest because McCallion has been likened to an icon. Go figure. I just don't get it. I've met many who think she's done a terrible job and was lucky to inherit a situation where she could keep taxes down and keep residents happy even though there was no vision. The other problem is, it's hard to criticize a little old lady, especially one so diminutive, but feisty. I totally agree with Hume; terms should be limited in number. Two or three should be tops. Anything more is a recipe for complacency or corruption or maybe a dish of both. It's time for McCallion to step down. If she cared a fig about democracy, she'd relinquish her crown.

Submitted by Therese at 12:19 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4    -    Disagree 7

Mississauga "downtown" is a joke

Sure, if you have $2 million to drop on a house Mississauga Rd or Lorne Park are beautiful areas. But the civic design is atrocious. For a city of 750000, to have to use the car for literally everything is insane. I lived at Yonge/College for a couple years and could walk for groceries, to see the doc, to the Eaton Centre, to get dinner, to Canadian Tire even. There isn't a proper grocery store within 3km of Square One, yet there are dozens of condo towers. Compare that to the many condos in Toronto with a Sobey's etc on the ground level. What's worse, since Mississauga has no public transit and nobody actually works there, everybody in the condos needs at least one vehicle, yet builders weren't forced to make many multi-vehicle spots thus they are charging $5 a night for street parking with no monthly permits available. My buddy paid $10 a month downtown for street level parking. What a joke!

Submitted by wb77 at 12:15 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 3

To toronto_mark

Not necessarily. Cheaper land, ability to build larger infrastructure (larger companies) and no hassles such as parking, traffic (how much time would be saved by not having to drive into TO vs. driving into Mississauga?) It's population that will drive industry. at 700,000, Mississauga is no common suburb.

Submitted by Mr. Chips at 12:11 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4    -    Disagree 3

To 2nd Guess

It's good to know that there are people who like suburbia but realize how/why it's there.

Submitted by toronto_mark at 12:10 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4


Mr Hume, Thank you for writing about this.For years I have been saying that Mississauga have been a poorly planned city and badly managed. Mississaugans have given Hazel the credit for things that could have been only done with the excess of Development fees. That is soon to be gone and the new residents will be faced with the bigger tax burden than those who have been voting Hazel in year after after year. Some of the members of the council should be voted out as they continue to support the demise of the city and I am sure you can tell who they are. Mississauga being a diverse city is not well represented in council and the mayor is not keen in ensuring this happens in Mississauga she supports only those whom she favours. Just look at council and you see how diversity is reflected. The taxpayers of Mississauga have been subsidizing the bill for most of the corporations that Hazel has encouraged to set up business here where less than 20% of their employees are from Mississauga.

Submitted by Dr J at 12:09 PM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 6    -    Disagree 5

I think I woke up in Byzarro world

Because I actually find myself in agreement with Christopher Humes. I've been saying for years that Hazel isn't a good mayor or responsible politician. Mississaugans are going to wake up to a very harsh reality, that all those years of frozen property taxes have led to an infrastructure deficit requiring huge tax increases. Hazel funded her tax feezes on development charges, well all the green fields are gone and now you have to maintain all those roads, sewers and infrastructure - good luck! Any idiot can do the popular thing, it takes a leader with courage to do something the public doesn't want.

Submitted by SenorBean at 11:55 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 8    -    Disagree 4

If we didn't want her,she would be winning be landslides.

I guarantee whom ever follows Hazel will do a worse job. Without a doubt, I guarantee if she ran for mayor of Toronto, she would win. She is so highly respected and has such high political capital that her only allegiance is to the people she represents, and not the people who pay for her to get elected (she doesn't need to compromise to get elected). She does undoubtedly want she thinks is best for the people, and does a good job at it.

Submitted by babybudha at 11:47 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 6    -    Disagree 5

This article isn't about trashing Hazel.

Actually its purpose is at least two fold. One, it's trying to make Miller look smart by comparison, and lead you to conclude that perhaps he isn't the unmitigated disaster he was. And two, it is setting the stage for sure to come propping up of former Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish as the 'Savior of Mississauga'. Wait for it, for it is surely coming your way.

Submitted by thebrain at 11:44 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 8    -    Disagree 1

@ Mantis at 10:37

Having grown up in the suburbs, I'm the last guy to bash them. But even the wealthiest satellite community depends on its hub for virtually all its good fortune. You had better hope that Toronto is not "a city in decline," because Mississauga -- indeed, all the GTA communities -- are certain to share in that decline.

Submitted by 2nd Guess at 11:44 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 6    -    Disagree 1

I've been a Mississauga resident for over 6 years & it's a clean city with wonderful shopping malls, quaint boutiques in Port Credit, miles of waterfront parks & paths, summer events. Aside from that, IMO this is the lamest city I've ever lived in. The public transit is atrotious, Peel Police are a joke, City services are just as bad, it's long distance to call many areas which are local to T.O., & if my life depended on the 2 hospitals I'd be dead a long time ago! The 'Saug' has so much potential but it needs a lot of changes - not just condos 'growing' up at the rate of mushrooms. It's time for Hurricane Hazel to be put out to pasture.

Submitted by K.H. at 11:42 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 6    -    Disagree 4

To MrChips

Yes that may be true but would those companies have even bothered to set up shop in Miss without the population base of the core city? Doubtful.

Submitted by toronto_mark at 11:37 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 6    -    Disagree 1

Why was this article written?

Mr Hume apparently has nothing good to say about Mississauga or Hazel, so why write this? Toronto continues to lose business and people to Mississauga, so I gues that in a nut shell tells you what people really think.

Submitted by McCahery at 11:37 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 6

To moof

That's easy, the average age of infrastructure in the City is over 50 years. Most of Mississauga has barely been around for 20. Just wait until all those subdivisions reach the age of 50. There is not nearly a large enough property tax base to maintain it, not without raising your taxes by a LARGE amount. Enjoy the 905 right now because it's going to get a lot more expensive in the future. I think when that time comes people would rather have a high taxes and live in a place with more services than even higher taxes and live in a place like the 905.

Submitted by toronto_mark at 11:35 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 3

There are many of us Mississaugans unhappy with Hazel

We tend to follow the news and issues and be better informed than the sheep who continually praise our mayor. It's time for her to step down of her own accord. Public transit planning in the early years of Mississauga was not allowed to plan for future growth (of the farmland at the time, she said something to the effect of "cows don't pay taxes, why give transit to these areas"). While parts of Mississauga are good to live and work, it is in spite of, not because of Hazel.

Submitted by gta Dorothy Gale at 11:35 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 8    -    Disagree 7


You really don't get it do you? You think Mississauga is the future whereas Toronto is the past because of the ease you have in getting around with a car. Well guess what? The future of urbanity is actually little or no car. Toronto built more housing and office space in the last few years than Mississauga and it's all dense. Toronto is actually moving forward because it's leaving the addiction of cars behind. Mississauga is stuck in the past with its car centric mentality. Toronto's core is booming and it's the future. Mississauga is in decline and it's the past.

Submitted by SydneyCarton at 11:33 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 4

To Mantis

What I've been trying to get people to understand in my comments is that Miss. has benefited from help from the province. The book Shape of the Suburbs outlines how the province helped create an unbalanced playing field that made development and the cost of living in the 905 proportionately cheaper than it should be. It's great that you love the 905 as it is, but if you had to pay the real costs associated with it you wouldn't be nearly as happy. Also, Miss. had 16 murders in 2008 compared to 70 in TO; that's 2.4/100,000 in Miss. and 2.8/100,000 in TO which is a pretty small difference. I guess what it comes down to is I find suburbia to be a bland, lifeless place with no vitality whatsoever. It's not for me and clearly the city is not for you. What I hate is the 905 dumping on TO without realizing how much of our money goes to help all you suburbanites enjoy your wide open spaces. Would you not complain if more of your money was going to Toronto than you received back from it?

Submitted by toronto_mark at 11:32 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4    -    Disagree 3

If the people of Mississauga keep voting Hazel in, what's the problem? Sounds like Toronto is jealous of the political harmony over in the west.

Submitted by victoria1983 at 11:30 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 5    -    Disagree 5

Should there be a limit on the number of terms you can serve as mayor?

No, not as long as the incumbent is doing a very good job. If he/she isn't, the voters can decide what happens next!

Submitted by GregJ at 11:27 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 2

Regardless of whether you like the incumbent or

not, all politicians should be limited to 2 terms. At that point, they've done their civic duty and should move on.

Submitted by Dave123 at 11:26 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 5    -    Disagree 6

what mess??

do people keept talking about here in Toronto?/..were getting new transit lines, groth is handled well, we have neighborhoods, and communities within the city...don't read the newspapaers, what do you have , oh wait I now another new housing development...

Submitted by doburt at 11:24 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 5    -    Disagree 1

Watch out where you throw stones, Mr. Hume

Go back to 78 and then reimagine the future for the then-city of Toronto as well, and look at all the same wasted opportunities. Everything north of Lawrence Ave, west of Kipling, and east of Victoria Park also became sprawl to serve the demise of the once supreme "perimeter" highway called the 401. Toronto's only difference was that it engulfed a larger number of smaller communities than did the Mississauga amalgamation. Yes, its a shame Mississauga didn't get high speed rapid transit right, but at least Mississauga still has a viable waterfront burgeoning with parklands instead of a concrete palisade of condos.

Submitted by sobersecondthought at 11:21 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 5    -    Disagree 4

If Toronto were only this lucky!

Its a shame that Hazel wasn't raised in Toronto. Where a little family real estate issue was the only problem you had to worry about!

Submitted by A.D. James at 11:20 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 2

Not My Mayor

Don't kick a good thing might be the rule here. Clearly the voters trust her which usually never lasts that long. Maybe her old school is exactly what more areas need to look upon. Untried new might be the unraveling that is unfolding. The young are quick to dispute the old, because it is old but wisdom only comes, and realized, with age.

Submitted by truthhurts at 11:17 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 10

Time is almost up

Not only does no serious contender actually run against Hazel, she doesn't even make effort to even pretend to campaign. Sadly, whoever follows Hazel will be facing a lot of costs to replace aging infrastructure etc. and no easy stream of development fees to pay for everything, which of course will make the next mayor look terrible next to Hazel if she can postpone the inevitable until after she's gone.

Submitted by Paul M. Olive at 11:17 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 6    -    Disagree 7

Don't Like? Don't Vote?

Hey, who voted for David Miller and the mess in Toronto now? Who voted for the provincial Liberals who are ignoring Toronto? The last time I looked, it was a democracy in Canada. People in Mississauga voted for Hazel - sounds like a case of sour grapes to me.

Submitted by Chanman at 11:12 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 13    -    Disagree 2

Oh brother...

Another city vs suburbia debate. Never been through that one before. I've been to Mississauga, I've been to Toronto. For any Torontonian who has a holier than thou Mississauga is boring attitude why don't try visiting a real exciting city. Mississauga isn't suppose to be exciting its suppose to be a nice place to live; which it is.

Submitted by eddiel at 11:10 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 10    -    Disagree 4

To Chris Hume

I have both lived & worked in Toronto-and believe me I would choose Hazel & Mississauga anyday over all the Shenanigan Politics that go on in Toronto.You should be so lucky to have Hazel instead of your crazy Miller & company.Really disgusted with the Star.

Submitted by breakfastclub at 11:05 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 10    -    Disagree 7

@ toronto_mark 9:53

Interesting argument against the supportability of suburbia, but if that is the case why is so much infrastructure in sustainable "urbia" crumbling, and has been for years? (Crumbling prior to amalgamation, when Toronto's suburban sprawl was west of Bathurst and north of Bloor)

Submitted by moof at 11:05 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 2    -    Disagree 2

To toronto_mark

Mississauga's employee/resident ratio is near 70% (i.e. 70% of the people that work in Mississauga also live in Mississauga). Compare this ratio with Brampton (around 40%) or Milton (around 25%) and then compared to Toronto's (around 90%) you can see that Mississauga would NOT need Toronto to survive (as it's ratio is closer to TO's than it's neighbouring suburban towns/cities). Milton has been called "Mississauga's Suburb" because there is a large percentage of people that live in Milton but work in Mississauga. However, I agree that there are things Mississauga can learn from TO; but these things aren't unique to TO - they are basic urban planning principles designed after Mississauga had it's massive growth spurt.

Submitted by Mr. Chips at 11:02 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4    -    Disagree 4


missausaga has low taxes but I don't know why there all so proud of has poor infrastructure, grid-lock, terrible public transit and strip mall after strip mall....if thats what low property taxes get you then no thanks..they've been drinking the Hazel kool-aid for to long out there..

Submitted by doburt at 10:54 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 9    -    Disagree 6

Real reason for Hazel's popularity

It's the KISS principle. Keep taxes low, clear the roads on time and make sure the garbage is picked up. That's really all we want from politicians, not misguided 20 year plans. History shows that even the best intentions by urban planners and city officials frequently go awry. Urban development is complicated and often unpredictable anyway, I wouldn't trust it to the endless bureaucracy of municipal government.

Submitted by tostar at 10:54 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 10    Disagree 2

Difference between yogurt and Mississauga?

Too true. Mississauga is a wasteland, a depressing expanse of strip malls and winding subdivisions. Why the Mayor there, with her lack of civic sense and ignorance of urban planning, is so popular is beyond me. More to life than cheap housing, and thankfully much more to cities than Mississauga.

Submitted by googlyguy at 10:50 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 9

Mr. Hume, your dead wrong

as a business person in Mississauga, my property taxes are 40% cheaper than Toronto,, my employees love living in mississauga, and we are happy and fortunate that Hazel continues to care about our community,, go back Mr. Hume to your condo life in TO and good luck with your mayor and the NDP running your council .

Submitted by lango1 at 10:50 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 8    -    Disagree 4

Urban Sprawl??

Urban sprawl well that’s what happens when your only choice to remain in 416 is to spend half a million on and up on something a little larger than a walk in closet. So whose fault is that? BTW in case you haven't noticed it is only homeowners heading for the 905 it's business as well I think this reporter has it in reverse it's high time for change in the 416.

Submitted by wizardofwestwood at 10:49 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 3    -    Disagree 4

Low voter turnout

I was surprised to read that voter turnout in Mississauga municipal elections is so low (25%). By way of comparison, turnout in the last mayoral election in T.O. was about 40% (around 36-37% in the wards ringing the edge of the city) and that was with a weak challenger to the incumbent mayor. Whatever you think of Hazel McCallion, it's hard to spin 25% voter turnout in any positive light.

Submitted by Joe Q. Smith at 10:45 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 5    -    Disagree 1


Schools are NOT overflowing in Mississaug. In fact, the public school board is holding hearings on the possiblity of CLOSING a number of schools due to extremely low enrolment - as low as 41% of capacity.

Submitted by Mantis at 10:43 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 6    -    Disagree

GTA as One Entity

Of course everybody is going to take a side with an article like this. I agree with you that citizens have become complacent in regards to municipal politics (exactly why we have such lower voter participation). I agree Mississauga needs new voices to sustain a healthy City Hall. I would better your ideas and also suggest city workers and their bureaucratic bosses also need term employment contracts...stale is stale. The ultimate role for City Hall is to 1) Plan for a future 2) Deliver services to its residents in timely and efficient manner. Is that happening in your community? If not, then become involved at election time and mark “your’ ballets it is sooooo easy!

Submitted by northernlimits at 10:39 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4

This deplorable assault on Mayor McCallion over the past few days has left me with a resolve not to read this man's articles in the future, I would just like to ask Mr. Hume if he thinks he could have done a better job than Hazel?? We all face a time to exit from our career....most of us would like that exit to be graceful. Mr. Hume has made sure this amazing woman will not have that chance. Shame on you Mr. Hume go and find someone else to carp about and do that real soon, unless, of course, you live in a glass house.

Submitted by prairiegal at 10:37 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 5    -    Disagree 4

Mississauga Bashers

All you Mississauga bashers need to get a grip. Mississauga is a vastly better place to live than Toronto is. It's safer, cleaner, less congested and vastly easier to get around. You don't have to pay for parking at every turn. I don't even go into Toronto unless I have no other choice. Since I moved my business out of the city (due in large part to Miller), I go into Toronto less than once every month or so and I couldn't be happier about it. Why would I want to go see a movie in a Toronto theatre knowing that I'll have to shell out an extra $25 for parking or cram myself into a dank and smelly subway when I can go to a theatre in the 905 to see the same movie and park for free? Why would I want to live in Toronto and pay an extra $60 tax to renew my license plates every year (which is a tax itself)? Forget Toronto. it's a city in decline. Mississauga is the future.

Submitted by Mantis at 10:37 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 2    -    Disagree 9


She could run over people with her car and I'd still vote for her. As far as it goes, this matter is pointless. The deal never went through and it's all water under the bridge. We're one of the few cities not in debt and it's thanks to her.

Submitted by Clanstargazer at 10:34 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 3    -    Disagree 3

Interested in the Who.....

Since Hazel has the "trust" of most of her constituents, it would be responsible for her to voice who would be a strong successor. Likely politically incorrect, but many would abide. We need a competent leader in the years to come, and one that continues to be transparent. I've read that Hazel's foes are making a move...God help us if CP gets in there as mayor.

Submitted by MyOp09 at 10:31 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 3    -    Disagree 2

From the Throne

As a jazz band leader that has led from the throne, the drum throne that is, i have had a front row seat to several charitable fund raising events Hazel has spoken at. She raises millions for our community. Strange, but most of the tremendous work she does goes unreported. Never seen you at one of these events Mr. Hume, and i'm quite sure they will erect several monuments to Hazel, but have they ever erected one to a critic? Particularly one that has failed miserably in his limited view of reporting 'the complete story,' and how much Hazel has truly contributed to the community she serves.

Submitted by Buck Naked at 10:31 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 5    -    Disagree 2

If it ain't broke...

Despite of the one-sided journalism about this land deal scandal, Hazel McCallion still has the support of it's people. What does this tell you about her as a mayor...her electorate are very satisfied with her performance...the very people that she is accountable to. Can this satisfaction be said about any politician in Toronto or any politician in Canada for that matter?

Submitted by Sir at 10:29 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 3    -    Disagree 3

Re: Day of reckoning is fast approaching...

Mississauga doesn't have any services? We have catalouges of civil services available throughout the year delivered to us every year! No Land to develop? Burnhamthorpe & Confederation, Hwy 10 & Bristol Road, Anything north of Britannia, Winston Churchill & Eglinton area, we're having an entire Bus Rapid Transit system built in to be done by 2013. I will personally give you a 100 bucks if you have your TTC connection to York by 2015. Heck, if construction for that TTC connection BEGINS in 2015.

Submitted by Mr. Chips at 10:28 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 1    -    Disagree 5

I think that the sceptics of Hazel McCallion, fear that if this land deal does indeed show a conflict of interest, it will raise speculation as to what else did this "saintly" woman do that was on the side of corruption, but was hidden so well for 31 years. That's in line with her personal flaws; in assessing her as a mayor, the truth is, that she has done a wonderful job in setting the foundations of a really important city in this province. So many industrial and commercial companies have set up shop there, allowing for jobs! But, the fear that she may be involved in other little "scams" is disconcerting. why? because, she plays the part of a really nice, sweet and noble lady. I hope she didn't scam anyone. She was the last politician i had faith in.

Submitted by chipgirl at 10:26 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4    -    Disagree 2

To lb71

Yes, there's no denying that Toronto has much to learn about running its City. However, it sure is easier to run a bedroom community like Mississauga when you don't have to worry about providing many services that Toronto has that the entire GTA region takes advantage of. People need to remember that Toronto is the reason the 905 exists. And if you were to remove Toronto today you'd see the GTA lose its vitality and the region would slowly die as there would be no compelling reason to work/live here without the city. I really just wish that people would understand that while suburbia is what many people want, they have absolutely no idea how sheltered and protected it is by provincial and federal monies. I'm telling you, if the 905 doesn't evolve in the coming decades it will fall into disrepair. Toronto can use some suburban ideals as it moves forward but the 905 definitely needs to incorporate a lot of urban ideas for it to reamin vital in the future.

Submitted by toronto_mark at 10:25 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 9    -    Disagree 2

The reality is...

Hazel will be too old to be mayor after 2014. I think it is time for Mississauga to start slowly adjusting to another mayor and their style!

Submitted by Loco Ono at 10:25 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 14    -    Disagree 2

re: The next Scarborough

I've lived in Mississauga for 3 years and btw I did enjoy my large backyard all summer long, on my street were no two houses look alike, it's quiet and peaceful, and it's a quick 20min GO ride downtown. You want to live somewhere else, be my guest.

Submitted by mrfurious at 10:24 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 14    -    Disagree 6

...a cheap house and a backyard ...depressing

Oh, yes! And $300K bachelor units with crying unruly neighbors' babies behind the thin walls is soooo great! At least you don't need an alarm-clock in the morning!

Submitted by Fracas at 10:23 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 4

Mississauga's drive

was always to build "more houses - more houses" The city planners looked at tax revenue from homes and stacked the city with residential. As a result every hwy through Mississauga is a disaster. QEW, 401, 403, 407.... The infrastructure wasn't there and still isn't. Schools are overflowing, Hospitals are packed. Hazel herself has even acknowledged that they made errors, but there's no going back now. I grew up in Mississauga and would NEVER want to raise my family there..

Submitted by Whatever! at 10:20 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 8

To Christopher Hume, "You've GOT TO be kidding"

You can say anything that you want about the municipal government in Mississauga under the leadership of Mayor McCallion, however, to suggest that Mississauga was not well run for the past 30 years smacks of axe-grinding and tunnel vision. Were there mistakes made? Of course. Mistakes happen in the best of circumstances. The difference between Mayor McCallion and other wannabes is that she steps up and takes responsibility for her decisions. And then moves forward to correct them if they proved to be the wrong decision. I'll take Hazel over anything - or anyone - that Toronto has ever offered. You can guess how I'll vote in 2010.

Submitted by SGL1 at 10:16 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 16    -    Disagree 9

Lack of election opposition unhealthy

Regardless of your feelings toward Hazel as mayor, she has certainly done her part and made her contribution to Mississauga. However, the lack of opposing candidates in recent elections there is unhealthy for the city and for the future. Without opposition, Hazel has essentially been acclaimed as mayor. No new ideas, no fresh candidates, no innovation with regards to council. In political process, opposition and choice is key to making sounds decisions (notwithstanding the voters in Toronto who seem to love being taken advantage of six ways from Sunday) and without choice or different views, things become stale. I believe that it is time for Hazel to step down at the end of this term and allow for a fresh start.

Submitted by TrueCdn at 10:15 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 5

Mississauga vs toronto

I live in Toronto(in High Park) and 80%of the citizens think the Mayor is going down the wrong path. That is why he is not running again. Everyone I have ever spoken to in Mississauga has been very supportive of Hazel.

Submitted by tiiuu at 10:14 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 10    -    Disagree 5

Realism NEEDED in gov't

No matter what the level of government we desperately need politicians still in touch with the real world. Ones that have recently worked in the real world and understand the effect of regulation and taxes (whatever they are called) on working people, business and the economy. Politicians should have a maximum of ten years consecutively in office with a minimum of four years in the real world between leaving the seat and running for reelection. That way we would have a gov't in touch with those they serve and not in the dreamland of not having to earn the money they spend so freely.

Submitted by WJM at 10:13 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 2    -    Disagree 2

Taxes are always going up

BUT: there is a big difference between taxes "going" up (based on economic reasons) and "galloping" up (based on political games like in Toronto)

Submitted by Fracas at 10:10 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 8    -    Disagree 4

The next Scarborough

Why anyone has anything positive to say about Mississauga baffles me or any sensible visitor. The ONLY reason people move there is for a cheap house and a backyard (that never gets used). The 6th largest city in Canada and there is NO reason to go there....depressing. Enjoy your Wal-marts, copy-cat housing, 8 land avenues and your mayor that thinks this development is a good idea. Gross.

Submitted by Blam at 9:58 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 15    -    Disagree 19

Is Toronto really all that much better?

You, sir, are happy to harp on Mississauga's shortfallings (and there are certainly many), but Toronto goes through Mayors on a regular basis and really can't boast any solutions to the shortfallings you mentioned. Are you telling me that Toronto's transit system has solved all of her resident's woes? That's funny, because I live in Etobicoke and am still forced to drive to work in North York every single day through insane highway traffic because I don't feel like spending the extra two hours I'd have to add on to my day to take the TTC. You have no right to harp on a city when yours is in no better position.

Submitted by Viper426 at 9:58 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 20    -    Disagree 9

I lived in the 416 my whole life and moved to Mississauga in January 2008. My first experience with how Mississauga works was during one nasty snow storm a month in. A large branch had fallen onto the street in blocking any vehicle from passing. The alternative was to go around the block. The street leads no where and cleaning it up could wait a few days until the storm ended and the city had time to tend to its priorities. But to my shock, city workers were on site and had cleaned it up within hours (during rush hour and while snow was still falling heavily). My expectations were low after living my whole life in Toronto. I did not realize cities could function this well. Snow cleared within hours of falling, not still sitting on the roads days later. When garbage is collected, the empty bins are neatly placed at the curb, not scattered across lawns and roads. Sure Mississauga could learn a few things from Toronto, but Toronto could learn a whole lot more from Mississauga.

Submitted by lb71 at 9:57 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 19    -    Disagree 5


I can understand and appereciate that not everyone wants to live in a city and would like their own personal space. However, if the true costs of suburbia were passed onto residents you would not find nearly as many people lining up for their slice of space. There are 3 times as much infrastructure/person to maintain when compared to the City. When this reaches its age limit in 20 years or so, there is not nearly a large enough property tax base to cover the maintenance costs. Meanwhile, there is still a larger influx of people working/visiting the City (because how often do you hear people say let's go to Mississauga for the weekend to watch a show or ball game?) from the 'burbs who contribute nothing financially to the City. The City generates much more revenue for Ontario and the Feds than it gets back, much more so than the 905. Toronto has many flaws but right now suburbia is living in a government assisted bubble.

Submitted by toronto_mark at 9:53 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 8    -    Disagree 3

Day of reckoning is fast approaching...

To all who say Mississauga has low taxes and no debt, well guess what? The day of reckoning is fast approaching. Mississauga has no more land to develop, so its development fees have pretty much dried up. Plus, because of sprawl, with its low density, winding roads and cul-de-sacs, it cost way more to service a house in Mississauga that it does in Toronto. Also with poverty being pushed out more and more towards the suburbs and with the recession, the social costs are also increasing. So, decreasing revenue, increasing costs, this means either services have to be cut (hard to do since Mississauga already has few services), or taxes will have to go up.

Submitted by SydneyCarton at 9:53 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 8


This is a spiteful tirade masked as commentary. His only real criticism is the number of single family subdivisions. He offers nothing else as support for his venom. I doubt that few Mississauga residents would prefer David Miller, Mel Lastman, Barbara Hall.....

Submitted by HNC at 9:51 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 6

Green eyed monsters

It amazes me how biased and jealous the Star writers are of Mississauga's mayor. Hazel is beloved because she cares about her city, her citizens and her legacy. Compare that to what Toronto mayors have accomplished -rather their lack of accomplishments. Tsk tsk. Has the Star got nothing better to report on than a failed land deal?

Submitted by Care at 9:49 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 14    -    Disagree 5

Wow way to pile on Mr Hume.....

with your great quip about brain dead Mississauaga voters. The voters in Mississauaga may have voted in the same mayor yet she did manager their books fantastically and up until the last decade no one really thought the planning wasn't sustainable as nobody was thinking that way. Hindsight always is 20/20 but Mr Hume seems to be myopic in his criticism. If the people of Mississauaga are brain dead then I would love to hear his categorization of the Toronto voters who elected Miller because of his lies over jets coming to the island airports and continue to elect Liberals despite their decade of Majority rule that yielded Toronto absolutely nothing in fact helped lead the city to the financial ruin it is in today. Lash out Mr Hume but your bitterness says so much about your arrogance and lack of perspective.

Submitted by Danoh at 9:48 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 13    -    Disagree 5

Given Mr. Hume's

Fawning over David Miller, a man who set new records for failure in office, I seriously doubt his ability to decide what's right or wrong with Mississauga or any other city. I suspect that Hazel McCallion will be regarded far more kindly, and as having been far more important, by history than David Miller. Or Mr. Hume, for that matter.

Submitted by CanadianBiker at 9:44 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 19    -    Disagree 3

Mississauga Sucks

I know some people might like it, and it definitely serves a purpose, but I've never liked it. I don't have a car anymore, so I never pass through it, but it's just this vast expanse of huge ugly grey buildings. Everything is really far apart. I bet it's impossible to live there without a car. In Toronto, it's easy to live without one, and quite enjoyable. But this is a major problem for my generation. We're still letting out parent's generation stay in charge of the world, and that is scary. They're the ones who screwed it up. We need some young, enthusiastic and creative planners and leaders.

Submitted by BOOIS at 9:39 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 9    -    Disagree 10

It is Carolyn Parish...

not June. IF she wins, she won't last.

Submitted by star_gazer at 9:35 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 24    -    Disagree 2

Yes, Mississauga IS a beautiful city!

Yest, it is! It's a typical North-American city, a great example of "suburbia". What access and what cultural attractions are you talking about? America/Canada is all about spaces, roads, individual houses. Nither Mississauga nor Toronto will ever be a second Paris, and that is great! We don't need another Hong-KOng either! Hazel forever! Down with Hume, MS77 and the similar kind!

Submitted by Fracas at 9:33 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 13    -    Disagree 12

Welcome Hazel

I'm sure she would do very well in Lindsay also. Still waiting to get a decent bus service to get out of town. Maybe they think we love it here so much we would never leave. :)

Submitted by nellie at 9:32 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 8

Principles before Personalities

It is reasonable to debate the urban vs. suburban argument. Hume, an urbanite, has more progressive ideas and makes effective arguments for density, transit, efficiency. And as expected, he ridicules those who would design a municipality around the assumption that each person will travel in a private car. Fair enough. But it's not Hazel's fault that the Bad Guys won, everywhere in USA and Canada from the 50s on. Nor is it Hazel's fault that Mississauga is a bedroom suburb. That was dictated by geography. He might have cited examples of mayors elsewhere who did better with a bedroom suburb.

Submitted by PrivatePerson at 9:32 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 8    -    Disagree 2

No Need For Change

There is no need for change in Mississauga. Mayor McCallion is easily the most effective mayor in Canada and she does a fantastic job. The voters of Mississauga, myself included, will continue to vote for her as long as she runs. There are no alternatives anyway. Not one person has ever run against her who is worth voting for. Every election is usually the same group of wacky fringe candidates who run against her. The most frequent being Donald Barbour who probably couldn't get elected dog catcher by the citizens of Mississauga. Mayor McCallion is here to stay as long as she wants the job and 90 % of Mississauga voters make that abundantly clear on each municipal election day.

Submitted by Mantis at 9:32 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 14    -    Disagree 4


canadian.citizen's comment @ 8:49am pretty much proves Mr. Hume's comment about the political indifference of the people of Mississauga. If Hazel doesn't even need to campaign to win, it just means the residents of Mississauga will just keep checking her name without considering another opponent, and she knows it. Another aspect of her legacy will be conditioning a huge city to not take part in municipal elections.

Submitted by aj2taylo at 9:31 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4    -    Disagree 7

Dear dstewart at 8:59 AM

Can you imagine the hell that would continue to be created by the election/appointment of Bush to the presidency of the US? Right, appointed, when you consider the scandal of the first term.In this case, the electorate was so dumb they couldnt see the forest for the trees.

Submitted by bigmouse at 9:29 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4    -    Disagree 2

What's with sudden Hazel bashing?

Why is it that Toronto Star suddenly feels the urge to run one article bashing Mayor McCallion after another? To all people pointing out what Mississauga doesn't have, have you stopped to think that maybe not everyone puts as high a value on these items as you do? I, for example, am quite content to need a car in Mississauga, because it is so much faster and more efficient to run my errands with a car, instead of any kind of public transit (ever tried buying a week's worth of groceries using TTC?). And because of all those allegedly awful highways and wide roads, driving in Mississauga is a pleasure. Different people like different lifestyles, and personally, the Mississauga ways suits me much better. Anyone who directly compared it to Toronto, with its dysfunctional City Hall, narrow, dirty streets, perennial strikes, and mounting debt, will at least see some advantage to this approach.

Submitted by RocknRoll at 9:27 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 17    -    Disagree 4

To MS77

You should've written "...might deserve to BE taken more seriously..." (now speak about spelling).

Submitted by Fracas at 9:27 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 1    -    Disagree 4

Hume gushes over Miller, Garth Drabinsky

Considering Hume has recently written gushing love letters to Miller and Drabinsky - the criminal who stole hundreds of millions of dollars - his views on what a leader should be are clearly not relevant. Hazel was wrong regardding the conflict of interest issue but has done an incredible job in Mississauga for many years. Hume sounds bitter and biased, especially when comparing her to Harold Ballard.

Submitted by whatfun at 9:16 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 14    -    Disagree 3

Transit Planning

Mississauga may not have the best transit policy but which city in Ontario does? How long have the citizens of Toronto been waiting for the TTC connection to York University? How long have residents in Scarborough been BEGGING for repairs to their LRT system? Toronto is one of the few cities in the world with NO direct link to their Airport. To say Mississauga is poorly planned makes no sense when one's (assumed) point of reference is just as bad.

Submitted by Mr. Chips at 9:13 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 1

Maybe some Honest Reporting Might Help in Peel Region

We were at Square 1 the night she became " Joan of Arc " in Peel & watched the Train Derailment unfold for a Couple Hours of Kaos which heralded HazelWood till now as they all do it. A new person in power only hits reset and starts it all over again with similar developer groups. Something huge and top down needs to be done by the Province or the Feds ...

Submitted by GTA at 9:11 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 2    -    Disagree 3

Mississaga has what they want

I thnk the biggest problem that opponents of Hazel is that she gave people in Mississauga what they want. The problem is that what they wanted was not some left wing airy-fairy plan about the environment with no substance. The other issue is that she has hung in this long and unless the people who want her are total idiots, she is doing something right. My guess is that when she is no longer in office the province will lump Mississauga into the GTA and the morons on council here will do everything they can to destroy Mississauga while they line their own pockets.

Submitted by Uncle Peter at 9:09 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 9    -    Disagree 4

Continued City Planning

30 High rise condos are going up around City Hall, followed with a by-law stating that all first floor of these structures will have to be commercial business. Shops, resturants, cafes, art galleries, bars & clubs, etc. An open theatre is set to be constructed, similiar to that in High Park, and the Bus Rapid Transit system is well underway in terms of design. The Mississauga Youth Games just wrapped up it's 4th year. What does this mean? Improved standard of living. Mississauga may not have the best transit policy (yet) but neither does ANY city in Ontario.

Submitted by Mr. Chips at 9:08 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 9    -    Disagree 2

We don't all love McCallion

Maybe the voter turnout is so low because there is never a viable alternative to McCallion. I've talked to many fellow Mississaugans that would like the city to operate differently - and we don't all agree on how. I'd like to see less development and more green areas, better public transportation, be more bike friendly, have more recreation options for kids and teens and have the police less antagonistic with teens.

Submitted by Willow at 9:08 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 2

To Christopher Hume

Throw all the sand you want, in the eyes of hazel. Reading this article, I now know why all of Canada dislike Torntonians!! the Gall trying to critique a superior city!!! Look in the Miror Chris and maybe your water front too!! You truly believe you are the centre of the earth!! I live in Mississauga, because I want nothing to do with Toronto and their south of Bloor tree hugging bike riding, CBC working city dwellers. I don't go to Toronto to work, to eat, or anything else and believe you me when I have turkey a week from now I will be giving thanx for that!!! I would take hazel for another 30 years then have David Miller for 30 seconds!!

Submitted by rob.s at 9:07 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 9    -    Disagree 3

My questions to all these manic Hazel boosters?

Is Mississauga a beautiful city? NO. Does Mississauga have cultural attractions easily accessed to all? NO. Is Mississauga easy to get around if you don't own a vehicle? NO.I grew up in Mississauga (granted at the eastern edge), but as soon as I could I got the heck outta hick town & I've never looked back.

Submitted by moonshake23 at 9:06 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 9    -    Disagree 14

Flawed Argument

Mr. Hume's argument for Mayor McCallion is flawed. If all the damage to Mississauga has been done, then who cares how long McCallion's mayor? It's not like the next incumbent will suddenly change the city around or even set the foundations for change Mr. Hume feels Mississauga needs. Mississauga will never be Toronto but Toronto is no blue print on how to run/plan a city.

Submitted by Mr. Chips at 9:02 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 15    -    Disagree 2

Anyone else?

Sick of people jumping on the "Get Rid of Hazel" bandwagon? Perhaps people just wanted a reason to vent their jealousy about Mississauga's success. I lived in Toronto for 5 years and Mississauga for 3 years...the amount of social programs here is second to none and I have never had to worry about my kids playing in a park that was inhabited by garbage during a strike. It's not without it's flaws but when there are more successes, that in itself is a success in my books.

Submitted by GoalieChik at 9:02 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 15    -    Disagree 5

If she wasn't a good mayor she'd be voted out. To set a limit on how many terms a politician can serve we are in danger of forcing really good people out of office for no other reason than making a change. If politicians aren't up to the job the voters will determine their future.

Submitted by dstewart at 8:59 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 16    -    Disagree 2

June Parrish

will be Mississauga's David Miller

Submitted by Sanity at 8:59 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 6    -    Disagree 2

Could Mississauga have been better planned?

Absolutely! There are a few "but's", though. Being a Mississauga resident do I loath the fact that I have to get into the car to buy a loaf of bread? Absolutely. Does it bother me that Mississauga has no real sense of neighbourhood (save for Port Credit and Streetsville)? Yes. Do we need rapid transit on Dundas, Dixie, Hurontario, Burnhamthorpe, Eglinton and Lakeshore? You bet. Now for a few buts...Traffic planning seems to have thought out; traffic on city streets moves fairly well and almost every intersection gives you a left turn signal. The city is ringed with highways. The roads are in good repair (compare them to Toronto). The city's finances are in good shape. There is a great park and trail system. Could it have been planned better? Yes it could have. Would I rather have had David Miller for my Mayor for most of this decade? Absolutely not! Mississauga may not be perfect, but it's your family, having faults, but you love them anyway.

Submitted by vap57 at 8:57 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 10    -    Disagree 1

Good riddance Mississauga

I left Mississauga a few years ago after living there since the 60s. I even got evacuated in '79! Nonetheless, Mississauga (or is it Miserablesauga?) has turned into a giant cookie cutter subdivision crippled by traffic congestion. I am not a "new urbanite" - I moved into the country north of Waterdown and can't beleive I ever lived in that cesspool called Mississauga. If people there actually left the city, they'd realize that it is fast becoming a suburban slum, and an overpriced one at that. You can keep it.

Submitted by SlickRick at 8:56 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 11

To Fracas

You must be blissfully unaware of all the "space" that people have around Hurontario and anywhere between Eglinton and Burnhamthorpe in those "non" cookie-cutter condos that you refer to when you talk about "Younge" and Sheppard. Maybe if you could spell, your opinion might deserve to taken more seriously. People like you prove that what Mr. Hume says is correct when he says "That's why Mississauga will always be known as the bedroom community that never woke up."

Submitted by MS77 at 8:55 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 2    -    Disagree 2

Mr. Hume, find something better to do...

How many times has Toronto sought "ownership" of Mississauga, and why? There are better things to do Mr. Hume, and this ain't one of them. If Toronto is jealous of Mississauga so be it, let us be or appoint Hazel McCallion as mayor of Toronto as well.

Submitted by moses916 at 8:54 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 8    -    Disagree 3

Using Harold Ballard Was Not A Good Comparison...Perhaps Mel Lastman As Mayor Of North York...

The writer's column today is ripe with poor judgment. It is not my intention here to defend Queen Hazel, but to point out that Mel Lastman as Mayor of North York would be more appropriate as a comparison. Not only did ol' Mel preside over a City that was in its growth stage, he too made similar mistakes with sprawl and transit that Queen Hazel was notorious for. Of course, in the end Mel Lastman was unstoppable and managed to become the first Mayor of an amalgamated Toronto. On the other hand, Mel's sons did not develop properties in North York, did they...

Submitted by Larry Perlman at 8:52 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4

Hume, back off our Hazel.

Hume's comments are unfair at best. on one hand, the city has given into developers who have ruined the architechtural landscape. Its not as pretty as say Markham or some areas of Vaughan. But Hazel is a darling and I wont have Chris Hume insult her after so many fine years of tireless work for this city. Hazel does not even campaign and still wins. We love her not because she is perfect; we love her because she has had her heart in the right place for the past 25 years. Thanks, Hazel. As for you, Chris, go insult someone less deserving the next time around.

Submitted by canadian.citizen at 8:49 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 13    -    Disagree 4

McCallion’s Mississauga Corporate “Hazel Uber Alles” Spin Machine --simply Unmatched.

Hume writes, "Of course, only a quarter of Mississaugans bothered to vote in the last civic elections, one of the lowest turnouts in any jurisdiction. Some might say that the reason for such a turnout is the excellence of McCallion's leadership.” I’ve been videotaping Audit, Budget, Council and GenCom meetings plus filing Freedom of Information on Mississauga since January 2007. McCallion lucked out. Like anyone savvy about real estate, McCallion benefited from location, location, location (Mississauga right next to Toronto. an international airport right IN). But equally important to Cult Status was McCallion’s TIMING. She happened to be Mayor during Mississauga’s new-city growth spurt. She and Council rode high and FAT on development fees. Mississaugans didn’t see taxes raised for (what?) almost a decade? Mel did that too. Then there’s the fawning unquestioning media that elevated McCallion to Cult Status. And watch the pro-McCallion comments here. Reinforcing McCallion’s Message.

Submitted by at 8:37 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 4    -    Disagree 3

Better the devil you know...

than the devil you don't, seems to be the mantra by which Mississaugans live... this is where I have lived most of my life and I can attest to the blind devotion that, in my mind, will soon lead to the decline of the city as a place to live and work. McCallion had a chance about 25 years ago or so to bring the subway to Square One but was vehemently against it as I recall. She had a blank canvass and an opportunity over her long tenure to build a city for the 21st century. Instead, her dirty-thirties frugality, brought us the unimaginative, arterially clogged city we see developing today. Yes, we have no debt, but we also have little to build a sustainable city on. McCallion confused investing with spending and has thus mortgaged the city's future. Looking east towards Toronto to feel better does not makes us better. Mississaugans need to look at themselves and decide whether to break free from the current McCallion demagogy or be doomed to live in its shadow.

Submitted by Last Survivor at 8:36 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 1    -    Disagree 5

Hazel will rise again!!!

Unfortunately, Christopher Hume will always support a left wing agenda that proposes massive debt, increased taxes and a lack of clear accountability. No doubt, Hume is somehow wishing for another Miller-lite or mini-Miller to over throw or replace Hazel. Fortunately for Missisauga, it will never happen!

Submitted by Toronto Deserves Better at 8:35 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 6    -    Disagree 2


Is proof that democracy stands a chance. The people vote her in because they trust and have faith in her. The fact of the matter is, Mississauga WORKS. Not once have I been stuck behind a garbage truck, 10 buses going the same direction, or in even in snow. Major roads are three lanes wide, they don't cut the third lane in favour of a barely used bike lane (ie: Queensway east of Park Lawn), snow is cleared before the rush hour. I love hitting the Oakville-Mississauga border every morning because traffic seems to open up. While people may think that Mississauga is being left behind because she doesn't have "fresh ideas"...current "Fresh Ideas" are NEW TAXES and cut services. How is that for forward thinking?

Submitted by RiX1107 at 8:30 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 16    -    Disagree 11

Term Limits needed indeed

Yes, once Hazel is gone Mississauga will accelerate the downward spiral towards where Toronto now sits. It will not be because she is gone but because of what she had done. It takes time for bad planning to catch up with the times and Toronto started a long time before Missy when it came to poor planning. Term limits are the answer. Politics should not be a career but a way to give back to the community after a successful career elsewhere.

Submitted by RobtheRealist at 8:29 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 8    -    Disagree 7

Insult of the highest order

To compare Hazel McCallion woth Harold Ballard is an insult of the highest order. This story is nothing more than character assassination. Attendance at 2 meetings is but a blip on a a career of fine leadership.

Submitted by dhwbailey at 8:20 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 23    -    Disagree 5

urban sprawl

Mayor McCallion has kept taxes low and is debt free even if she did allow urban sprawl. Innisfil has developers galore spreading houses all over, but the taxes are going sky high and hard on seniors and yet another $30 million boondoggle re: Innisfil Beach Road with boulevards, yet still no public transit. Yes, politicians should be limited to 2 terms, 3 at most.

Submitted by Sanada at 8:12 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 4


I think u need a few more words than two. Perhaps a few more like, Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien, Bill Davis. Its a good idea that needs to be implimented.

Submitted by CJ Craig at 8:08 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 1    -    Disagree 6

Yes, voters will come to their senses

Yes, it will be her 12th run and we voters will come to our senses and vote Hazel in again, I cannot imagine anyone on this current Council who could replace her. Go Hazel go!!

Submitted by catfriend at 8:05 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 16    -    Disagree 11

Hume hates Progress

Hume is just bitter that hundreds of thousands of Mississauga residents actually enjoy owning a house and don't want to be stuck in some crappy condo apartment for their entire lives. Sprawl exists because people want a backyard for their families. And they like driving their own car and not herded onto buses like sheep or cattle heading to the slaughter house. McCallion recognizes these facts and helps give her constituants what they want and they continue to vote her back into office.

Submitted by NotBrainwashed at 8:03 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 19    -    Disagree 14

Brain dead?

Odd to think Mr Hume knows more about what's what's best for the people of Mississauga than they do.

Submitted by Selby at 8:01 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 11    -    Disagree 12

Thank God we have Hazel in MIssissauga!

"...knitting the city together, and the high-density development..."? Who cares about "high-density"? People are not a swarm of bees! People should and must have SPACE of their own, not cookie-cutter condos similar to those at Younge and Sheppard or anywhere else in the GTA.

Submitted by Fracas at 8:01 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 10    -    Disagree 11

"Brain-dead?" "Low expectations"??

...or maybe Mississaugans simply enjoy living here, regardless of what you think we should want.

Submitted by Linda B at 8:01 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 14    -    Disagree 9

We need to drive McCallion out and restore the fairness

as it is not fair that these undeserving lads got her while we, sophisticated urbanites in Toronto have Miller. Mayors in all Ontario cities must be equally mediocre :-)

Submitted by Red Herring at 8:00 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 12    -    Disagree 3

What makes MIssissauga different from Toronto or Vaughan?

No corruption and bogus politics. The city is run like a business - if there is money to be spent, it is spent on good projects. If there is no money to be spent, ways are found to raise it without impacting the residents who are already way overtaxed by the provincial government. Uncle Cool is correct in saying that once Hazel is gone, Mississauga will be doomed as people who currently show aspirations to become next mayor have their own interests in mind before those of the residents.

Submitted by arbaces at 7:56 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 17    -    Disagree 8

We'll keep her

She makes one mistake over decades and here's an opportunity to toss her? No way!!! She is a jewel, a keeper. Mr. Hume, go "help" another city.

Submitted by AnAdditionalVoice at 7:55 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 16    -    Disagree 8

Mississauga a bedroom community???

Boy the knives sure are out for Hazel arten't they. Am I happy about this latest mess with her son? No not at all but when I think of the alternative which is Carolyn Parrish or even worse the bottom of the barrel scrappings like David Miller or Mel Lastman I thank God for Hazel. If you want to have some credibility with the voters in Mississauga you have to write your story from a slightly less biased veiw point. Ontario has sunk to its lowest point with McGuinty and Miller so trying to throw muck on poor Hazel without also coming clean on the ev eryone else is to say the lease laughable. Please keep your dirt in Toronto where its always been.

Submitted by gjhurd at 7:54 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 8    -    Disagree 7

Put yourself in her shoes.

Because mayors like Susan Fennell and Linda Jackson are sooooo much better at controlling urban sprawl. May I point out that while Brampton and Vaughn run deficit budgets Mississauga is debt free. So even though politicians have never been pro-active when it comes to public transportation, Mississauga is in better shape to tackle it. And a side note on the whole conflict of interest scandal...when Peter McCallion's name was mentioned in all those meetings, how come no councillor stood up and called on Hazel to declare a conflict? They were there too and nobody said anything. You can't tell me they didn't know either.

Submitted by austind at 7:53 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 7    -    Disagree 4

Wake up Hume

Man,you are way off base here .. all they have got is lower taxes and way less debt ??? In my books that is a paramount objective in civil leadership, a great shiny badge that the Mayor can wear . Your article sounds like an alternator gone bad . Compared to the enormously inept leadership in Toronto , McCallion looks like Yoda.

Submitted by Grand Slam at 7:52 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 16    -    Disagree 8

Mississauga is no different

I think Hume is comparing Mississauga to Toronto instead of to other suburb type municipalities, such as Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, etc., at least when it comes to city planning. Mississauga is no different than these other municipalities when it comes to previous developer driven infrastructure (or lack of), but the few things that it has had while the others have not over all of these years are: low debt, low taxes, stability, and no corruption (at least not yet!). If someone told me I'd have to leave Toronto, I'd go to Mississauga over the others in a second.

Submitted by Asterix at 7:45 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 22    -    Disagree 6

Mississauga is doomed

Once Hazel is gone, Mississauga will become just as bad as, if not worse than, Toronto.

Submitted by Uncle Cool at 7:42 AM Monday, October 05 2009

* Agree 27    -    Disagree 8

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